What's the difference between 60hz, 144hz and 240hz?

Many of you wonder what's the difference between 60hz, 144hz and 240hz but today we have the answer. Thanks to Gadgets and AOC, we reviewed the below models:
AOC AGON AG251FZ 25" Monitor
Please note that the Review is in Maltese.

Posted by Andre Mizzi on 28th April 2017, 11:34


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Potentially the Largest Esports Stadium in the USA - Arlington Site

Sports stadiums are of huge proportions - whether it's football, ice hockey, basketball, the viewing experience live is simply incredible. With esports rising up as a prominent sport, the industry is continually moving away from conventional arenas to stadiums dedicated to hosting esports competition. As of right now, an exciting opportunity awaits American citizens, with a new site all the way in Arlington, which is planned to house the largest esports stadium in the whole country, being one of the largest in the entire world. Here's what you should know.  100,000 square feet is a lot of space. To put it into comparison, this would be 1 fortieth the size of The Vatican City, and it's plenty of space to build a flexible and illustrious esports stadium. This will most likely be one of the key attractions in the upcoming Arlington’s world-class Entertainment District which will release upon completion of construction. We'll be including schematic photographs in the thumbnail and below.  The Senior Principle of Construction, Brian Mirakian, had this to say:  "This esports stadium will transform the Arlington Convention Center and position the city as the epicenter for esports in the heart of North America. Esports fans will encounter a live experience unlike any other, by way of space for up to 1,000 spectators, VIP amenities, and year-round event potential.” The stadium will be managed by NGAGE esports, a leader within the marketing share of the industry. With the esports industry to value itself at around $1.5 billion by 2020, the stadium will harbour in fans from across the whole world and will utilize some impressive new technology to ensure the greatest viewing experience. To add to this, the centre will only be 10 minutes away from the Arlington University Campus! Students here already enjoy an interactive gaming community and they're all keen to take part in events. I'd do anything to get into that university. Here's what the President of the University had to say: “We are proud of our students and pleased that they will be able to share in the events and competitions that will take place in this world-class facility just 10 minutes from campus. I’m grateful for the wonderful collaboration that exists between UT Arlington, the city, and our community and look forward to another wonderful partnership that will keep Arlington and the metroplex at the forefront of this new exciting enterprise.” The area will be decked out with a major competition event space, gaming areas alongside retail and social spaces.  There will also be VIP hospitality, a broadcast studio and team training area for those warming their shot before the event. 

Project Eversio's Battalion 1944 Roster - Watch out

Roughly between two and three weeks ago, local Maltese esports organization Project Eversio revealed their roster for the year of Battalion 1944 on Facebook. Due to the fact that we were backed up with interviews and a certain content writer was busy, we couldn't cover it instantaneously. Still, we're here and ready to inform everyone who hasn't heard yet all about the new roster which has an intense potential to rise to the top on a local level. Here's why you should be concerned.  First of all, the name of Project Eversio has forever had a presence in the local scene, especially in the titles of COD 4 and COD 2, which Battalion 1944 pays its respects to and homages. They've got a fair share of experience in understanding victory in all of its requirements, hence, they've assembled the following squad:  Marco "PK" Bugeja Wayne "Reed" Reed Gary "R1k" Vella Scott "Sco_Oq" Vella Clint "Ascolese" Ascolese The squad is a mix of the Project Eversio family who have gathered from different esports. Marco "PK" Bugeja and Wayne "Reed" Reed while be moving over from the former PUBG squad. Yes indeed, the Project Eversio squad is currently disbanded as the other two players remain in Project Eversio, with  Daniel "Deathrow" Gatt moving on to a managerial role within the organization. The presence of the squad will be missed in future PUBG events. Moving on, Gary "R1k" Vella and Scott "Sco_Oq" Vella, from the former Overwatch roster, make it four - five are needed to compete in Battalion 1944. The fifth?  Clint "Ascolese" Ascolese is who you're looking for. Under his previous tag of "GAS", he's already accomplished quite a bit with Eversio. Winding back the clock, "Ascolese", was part of the unforgiving squad which terrorized COD4, coming first in two events at the time to create quite a legacy. After several flings since then, with COD2, Counter-Strike and PUBG, we're sure that he'll refind his impressive skills for Battalion 1944.  With this combination of experience, determination and simply professional players, Project Eversio have made themselves a squad to look out for this coming MRO: Battalion 1944 Open. Apart from them, we'll be looking to interview the teams to gain their thoughts about the upcoming event. Stay tuned for more.

Rise Nation Storm Through CWL Atlanta 2018

After three days packed with action, the CWL Atlanta 2018 has finally ended and there's so much to discuss. From the Open Stage up to Championship Sunday, many of the storylines and expectations which we discussed here: http://www.gamers.com.mt/news/722/cwl-atlanta-2018-too-close-to-call, came into play. At the end of it all, Rise Nation did, in fact, come out on top, but there's so much more to cover. Sit back and get ready to scroll down while we review this event.  Open Bracket - Plenty of New Blood CWL Atlanta was one of the many Open events we'll be enjoying in this year of COD: WWII. Its Open nature allows up to 160 teams to battle it out to enter the Group Stage which has already been filled with teams who qualified thanks to the Pro League. This time around, the community was introduced to some new names who have never before made it past the Bracket. Names such as Heretics and Monaco Esports joined Ghost Gaming and GGEA Orange as they assimilated into their respective groups. Honestly, none of them had much of an effect as the competition was simply too much. So, what did happen in the Group Stage? Group Stage -  Lightning Pandas Shock The Group Stage kicked off swimmingly, except for one minor hiccup. Epsilon Esports, the Europeans, announced that they couldn't make it for the event. The underperforming team, which is currently contemplating roster change, was promptly replaced by Lightning Pandas in Group A. With Rise Nation and Splyce favourites to advance onto the Winners' Bracket, Lightning Pandas couldn't help themselves but mix things up. Beating Splyce, GGEA Orange and Echo Fox allowed them to finish with a second place finish that nobody predicted. Splyce were sent into the Losers' Bracket where they would find an early exit out of the competition.  Meanwhile, Group B and Group C went a lot more smoothly. Luminosity cruised through the group while TK managed to take second place, ignoring the attempts of Evil Geniuses. Group C, which was predicted to be the group of death was less so. Since eUnited failed to show up with their A-game, continuing on their rough streak, Optic and Faze topped off the group in that order. However, this group was indeed a great source of controversy. As many of you know, a recent Gentlemen's ban within the professional community banned the use of items such as the FG-42 and more. One of those weapons was the M1 Garand due to its ridiculous two shot kill range. In the matchup between eRa Eternity and eUnited, Clayster pulled out the M1 Garand to his apparent oblivion. He used it in Game 5 SnD to help eUnited clutch up in this cheating fashion. After the game, Clayster realised his cheating and cheap ways as he took to Twitter, offering all of his individual earnings to eRa as he 'ruined their tournament'. eRa is yet to comment on the situation.  Finally, Group D was quite interesting in itself too. As Team Envyus scooped up an easy first place, Red Reserve, and Mindfreak were at each other's necks. Mindfreak, who have recently been growing in capacity throughout the Pro League, managed to win second place thanks to map difference. Red Reserve was sent to the Losers' Bracket but was far from out of it.  Bracket Play - Dominance on Both Sides With no further delays, unlike November's bomb threats, bracket play was underway. Within three hours, Rise Nation swept Faze Clan, Optic Gaming swept a hopeful Lightning Pandas and two 5-game nailbiters gave the Winners' Bracket a huge amount of energy. Mindfreak dragged Luminosity Gaming to a 5th game which they barely lost and Team Envy shut down the weakened TK in a similar fashion.  Round 2 of the Winners' Bracket had arguably some of the most awaited series of the tournament - Optic vs Luminosity and Team Envy vs Rise Nation.  We'll start with the disappointment. Optic vs Luminosity was meant to be a heaving battle between two giants with everyone agreeing that Luminosity had the edge with recent performance. However, the two teams hadn't encountered one another yet, so anything could happen. What did happen was a foul 3-0 scoreline for the boys in blue while the Greenwall was left shaking their heads. The maps were indeed close, but a recurring habit for Optic to not close out maps and not clutching up bit them in the back. The Greenwall would descend into the Losers' Bracket were they would finish with another undermining placement of 5-6th at the hands of Red Reserve. Many doubts are headed their way. Yes, Red Reserve is still there and fighting.  The other series, thankfully, was a pure gem. Both sides saturated with emotional and talented youngsters gave way to an epic display of the future of Call of Duty. The fast-paced action from both sides was a joy to witness and quite exciting too. The daring plays from "TJHaly and the energy from opposing "Huke" made it action packed to the point that the casters were running out of breath. At the end of it, Rise Nation snatched the final map and Team Envy also fell out and into the Losers' bracket where they would be taken out by Red Reserve.  The final round of bracket play placed Luminosity and Rise Nation in the same cage, fighting for the Grand Finals spot. These two teams were the point of polarisation between the community - it was one of these two teams which were scheduled to win this event. Rise Nation played tactically and floated to a 3-1 scoreline, awaiting their next opponent.  Grand Finals - Bathed in Red  Luminosity stumbled into the path of a clinical Red Reserve and needless to say, the European maniacs threw them off of the tracks. Red Reserve was part of the greatest Losers' Bracket run in the history of Call of Duty; playing a total of 20 maps on Championship Sunday just to get to the Grand Finals. Their endurance and determination were unmatched at the event. Red Reserve was the Grim Reaper of CWL Atlanta as they remained under the radar yet executing all the big names: Faze Clan, Team Kaliber, Luminosity and Optic Gaming in quick succession. Now they headed into the Grand Finals with a little fuel left in the tank. Unfortunately, this wasn't enough. Although they equalised with a phenomenal SnD performance, Rise Nation then took the next two respawns to solidify themselves as the best team in Call of Duty at the moment. On the other side of things, Red Reserve are now the undisputed best in Europe and the Second best in the world after that incredible run where they faced everybody who is somebody in Call of Duty.   Conclusion CWL Atlanta 2018 was incredible, simply incredible. Arriving right at the climax of discussion and hypothesis, it gave the community answers it was craving. Optic Gaming is not Top 3, Team Kaliber is not on top, Rise Nation is the best in the world and Red Reserve is the best team in Europe. Another topic which must be picked up on, before ending, is the casting. Many were those who disregarded the new talent, as they try to fill the gap that "Courage" left. Give them time, I'm sure that they'll be great. 

Battalion 1944 Overhauled After First Major Patch

Battlalion 1944 was far from perfect when initially released this past month; they were the expected bugs, glitches and weapon balances that were slightly off. They have been pushing small PSAs and patches, yet they weren't enough. On the evening of the 8th March, Bulkhead Interactive launched their first planned update, while the community waited anxiously to jump back onto the servers. A lot was fixed in this update and we're here to ensure you're up to speed.  Wartide Put on Hold One of Battalion 1944 's most played game modes is, in fact, Wartide, though it needed work. Hence, the developers have taken it upon themselves to fix it, just not yet as they've temporarily changed everything for the next few months. Bulkhead plans to finish the new currency system by the end of March; they need to take their time to perfect the balance and quality of it all which is respected and this will be done by the summer. The main problem was the absolute difficulty players faced in order to mount a comeback due to the currency system. Temporary classes have also been added until the arrival of Wartide 2. New Map - Invasion A new map has arrived at the shores of B'44 in the form of Invasion. I refer to 'shore' in comical regard to the setting of the map as it's situated in Normandy - the front of the invasion of the Allies onto the Axis. The developers desperately desire feedback on the new map and are ready to develop it further just like the other maps. Speaking of which, this is what is meant by an 'overhaul'.  Liberation itself simply received a lighting change while opening more sightlines at the B bombsite. Battey also fell victim to some minor changes. Manorhouse, on the other hand, got so many updates that it's now called 'Manorhouse v2'. Below is the list of changes I'm referring to. New & improved lighting. New “A long” area to allow for more tactical nades. Opened barn door by A site which looks into A long. Shortened axis main road into an L shape that leads to mid. Closed route by crashed plane. Reworked main entrance to A from mid. Closed mid connector barn. Re-opened mid trench by adding a new ‘drop’ into the trench. Widened mid trench & added cover. Added new skill jump out of mid trench into mid. Reworked B long. Closed the broken wall angle from trench/wooden to B long. Opened & reworked the apple gardens area behind B house. Moved fountain into apple gardens. Reworked B bombsite layout to be less claustrophobic. Other Changes There are a variety of other changes, such as a little weapon balancing with certain SMGs, minimap changes, features and the XP rewarding system. For those who are serious about Battalion 1944, we recommend that you take a thorough look through these patch notes here:  http://steamcommunity.com/games/489940/announcements/detail/1675774437612961631  Hopefully more changes and improvements will occur ahead of the MRO: Battalion 1944 Open!

Nathan Briffa Interviewed - Team Manager at ORDER

We're kicking off March with an exclusive interview with a Maltese-Australian who recently rose to a managerial role in ORDER. ORDER is an exceptional Australian eSports organisation, and if you'd like to learn more we'll leave the talking to Nathan Briffa himself.  1.) It’s great to finally have the chance to interview you. Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself and your affiliation with esports? Along with that, please share your affiliation with your Maltese roots? Thank you very much, it’s great to have the opportunity to talk with you. I have been working in esports since 2014. I began my esports career with an Australian team, Team Immunity. I started out as a content creator, and just assisted with management where the players needed it. I then transitioned into a dedicated management role and have been doing it with different organisations ever since. I am Maltese on my father’s side (David Briffa). My grandfather was born in Sliema. He left for Canada at a young age and arrived in Melbourne in 1956 where he met his to be wife, who was from Hungary. We have family living in St. Julian’s. 2.) On a personal level, how familiar are you with Maltese culture and traditions? Being a non-native Maltese, I’m not very familiar. I’m very aware of Maltese history. Being of Maltese descent, the history was always interesting to me, especially as it is some of the most profound in the history of the world. 3.) Jumping straight into it business, how does it feel to have a managerial role in ORDER, a newly created eSports organisation which is also the World’s first Crowdfunded eSports team? Honestly, it is hard to articulate the pride and joy I have in ORDER. It’s not just an incredible experience and opportunity for the ORDER staff and players, I see it as an exciting time for our region. The crowdfunding campaign was designed to give our fan base a legitimate opportunity to own a piece of the organisation. I think of it like a one-off payment sports club membership, except that in this case, the membership gives you a return. We’re excited about it because it is a whole new way to engage with our core fans. We have some enormous plans for the organisation that will bring an entirely new level of engagement to both esports athletes, and fans. 4.) With Australia on the opposite side of the planet, we really don’t know much about eSports and competitive gaming in the region in general. Describe it a little for us. I would say that esports in Australia is about to enter an explosive growth period. The adoption and investment rate has been growing steadily for years, but I feel we aren’t far off it completely exploding. Australian esports competitors have spent years dealing with problems typical to every region where esports is trying to grow, and has not been properly cultivated or accepted, and as such lacks a mainstream audience. Historically, opportunities to compete internationally were extremely rare in Australia, but as different teams results got better and better, more opportunities opened up. As more opportunities opened up, more money was invested into the region. As more money was invested into the region, mainstream audience adoption grew. As mainstream audience adoption grew, even more money was invested into the region. You can probably see where I am going with this. Growing esports in Australia was a war of attrition, but now you regularly see Australian rosters having competitive results internationally, and our opportunities to compete internationally are at an all-time high. 5.) We’ve interviewed a variety of professionals involved with esports on Gamers.com.mt, players, CEOs and teams, yet we haven’t had the opportunity to interview a manager. While many argue that playing the game is the most daunting activity, what’s it like to manage in esports? Management in esports can be a demanding role. We’re working on the cutting edge of a new, rapidly growing market, and the people you are managing are building a professional career. Every time a mistake is made, it has an impact on your players careers. Obviously, the impact it has can vary a lot, but ultimately you are responsible for making sure the players have access to everything they need to practice and compete to the best of their ability. The potential stress of the role is generally magnified by your success, also. The more success you have, the more you have to do as a manager, and normally that comes with having to do your work in a constantly changing environment, in different countries. I look at it as a great problem to have, because the more I have to do, the more opportunities my players have to continue building their career. 6.) As a manager, what are your plans and prospects for the year ahead in your new position? Now that I’m working with ORDER, I want to use this year to give the players as many opportunities as they can to compete at as many events as possible and use these opportunities to build long-term tools and plans for our success. Right now, for example, we’re currently in Sosnowiec, Poland, bootcamping for the IEM Katowice 2018 event. This is the first bootcamp our roster has had together, and where the bootcamp has given the players massive amounts of experience and tuning, it has done the same for me. I’ve learned more about what can and can’t work, what is and isn’t reasonable, and where things can be made more efficient. This bootcamp has been a great success for us, but I can confidently say the next one will be better. So that’s my goal for this year, to continue building our infrastructure and tools, and ensure that ORDER is the top competition in Australia. 7.) Our final question; what advice would you give to others aspiring to managerial roles in esports? What have you sacrificed and what values have you developed to get to this point? If you’re going to pursue a career in esports, be prepared to work a lot. On top of that, be prepared to work for nothing. Management has a low barrier of entry compared to basically any other job in esports, so there will always be competition, and you’ve got to go the extra mile to make sure you’re doing a better job. All careers in esports come with a grind, and management is no exception. As I mentioned before, your players ability to perform at their best will be impacted by the work you do, and that can become stressful. I wouldn’t suggest getting into any esports management just for monetary purposes. There needs to be good degree of passion for what you’re doing. I get a lot of joy from knowing that I have helped my players make esports a professional career, so in my eyes the price paid is worth it. Thanks incredibly for the interview. We hope you enjoyed the interview, with a special thank you to Nathan Briffa who was so enthusiastic to participate in the interview and have the chance to reconnect to his roots. Our next interview will be in response to the most heated article of last month, stay tuned. 

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