Nathan Briffa Interviewed - Team Manager at ORDER

We're kicking off March with an exclusive interview with a Maltese-Australian who recently rose to a managerial role in ORDER. ORDER is an exceptional Australian eSports organisation, and if you'd like to learn more we'll leave the talking to Nathan Briffa himself. 

1.) It’s great to finally have the chance to interview you. Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself and your affiliation with esports? Along with that, please share your affiliation with your Maltese roots?

Thank you very much, it’s great to have the opportunity to talk with you. I have been working in esports since 2014. I began my esports career with an Australian team, Team Immunity. I started out as a content creator, and just assisted with management where the players needed it. I then transitioned into a dedicated management role and have been doing it with different organisations ever since. I am Maltese on my father’s side (David Briffa). My grandfather was born in Sliema. He left for Canada at a young age and arrived in Melbourne in 1956 where he met his to be wife, who was from Hungary. We have family living in St. Julian’s.

2.) On a personal level, how familiar are you with Maltese culture and traditions?

Being a non-native Maltese, I’m not very familiar. I’m very aware of Maltese history. Being of Maltese descent, the history was always interesting to me, especially as it is some of the most profound in the history of the world.

3.) Jumping straight into it business, how does it feel to have a managerial role in ORDER, a newly created eSports organisation which is also the World’s first Crowdfunded eSports team?

Honestly, it is hard to articulate the pride and joy I have in ORDER. It’s not just an incredible experience and opportunity for the ORDER staff and players, I see it as an exciting time for our region. The crowdfunding campaign was designed to give our fan base a legitimate opportunity to own a piece of the organisation. I think of it like a one-off payment sports club membership, except that in this case, the membership gives you a return. We’re excited about it because it is a whole new way to engage with our core fans. We have some enormous plans for the organisation that will bring an entirely new level of engagement to both esports athletes, and fans.

4.) With Australia on the opposite side of the planet, we really don’t know much about eSports and competitive gaming in the region in general. Describe it a little for us.

I would say that esports in Australia is about to enter an explosive growth period. The adoption and investment rate has been growing steadily for years, but I feel we aren’t far off it completely exploding. Australian esports competitors have spent years dealing with problems typical to every region where esports is trying to grow, and has not been properly cultivated or accepted, and as such lacks a mainstream audience. Historically, opportunities to compete internationally were extremely rare in Australia, but as different teams results got better and better, more opportunities opened up. As more opportunities opened up, more money was invested into the region. As more money was invested into the region, mainstream audience adoption grew. As mainstream audience adoption grew, even more money was invested into the region. You can probably see where I am going with this. Growing esports in Australia was a war of attrition, but now you regularly see Australian rosters having competitive results internationally, and our opportunities to compete internationally are at an all-time high.

5.) We’ve interviewed a variety of professionals involved with esports on, players, CEOs and teams, yet we haven’t had the opportunity to interview a manager. While many argue that playing the game is the most daunting activity, what’s it like to manage in esports?

Management in esports can be a demanding role. We’re working on the cutting edge of a new, rapidly growing market, and the people you are managing are building a professional career. Every time a mistake is made, it has an impact on your players careers. Obviously, the impact it has can vary a lot, but ultimately you are responsible for making sure the players have access to everything they need to practice and compete to the best of their ability. The potential stress of the role is generally magnified by your success, also. The more success you have, the more you have to do as a manager, and normally that comes with having to do your work in a constantly changing environment, in different countries. I look at it as a great problem to have, because the more I have to do, the more opportunities my players have to continue building their career.

6.) As a manager, what are your plans and prospects for the year ahead in your new position?

Now that I’m working with ORDER, I want to use this year to give the players as many opportunities as they can to compete at as many events as possible and use these opportunities to build long-term tools and plans for our success. Right now, for example, we’re currently in Sosnowiec, Poland, bootcamping for the IEM Katowice 2018 event. This is the first bootcamp our roster has had together, and where the bootcamp has given the players massive amounts of experience and tuning, it has done the same for me. I’ve learned more about what can and can’t work, what is and isn’t reasonable, and where things can be made more efficient. This bootcamp has been a great success for us, but I can confidently say the next one will be better. So that’s my goal for this year, to continue building our infrastructure and tools, and ensure that ORDER is the top competition in Australia.

7.) Our final question; what advice would you give to others aspiring to managerial roles in esports? What have you sacrificed and what values have you developed to get to this point?

If you’re going to pursue a career in esports, be prepared to work a lot. On top of that, be prepared to work for nothing. Management has a low barrier of entry compared to basically any other job in esports, so there will always be competition, and you’ve got to go the extra mile to make sure you’re doing a better job. All careers in esports come with a grind, and management is no exception. As I mentioned before, your players ability to perform at their best will be impacted by the work you do, and that can become stressful. I wouldn’t suggest getting into any esports management just for monetary purposes. There needs to be good degree of passion for what you’re doing. I get a lot of joy from knowing that I have helped my players make esports a professional career, so in my eyes the price paid is worth it.

Thanks incredibly for the interview.

We hope you enjoyed the interview, with a special thank you to Nathan Briffa who was so enthusiastic to participate in the interview and have the chance to reconnect to his roots. Our next interview will be in response to the most heated article of last month, stay tuned. 

Posted by Gabriel Sciberras on 10th March 2018, 09:06

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Chiliz Sponsoring the MESF 2018

Any esports enthusiast will let you know that nothing beats a well-organized international event involving the top teams or competitors of a given scene. What if there was a way in which the globe's gamers could contribute to ensuring that these major decisions are taken carefully and in favour of high-quality competition beneficial to the scene? This is made possible thanks to the chiliZ platform, an innovative company stacked with top names in esports, also acting as a sponsor for the upcoming MESF 2018; the largest esports event on the island.  The platform is a 'crowd management environment which lets the world's 2.2+ billion gamers and 380+ million esports fans take a meaningful active hand in guiding the major decision making events for their favourite organizations.' Considering so many opinions is quite the feat, and is achieved through a complicated yet simple structure thanks to a few teams on-board. The aim of the platform is to give power to the viewer or competitor to manage leagues, events and game titles which in the end, are there for our own use. The vision of powering a Global Player League as the first fan-controlled esports league involves tokenized team control, unique voting rights involving franchises and fans in order to make the most of the growing esports scene. is proud to note that a few Maltese names form part of the core team, especially since the chiliZ platform is already planned to be implemented on the island, following meetings with members of parliament.  The platform also consists of an advisory panel in esports and business. The esports panel involves the likes of characters such as Dr. DisRespect and Anomaly as prominent characters with esports experience. Based within three countries so far; China, South Korea and Malta, chiliZ has a bright future ahead.  With all this being said, couldn't be more content with the sponsorship agreement, as the platform will be helping us out to ensure that the MESF 2018 continues to maintain the franchise' reputation for being the largest esports event on the island. 

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Every year, we're always challenging ourselves to step things up for both the community and in terms of personal development as a company. With that being said, is hosting an international CS:GO tournament with a $15,000 prize pool for this year's GO Malta Esports Festival, fueling the well-established fact that the franchise remains the largest on the island. The tournament will only be possible thanks to the support of the main sponsor in Loot.Bet and a the support of the Malta Tourism Authority, Gaming Malta, Chiliz and Zowie. With the prize pool that is involved, one can expect some of the top teams in the world grabbing out at it - and that's exactly who've we've invited. Eight of the best upcoming CS:GO teams in the international scene will be competing throughout the tournament, the following names should sound familiar. Including the names of Red Reserve, consisting of players such as draken (ex-NiP) and disco doplan (ex-Fnatic) among others, Left Out and Team Vitality which rose from the ashes of G2 and EnVyUs with players like ScreaM, NBK, Happy and more! One shouldn't forget AGO, the Polish team ranked 24th in the world and Spirit, ranked 33rd in the world. Simply put - the stacked talent for the competition is simply another article on its own; you can check out the official list of participants here. They are all upcoming names which we expect to see more of at the top in the coming year of international CS:GO.  Of course, comparing statistics is not how the better team is decided in esports, as the far opposite in cold-cut competition serves as the standard. Kicking off as soon as 1st November, the teams will be recovering from a late night of Halloween practice in order to compete in the Group Stage to be carried out from the 1st to the 8th of November. Having already been split into two groups of four, as viewable on the event page, a Round Robin format will animate the two groups through a total of twelve best-of-one matches(three best-of-one matches for each team), by the end of which, the top two teams will progress to the final stage of the event.  By this point, the Final Stage will consist of just 4 teams. Following a month of preparation, the remaining teams will recollect on the decisive weekend of 7th-9th December in order to determine a victor from the single elimination bracket consisting of 3 best-of-three games. The prize pool will be divided as follows: $10,000 for first place, $3,000 for second and $1,000 a piece for the 3rd and 4th place. This places a huge amount of gravity on the games deep into the final stage. Note that all match-ups will proceed as according to ESL's most recent 5v5 competitive layout.  The whole event will be broadcasted internationally through twitch, covered by professional casters breaking everything down in both English ( and Russian, courtesy of UCC (  The brackets are empty while the group stages are eerily quiet; this will all change as soon as next week. Be sure to follow the progress of the event here while also paying attention to the twitch links shown. Schedule for group stage match-ups is viewable in the 'Group Stage' section. wishes luck to all the teams involved, once again thanking our main sponsor of Loot.Bet and the help of the Malta Tourism Authority, Gaming Malta, Chiliz and Zowie in organizing it all!

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