A gaming PC for less than €580?

Have you ever wondered that you can buy a decent gaming PC for less than €580? Yes it's true! The below gaming system is an example if you're on a tight budget and want to start playing games such as Overwacth, League of Legends and Counter Strike.

Intel G4560 CPU
Asus H110M-A/M.2
Team Group 120GB SSD
AMD RX470 4GB 
Team Group 8GB 2133Mhz RAM
Corsair VS450 PSU
LC Power 2011MB Chassis

The above system might not be your ideal to start with, but it's for sure decent to gamers that are looking for something to begin with. If you were going to buy a system with less than €580, what would you buy ? Let us know in the comment section below ...

Posted by Andre Mizzi on 22nd April 2017, 11:49


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Battalion 1944 - Prepare Yourselves

It's no secret that Gamers.com.mt is incredibly enthusiastic about the upcoming FPS headed to PC known as Battalion 1944. We've already covered an early insight into the game here. However, as the early release date enters the two-weeks proximity, we had to cover all the recent news concerning the game.  STG44 is a solid defensive option - just make sure your spray is controlled. pic.twitter.com/MdYfFNrihi — Howard Philpott (@HowardPhilpott) January 18, 2018 Until now, gameplay available to view ranges from the closed Alpha and the closed Beta which have taken place over the past few weeks. Impressions - sources such as "Hatton Games", a British YouTuber focused on content based around CS:GO and PUBG had the following to say on Twitter:  Seriously impressive. The competitive mode has huge potential. If you enjoyed the simplicity of COD2 you'll love it. Definitely a game to watch. We certainly enjoyed the simplicity of COD2, and it's the reason why this game is such a huge bleep on our radar. As you are definitely aware, COD2 had and still does have a strong influence and reputation in the Maltese scene. Revitalising the community with last year's inclusion of the title in the GO MESF 2017 and the MCS #3 got us thinking - what's next for this community? COD: WWII did bring the franchise back on the ground, but had extremely differing gameplay mechanics compared to the barebones COD2. Also, the title isn't developed precisely for PC esports. The arrival of Battalion 1944 is what we consider a beautiful coincidence.  Conserving the guns, visual effects, map layouts and most of the audio files - it's a much awaited reskin of the game. The game was indeed developed in response to the community, which we are especially grateful for. Here's what Joe Brammer, one of the head developers of the game had to say about the gameplay:  In Battalion movement is key.. That's the core difference between CS and Battalion, both have their strengths but Battalion has a huge emphasis on movement and fast decision making over positioning and holding angles. One phenomenal feature which shows clearly how much the developers of the game care, is the fact that all future DLC to hit the game will be completely free for all with the base copy. Simply the cherry on top.  Moving over to the competitive side of things and all the other plans included in the Road Map: the development plans made available to all on the following link: http://battaliongame.com/.  Within the first month, Offline LAN Support will be available across all game modes, even in the new map which will be added in the update. Also, the developers seem very focused on reducing errors and bugs to the minimal quantity as early as possible.  Heading into Summer 2018, the world will have the opportunity to enjoy the first official LAN Tournament alongside a helping of new weapons, two arcade maps and a competitive maps - briliiant! As the Autumn leaves fall, a Second Official LAN will take place and a "Spectator Mode" and "Clanwars"  will also be added. An in-game system of scrims, ladders anbd competitions which will add to the longevity. By the end of 2018, the game will be fully released to Steam after all of this development.  To the joy of the community, an organisation has already finalised a roster for Battalion1944. Team Demise, a professional esports team, spilled the roster details on Twitter. The roster even has a coach! Following them, and Gamers.com.mt is sure of it, will be a whole list of well-known organisations who will give a shot at Battalion 944.  Now we turn to the local scene; pure potential. Gamers.com.mt welcomes Battalion 1944 with a nostalgic smile, embracing the history which dwells in Maltese esports. We're positive that a high percentage of local gamers will take up the initiative and create a community. With this backing, you can count on us to create high-quality events with complimenting broadcasts. This is why we're excited for Battalion 1944.  Battalion 1944 is coming - prepare yourselves. 

The MVP at the GPL PUBG Open 2017

After our MVP announcements for COD2 and LoL in regards to the player performances at the GO MESF 2017, we figured that it would only be suitable to do the same for the recently concluded GPL PUBG Open 2017, the first Maltese PUBG tournament which had to go online due to technical issues on the day of the event. You've all had the chance to check out the numbers with our review article here, yet, the point of the MVP showcase isn't to highlight the top players in terms of statistics but to throw the spotlight on those incredible efforts which we witnessed throughout the days of competition. Before we kick off our list of nominees, please bear with us about the lack of profile shots, since playing online disallowed us to take the photos we wanted to take.  Nomination #1 - "r33d"  We'll start by welcoming the most obvious nominee in this list, the incredible "r33d" from the side of Project Eversio, who had a phenomenal event. His second place finish in Solos, having 34 kills individually paired with a dominant team performance in the 4v4s lead to him having the largest total score overall. Finishing first place already rewarded him some incredible prizes, and I think being crowned the MVP wouldn't be a surprise for him or anyone else really.  Nomination #2 - "Dejee" 20 points - that was the difference between 1st and 2nd place overall in terms of performance. We all know about "r33d" taking first place but it would be unfair to not turn an eye toward second place "Dejee", who indeed deserves his position. In the Solos, he was simply on fire and stood on top after the games. In the team section too, he worked without halt to take his team, iXtreme, up to 3rd place. A superb performance which rivals that of "r33d" - these two players being the best in Malta at the moment, with "r33d" having the slight advantage in terms of statistics.  Nomination #3 - "Arneh"  Coming from the side of All We Wanted Was A Trophy, is our next noteworthy nomination for the MVP title: "Arneh". Putting up a promising performance overall, his last efforts in the final week cemented his position in the top 5 overall, but more importantly, a second place finish in teams. One round in specific does come to mind, when he took hold of a drop crate and literally cleared the whole proximity within the next ten minutes. Back to Solos, although he just missed the podium, we're confident that he'll be back with more practice and experience next time and that's when he'll be even more dangerous. Watch out for "Arneh" in our next PUBG event.  Nomination #4 - "PK" Complimenting his teammate "r33d" is another player from the side of Project Everiso, this time in the form of "PK". A stellar performance from him in the 4v4 was compulsory for the team's first place success; due to his instinctive ability to execute and create plays cleverly. So much so, that hew doesn't necessarily need his team's support to excel, as a 4th place Solo finish clearly states on the leaderboards for all to see. Putting him alongside the other players of Project Eversio was a smart decision from the side of the organisation.  Nomination #5 - "D4rmanin" Definitely our underdog out of the list,  we felt that "D4rmanin" deserved to be on this list. Only participating in the team segment, with his squad in F.A.N.I, to go on to placing 9th collectively. A well-rounded player who went on to carry out some clutch plays including securing the winning kill in the first round of squads in Day 3. A little more luck, and we feel he could have place higher overall, a great player nonetheless.  THE MVP  For the third time this month we're back in this position; naming the MVP. I can feel the desperate eyes running across these lines, red with anxiety. Gamers.com.mt would like to announce that "r33d" is the MVP of the GPL PUBG Open Tournament. Definitely not too surprising as his top-tier placements speak for themselves. His overall performance was simply a cut above the rest, which is why he won.  As we progress through 2018, can he keep it up? We'll have to wait and find out.  Also, please note that names are not included due to the nature of the tournament, being Open, so naturally anyone could sign up.

The COD2 MVP at The GO Malta eSports Festival 2017

The GO Malta eSports Festival 2017 was the second time which we included COD2 last year; and competition grew substantially between teams and individuals really brought it this time round. Arguably, the title was the highlight of the competition due to Ephica's first place finish over Paradigm6.Thus, among the many incredible performances, we've decided to crown an MVP, paying him the respects he deserves as a player. Without further delay, below are the promising nominees.  Nomination #1 - Jean Paul "Speeechless" Debono Kicking off the list with a bang; we've got one of the scopers around. At the MESF 2017, you did not want be in this man's reticle. His skill with the rifle shone exceptionally on the maps Burgundy and Toujane, the opposing team being helpless whether they change up tactics or not. Yet,  "Speechless" had his best moments in the grand final. Here, as cool as a cucumber, he clutched up against some harsh odds in the SnD and was ultimately, pivotal to Ephica's overall success.  Nomination #2 - George "Kempes" Meilaq The only mger on this list, and the best on the whole island, is  Goerge "Kempes" Meilaq ands for good reason. Having an uncanny ability to shift seamlessly to opposing enemy pushes, speeding up and slowing down when necessary to put himself in the optimal position for gunfights. Definitely dOUBTFUL's best player in many situations, being the top fragger in each map almost every time. Without him, the team wouldn't have been able to reach the final loser bracket.  Nomination #3 - Jeffrey "Jeff" Spiteri  Another scoper, this time from rival Paradigm6, is also a persuasive contender for MVP. Insane; the only word which may captivate his scoping skills. Regularly picking off one or two players, giving his team the first blood and thus the advantage in SnD. Constantly pulling a neutral look, pressure simply doesn't effect him and his team always looks towards him for team players and proper decisions; essential to the structure of Paradigm6.  Nomination #4 - Cyril "Vortex" Coppini Whether he's using an mg, scope, rifle or even a damn shotgun, "Vortex" always managed to pull off a wonderful performance as an individual on the victorious side of Ephica. Some may refer to him as the team carry, without much resistance. Such claims are fueled by his addiction to having the most frags and trying new things to stun the enemy team. His flexibility with weapons surprised his opponents and let his teammates use their preferred weapons: it doesn't seem to make a difference to him. During the final is where he especially shone, helping ensure a win over Paradigm6.  Nomination #5 - Nigel "Najju" Vella Fighting for the side of Heq Gaming; it's safe to say that "Najju" is the most underrated player on this roster of nominees. Finishing just shy of the podium, the player did everything he could to carry his side having a constant 25 to 30 frags per game against the toughest opposition. Although it wasn't enough, Gamers.com.mt recognises his humungous efforts and that's why he's a potential MVP for the MESF COD2 tournament. "Najju" has the potential to do so much more on a better team.  Nomination #6 - Daniel "sou1ex" Cassar  Probably one of the largest upsets at the event for Paradigm6 was the hardware issue they encountered as "sou1ex" allegedly had mouse issues in the grand final. Perhaps the outcome of the tournament would have been different had it not occured. Nonetheless, the player had a fantastic event, having an affinity for the map Toujane as his opponents learned the hard way. His scope and rifle shot was pristine and he made some huge plays to make his way onto our list.  THE MVP The list is complete and we're ready to spill the beans on who is our chosen player. Much arguing and debating among the Gamers.com.mt staff has finalised that Cyril "Vortex" Coppini is the MVP of the GO MESF 2017 COD2 Tournament. His dedication to his team and his own gunskill lead to an outstanding performance at the event, allowing Ephica to win and sparking this rivalry between themselves and Paradigm6.  We look forward to seeing these teams adapt to upcoming games such as Battalion 1944. The title makes no difference since competition knows no boundaries. 

The LoL MVP at The GO Malta eSports Festival 2017

It's been roughly a month since the largest event of the year: that being the Malta esports Festival 2017. Ever since then, we've been jarring our minds to come up with certain MVPs through the lists of nominations we had lying around. Finally, we're ready to share our top nominations alongside the MVP which will be announced at the end of the article. May the best man win! Nomination #1 - Chris 'Tobby' Sant Rising to the top with his team, EvH, the veteran player in Chris "Tobby" Sant made sure he was on this list. Utilising either Orn or Trundle, he dominated his Top lane even though he was set to play Support! Showing off his flexibility, his amazing side lane pushes and strategic plays were a joy to witness on the mainstage.  Nomination #2 - Marlon 'Blaze' Polidano Moving into the jungle lane, nobody stood out to us as much as Marlon "Blaze" Polidano did. Also being part of EvH,  it's safe to say that he made some incredible carry plays, carrying his team to an overall victories. When things were looking sore for the team, he'd hit the opposition with some superb counter jungling or outstanding ganking. Making the most out of Xin Zhao and Rengar, "Blaze" was truly the king of the jungle.  Nomination #3 - Michele 'Mikku' Agius Making our way over to the second place team, Team Legacy, we found a whole lot of MVP material. To begin with, is Michele "Mikku" Agius and his commendable control over mid lane; thwarting many maps in his team's favour. His noticable and extraordinary synergy with the jungle made crossing his lane increasingly difficult. Securing a 10cs per minute in almost every game he played is also a noticable achievement. He completed such feats using a mix of Corki and Taliyah.  Nomination #4 - Miguel 'Unknown' Caruana Our next nomination, that for the role of ADC, is Miguel "unknown" Caruana. He definitely did apply some strong damage to the other team using Vayne and Ezreal, leaving a great impression on the scene. Being new to the scene, his talented plays spoke for themselves and he is a force to be reckoned with, no doubt about it. We look forward to witnessing his growth as a player with Team Legacy and as an individual.  Nomination #5 - Juan 'Shadowlance' Bonnici Last but certainly not least is Juan "Shadowlance" Bonnici. Heading into the event, his competitive experience was completely on the Mid lane, but that didn't stop him from putting on a show with his new role. With help from his AD, he dominated the bottom laneat the event and even made some tactical switches with mid to confuse the opponents. His Rakan and Braum were excellent at the event and vital to Team Legacy.  The MVP The moment you've all been waiting for. All the five players mentioned above were at the top of their game, but so was the community on the whole. LoL is constantly expanding in Malta and the growing skill in individuals is evidence of this. With that being said, deciding on an MVP was no easy task. Taking into consideration individual skill, key moments and the circumstances: Marlon "Blaze" Poldiano is the LoL MVP for the GO MESF 2017. His consistency and carry plays were fundamental to EvH's victory; he's been at the team's side for 3-4 years and has won multiple trophies with them. Congratulations to all the nominees for their fantastic performances and we wish you all a Happy New Year! Make sure to keep up to date as we'll soon be revealing our MVP for COD2 very soon!

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