Group Stage Schedule for CoD Champs

As most Call of Duty esports enthusiasts would know, 32 of the best teams in the world will be at Orlando, Florida this week to claim the title of champions for the Infinite Warfare season.  With five teams in each of the eight groups; a total of 48 group stage games need to take place before the playoffs. There being so many games, it’s possible to get lost and miss out your favourite team’s matches; that’s why we’ve assembled the schedule below.

Starting tomorrow, the next two days will be dense with fast-paced action. 

Wednesday, August 9th

16:00: OpTic Gaming vs. 3sUP

             Epsilon Esports vs. Echo Fox

             Team EnVyUs vs. Mindfreak Black

             Elevate vs. Projekt Evil

17:30: eUnited vs. Mindfreak

              Luminosity Gaming vs. Supremacy

              Infused vs. Lethal Gaming

              Rise Nation vs. Vitality

19:00: Evil Geniuses vs. Str8 Rippin

             FaZe Clan vs. Allegiance

             Red Reserve vs. eRa Eternity

              Fnatic vs. Tainted Minds

20:30: Splyce vs. Team Kaliber

             Cloud9 vs. Rogue

             Ghost Gaming vs. Millenium

             Enigma6 vs. MRN Black

22:00: OpTic Gaming vs. Epsilon Esports

             Team EnVyUs vs. Elevate

             Echo Fox vs. 3sUP

             Projekt Evil vs. Mindfreak Black

23:30: Luminosity Gaming vs. Rise Nation

           eUnited vs. Lethal Gaming

           Mindfreak vs. Infused

           Supremacy vs. Vitality

Thursday, Aug. 10

16:00:  FaZe Clan vs. eRa Eternity

            Red Reserve vs. Allegiance

            Fnatic vs. Evil Geniuses

            Str8 Rippin vs. Tainted Minds

17:30:  Splyce vs. Millenium

            Ghost Gaming vs. Team Kaliber

            Enigma6 vs. Rogue

            Cloud9 vs. MRN Black

19:00: OpTic Gaming vs. Echo Fox

            Epsilon Esports vs. 3sUP

           Team EnVyUs vs. Projekt Evil

           Elevate vs. Mindfreak Black

20:30: eUnited vs. Infused

            Mindfreak vs. Lethal Gaming

           Luminosity Gaming vs. Vitality

           Rise Nation vs. Supremacy

22:00: FaZe Clan vs. Red Reserve

            Allegiance vs. eRa Eternity

            Fnatic vs. Str8 Rippin

            Evil Geniuses vs. Tainted Minds

23:30:  Splyce vs. Ghost Gaming

             Millenium vs. Team Kaliber

             Enigma6 vs. Cloud9

             MRN Black vs. Rogue

All matches will be broadcasted across all 4 streams. The above times have been converted to the local time from Eastern Time.


Posted by Gabriel Sciberras on 9th August 2017, 18:13

Hi I'm Gabriel; 16 year old student. I've always loved gaming and esports while keeping up with the latest tech; has allowed me to talk about this hobby on a daily basis for many of you to read after I applied to be a content writer. I'm excited to be part of the team and to contribute to the future of esports on the island, which is looking to be brighter than ever. Once cannot do such a job for the money, so if you're passionate like me, feel free to join.


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