PUBG Miramar - All the Details

By now most PUBG enthusiasts are aware of the heavily awaited Miramar, perhaps even trying their hands in the test servers. Below we've gathered all the details and new content which players will look forward to enjoying; especially after the map's debut at The Game Awards a few nights ago.

Blazing heat, scarce vegetation, sandy planes; Miramar is your typical desert warzone somewhat reminiscent of an atmosphere like Mad Max. The environment does become a little greener as you veer closer to the water, found on one side of the map; two islands are found here. To learn more about how the map looks and potentially plays, fee free to check out the official Interactive Map here : The main focal point appears to be Los Leonas, the largest city having "a skyline filled with new construction, and a glorious, golden-hued City Center." Everything should look simply gorgeous in the two possible weather types of Clear and Sunrise.

Let's dive into some other new content. Starting with vehicles; both maps will be graced by the Aquarail, a jet ski-type vehicle for two. Note that occupants have practically no cover at all, so hopefully it's got some serious speed. Moving onto land, Miramar offers a new four seat pickup track as an option to traverse the sandy dunes. This should prove useful for the eight-by-eight kilometer magnitude of the map. If you're a party of six, however, you'll have to use the new van which may be slow, but has the highest HP in the game.

Moving on to weaponry, some of the old was in fact edited in the latest patch alongside the map itself. Derived from the patch notes here: , there was a notable change to the sniper rifles. The Kar98k and the M24 have been effectively buffed and the AWM's damage has been toned down - snipers will also enjoy an increased damage mulitplier of 10 percent for torso shots. So, what weapons have been added? First off, the R45 will be spawned in to replace the R185 in Miramar, allegedly having increased accuracy and faster reload speed than its predecessor. The Win94 also makes an appearance; a classic lever action rifle which prioritises damage over reload speed and its age removes the possibility of attachments. The final addition, for all the gangsters in the community, is the Sawed-Off, a 12 gauge shotgun which will surely rip opponents apart in close range, probably tickling them at any longer distance.

Other various changes in the UI, movement and all those other details in the notes are what should make Miramar's release even more succesful. wishes a great steaming chicken dinner for all who'll be fighting in the desert heat online, perhaps locally too. 

Posted by Gabriel Sciberras on 11th December 2017, 08:18

I'm Gabriel - 19 year-old dental student attending university working as a part-time esports journalist. I've been doing this for 3 years now. Having worked with GMR Entertainment in the past, I've come on board to write some articles this summer :).


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Google Stadia 9 Months Later - A Failure?

Last November, that of 2019, Google supposedly joined the 'console race' through their own product of Google Stadia. From day one, consumers were concerned and perplexed over how this product would deliver on its promises as a cloud gaming service under the name of Google. Personally, I never really dabbed an eye - I always thought it was Google simply trying to be ahead of the curve on an idea which is still under development. With that being said, in this discursive article, we'll be tackling the current state of Google Stadia and arguably, its failure to succeed.  The Promise  Google's take on cloud gaming offered many incentives to gamers. They boasted that streaming 4K at 60 fps would be as simple as sitting on your sofa, not to mention the added support for HDR. Provided that your internet connection was monstrous enough, a library of games could be yours at the click of a button and following a few purchase screens. Whether you're on a computer, smart TV, smartphone or even a tablet, all that's necessary is te Google Stadia application.  Adding to this level of compatibility, any 'HID class USB' controllers (most current-gen controllers and some older ones) may be used with the console alongside Google's own proprietary controller.  By also integrating with YouTube, players could supposedly follow a 'Stadia stream' and utilize the same save state. Two payment schemes have been offered. The base service is entirely free and involves purchasing games at lower streaming and audio quality. Meanwhile, a Pro service for some extra dosh, involves higher quality streaming and a few free games each month.  Buying a game involves buying the opportunity to stream it from Google's servers - no having to fuss over copies and storage - play it anywhere and anytime.  Ok, I'm done playing 'Google Salesman', let's take a closer look at the hot mess that it is now, half a year later.  The Truth  Cloud gaming is not an entirely new concept. Two of the most popular and successful implementations have been Playstation Now and GeForce Now from Nvidia. Regardless, there are certain problems involved in this futuristic concept. Input lag, internet speeds and server issues affect all - how these are dealt with depends on the developer.  According to the community, the best thing about Google Stadia is its controller. Before diving into our own interpretation, let's take a glance at the Metacritic page. Most reviews sit negatively amongst the positives, though there isn't a single 'Extremely Positive' review. Jeff Grubb with VentureBeat had the following to say:  Right now, Google Stadia is a platform for nobody. The company just doesn’t seem to understand any of the audiences it is trying to reach. ... Its library and outlook are uninspiring to the kinds of people who spend a lot of money on games. Few hardcore players are going to want to build their library on Stadia when they can do the same thing on Xbox with better games, Xbox Game Pass, and the promise of xCloud. Meanwhile, Google is right that casual players don’t want to spend $300-to-$500 on consoles. But they also don’t want to spend $60 on software. Sure, they might buy Red Dead or FIFA. But that audience is used to getting games for free on mobile devices. So Google Stadia might work, but it doesn’t actually matter. Some of the most common arguments are mentioned - the major one being the lack of games. Six months later, there are a few more, but the problem remains the exclusivity of games. Why buy a Playstation game on Stadia where you don't have your own copy when you can just buy a Playstation?  Also, many reviewers complained about the quality of the stream. Yes, while some had a blast, others complained about audio compression, poor frame rate, visuals not actually representing 4k and serious input delay. All this despite strong connections. In this case, the problem is probably in the location of servers and the individual's internet specifics.  Furthermore, many of the promised features at launch still haven't seen the light of day. Not helping is the fact that Google has been mute in supporting its consumers in this regard. Google Stadia is at the point where it's relying on game developers to allow them to stream their title - and most of the time, these are dated triple AAA titles.  Developers' Distrust A total of 28 games are available on the platform half a year later. Surprisingly, there is a lack of indie games which one would imagine would work great on the cloud console. In an interview with Business Insider, an anonymous and prominent indie game developer revealed why many companies are reluctant to work with Google:  We were approached by the Stadia team. Usually with that kind of thing, they lead with some kind of offer that would give you an incentive to go with them. But the incentive "was kind of non-existent. That's the short of it. When we're looking at these types of deals. We're looking at 'Is this enough money where we have the resources to make what we want, or is this an exclusivity deal that gives us security? I highly recommend a read through the original article here as many other interviewed remarks are present. What is Google anyways? Many would call them an 'experimental' company - everyone knows of their multiple failures in many areas of technology. With the amount of money behind the company, they can afford to experiment and simply cancel everything if it's not looking too hot.  If you were a young indie game company, would you trust Google to not give up on the Stadia a year later? Would you risk the wasted time in orienting your title for the console? No, this is the sentiment that most of these publishers shared.  So, if publishers and developers aren't convinced, why should we be?  Stronger Competition  Who's Google trying to beat out by developing Google Stadia? Arguably, both Playstation and Xbox. Microsoft launched their xCloud last October as a limited beta to be released fully with next-gen, and it's entirely free parameters made it rather successful. Besides that future competitor, Playstation Now is killing it right now.  Player counts for Stadia look dismal, Understandably, Google has been shy over showing off their numbers, though most predictions have player numbers ranging somewhere around 10,000 active players.  Oddly enough, Google Stadia is reminding me a lot of that awful OUYA console from a few years back which had the same promises. Offering an online service involving free games through an online console, it flopped so hard after the false advertising behind it. Accordingly, Google is being criticized similarly in this regard over the concept of 'false advertising' should some of the supposed features are still not here.  However, recently, more exclusives have been released as you can see for yourself through the Stadia YouTube channel: Concluding Remarks - It's Not Too Late  My worry is that Google will simply cut off everything and give up. Hopefully that doesn't happen - we need competition in the gaming industry to drive better products and prices. In my opinion, besides the obvious fixes of creating more exclusive titles and better user experience, making it free would be great.  Imagine a Netflix for gaming - where you pay monthly for unlimited access to a library of games? Sounds pretty awesome, doesn't it? If Google Stadia maybe moves in that direction, it could really take the world by storm. I firmly believe we need Google to keep Microsoft and Sony on their toes.  Google has the resources and the money - but is its heart in it?  Let us know what you thought of the discussion in the comments section below!  A YouTube video I would recommend is by WrestleGamia which I watched when researching: 

Batman:Arkham Studio Teases Suicide Squad Game?

So, as we discussed in an earlier article, the entire COVID-19 pandemic deterred game developers in their honest work of pushing out new titles. Regardless, the studio behind the Batman: Arkham series has announced an entirely new intellectual property within the same universe - supposedly, a Suicide Squad game is in the works and a trailer is due shortly. Read on for all the details! First off - why should this be considered a 'big deal' to some?  Well, for those unaware, Batman: Arkham is a critically acclaimed series of action-adventure video games. The four instalments in the series pack a combination of a well-written story, intriguing characters, puzzling gameplay and thrilling action. Who doesn't wanna be Batman for a day? Also, one thing DC Comics fans will appreciate is the fact that original writers were utilized to construct a story loyal to the comics.  That's were the new game walks in - behind the success of a respected series of games. Rocksteady Studios has claimed the property of Suicide Squad as finally made official by their Twitter post below:  Target locked - #DCFanDome - August 22. #suicidesquadgame— Rocksteady Studios (@RocksteadyGames) August 7, 2020 What should we expect?  Well, first off, there's Superman right in the cover art. Otherwise, as with respect to the unloved Suicide Squad film, one can expect fugitive characters from the DC Comics universe coming together to form an anti-terrorist/alien squad, each propelled by a form of leverage. The following are certain characters one can expect:  Harley Quinn Joker  Batman  Superman  Deadshot  Enchantress  Katana Chato Santana  Killer Croc  The potential here is simply endless. Immediately, the community is gravitating towards a potential 'Batman vs Superman' storyline which could be great - again, better than the corresponding film. Perhaps, in terms of gameplay, the ability to pick between characters mid-level could allow for some awesome strategy.  Personally, even though I'm no fan of DC Comics, especially of their lacklustre films, a game like this still peaks my interest. Overall, we can expect a full teaser on the 22nd August.  Let us know in the comments what you think of the upcoming title! 

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 - Coming Out Later This Month?

Rumours have it that Nvidia's next top-of-the-line GPU from its RTX series is due to release later on this year, probably Q4. In this article we'll be diving into all the speculation and delivering the whole scoop. What's for certain is that the RTX 3080 is on the way, it's just nobody is overly certain as to when.  All this speculation arises from the fact that the release date is bound to be shown soon. This applies not only to the RTX 3080, but also its sibling in the RTX 3080 Ti and the remainder of the RTX 3000 series.  The following is what we know:  Nvidia has announced Ampere for Data Center - this may result in a GPU influenced by Ampere or not, this remains unclear.  Nvidia and AMD are scheduled to release their next-generation graphics cards later on this year  The COVID-19 pandemic may have impacted the development of the products The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 looks to cost roughly the same as the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 at launch   As multiple technology news outlets rummage through the speculations, everyone is convinced that this new series looks to blow the previous RTX generation out of the water. Bearing this in mind, there are those who are concerned over the potential price of the graphics card. One massive selling point for this new GPU, according to rumours, is that the GPU will finally be making use of a 7nm manufacturing process.  A 7nm is arguable what has helped AMD stay afloat in the battle with Intel, as Intel has notoriously failed to go lower than 14nm. Embracing this new architectural style could help the next generation fo Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics cards be truly awe-inspiring. Correspondingly, more improved heat performance is also expected to make up for improved performance.  Yeah, you can go ahead and search up some performance stats for the RTX 2080, though I'd be sceptical. Until now, take everything with a pinch of salt. All we can do is stay vigilant as a release date is imminent.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

PS5 Games - Compatibility with DualShock 4?

So, even though we've had one or two reveal events for the PS5, there's still a lot of ground to cover. Questions are still being asked with regards to hardware, software and every aspect of the next-gen console, especially with reference to how it matches up against Microsoft's product. A new piece of information has revealed certain information about controller compatibility - here's the deal.  So, overall, PS5 games will not be functioning or controlled through DualShock 4 connection. Yes, the PS4 controller can and will connect to the PS5, but only for limited functionality.  DualShock 4 can be used to play PS4 games on the PS5  DualShock 4 cannot be used to play PS5 games on the PS5  It's implied that DualSense controller will not be usable on PS4  Xbox on the other hand, will have full compatibility for next-gen console  Why? That's the question Playstation gamers are asking? Why is it an Xbox gamer doesn't have to worry about a new controller but I have to?  Simply put, the DualSense controller is way too different compared to the DualShock controller. The expansive new set of physical technology has seemingly made it too unnecessary for developers to invest in adapting the game to the PS4 controller. Also, if developers have put time into integrating the DualSense controller as a component of the gaming experience, taking that away could deter the overall experience of playing the game.  Then, of course, there's the argument of marketing. It's pretty logical - with the immense popularity of the PS4, DualShock controllers have blessed most households. Most people wouldn't end up investing in more controllers, besides the one that would come in the console box, due to that level of accessibility.  Nonetheless, there's definitely a lot to chew here. In my opinion, it's hardly ideal, but it won't be a 'forced upgrade' should the DualSense controller be as game-changing as it looks to be. Just like DualShock 4 was a massive upgrade to DualShock 3, that's what I see happening here.  Still, I hope there's reverse compatibility with PS4. I still enjoy plugging in PS4 controllers into my PS3 to play an older game - especially during the boredom of lockdown.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below! 

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