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EvH vs Haze - BO5 - The GO&FUN League of Legends Championship - Grand Final
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The GO&FUN League of Legends Championship: Winner Bracket Final - EvH vs Haze (BO3)
Raving Raptors vs Integrity - BO3 - The GO&FUN League of Legends Championship: Playoffs Stage Day 3
EvH vs Integrity - BO3 - The GO&FUN League of Legends Championship: Playoffs Stage Day 2
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Integrity vs GWA - BO3 - The GO&FUN League of Legends Championship: Playoffs Stage Day 1
GWA vs Steel Steeds - The GO&FUN League of Legends Championship: Group Stages Day 4

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Paradigm6 now Sponsored by Monster Energy

Monster Energy; to many a reliable energy drink to enhance attention and performance whenever and wherever. For Paradigm6, it’s another sponsor.  If the Maltese organisation wasn’t already a heavy threat to local competition, imagine them on an endless supply of pure energy- a scary thought for those opposing them. Monster Energy, for those who don’t know, was introduced all the way back in 2002 by Hansen Natural Company. Since then, the vicious green “m” is easily identified across all corners of the globe.  Like most other brands, Monster Energy saw the potential in esports apart form already having a strong presence among gamers. Thus, it’s successfully established six sponsorship deals with 6 international organisations. Namely, Alliance, Team Envyus, Evil Geniuses, Fnatic, Team Liquid and Vici Gaming. Sponsorships also reach out to certain content creators too. Anyway, the list of organisations is incredible; Paradigm6 is booming with excitement to share a sponsor with such notable organisations. couldn’t be more content for Paradigm6, arguably the top organisation in the local scene. Such sponsors are the gateway to growth and establishing an international reputation which is exactly what the organisation is looking for. This will definitely give them the momentum they need for the upcoming Malta Cyber Series #3. They are now the only Maltese eSports team representing 2 international brands which are TteSports and Monster Energy. If you’re interested to learn more about Monster Energy’s hand in gaming click the link:  

Mercedez-Benz Gets Involved with eSports at ESL One Hamburg

Audi, Subaru, Honda. These are a few examples of car manufacturers that have made the decisive leap to try their hand at eSports partnership or sponsorship. Perhaps one of the largest names in the automotive spectrum, Mercedez-Benz has used the ESL One Hamburg as a start into competitive gaming. Obviously, the brand will be partnering with ESL to make way for a brighter future for the two; note that Hamburg is only just the beginning for the German company.  Mercedez-Benz has been waiting for a chance like this for a while, having announced its Mercedes-AMG Motorsport eRacing competition recently, it needed such an agreement. The first third-party Dota 2 Major by Valve was a golden opportunity. The VP of Marketing Mercedez-Benz Passenger Cars expressed such excitement in the bel;ow statement: “Our wide-ranging international commitment to sport allows us to accommodate the interests of our diverse target groups. As a brand, we maintain close contact with our customers, are able to build up empathy and to become an accepted part of their world. We have been following the extremely fast-growing eSports segment for some time now and are firmly of the opinion that this new involvement will complement our existing sports sponsoring activities with an eye on the future and allow us to make contact with a very interesting, new target group.” Meanwhile, the community is brewing with anticipation for the $1,000,000 event that is ESL One Hamburg. The commitment of such a renowned brand will only help in enhancing the atmosphere of excitement.

TteSPORTS Isurus Pro Headset Review

The world’s first detachable microphone on a gaming headset came in the form of the TteSPORTS Isurus Pro Headset. Since then, other brands have probably given it a go, but have they managed to beat the original? Now sitting at €40, this in-ear headset is potentially one hell of a steal. Starting by delving into packaging, TteSPORTS shows off the product behind a plastic window which when turned around gives you all the paper specifications you’ll ever want.  Nothing too crazy. Unboxing is a simple tug on the plastic moulds, which reveal a little black box below.  Inside this is everything else which your money gets you. These include an adapter for PC use, all three sizes of interchangeable rubber tips, a couple of spare ear hooks, a small pouch and the mandatory documentation along with a quick-start manual. There is also a piece of plastic with Sony branding which I believe to be some form of rubber tip remover although it did confuse me. Regarding the quality of accessories, the fake leather pouch is as big as you’ll need it to be and the adapter is roughly 15cm long. All of the extras are welcome additions to the package. Let’s return to the star of the show by discussing the looks.  Obviously, traditional TteSPORTS red and black are sported on the product. The 1.5m tangle-free cable, ear hooks and TteSPORTS brand logo are red with everything else black. An inline controller sits at a reasonable length on the left cable. Speaking of length, the right wire is twice the length of the left, both being discreetly labelled at the back of the phone. Also at the back plate is the honeycomb design which the brand often resorts to, above their dragon symbol. Aesthetically, there is nothing which shouts “gamer” except the detachable microphone which arrives connected.  All connections, including that of the microphone, are gold plated to ensure the best listening experience possible. This is the next point to be discussed. Needless to say, the audio is in-ear and therefore provides excellent ambient noise isolation. Having a 20-20,000Hz frequency response, the 13.5 mm neodymium driver has a sound profile which is somewhat orientated for gaming.  This was due to the rather mediocre highs, average mids but a saving rich bass that provided a little kick. In-game explosions and effects are glorified by this. However, the stereo sound doesn’t do a great job when it comes to surround audio; for example, pinpointing incoming footsteps wasn’t the easiest task. The audio was tested on mobile, console and PC though the box says that it “works best with” the TteSPORTS CONTOUR Gaming Controller. Sadly, I couldn’t get my hands on it. Overall, audio is respectable for the price with a subtle emphasis on gaming. Yet, user experience isn’t summarised by just the audio quality as you’ll see soon enough. Wearing the TteSPORTS for hours on end is where the product shines emphatically, and here’s why. Beginning with fit, thanks to so many sizes, this was found in no time and should facilitate the majority of consumers. The rubber ear hooks are removable, but we’re pretty sure TteSPORTS put them there for a reason. That reason being that the hook perfectly fits on the natural curve of one’s ear, making it such a comfortable and reliable fit. It’s recommended that you always use the hooks. Forgetting about the product happened often, thanks to a 27g weight and when you did remember about the inline controller, the black and red contrast made it an easy find in the darkest hours of the night. Being forgetfully light and very safely secure, comfort is as good as it gets except for a single negative point which arises when mentioning the microphone. For this product, it’s safe to say that the microphone is the selling point. For this price, there will be other options that may match the audio and comfort or even beat it but will not include such a detachable microphone.  Specifications list a 92dB sensitivity, 100-5000Hz frequency response and omnidirectional capabilities for both microphones. Both? Yes, we didn’t mention this yet, but there is another microphone at the back of the inline controller with the exact same specs, but much further away from the mouth.  Microphone quality all-round is fantastic, with respectable noise cancellation and an outstanding clarity for the fact that it’s detachable.  It’s a push and a pull away from use, but there are a few negatives that need to be mentioned. Firstly, placing the microphone in with the headphones on is practically impossible and thanks to the tight fit, it’s annoying to have to pull them out. When it is in, the ergonomics aren’t the best. On its way to putting itself in front of your mouth, it will often rub against the cheek in an irritating manner. Sadly, the metal arm is not adjustable but if you insistently push it away enough, it submits to one’s command. Apart from that, my only gripe is that the microphone doesn’t fit horizontally into the pouch by a centimetre, forcing it to stay diagonal which may lead to it leaking out of the mesh.  Disregarding the negatives of using a solid metal arm, the quality of your voice has never been better for €40. One small note before rounding up the review. When it came to using the product for PC, the 15cm adapter could have been longer to ensure a more pleasant experience. My PC is placed below the desk and thus I couldn’t rest all the way back in my chair because fear of disconnection was strong. This wasn’t too much of a deal but it’s something to mention. Setting a Guinness World Record or just being the first at anything always comes with the risk of somebody eventually taking it to the next level while people forget the original title-holder. Though, there is much doubt in our minds that anybody could do a better job than TteSPORTS did with the Isurus Pro Headset. Without compromising anything really, the innovation has lead to a unique product which cannot compare to many others. You’ve read what we have to say, with the majority being mostly positive; it’s clear that we recommend this product for gamers everywhere. You can buy yours from The Gamers Lounge ;

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