FIFA18 Top 100 Player Ratings

With FIFA 18's release date drawing closer and closer everyday, EA revealed how will the players be reated along with the top 100 list. 

Check out the complete FIFA 18 player ratings for the top 100 players.

Rank Player Rating
1 Cristiano Ronaldo 94
2 Lionel Messi 93
3 Neymar 92
4 Luis Suárez 92
5 Manuel Neuer 92
6 Robert Lewandowski 91
7 Sergio Ramos 90
8 Eden Hazard 90
9 Toni Kroos 90
10 Gonzalo Higuaín 90
11 David De Gea 89
12 Luka Modrić 89
13 Gianluigi Buffon 89
14 Alexis Sánchez 89
15 Kevin De Bryune 89
16 Giorgio Chiellini 89
17 Gareth Bale 89
18 Sergio Agüero 89
19 Thibaut Courtois 89
20 Antoine Griezmann 89
21 Paulo Dybala 88
22 Thiago 88
23 Leonardo Bonucci 88
24 Arjen Robben 88
25 Thiago Silva 88
26 Mats Hummels 88
27 Diego Godín 88
28 Hugo Lloris 88
29 Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 88
30 Zlatan Ibrahimović 88
31 Jan Oblak 88
32 Mesut Özil 88
33 Jérôme Boateng 88
34 Marco Verratti 87
35 N’Golo Kanté 87
36 Paul Pogba 87
37 Edinson Cavani 87
38 Marcelo 87
39 Arturo Vidal 87
40 Christian Eriksen 87
41 Marek Hamšik 87
42 Gerard Piqué 87
43 David Silva 87
44 Ivan Rakitić 87
45 Andres Iniesta 87
46 Samir Handanovič 87
47 Thomas Müller 86
48 Romelu Lukaku 86
49 Dries Mertens 86
50 Radja Nainggolan 86
51 Phillipe Countinho 86
52 Alex Sandro 86
53 Harry Kane 86
54 Isco 86
55 Cesc Fàbregas 86
56 Karim Benzema 86
57 Toby Alderweireld 86
58 James Rodríguez 86
59 Sergio Busquets 86
60 David Luiz 86
61 Franck Ribery 86
62 Sokratis 86
63 Diego Costa 86
64 Marco Reus 86
65 Javi Martínez 86
66 Peter Čech 86
67 David Alaba 86
68 Pepe 86
69 Miranda 86
70 Alexandre Lacazette 85
71 Casemiro 85
72 Blaise Matuidi 85
73 Keylor Navas 85
74 Jordi Alba 85
75 Miralem Pjanić 85
76 César Azpilicueta 85
77 Lorenzo Insigne 85
78 Filipe Luís 85
79 Ángel Di María 85
80 Jan Vertonghen 85
81 Marc-André ter Stegen 85
82 Yannick Carrasco 85
83 Henrikh Mkhitaryan 85
84 Vincent Kompany 85
85 Andrea Barzagli 85
86 Kamil Glik 83
87 Raphaël Varane 85
88 Danijel Subašić 85
89 Ilkay Gündoğan 85
90 Stéphane Ruffier 85
91 Claudio Marchisio 85
92 Bernd Leno 85
92 Mauro Icardi 84
94 Dele Alli 84
95 Falcao 84
96 Marco Asensio 84
97 Dani Alves 84
98 Sadio Mané 84
99 Sami Khedira 84
100 Bernardo Silva 84

Some may argue that the number 1 and 2 spots should be reversed but oh well, it's up for you to discuss!

FIFA 18 will be available this September 29 for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Posted by Kersten Chircop on 12th September 2017, 09:39


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LoL Worlds Group B: Too close to call?

As the groups were determined for the second stage of the tournament, surprisingly enough, the Group Stage, many had their eye on group B while thinking of the endless possibilities to come from it. With the largest League of Legends event beginning shortly, we’ll soon find out who’ll be moving on and who simply won’t. Read on as we breakdown this pool of teams. At the moment, it’s not so much of a pool, if you could call three teams such. Namely, these are Longzhu Gaming from the LCK region, Immortals from North America and Gigabyte Marines from the GPL alongside a team which is yet to be determined. This last team is a possible spot for all 16 teams battling it out in the Play-in tournament that will act as the preliminary action before the main event. Longzhu Gaming hasn’t been the most prominent name in the LoL competitive scene, often being known for their disappointing performances which busted expectations considerably. Just last Spring Split, the team was still recycling their habit of simply prioritising individual performance over joint chemistry and effort. That’s when it was shockingly revealed that coaches and players weren’t getting paid, giving more reason to their lacklustre appearances. Luckily, they got taken over by KeSPA and everyone knows what happened then. Longzhu Gaming found a new drive, passion, something which made them play a totally different game and of course, inevitably leading to a victory at the LCK Summer Split and slaying the giants of SK Telecom T1. Such a triumph has made them favourites for the upcoming tournament, probably alongside their wounded foes of SKT. Thus, they are also the predicted team to take first seed when all the dust settles in the group stage period.  The roster of “Khan”, “Cuzz”, “BDD”, “Pray” and “Gorilla” along with their respective roles will be doing their utmost to verify this.  However, although first seed may seem a little certain, second place is the last thing from a sure bet.  What else do you expect when Immortals and Gigabyte Marines are primed for eachother’s necks? Immortals from North America have been consistently improving over the year, making a name for themselves in their region, being the NA LCS of course.  As the season went by, only TSM could stop them in their tracks making them quite mortal, if we fancy being a little cheesy.  Probably their most prolific player, “Flame”, an LCK legend who dominates the top lane, could unite them to face a challenge which they haven’t yet met as a team. Performing in Worlds this year is essential for the roster, if they fancy sticking together and progressing as we move forward. Hopefully, they won’t replicate their underwhelming performance at the NA LCS Spring Split, where they didn’t even make the playoffs.  Immortal’s journey through the competition hangs in the balance as they have to beat out Gigabyte Marines to do so. I’ve got a feeling that it’s slightly easier said than done. Reinforcing my thought, is a brief bio of the Marines from the GPL. Fearless is a suitable word which captures the mentality on this roster. So much so that the opposing team’s name means little to them, as they will quickly disrespect anybody. TSM felt this when they received one hell of a test from them in the MSI play-in to everyone’s surprise. GM gave a sizeable spanking in the same event in the group stage too. Many enthusiasts who’ve followed the League of Legends scene can taste a familiar story; that of Albus NoX Luna. This was another GPL squad who had a reputable arrogance across all opposition.  Gigabyte Marines find themselves in the group after establishing themselves as the top dogs from their region, kicking Ascension Gaming off their throne. They are one to watch this event, not just because of their wide potential but due to their aggressive playstyle which makes for an intriguing show.  “Archie”, “Levi”, “Optimus”, “Noway” and “SYA” all have a big part in the success of this team. To top of the briefing, we should have a little think on who could stir up the most trouble in the empty slot. Maybe a stranger from a different region with little history against these teams could create an upset. I think that if a team like Cloud9 falls into this group, it could make things that much more interesting. Of course, all we can do for now is wait and see, possibly even betting if one wishes to go big. May the odds be in your favour.

Team EnVyUs Finalises Huge Sponsorship From Oil Magnate

Team EnVyUs Finalises Huge Sponsorship From Oil Magnate With a tone of achievement, Team EnVyUs announced earlier this week that they’ve concluded an investment deal with Hersh Interactive Group. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal, but when an eight-figure sum is put in the mix, that’s when things get interesting. This number was predicted by an ESPN report, which assumes that a whopping $35 million in funding was transferred to the esports organisation. All the transactions were executed by the natural gas and oil industry representative, Kenneth Hersh. The deal has meant that Team EnVyUs will be relocating from North Carolina to Dallas, Texas. CEO of EnVyUs Mike Rufail had a few words in a press release. "In order to be the best esports team in the world, you have to be playing the best esports games and have the best partners. We're doing that while cultivating a growing, engaged, and loyal fan base for Team EnVy. EnVy teams have played live in front of tens of thousands of fans at some of the largest arenas in the world. There is nothing like being surrounded by 20,000 passionate fans in a live setting, and with the support of Ken Hersh and Hersh Interactive Group, we will build that type of thrilling fan experience in Dallas." So, what’s the organisation going to do with all that money? A few things, actually. Firstly, they just bought the Austin-Dallas Overwatch League slot in the looming worldwide league organised by Blizzard. More interestingly however, is the collaboration between both ends to begin developing North Texas as an esports hub. They plan to do this by conducting research areas into player health, developing programmes to educate players and staff on managing mental fatigue of competition and so much more. A very interesting development from a huge deal.

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