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Quake World Championships at QuakeCon 2017!

To everyone’s excitement, the Quake World Championships announced at E3 2017 are closing in. Gamers who’ve been around for a while are especially agitated, since Quake was one of the original esports titles that got the ball rolling for today’s booming industry. Here are all the details regarding the resurrection of this respected esport. Together with id Software and Bethesda, ESL is guiding the process. The brand new title of Quake Champions has re-attracted modern generations of gamers to experience a taste of the past quite successfully. Quake World Championships, a $1,000,000 event, will kick things off with a bang. Online qualifiers commence in a mere few weeks with regional finals culminating in August.  Awaiting those who remain in August is QuakeCon 2017, where eight Sacrifice teams and 24 Duel players are to battle it out for glory and gold. Duels consist of 1v1 matches with Sacrifice being 4v4, for those who are new. A full schedule is available to view; a concise round up may be seen in the image below. Quake is back in the esports scene in a big way with Quake Champions, and the Quake World Championships will be the ultimate test of skill for the best competitive players in the world. Working with ESL, we’re excited to produce an incredible competition featuring amazing pro player talent, all vying for the million dollar prize pool and the title of the very first Quake World Championships champion. – Tim Willits, Studio Director at id Software. After  being sidelined as an esport for quite some time now, one may be certain to expect experienced professionals and fresh faces chasing after the grand prize pools. Perhaps other game developers could take note and restore other old and dusted  esports, the possibilities are exciting.

LCL: Fresh Air in the CIS

Late bloomers, but finally the season has arrived for our friends in the LCL.

World of Warcraft Weds Maltese Girl

Going against the hideous stereotype is the fact that gaming is an opportunity of socialisation, meeting new people and strengthening relationships. Who knows, maybe countless hours of grinding in a quiet room could get you a wife? Talk about some sexy plays. For a Maltese woman this has become reality. Let’s break it down. So, Rachelle was playing World of Warcraft one regular day when she played with David, a World of Warcraft player from the Netherlands. Spontaneously, the two of them got along really well and decided to start teaming up. Little did they know that they would team up for life. After a while the relationship began to deepen and skype details were exchanged; both were curious to see how one another looked. It’s safe to say that each of them got a pretty good look and thoroughly enjoyed what they saw. Love, a word not really associated to gaming, was seconds away. They fell in love. The Maltese girl and the Dutch guy eventually got married and are currently living on the island. This cute story of love and finding the one through gaming is just an example of how gaming has become and that it doesn’t matter where you are. Even on a tiny spec in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. If you know anybody who is foolishly convinced that gaming is antisocial and lonely, recount this story to them. If that doesn’t work than put your headset back on and ignore them. Wedding photo credits to : Katerina Vella-Ryabkova

SwATT retires from Competitive Gaming

‘A faithful soldier’ as his now former team Paradigm6 deems him, has left the scene to retire. The 25 year old player has competed relentlessly across four titles and has been an exemplary in fighting to spark esports locally. SwATT will be missed by many local esports enthusiasts. Being so competitive, determined and skilled he adapted and constantly obsessed over new esports. Starting with Call of Duty 2, recruited by Fury Gaming, he became a pivotal part in a reputable team which is unanimously considered one of the strongest teams in the local scene. SwATT also proved to be an incredibly faithful player, always competing with familiar names such as JeFf, B3Rrij and Got1ke. Eventually Call of Duty 2 esports came to an abrupt end, after he successfully became a COD2 Team Malta member, but SwATT’s competitive career was far from over. Counter Strike: Global Offensive welcomed SwATT seamlessly and he was back at the top in no time after trying his hand at COD4. Participating in the Malta eSports Festival 2015 powered by MTA, a second place finish was fought for and achieved. At the time, the player was still with Marsh. Getting bored with the title, SwATT recognised Overwatch and the competitive potential it had. Thus, without hesitation, he buddied up with fellow competitors from the COD 2 times to form Paradigm6. The newly assembled squad confidently swept the competition and clenched a first place finish at The GO Malta eSports Festival 2016. However, the untied contention was destroyed by a disbandment following certain disagreement. In light of this, SwATT still bounced back and reformed a new team with even more ex-teammates. Yet, as other work caught up with him, SwATT backed out of the starting roster and landed a reserve spot. A player from EvH, Zwei, readily took his place. Leading to his retirement, he informed Paradigm6 that he wouldn’t be available to fill-in any holes due to increasing work load. That is the story of SwATT for now, a promising competitor who stood the test of time and never gave up. are proud to have nurtured such a talented player over the years and looks forward to conceiving similar contenders in the future. wishes SwATT an abundance of luck for his future.

Inori joins Team Liquid’s Academy Team

Rami ‘Inori’ Charagh has made himself comfortable at Team Liquid, being part of TL’s plan to create an academy team which is to herd 9 more players.  This was stated on the company’s website; The jungler knew that his time at Phoenix1 was quite limited due to recent poor performance and a couple of attractive alternate players. Namely, Mike ‘MikeYeung’ Yeung and William ‘Meteos’ Hartman; these two junglers were outperforming ‘Inori’ considerably.  As they say; two’s company, three’s a crowd – especially three junglers. ‘Inori’ could read between the lines and knew that he’d be pushed out, so he left on his own accord. Liquid took this opportunity to rebuild its academy team.  They had begun one in 2015, without much initial success. Yet, respected LCS players such as ‘zig’ and ‘Moon’ derived from it.  Since their past attempt failed, a rebirth has been planned and underway for some time now.  Steve Arhancet, being the CEO of Team Liquid, had said that picking up some ex-players from Tainted Minds was quite likely - ignoring any controversy about them. The concept of an academy team is to properly simulate practise for teams on a LAN connection, assist in improving the main roster and help the players on the academy team themselves to grow in skill and experience; eventually leaving. When the team is finally rounded up, it may also participate in events aimed at academy squads.  It’s evident that TL has been struggling for an exceeding amount of time, suffering relegation last split and aren’t looking in great shape for the coming Summer Split either. If the academy team is formed in time, perhaps it could rescue Team Liquid’s chances in the NA LCS.

The Overwatch League’s future

In the past months, a lot of speculation has been going on around the Overwatch League.

Epsilon Esports easily bags CWL Sheffield

After an impressive performance at CWL Anaheim, destroying Splyce in the winner’s bracket and finishing top 8, Epsilon were on top of Europe. Sweeping their rivals at the event was only a sneak peak at what was to come. CWL Sheffield Open, a European tournament, would clear away any doubts. Before anything, it must be mentioned that Splyce did not participate in the event, being Epsilon’s fiercest competition. Nonetheless, there was still an overwhelming amount of tense Call of Duty to be played. Let’s focus on Epsilon’s journey throughout the course of the event. Starting with groups, the squad laughed at the competition with a 9-1 map record; really cleaning up the competition. Greeting them at the championship bracket was Elevate who put up a respectable fight until the very end, a difficult 3-2 scoreline went the way of Epsilon. The next team, Red Reserve, would battle it out in the semifinals. Again, the squad carried out some pretty clutch plays to land a spot in the winner’s final against Fnatic, Red Reserve were not too content. The series in mention began with a tie, followed by a close third game, but Epsilon’s dominant Hardpoint knocked Fnatic to the loser’s bracket and ultimately, home. The team to rise form the loser bracket to face-off Epsilon was none other than Red Reserve, desperate for redemption following an incredible run in to remain in the competition. Unfortunately, after an initial minute of hope for Red Reserve, Epsilon savagely destroyed them with a 3-0 finish to claim the championship. Only losing 4 maps out of 22, one could easily spot that without Splyce, it was a walk in the park. Yet, the last three times that Epsilon did meet Splyce, all of them were clean sweeps in favour of Epsilon – so would it have made a difference? Time to focus the light on a familiar name; Reuben Grech. In the Open Bracket, won their first winner bracket match-up confidently. Yet, the second game was unfairly lost. Reuben was ‘gutted’ due to technical issues resulting with a couple players’ mics cutting out in the SnD. Feeling cheated, the team advanced to beat out a couple loser bracket teams but finally losing to Barrage. Regardless of the cruel loss, the team and all its players, including Reuben, had a solid run.

Will The International 7 Break The International 6 Prize Pool?

Valve’s very own Dota 2 tournament series, The International, is prominent due to having the biggest prize pool in all fields of esport.

League of Legends: Order VS Chaos & Missions

League has just pushed out an update that has effectively changed the way the game is played; the addition of Missions.

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