Next Threat Stays True to its Name for COD:WWII

Probably the most awaited roster to hit the sticks for COD: WWII, but far from the first time, is that of Next Threat. Captained by Doug "Censor" Martin, a familiar face in the Call of Duty community, he looks to bring back some other old-timers to preserve their place when it comes to boots on the ground.  The announcement came from Censor's Twitter page, as he proudly posted a little montage showcasing each of the players involved. He confessed that they cannot wait to get back in the game. Namely, the roster goes by the four of "Censor", "Proofy", "Ricky" and "MiRx". Here's what we think of their potential.  Doug "Censor" Martin; he's a promising player who has been on a bizarre drought when it comes to achievements. His most notable was a victory of a mere $50,000 Black Ops 1 tournament, having nothing that notable to follow, never seeing silverware since. Yet, since then, he's grown incredibly over social media due to his focus on gym and even becoming part of the casting crew for Infinite Warfare's Championship. However, many will agree, that his segment after the action ended, was the most uncomfortable content ever. Speaking of caster, "Proofy" is definitely a more prominent name. Most-known for his time at Optic Gaming, he's tasted victory over multiple titles, including COD4, MW3 and Black Ops. Jetpacks proved too much for him and he's also done some casting duties this year too.  The other two players, "MirX" and "Ricky" are very much familiar with eachother, having teamed on Optic Nation, compLexity and Curse LV.  Regarding the name of the team, Next Threat, this is in respect to Censor's organisation back in Black Ops, being Quantic Nex-TT-hreat. The new roster does seem to respect the name, packing a wide variety of experience and storylines to potentially leave a mark. Their first test will come in the form of the CWL Dallas Open coming first week of December. 

PUBG May Be Banned From China

With PUBG on its unbelievable journey to global support and popularity one does tend to ponder; when will the game slow down?; when will it stop becoming popular? Recent news regarding a major disagreement in China could potentially slow down PUBG's growth considerably.  The Chinese Audio-Video and Digital Publishing Association is the source of discrepancy. Claims of extreme gore and violence are the basis of their case, which drives to ban PUBG in the region. Other statements included the 'fact' that the game "deviates from the value of socialism" - but then again, what government-type values does PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds constitute? None, of course.  Regarding the probable effect on the community, if the disagreement follows through - it could be deadly. As of right now, surprisingly enough, a whopping 6,000,000 players login from their Chinese residence every day. This puts numbers from other parts of the world to shame, as shown in the graph below:  A disturbed analyst from Pacific Epoch, a Shanghai-based consultancy, could only say the following words: "This basically spells the death sentence for PUBG in China. PUBG's main problem is that the underlying ideology clashes with what's preached in China".  The funny thing is that PUBG hasn't actually been officially approved for distribution, meaning that all those 6,000,000 copies were taken through virtual private networks.  Could PUBG change a few things around to avoid this play-base loss? We'll have to patiently wait to find out.  More on the game, the 20 teams for IEM Oakland have been finalised, with all the action to take place mid-November- but that's an article on its own, which we'll definitely cover.  On a different note, is proud to announce that last week we sent out our very first newsletter, packing all our most popular news articles of the week and event news. Didn't receive it? Be sure to create an account with us and register your email to mke sure you don't miss out on the most recent esports news internationally and locally.

Team Passes for 2018 CWL Dallas Open Sold out in 60 Minutes!

Here at, it seems that we cannot stop writing about COD:WWII and everything going for it. We simply couldn't not cover one outrageous fact about the CWL Dallas Open. Only a few afters after the informational broadcast, the Dallas Open Team passes went on sale, and its quite unlikely that you and you're team managed to grab one.  In under an hour, the 2018 CWL Dalla Open Team passed sold out, in under an hour! MLG were emphatic about this bit of news as they readily shared it on Twitter. To put it into perspective, 176 team passes were available for the event. Respectively, this probably means that over 300 teams were constantly refreshing the purchase page, itching to preserve their position. Adam Apicella, a representative of MLG said the following, encouraging statement: "The fastest MLG CoD team pass sell rate by a wide margin." That wide margin certainly puts a grin on COD enthusiasts, solidifying expectations for this upcoming game. Apicella also added the following comment for teams, which he sympathised with, that didn't make the cut in time: "If you didn't get a team pass for Dallas, please email with your full roster." So if any Maltese rosters were too late, there's still a chance to get in.  This December's event, taking place from December 8th to 10th, wil pool all the mentioned teams at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center to fight off for the $200,000 prize which awaits them.  We simply cannot stress it enough, Call of Duty is back and so is the community.  On a side note, regarding rostermania, Luminosity Gaming has confirmed their roster to include John and JKap from Team EnVyUs, two players looking to heal their wounds from Infinite Warfare. They'll be paired alongside Slacked and Octane. All the players on the team have a certain element of expertise, married with the potential slaying power of players such as John and Octane, it could very much be a top-tier team. One question which must be asked is; 'What's left of Team EnVyUs?" Rumours have been spreading wildly, but we cannot confirm anything for sure. 

French Gamer Turns Lamborghini into an XBOX Controller

Gaming controllers, as of now, aren't an expensive investment at all. A standard PS4 controller would set you back roughly 60 euros, maybe even more if you purchase a modified version from the likes of Razer, Scuf or Impact. Some controllers, such as those from ColorWare, often reach an all-high of $300 for one, due to a 24K gold coating. If not a standard controller, flight sticks may also soar to $400. But why are we discussing such prices? It's got something to do with a French gamer, a Lamborghini and an Xbox. Check out the video he posted on Youtube below: POG, the French car enthusiast in question, has a solid position across social media platforms of Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. He, quite oddly enough, felt inclined to convert his $400,000+ Lamborghini Aventador into a controller for his Xbox - that's one hell of a way to play Forza 7. It's safe to say that this is the most expensive Xbox controller ever created. However, it would be wrong to say that we've never seen anything like this before. In 2006, a Nissan Urge concept car was revealed, having an Xbox 360 in the back and an internal monitor to play the racing games of the time. Sadly, the car never met the asphalt and it's been forgotten since.  So if you thought you're looking to buy a new controller and you've got an extra sports car lying around, don't think twice to convert it into an incredible racing simulator. Hopefully you enjoy racing games, because I doubt it's that great for anything else.   Speaking of Xbox controllers, the gaming company has switched things up alongside their new console, the Xbox One X. Now, potential buyers are free to customise ordered controllers, limited to colours of the build, sticks and d-pad - yet, the price remains the same. The Xbox Designer Lab Creator Series are availabel right now.  I hope you enjoyed this interesting little post, not what we usually write about, but a Frenchman customising a Lamborghini into an Xbox controller is something we couldn't pass up. 

Vaulting and Climbing to Be Introduced to PUBG Next Week

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds are on the brink of change, as a game-changing 1.0 update on the test servers looks to switch things up a bit. Teased at E3 this year, how much of a change could this bring about? As you could expect, spacial awareness of individual players will be tested. Windows, on top of walls, cars, and other high obstacles are now angles of attack. New spots will definitely become available, new angles to be attentive of. This will increase the flexibility of the game, however, nobody expects everything to go smoothly the first time. This is why PUBG Corp encourages player to experiment and test the added features, readily informing about any bugs or issues. Below is a statement included in the company's announcement: "On the technical side, the system consists of about 40 animations adjusted for different heights and situations. We internally use the term vaulting to describe the action that involves crossing over an obstacle while climbing refers to a motion that will cause the character to remain on top of it. By default, control over vaulting and climbing is placed on the same key as jump and is context based." Alongside the bit of news, PUBG Corp also showed its concern regarding cheating in the community. It seems that the BattlEye bans, although consistent, aren't the maximum line of defence. Here's what they had to say: "For a very long time, our development team has been analyzing data from a large pool of users who show abnormal gameplay behavior to build a system that helps us positively identify cheaters. We are now able to use the system to identify and ban these users more proactively. Using this system, we have already identified and banned about 20,000 additional users in only one day."  Of course, these two updates aren't the only components of the 1.0 version. Full patch notes will be available to the public next week. Maybe there'll be other details which prove pivotal. We'll have to wait and find out. 

2018 Call of Duty World League Season Schedule

Following the informative broadcast which the CWL hosted this past Wednesday, we've managed to package all the important details of this year's competition right here. Keep reading to see how COD: WWII will be the largest title ever in the franchise, especially when it comes to the competitive scene.  November 3rd is the start of it all, the release date the world is weeping for so that we could all spend an unhealthy amount of time playing it; it's also the official launch date of the GameBattles pro point ladder. Professional players, or those looking to make a name for themselves can start from day one, hour zero. There will be a maximum points limit, so please enjoy some sleep. The ladders are the only way for new players to have access to the MLG 2K tournaments.  The first MLG 2K will take place on November 12th. Only a week and a half into the life of the game. Yet, this is belittled near the first international open event of WWII along with the rest of the others. Below is a list with most details; > CWL Dallas Open, December 8th to 10th > CWL New Orleans Open, January 12th to 14th > CWL Atlanta Open, March 9th to 11th Following these huge events, each having $200,000 and massive open brackets, are three others left to be announced. Amidst al the action, however, will be the return of last year's successful LAN league, the CWL Pro League. Below are the set dates for the incredible competition that awaits: > Stage One, January 23rd until April 8th > Stage Two, May 15th until July 29th The regular season will feature $200,000 on the line while $500,000 will be at stake during playoffs. Straight after Stage 2, will be the largest event of the year, having 32 teams, $1.5 million of prize: the 2018 CWL Championship.  Apart from that, the CWL did throw in a healthy surprise. A National Circuit will be held, to include online leagues for teams not in the CWL Pro League. This will definitely help those slowly making their way up. hopes to maybe see a few Maltese names in some rosters over the year in international competition. If not, there'll be plenty chance to prove yourself locally at the events we will be organising.  Yet again, Call of Duty keeps growing every year and we're not complaining. Bring on WWII. 

Team Kaliber Roster Change and Other Updates

Rostermania since InfinIite Warfare was history has been catastrophically exponential; we simply haven't had the chance to cover it all. Following recent changes, as the new title edges closer, here's a little update on a few changes, with TK's overhaul being the main subject.  Team Kaliber is definitely one of the most popular organisation in the Call of Duty scene; but when it comes to being the best? They haven't seen the throne in a long while now, with their last taste of victory dating since the 2013-2014 season. They've tried to reunite the squad and get something going, but Infinite Warfare was a whole new game. Just last week, the organisation announced on Twitter that "Goonjar" and "Happy" have stepped down. This is a respectable decision following a disgraceful performance at COD Champs this year, landing top 32 without even making it out of group play.  Replacing them wil be the youth of "Chino", who played for Renegades and G2 Esports rather unsuccessfully and "Kenny". "Kenny" is an exciting addition here; the youngster made his debut in 2015, but was then unaccepted due to a pushed regulation regarding age restriction. In a show of determination, he's back and he'll be making a name for himself shortly. Out with the old and in with the new; such additions may bring along some energy, however lack some pivotal experience which could show.  Other news has Echo Fox reveal its new lineup for WWII, offering plenty of uncapped potential. Namely, "Faccento", "Saints", "Assault" and "Gunless" will be teaming together. Snatched from the organisations of C9, FaZe and Luminosity; there's a healthy mix of young and seasoned, bold and strategic.  Apart from that, the CWL will be hosting a broadcast to reveal the new season coming tonight 25th October. Unfortunately, this article will probably be published afterwards.  We're ready to cover a year-long journey of COD's return to the ground. Let the games begin. 

$1.75 Million Prize Money for CS:GO, Dota, and Starcraft - ESL at Katowice

ESL is currently finishing up the proceedings for their largest flagship event of the entire year. Similar to last year, except for the considerable upgrade when it comes to prize pools. Keep on reading to find out more about how Katowice will be hosting some fantastic competitions for Dota 2, CS:GO and Starcraft.  The first event we'll discuss, corresponding to its chronological order, is ESL One Katowice, the Dota 2 Major which forms part of the official Pro Circuit hosted by Valve. Involved in the tournament will be sixteen of the very best teams, who would have fought to earn their place, tossed into the mix with huge crowds, pride on the line and $1 million worth of prize looking down upon them.  Apart from that, some handy qualification points for next year's The International will also be handed out.  Keep in mind that ESL One Katowice wil be the third event in the Dota Pro Circuit, occuring from February 24th to 25th. ESL One Hamburg and Genting Minor will happen before it.  Moving on to the next pair of events, united under the banner of the annual Intel Extreme Masters World Championships, will pick up where the action left off only a week after the ESL One Katowice. As mentioned, CS:GO and Starcraft 2 will be the main components of it all - noting the unexpected abscence of LoL.  The Counter-Strike side of things will see the familiar number of 16 battle it out for double last year's stakes, now being $500,000. Perhaps not the largest prize pool, but will kick off the European action of 2018. Starcraft 2 on the otherhand sits at a $250,000 prize pool, with other details remaining undecided. What we do know is that winners receive a direct pass to the 2018 World Championship Series finals.  The IEM 2018 will also be located in Katowice, just like last year. If you're an esports enthusiasts looking to book a 2-week holiday, look no further.

COD: WWII at the The GO Malta eSports Festival 2017

Two weeks; the wait that's left until begging enthusiasts will finally be able to get their hands on potentially, the best FPS of the year. Of course, I'm referring to the much awaiting title of COD: WWII, with its new time frame and fresh opportunities for competitive players to get back in the scene. is proud to state that we'll be hosting the first ever COD:WWII tournament in Malta at The GO Malta eSports Festival 2017! We're so excited to drive the local passion for this upcoming title straight away, only 3 weeks after the release date! Be sure to get those first day copies, if there will be any left, to get the advantage over local competition. For those who haven't heard of the game, which is definitely the minority, Call of Duty is an arcade first-person shooter which marries visceral action with intense strategy and much-required precision. COD: WWII looks to finally attend the beckoning calls of fans who've left their boots on the ground. It will be an extreme contrast to the less successful Infinite Warfare prequel in terms of reception, quality and most important of all, competitively. has an eccentric love for the franchise, with many of our staff once involved in local teams and events.  Having a tournament at such an early part of the competitive season will surely tell a few tales. Conventional spawn plotting, anchoring, movement patterns will still be sought out, weapons hanging in the balance of publisher changes and maps unlearnt. Here, we'll find out whose on top, locally - but other teams will have their chance at redemption in the many events to come later on this year.  The game will be held on PS4 and not PC. Potential competitors need to keep in mind that they'll have to bring their own equipment including the console, monitor and any peripherals of choice. Please ensure that all personal items are fully functional since we simply cannot do anything about technical issues on your part - we'll be on a tight schedule too.  So that wraps up our latest announcement; be sure to continuously refresh our news page as more updates are on the horizon.

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