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The Malta Cyber Series #3

Starts: September 1st, 2017 at 12pm Ends: September 3rd, 2017 at 8pm
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Taxify and join forces for the Malta Cyber Series #3

Definitely not a name associated with esports, Taxify is an Estonian international transportation network company based in Estonia, where else? A recent statistic, from March of this year, states that Taxify operates in 18 countries and 25 cities across the world. Founded just 4 years ago, the company is in direct competition with Uber and eCABS as it also works on a request basis from a smartphone app. The company isn’t associated with competitive gaming because it doesn’t really sponsor or participate; that is until now. The Malta Cyber Series #3 will work hand in hand with this sponsor just like any other and is very grateful for the support. Taxify is an extremely well-known brand which we were are excited to associate ourselves with. It has a tremendous amount of focus on safety, always checking drivers for criminal records and in-person training. Who knows, maybe you could use Taxify to get to the event. That’s right, they’re based here in Malta too! Over the years, Taxify was nominated “Breakthrough of the Year 2014” for Estonia. Here at, we are happy to say that Taxify has won the award for being an amazing sponsor. For more information about them:

Why the New Natus Vincere Will be Better Than Ever before

On August 4th, 2016, Natus Vincere kicked their team captain, ending his 7-year tenure with the organization, however, they acquired some new talent.

Valve announces new card game; ARTIFACT - The DOTA Card Game

On the third day of The International 7 main event, Valve announced their very owned brand-new game on Steam. It is, surprisingly, a card game - Artifact.

Riot Games Sued for “Striker Lucian” Skin Resemblance

Edgar Davids is a former Dutch professional footballer who played as a midfielder for many years and for many clubs. He had a unique look on the field, mainly due to his glasses, which at times were tinted orange and his dreadlocks.  For the most part, he’s been enjoying his retirement after an impressive career, but the Riot Games forced his hand to sue. Davids did so successfully. Obviously, Riot Games tried to defend themselves with an attempted “it was a complete coincidence” tone, but their own history got the better of them. If we wind the clock back to 2014, a Riot employee tweeted these exact words: “For all you wondering, Striker Lucian was inspired by soccer pro Edgar Davids.” Somebody’s getting fired. At the time, Edgar Davids was quite grateful for the inclusion into the game but he was unaware of the immense size of LoL. Therefore, he’s chosen to strike now for compensation.  Below is an extract from the court’s statement. "The player's marketable popularity is enough reason for the former player to fight the use of his portrait. The player's interests outweigh the commercial interests of the game to offer the Striker Lucian skin and no reasonable compensation has been offered to the player. Riot Games therefore owe the player a compensation fee.” The game developer must pay every penny ever made from using his image. Of course, the player’s claim is extremely valid and we’re pretty sure you can see the utter resemblance yourself. Even the use of “striker” closes the gap to the football field. League of Legends will probably take this to heart for future skins.

PUBG Currently the 6th Most Popular PC Title

The thriving game at the moment, none other than PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds, is growing rapidly in all aspects including exposure and the community itself. A new report from games data analysts Newzoo has stated the above title; PUBG is making a name for itself. Statistics from the report state that 10.8 percent of all PC gamers have started up the game this past July, beating out other titles such as World of Warcraft, Rocket League and Grand Theft Auto. The shooter sits just behind Overwatch, at least for now. Apart from being the 6th most popular, the game has also the 6th largest amount of recorded play time; accumulating to 5% of the total time spent on PC games this past month. The report delves into individual countries, recording how many gamers from that nation have played the game in July. Below are a few examples: Japan – 25.4% (ahead of LoL!)                       Norway – 22.5% Australia – 21.9% New Zealand – 17.1% U.S.A – 16% China – 14.6% Newzoo have definitely been extremely thorough in their report, even managing to find out where most of these new players have come from. According to the numbers, 24.6% of PUBG’s players also played Overwatch in July and 25.2% who quit Overwatch went to PUBG. It really is amazing to see a game, which celebrates community and feedback at its core, doing so well. We’re excited for the future of PUBG and the esports scene ahead!

TteSPORTS Battle Dragon Backpack 2015 Edition Review

We can all agree that competing in esports is definitely a thrilling experience which demands only the best of performances. One problem which some gamers face is the task of bringing all the peripherals and accessories they need to an event without carrying too many bags or damaging anything.  TteSPORTS understands heavily, which is why they developed the Battle Dragon Backpack a couple years back. For €55, is it worth the investment for professional gamers? Hence the review. Let’s start with the look of the bag. Needless to say, it’s all in TteSPORTS red and black along with the dragon symbol dominating the front side. It’s a large and functional design with buckles, zips and straps for all to see.  Dimensions measure a width of 350mm, a height of 250mm and a depth of 570mm. talking about depth, the bright red zip which goes across lengthways reveals the innards. There’s a lot of red.  Pockets are separated into two wide pockets on both ends and three smaller sized ones in-between.  Everything looks great, but does the backpack boast “extreme storing” carelessly? A reasonable statement; here’s why.  The exterior is a very durable and hard-wearing surface, giving the product resistance to water, scratching and tearing. This is all thanks to the polyester and tightly woven robust nylon which make up the majority of the materials used. All pockets have plastic zips with no buttons in sight.  Regarding space, there’s plenty of it as we easily filled it up with other TteSPORTS peripherals with a little room to spare.  Roughly, a mouse, headset, keyboard, mousemat combination is comfortably placed inside.  Also, no products are going to jump around due to the velcro straps inside. You can pack as many things as you like as long as the 21 kilogram weight limit is not exceeded. Regarding the bag’s weight individually, we’ve got no numbers but can confirm that it’s what you’d expect from the materials and size.  Overall, storage is indeed supreme, but it’s all pointless if it’s a pain to move around.   For the most part, it isn’t. Starting with the good, TteSPORTS takes a commendable approach to usability using innovation to generate extra functionality. Methods of carry range from shoulder strap and suitcase to the generic backpack. Don’t worry if you’re not seeing the straps after purchasing the product, they’re ingeniously hidden. Pulling a discreet black zip removes an outer coat which rolls up and is held by a velcro patch, to give way to adjustable straps and back padding. Straps go across the shoulders and the waist with varying lengths, attached to a breathable and comfortable padding. Back to the shoulder strap; there is no padding and it’s fully removable. Suitcase carry, as I like to call it, can be done vertically and horizontally with corresponding handles.  Negative points include extra buckles on the outside for a cylindrical package I can assume; but why would one want a mousemat outside the bag? Apart from that, it’s only the colour scheme that could possibly dissuade potential buyers. There’s only so much one could say about a backpack. The Battle Dragon Backpack 2015 Edition is a fantastic choice for professional PC gamers who are taking peripherals and whatever accessories are needed thanks to an amazing resilience and build quality backed with a great amount of space. For €55, it’s arguable that TteSPORTS has bagged the competition in this product range.  We definitely recommend this for events such as the upcoming Malta Cyber Series #3.   TteSPORTS just made it easier to take out the competition wherever and whenever. Who’s it for: Professional or enthusiast gamers who will be moving around their favourite peripherals to compete. Those who need space and security while not breaking the bank Those who like having more than one way of carrying their stuff for whatever situation arises. Who it’s not for: Anyone thinking of using the bag only outside its specific use, like school or work or anything but gaming peripherals. Those who would prefer a different colour scheme.  To learn more about this great backpack by TteSPORTS, check out the product page here:

Are FaZe going to sign Olofmeister from Fnatic?

Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer Gustafsson is, reportedly, about to finalise a deal which entails his movement to Faze and thus, his departure from Fnatic. The announcement was taken from’s recent post and will probably finalise Faze’s CS:GO roster for the time being. The Swedish player has been on Fnatic for three years, playing as a rifler and secondary AWPer, with some time out do to an unfortunate wrist injury. Nonetheless, he’s been a very effective player for the organisation winning a total of 8 events with a 2nd and 3rd to 4th finish too. Known by the community as “Boostmeister” or “Tec9mester” due to his notorious Tec9 shot, he was one of the best players of 2015. In fact, he was named the greatest player of that year by We don’t know why exactly the 25-year-old will be leaving or who’ll be replacing him, we just know where his new home will most likely be; Faze. Alongside “GuardiaN” from Na’Vi, “olofmesiter” is part of a fresh Faze roster who will definitely prove their potential in upcoming events. Below is the roster with “olofmeister”, who will be replacing “kioShiMa”. Håvard "rain" Nygaard          Finn "karrigan" Andersen Nikola "NiKo" Kovač Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer Robert "RobbaN" Dahlström (coach) Looking at the new additions, this team looks to be fierce. Hopefully, the changes haven’t been for nothing, but we’ll have to wait for another event to really find out for sure. Photo courtesy of

LCK: SSG Can Top SKT’s Worlds Dreams

SSG are a better performing SKT. SKT need to play like their spring selves or they will have to play another gauntlet to try and make it to Worlds.

The FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017 Is Underway

The preliminaries are finally complete for the FIFA Interactive Club World Cup 2017. Competitors have fought for their spot, seats have been overbooked and everyone’s cleared their weekend for the upcoming spectable; the largest FIFA 17 event of the year. Millions of virtual footballers have waited for this with qualification beginning in November. Securing one of the 32 seats has never been more difficult with many ways to qualify. These include competing in the Ultimate Team Championship Series, FIWC Regional Final in Europe, Americas or ROW and the FIFA Interactive Club World Cup; that was quite the mouthful. However, the entire competition is separated into two divisions, that of PS4 and the other of Xbox One. For the exact breakdown on the numbers check out the official website: Regarding schedule, the Grand Finalists compete from the 16th to 18th of August. The venue is London’s Westminster’s Central Hall. Also, if you’re wondering why qualifying is so intense, it’s because the $200,000 is waiting at the end of the tournament for someone to claim it. We know we’re a little late, with games underway right now at’s broadcast. Below is the full schedule according to the London local time.  Date                     Event  - 16 August          Day 1 (12:00 - 19:00)*  -17 August         Day 2 (12:00 - 19:00)* - 18 August         Final Showdown (16:30 - 18:30)*

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