AOC Agon AG272FCX Monitor Review

When a monitor exceeds around 26 inches, most manufacturers will opt for a Quad HD display to ensure that pixels aren’t too visible. Yet, at 27”, AOC have created the AG272FCX which looks to combine 144Hz, a curved display and 1080p for an incredibly reasonable price. Has AOC struck gold with this recent product? Read on to learn more. To begin with, we’ll start with packaging and setup. Everything you pay for arrives in a very tough cardboard box which illustrates the fundamental selling points on the surface. Time to dig in. Lifting up the top flaps reveals a few diagrams which clearly demonstrate how to mount the stand if you wish; note that wall-mounting is an option. Below the flaps is an incredible amount of clever padding using thick Styrofoam and cardboard; AOC must be commended for how secure the product is. Attaching the screws to the stand and base is seamless – no need to be a carpenter. Just like that, it’s ready to use, but there’s so much more that’s included in the box. Cables consist of an audio cable, microphone cable, displayport cable, HDMI cable, USB Cable, Quick Switch Keypad and power cable. The amount of times the word “cable” was used shows how thoughtful AOC were when designing the packaging, while sorting all of them in little plastic bags of their own and arranged with zip ties. Not to forget the CD Driver which is optional thanks to online availability. Setting up and unboxing is a fantastic experience. Moving on to aesthetics, it looks amazing.  The front face is a powerful 27” of screen outlined by a frameless design around the top three sides with a defined chin at the bottom. Exact measurements are 597 by 336mm. It’s also quite slim, in turn needing an external power brick to supply the power. A red AGON logo sits at the centre between the sexy light strips – more on those later and has the only manual button directly under it. Checking the behind, it’s equally as attractive.  Four more strips of lights sit symmetrical to the bracket in the middle and create a glowing effect below a headphone stand to the top left. Now we can discuss the I/O. We’ll go from left to right.  First is a microphone in, audio in, a couple USB 3.0 out with fast charging and one USB 3,0 in. Next come two HDMI ports, a display port and VGA. The only connections left are the power line and a microphone out to the PC. Back to looks, the optional stand is brushed metal and looks phenomenal. It provides a total lean of 33 degrees and full swivel along with vertical adjustment. The stand even provides a small handle at the top to facilitate transportation. However, all these connections and physical additions are useless if the viewing experience is unsavoury, but is it? Of course not. AOC’s mission is to provide the best displays on the market using top notch technology and performance. At a native 16:9 display ratio, the MVA screen is a sight to behold due to many factors. A refresh rate of 144Hz makes the pixels fresher than ever with a snappy picture that dances in the 1800mm of glorious curvature. The matte display fights glare at all 178 degrees of viewing angle. It’s safe to say that media consumption and gaming becomes an immersive experience on the AG272FCX. Apart from immersion, there is also the sharpness of the images thanks to a 3000:1 contrast ratio and 50million:1 dynamic contrast ration. The only thing which is a small drawback is the input lag of 4ms, it’s still very fast but it may not satisfy serious gamers who are looking for a 1ms input lag.  Also, at 250 nits it doesn’t get too bright and full brightness was kept throughout usage.  With the voluptuous curvature, it’s a superb ergonomic experience. Before proceeding to the plethora of features, the pixels must be discussed first. At 27 inches, it’s unusual to use a 1080p on such a wide screen due to the pixels becoming much more visible. So are they visible? Yes, but in certain situations. If one enjoys gaming roughly 10 cm away from the screen; then the pixels are quite noticeable. Yet, on the other hand, if you prefer gaming laid back at around 30cm, then the pixels are invisible and not a nuisance at all. With that out of the way, let’s move on to the features and software on this beast. Beginning by naming the display features, there is Shadow Control; a fancy term for adjustable gamma. Then there is Game Colour which allows the gamer to load preset display settings for game genres and even create personal profiles too. Moving on to syncing, Adaptive Sync or Freesync favours AMD graphic cards in every frame. To lower strain, AOC has also implemented Flicker Free Technology and low blue light option. Making use of the large estate is Screen+, which creatively slices the creen into pieces for increased productivity. Physical features include lighting options of red, blue and green at various intensities. The final and extremely welcome addition is the internal speakers that provide acceptable linear audio to a surprising volume; this is always useful to have on a monitor but won’t be used too much by gamers and serious audio users. So how does AOC provide the means to access and toy with all the onboard settings? This is where the driver and Quick Switch Keypad come into play. Honestly, the downloaded or installed driver appears a tad old from its interface. External software such as Screen+ and eSaver which aren’t unique to this monitor are linked and easily downloadable. That’s all the driver is used for apart from directing oneself to the manual. After a careful read through it, use of the Quick Switch Keypad and the single manual button is possible but still a bit cumbersome. The manual button below the chin of the screen is wobbly and feels as if it’s ready to fall off, purposely designed like this so that it could be moved in different directions for movement and options. Remembering the designated button movements is easy enough after the first few times. Utilising the keypad is similar, requiring some memory too. Thankfully, everything is explained in the simplest of vocabularies to assist all consumers closely. Prior to finishing the review, a small gripe needs to be addressed. AOC is providing the three colour options so that the monitor can blend into different colour schemes easily. However, the red “AGON” text and the blue power buttons tend to throw of the homogeneity of the colours. It will be said that this is nitpicking at its finest. To summarise, the AOC Agon AG272FCX is tailor made for gamers who prefer the lower 1080p resolution to bump up frames per second. Being such a new product, just released this May, it’s packed with the highest quality technology and features to ensure that you’re comfortable at all times. Pros outweigh the cons severely, with only the pixel density forming a slight problem. For around €450, you may not be getting Quad HD yet you’re getting the whole package for 1080p gaming having perfect ergonomics and build quality. Who it’s for: PC gamers who prefer 1080p for higher framerates wand may also have a console to plug in Those who want the curved experience at a reasonable cost Gamers who want a great looking monitor with lighting Those who need 144Hz Who it’s not for: PC gamers who need less than 4ms input lag Those who’d rather spend the money on Quad HD. For more information and a specification sheet check out this link: If you're interested in purchasing AOC Gaming monitors, we suggest you to visit this link -

EvH Switch up LoL Roster

EvH had assembled their League of Legends squad just weeks ago, and changes have already rolled in. The organisation could only offer that this has occurred to “unforeseen issues”.  Leaving the squad is Jeremy “Fexi” Grech and Albert “Livingdream” Aquilina for whatever the reasons may be. Thankfully, EvH have found a couple of replacements in astonishing time in “Shadow” and “Zod”. Taking up the Support role is Matteo “Shadow” Mizzi with his preferred champions being Thresh, Braum and LuLu. This patch of darkness has been around ever since season 1 and had already joined the EvH roster before the team was launched. Joining the official squad now was only possible after he left another team as their captain; Matteo evidently believes that EvHLoL has a brighter future. Below are a few words from the player: “I feel honored to have been given this opportunity. Me and Zod have decided to take this step in order to take it to the next level.” Jake “Zod” Micallef will fill in the Marksman position and use Caitlyn, Jhin or Vayne in the process. Changing up the format of a team following departures and welcoming new faces may be quite demoralising for a team and oftentimes effects gameplay. EvH thought of that when they also signed coach Andre “Hutch” Agius who will catalyse the team’s reform and ensure that the engine is well oiled for all the upcoming events. wishes the best of luck to EvH’s new roster.

Ozone Strike Battle Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard Review

Less is more on this keyboard Looking for a portable keyboard to destroy the competition wherever you go? Ozone seems to provide the answer with the Strike Battle Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard. Time to investigate whether reducing size lessens quality elsewhere. Prior to even purchasing the item, one can learn a whole lot just by snooping around the informative little box. Whipping open the box reveals the keyboard covered in Styrofoam, awaiting an owner to claim it. A user manual and an Ozone sticker accompany the peripheral. On the whole, the unboxing experience is standard and the box is certainly sturdy enough to reduce shipping fatigue. Before we can continue the review, we must first establish what the term “tenkeyless” actually means. It’s nothing complicated; a keyboard which chops off the number pad to sport a smaller form factor. That said, the total 87 keys map an area of 351 by 123 mm; a very minimalistic aesthetic. The key font is the standard Ozone font, which rocks capitalisation and non-capitalised. Keyboard layout is available in a couple versions, either American or British, with the shift and enters keys affected. All MX keys, with a selection between red, blue, brown and black are directly planted into the backplate. This exposes the key cleavage which allows for a thickness of just 35m but makes cleaning a priority.  Regarding the black plate, its high quality brushed aluminium which does a fantastic job of keeping the build sturdy and reflecting the bright colours.  Ozone again adds selectivity with the choice of a red or black backplate. However, the housing below the backplate will always remain a glossy back plastic finish which is punctuated by the company name at the front face of the device. The underside hides the product information and is supported by a total of five rubber feet including a couple of optional legs. Onto user experience, complaints are minimal. The plastic matte keycaps do attract finger oils, yet nothing too serious. Returning to cleaning the keys, this was a seamless process since the greater exposure makes the keys very easy to remove. An ergonomic design facilitates long sessions at the desk and the 50 million keystroke lifespan grants a heavy reliability with each press. Yet, some people will need a wrist wrest to use due to the wrists having to lean back a bit. Gaming was a joy with this peripheral; you can tell that Ozone has oriented their approach on this peripheral to fast-paced gaming. From the keyboard itself, one can adjust the polling rate and input delay on the fly. Polling rate varies from 125Hz to 1000Hz and key effective time from 1 to 16 ms. Such a connection is possible with the gold plated USB tailed by 1.5m of braided cable. Yet, there is no internal cable management and no USB pass-through.  Continuing on gaming features, all keys have anti-ghosting and assignment capabilities.  Apart from that come macros, to be discussed soon, and the Game Mode shortcut. The mode shuts down the Windows key and disables WASD or the arrow keys as selected. Also, don’t forget about the full set of media keys above. Thus far, it looks like it has everything going for it, but now there’s still a driver to download and software to check out to unleash the backlighting. From Ozone’s website, the driver is easily located and downloaded quickly.  The ‘Main Control’ page allows one to switch between profiles and manage Macros. These may be edited and added on the ‘Macro Settings’ page and the Advanced Settings gives control over variables, windows key setting and light intensity.  From the pictures of the device, it’s easy to realise that red is the name of the game. All one can do is change sensitivity or create a pulsating effect, both can be done using the quick function from the keyboard. Here, Ozone could have been slightly more creative with the content; perhaps adding a fire effect or a wave of different brightness.  Having only one colour, the contrast and brightness was executed excellently, making it an even more attractive keyboard. Lock functions remain red when used and uncoloured when inactive, which may be annoying with just one key without light depending how selective one is. What you really need the software for are the macros. Creating them was extremely easy and nothing too difficult. Six macros over 5 profiles add up to a tally of 30 macros which should be more than enough for gaming. The thing is, you can only really use them for gaming when game mode is activated; so no passwords or emails can be saved since the WASD keys will be disabled which makes the experience awkward. All this customisation is stored on 64kb of internal memory. Portability is clearly the main theme of this product, and Ozone nearly achieves perfection. One can tell from the onboard storage, small form, light weight of 700g, intense utility and high quality build. The only thing that it needs is a detachable cable.  One thing I forgot to mention is the accessibility to the internals of the keyboard itself, having 4 screws to fix any problems.  The Ozone Strike Battle Tenkeyless keyboard is at the arguably the best keyboard in its category and must be considered for LANs, events or even taking it to a friend’s house. strongly recommends this keyboard for the upcoming Malta Cyber Series #3 coming up this September.  For only €90, it’s a super choice. Who it’s for; Gamers looking for a minimalistic keyboard without numpad Gamers with red colour as part of their setup Pros who need portability and utility Those gaming on the go Those looking for their money’s worth Who it’s not for; Those who desperately need RGB Those who need a numpad Gamers selective about colours in a setup Want to have the best portable gaming solution right now? Go over to The Gamers Lounge to pick up yours at the following link:

Gambit Beat Immortals to Win PGL Major

Finally, after an incredible week of competitive Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Gambit defeated Immortals in the grand final to become the champions. The $1,000,000 tournament has surely fulfilled everyone’s expectations, yet Gambit weren’t exactly the favourites to win it. Nonetheless, Immortals put up a great fight to properly finish the event with a bang. The selected maps were Cobblestone, Train and Inferno. Cobblestone started with an overwhelming performance form the Brazilians side of Immortals who built a 12-3 scoreline by half time as Terrosists. Gambit tried to bring it back but was harshly denied by Immortals who sealed the deal at 16-4. Gambit desperately needed to take Train and swing the momentum in their favour. Following a dominant Terrorist side, passive strategies and quality plays; this is exactly what they did. Although Immortals was beginning to climb back into it, the Brazilians were beaten and conceded the map, due to a 16-11 score. The best of three would come to the last map. Choosing the Counter-Terrorist side of Inferno was evidently a clever move for Gambit, who rose to a 5-0 lead instantly. The Brazilians could only scramble together four rounds to make up an 11-4 score by half time. Immortals started the second half with a much needed streak of five rounds – if they were going out fighting. Towards the end of the game, a lack of economy was noted on both sides, resulting in a few UMP-45s being used. Fantastic clutches from “HObbit” and “Zeus” post-plant finished off Immortals and won them the tournament. This event, the PGL Major, is Gambit’s first ever major championship win and their second title of the year. Such a victory was deserved and fought for with great hunger from the team. Let’s see if they can keep this up.

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