MCS #4 Recap - PUBG Duos and Squads

Following the recap we did for the Malta Cyber Series #4 CS:GO Tournament, which you can view here, we'll be moving on to the two separate PUBG tournaments which were also hosted at the event in the same manner. Following the technical difficulties which we suffered last year, at the first instance which the title was introduced, we relieved to see that it all went smoothly - and not only that but the quality of competition was outstanding as all the competitors really brought it, hungry to be the best in Malta. Unlike the previous event, this time around, the Solo Tournament was swapped with a Duo Tournament and it should be mentioned that Project Eversio did not participate - the former champions in regards to Squads. 

To those unaware, the PUBG Tournaments were merged in the following format: 2 Duo BO3 Matches and 4 Squad BO3 Matches.

Perhaps it appears complicated, let me try to break it down. A squad of four players is formed to compete in the Squads tournaments, and from these four players, 2 Duos may be formed if the team was up to it in order to compete in the Duos tournaments. Note that the prize pools for Squads and Duos were indeed separate. As portrayed above, each Match was played in First Person Shooter dwindling on a single life over a BO3 layout.  We can happily state that all rules were followed, with no cheating or difficulties - it all went smoothly. 

Let's dive into the results then, shall we? 

Starting with Duos, we had a total of eight teams participating in the tournament - which means that there was space on the map for more players but nonetheless, the empty spaces only added to the tension built up between the contestants. Due to the concise amount of contestants, the placements were constantly changing and nobody was sure of victory until the final match of the final game was played out. A curious statistic has the highest total kills attained by a Duo across the two games being that of 7, achieved by Dude23 and KILLER517. Below is a table summarizing the totals:

Duos Totals

Team Name Player A Player B Match 1 Points Match 2 Points Total Points
A Pubismannen Twitch_Elkbjern 1015 820 1835
E Kalitri01 ShoweeXx 685 840 1525
D BoByZejtuni ShocKeR 1010 395 1405
C Dude23 KILLER517 635 740 1375
H DioneAkaTorres G1bsoNNN 565 760 1325
F spaner ClintToris 360 795 1155
B Pucink Vault4 740 410 1150
G MinimlCK-MT I_Am_Grooth 310 590 900

Yes, Pubismannen and Twitch_Elkbjern are the champions of the PUBG: Duos Tournament at the Malta Cyber Series #4. Together, the dynamic duo placed first in a total of 3 out of the 6 games played, bagging a total of 14 kills overall. Leading by 300 points, they were just a cut above, while the competition between 2nd and 5th spans between only 20 points - very closely played, with everyone fighting for their respective spot. The same could be said for the Squad Tournament.

While the Duos tournament only had 2 Matches played, the Squads Tournament hosted a total of 4 BO3 series - 12 games were played in order to determine an overall winner. With this considerable amount of gameplay, a leader became prevalent as shown through the points, while the others battled profusely to establish the rest of the podium. We keep wondering how it would have turned out had the champions of Project Eversio returned for the event - would they have maintained their reputation or faltered? Anyways, the following table houses all of the points attained over all the games by the 10 teams which participated: 

Squads Totals

Team Name Match 1 Points Match 2 Points Match 3 Points Match 4 Points  Total Points
Dora The Explorer 1130 1085 1410 1115 4740
We Want a Trophy 890 770 695 775 3130
Prodigy 835 770 650 870 3125
Welcome To The South 715 750 670 935 3070
Gamers 655 935 705 735 3030
Evangelisti 815 590 655 490 2550
The Underdogs - 460 - - 460
MCS Random 390 - - - 390
FANI MT 180 - - - 180

On her latest expedition, Dora The Explorer managed to land in first place with a comfortable lead of 1600 points; as they won 7 individual games in dominant fashion. Meanwhile, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th are splitting hairs in terms of points across the 100 point range - it all came down to the final game once more. We're disappointed with the bottom three teams, who weren't dedicated enough to follow through the whole Tournament. 

Overall, it was a fantastic tournament, especially when combining both the Duos and Squads together. would like to congratulate the winners of their respective tournament while inviting any other players to join - there was plenty of space on the battlefield for more of you! Perhaps we'll follow this up with an interview, just like the CS:GO recap. 

Thanks for reading!

Posted by Gabriel Sciberras on 9th August 2018, 12:36

I'm Gabriel - 17 year-old student attending a sixth form with a little free time on his hands. I've been working with for a roughly a year now - spreading my interests in technology, gaming and writing over the platform along with interviews and hardware reviews. All constructive feedback is appreciated. Thanks for reading!


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Interview with the Maltese YouTuber Grandayy - 1 Million Subscribers!

For those who've been paying close attention to our Facebook page, we recently shared the phenomenal achievement which Dr. Grandayy arrived at; a Maltese YouTuber that hit 1,000,000 subscribers this week! Following this milestone, we decided to reach out to him for an interview, so that we may gain insight into his personal life, career and anything we can learn about the anonymous Dr. Grandayy. Keeping his name private, which is incredibly respectful, we interviewed the most successful Maltese YouTuber below.  1.) We’re sure that you’re aware of the fact that you’ve reached 1,000,000 subscribers on YouTube; congratulations! Let’s start off with this two-part question – 3 years ago, when you published your first comedic video, did you ever imagine reaching this milestone? How does it feel to be the most successful Maltese YouTuber? No, I never assumed my channel would get this big. I would just make memes for the fun of it at first but people kept watching and subscribing. It’s awesome being the most successful Maltese YouTuber, and also pretty funny that the biggest Maltese online content creator is a meme maker. (Video link: 2.) From you’re special video, dedicated to the milestone, it’s clear that you’re beloved by the global YouTube community. With this in mind, have you ever thought of being a YouTuber full time? It was amazing getting some of the biggest Youtubers in the world, including Vsauce, iDubbbz, Jacksepticeye, and Jacksfilms, to participate in my 1 million subs special. I honestly didn’t expect most of them to agree to do so, but they happily accepted, and I really appreciate it. The Youtube community is truly amazing. Regarding your question I’m already a full-time Youtuber and have been for almost a year now. 3.) Dr. Grandayy; you’ve made it clear that you’d like to keep your name confidential. What can you tell us about your personal life as a Maltese person? Also, are you an actual practicing doctor? If so, what field do you specialize in? As I already mentioned I work on memes full time as funny as it may sound. My personal life is mostly memes(lol). I finished my medical studies and got my medical degree last year, but never actually started work as a doctor, as I chose to focus fully on Youtube instead, at least for the time being. Although most people may find that a pretty stupid decision, I honestly love working on memes and if I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to make it my full-time job I’m not gonna throw it away. I’ve always loved messing around on the computer so my main hobbies are also computer-related: video games and a bit of digital music production. 4.)  There’s no way around it; your success is based on the fact that you’ve got a fantastic sense of humour. What or who would you say inspires you to create such hilarious videos? I’m not so sure myself, it’s mainly the memes that I see all over the internet. If there’s a meme that’s currently very popular I’ll be thinking of what memes of my own I can make with it. I get ideas and inspiration from other meme creators like Dolan Dark, Cyranek and Flying Kitty too. I’ve always loved memes and the stupid humour that they consist of though. I remember browsing memes for my personal enjoyment over 10 years ago, when they were much less popular among the general population. 5.) The memes which you produce aren’t the lengthiest videos, but they have an astounding amount of work behind them. If you could, please describe the process of how you create your videos. Mostly I first get an idea based on what memes are currently relevant, and then I start the editing process on my editing software (I mainly use Vegas Pro for video and FL Studio for music editing). Some meme ideas are very simple and require minimal editing time, while others, especially the musical memes, are very complex and require hours upon hours of editing. But in the end, the more complex memes are usually the most loved so it’s still worth it. 6.) Us being, it’s only natural that we turn to gaming in one of the questions. Would you consider yourself a gamer? Give us a few examples of titles which you love playing, specifying the platform. Are you interested in any esports? Gaming is one of my biggest hobbies so I’m definitely a gamer. For those that didn’t know, my Youtube journey primarily started with me making note block songs in Minecraft, on my older channel grande1899. So Minecraft still holds a special place in my heart. Also, one of the first games I spent countless hours on, and the first game I ever made a Youtube video with back in 2007, was Runescape, so that’s another game I easily get nostalgic about. But apart from that, The Witcher 3 is my all time favourite game (and in fact, it’s quite a popular inside joke for my channel too – even my avatar is Geralt of Rivia with a note block as his head). Story-driven games are my favorite types of games. I’m mainly a PC gamer as I’ve always been a PC enthusiast and I like how with a PC you can customize hardware and game settings however you like, but I have to admit that some of the best story games are Sony exclusives, so I love my PS4 too. Some other games that I really love are The Last Of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, and Detroit Become Human and all other David Cage games. And then some other franchises I love are Assassins Creed, Tomb Raider, GTA, and pretty much all Valve games (at least when they still made games). Multiplayer-wise Rocket League is probably my favorite, and I love me some Fifa too. 7.) Has the Adpocalypse on YouTube affected your three channels in any way? Yes, the adpocalypse was a pretty hard blow for almost all Youtubers. Not only did revenue go down by around half suddenly, but videos were getting randomly deemed as non-advertiser friendly, and therefore demonetized, by an AI system which was, and still is, pretty terrible at its job. And for the first five months or so there wasn’t even any way to appeal the AI’s decision so that an actual human being could review it. Now there is an appeal system in place so it’s gotten better, although it takes around 24 hours to for a human to review an appeal so it’s still not perfectly ideal, especially when most of the views a video usually gets is in the first 24 hours. 8.) We’re only halfway through 2018; what are your goals for the rest of the year in terms of content creation? Honestly I never really make any goals, except to keep making memes on a regular basis. I don’t have any subscriber number goal that I want to reach before the end of the year or anything like that for example, I’ll just keep trying to grow as much as I can. 9.) YouTube is a tough place to thrive as a content creator. What advice do you have, as the most regarded Maltese personality on the platform, for any other Maltese creators trying to find their path on the site? My main advice for Youtube has always been to only make content that you enjoy making. Especially when you’re small, your primary reason for making a video should be that you’re having fun making it, and not to make money or become Youtube famous. Unfortunately making it big on Youtube is not easy, but if you enjoy making videos, even if you barely get any views, the outcome is still a positive one. Obviously, making videos about current trends or popular topics, or finding a niche that not many people are making videos about, will definitely increase your chances of getting views, but I think in the end it’s regular content that you love making that is most likely to get people to subscribe to your channel. 10.) We’ll conclude with a serious question. What happens if Dolan Dark is appointed the Meme Force Lord General instead of you? What hope is left? Would that be the end of Dr. Grandayy? Dolan Dark being appointed as Meme Force Lord General would be disastrous for the entire meme community. A person, or duck, with a history of numerous meme theft scandals cannot be trusted to lead the Meme Force. No one can accurately speculate the full extent of damage the meme world will suffer if he wins the election. So we need to make totally sure that that does not happen. Personally, this has been my favourite interview yet, perhaps it's because I'm a heavy admirer of memes. Some incredibly interesting replies out of Dr. Grandayy, especially the fact that he's graduated as a doctor but chooses to make memes for a living - that is some serious passion and dedication which shines through every video. We,, would like to thank the full-time memelord for the interview; wishing him the best for the future of his channel, personal life and his position as the Meme Force Lord General.That last questions was, of course, different in tonality - if you, the reader isn't understanding the reference, I strongly recommend you check out Grandayy's YouTube and Twitter as linked below.  Primary YouTube Channel: Secondary YouTube Channel: Third YouTube Channel: Twitter: (over 200,000 followers) Merch Store:

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