EvH announce roster changes

Yesterday, EvH officially announced their new lineup for 2017. This year looks really promising for EvH, making their presence felt in 2016 by placing 2nd in The AOC Malta Cyber Series: Masters and 1st in the ICTSA Campus LAN 2016 Overwatch 3v3 tournament. 

Headed up by Overwatch team captain Miguel “Gunvelt” Vella, EvH announced three newest acquisitions, boasting the likes of Mike ''z4mbu'' Saliba, Ishmael ''Kristu'' Ellul and Massimo ''H1tman'' Fabri for their new roster. 

The Maltese Overwatch is growing rapidly and EvH is currently aiming to be recognised both locally and internationally in this scene. 

EvH's roster for the upcoming season is as follows;
  • Miguel "Gunvelt" Vella
  • Karl ''Soulkilla'' Vella
  • Ishmael ''Kristu'' Ellul
  • Mike ''z4mbu'' Saliba
  • Massimo ''H1tman'' Fabri
  • Georg ''Asphyx'' Farrugia
EvH Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/teamevh

Posted by Andre Mizzi on 28th January 2017, 12:22


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