The best 5 selling mice of all time!

We know that articles like these are of interest to all of you, so we're going to start publishing such articles quite frequently. Today, we're going to take a look at the current top 5 best-selling mice from The Gamers Lounge. Starting from the least best selling to the best selling mouse to date. So here we go : In 5th place we have the Ozone Neon M50 gaming mouse. Being an ergonomic mouse and also having the RGB feature for the price of €50 is for sure something worth considering when purchasing your next mouse. Link - In 4th place we have the Ozone Neon 3K. Having an ambidextrous shape with side buttons on each side, makes this mouse suitable for both left and right hand users and comes at a price of only €35.  Link - The above mouse doesn't need any introduction. In 3rd place we have the legendary Razer Deathadder Elite Chroma. Having been in the market for nearly 10 years, makes it one of the best mouses ever made which can be yours for €80. Link - In 2nd place we have the Zowie EC2-A. Mainly aimed for prefossional FPS esports players, makes this mouse a must have if you want the unfair advantage against your opponents. Priced at only €65, it's surely a must have peripheral. Link - Our number 1 is without a doubt the Zowie EC1-A. It's the bigger version of the EC2-A but it's the most preferred by all. It features a plug and play option with only 3200 DPI but comes with one of the best sensors out there for the price of only €65. Link - Let us know what you think about our rankings. We are willing to hear any suggestions and criticism that you might have. 

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