Farewell Yahoo esports!

Travis Gafford, Yahoo’s head of esports media has shut down the company's corresponding branch, Yahoo Esport. This was first noticed by the community when the website failed to update last weekend with fresh news.

Following Verizon’s complete absorption of Yahoo, becoming one media company Oath, other verticals of Yahoo are also threatened. Examples include HuffPost, Tumblr and TechCrunch. The Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer has penned a resignation notice to finally give up the brand. The esports sector was shut down in order to strengthen the sports section, corresponding to a new strategy. It’s definitely a loss for esports in general, losing a news department which has been covering all the news since early 2016 under such a well-known brand. One would think that since Oath is attempting to become a digital media leader, supporting esports would be a priority.

Feedback is essential for the growth and development of an esports news site, so make sure to show your enthusiasm by helping out with even the smallest of gestures like a comment. For esports to grow, the industry needs to stretch its arms into newspapers, magazines and websites. Let’s not let any other large esport news departments fade, shall we?

Posted by Andre Mizzi on 15th June 2017, 14:29


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