Playcon - Delta Summit Edition

Past Event
Event Starts: October 3rd, 2019 at 10:00am
Event Ends: October 6th, 2019 at 7:00pm
Games: Fortnite, FIFA, BS, CR, Tekken7


PlayCon is Malta’s first Game Development and Esports Expo, showcasing the best all industry stakeholders have to offer, all under one roof making it possible to discuss and engage the future of video games and Esports.

Malta has a clear goal in these fields, becoming a central hub in the Mediterranean and in Europe for video game development and esports. Currently, the video game industry has become larger than the film and music industry combined.

PlayCon will provide a unique opportunity for both game enthusiasts and newcomers to experience this exciting chapter in video gaming, which will bring new opportunities for the economy, for young people as well as contribute to the development of the local community.




MFCC is Malta's largest international conference and exhibition venue and offers a blank canvas for creating any kind of event. The 7000sqm venue can host everything from large scale conferences to gala dinners, a concert for 10,000 to a motor exhibition and from a fashion show to an art installation. The venue's in-house resources, expertise and flexibility offer a complete support network that can deliver all requirements to the highest standards.

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