5 Maltese gamers with a difference!

Yesterday we published an article regarding female Maltese gamers which we had to remove due to people getting personal against people who commented or expressed their opinion on such. Some of you requested us to publish something about gamers in-general and as promised, here it is. What you're going to see below are 5 personalities that apart from gaming, they also have interest into something totally different. Let's start!   1. Toni Taliana - Tattoo Artist  A popular tattoo artist and also a keen console gamer, Toni is passionate about gaming and also a big fan of Dragon Ball. In the above picture you can see him drawing Vegeta on his own leg.   2. Melvin Micallef - Mr. Malta 2017 Won Mr. Malta last April and he's currently preparing to represent us abroad later on this year. A freak when it comes to physique and appereance but, he's been a League Of Legends player since the very beginning, We wish Melvin the best of luck in his upcoming competition.   3. Rachel Fitz - Athlete Rachel has been gaming for the last couple of years. She is known in the local League of Legends community but she is also making a name for our country even abroad! Rachel represented our island in various competitions like the Common Wealth Games and the European Games!   4. Massimo Fabri - Body Builder Massimo has been playing games on a competitive level for nearly a decade and recently he also started to participate in body building competitions. Massimo is a perfect example that shows that being a gamer won't stop you from keeping yourself healthy and in a good shape!   5. Keith Falzon - Musician You might have seen Keith shooting some of our videos during our recent events but he's also a member of the Maltese metal band, ClubMurder. He has been gaming for more than a decade and he's considered one of the ''oldest'' gamers on the island. We will publish similar articles in the very near future. If you have something that is of interest to the local gaming community, we would like to hear your story. You can send your story to

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