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Tyler1 Championship Series Finals: 16 Entered, but Only 2 Remain

Sadly, even with all of the talent competing in the Tyler1 Championship Series, only two teams were able to make it to the Tyler1 Championship Series Finals.

NALCS Franchising Shenanigans, Who Has It The Worst?

A lot of shuffling has been happening due to the NALCS Franchising. Golden Guardians and Echo Fox seem to be the teams that have it worst so far.

The Overwatch League Pre-season Day 1 Recap

The Overwatch League Pre-Season after much doubt is finally here. With a great league comes great expectations, but boy did Blizzard Entertainment deliver.

The Overwatch League Pre-season Day 2 Recap

Following a blazing day one for the Overwatch League Pre-Season, day two kicked in with four new teams that took it to the stage to show their capabilities.

NALCS: Could 100 Thieves Be The Next Immortals?

100 Thieves make a statement with their new hyped up roster of Ssumday, Ryu, Aphromoo, and Meteos that they want to be one of the top teams in NA.

The Overwatch League Pre-season Day 3 Recap

Day two of the Overwatch League Pre-Season was a relaxing run through just a couple matches, unlike day three in which we had 6 exciting back to back matches.

NALCS: Which is Better, TSM or TL?

Out of all the new rosters about to go for NALCS, TSM and Team Liquid look the strongest. Team Liquid went for the vets while TSM decided to import from EU.

Valve Rescinds Dota 2 Event in Philippines Allegedly Due To Drug-Related Issues

Valve have decided to cancel The Galaxy Battles in the Philippines allegedly due to esports players having to undergo drug testing before entering the country.

The MVP at the GPL PUBG Open 2017

After our MVP announcements for COD2 and LoL in regards to the player performances at the GO MESF 2017, we figured that it would only be suitable to do the same for the recently concluded GPL PUBG Open 2017, the first Maltese PUBG tournament which had to go online due to technical issues on the day of the event. You've all had the chance to check out the numbers with our review article here, yet, the point of the MVP showcase isn't to highlight the top players in terms of statistics but to throw the spotlight on those incredible efforts which we witnessed throughout the days of competition. Before we kick off our list of nominees, please bear with us about the lack of profile shots, since playing online disallowed us to take the photos we wanted to take.  Nomination #1 - "r33d"  We'll start by welcoming the most obvious nominee in this list, the incredible "r33d" from the side of Project Eversio, who had a phenomenal event. His second place finish in Solos, having 34 kills individually paired with a dominant team performance in the 4v4s lead to him having the largest total score overall. Finishing first place already rewarded him some incredible prizes, and I think being crowned the MVP wouldn't be a surprise for him or anyone else really.  Nomination #2 - "Dejee" 20 points - that was the difference between 1st and 2nd place overall in terms of performance. We all know about "r33d" taking first place but it would be unfair to not turn an eye toward second place "Dejee", who indeed deserves his position. In the Solos, he was simply on fire and stood on top after the games. In the team section too, he worked without halt to take his team, iXtreme, up to 3rd place. A superb performance which rivals that of "r33d" - these two players being the best in Malta at the moment, with "r33d" having the slight advantage in terms of statistics.  Nomination #3 - "Arneh"  Coming from the side of All We Wanted Was A Trophy, is our next noteworthy nomination for the MVP title: "Arneh". Putting up a promising performance overall, his last efforts in the final week cemented his position in the top 5 overall, but more importantly, a second place finish in teams. One round in specific does come to mind, when he took hold of a drop crate and literally cleared the whole proximity within the next ten minutes. Back to Solos, although he just missed the podium, we're confident that he'll be back with more practice and experience next time and that's when he'll be even more dangerous. Watch out for "Arneh" in our next PUBG event.  Nomination #4 - "PK" Complimenting his teammate "r33d" is another player from the side of Project Everiso, this time in the form of "PK". A stellar performance from him in the 4v4 was compulsory for the team's first place success; due to his instinctive ability to execute and create plays cleverly. So much so, that hew doesn't necessarily need his team's support to excel, as a 4th place Solo finish clearly states on the leaderboards for all to see. Putting him alongside the other players of Project Eversio was a smart decision from the side of the organisation.  Nomination #5 - "D4rmanin" Definitely our underdog out of the list,  we felt that "D4rmanin" deserved to be on this list. Only participating in the team segment, with his squad in F.A.N.I, to go on to placing 9th collectively. A well-rounded player who went on to carry out some clutch plays including securing the winning kill in the first round of squads in Day 3. A little more luck, and we feel he could have place higher overall, a great player nonetheless.  THE MVP  For the third time this month we're back in this position; naming the MVP. I can feel the desperate eyes running across these lines, red with anxiety. would like to announce that "r33d" is the MVP of the GPL PUBG Open Tournament. Definitely not too surprising as his top-tier placements speak for themselves. His overall performance was simply a cut above the rest, which is why he won.  As we progress through 2018, can he keep it up? We'll have to wait and find out.  Also, please note that names are not included due to the nature of the tournament, being Open, so naturally anyone could sign up.

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