Blitzkrieg Masters Amsterdam 2018 - Interview with Team Tilted

One of the many European teams onboard for the Blitzkrieg Masters in Amsterdam is Team Tilted, a newer team ready to prove itself. Though honestly, it doesn't matter how 'new' a team is; one month is a long time to prepare for an event, especially after the practice exercised at qualifiers. Consisting of the following roster:  aerox, fanCy, dakkaz, jackis and RAIVZ are excited to prove themselves for the event. We reached out to the team and Boudewijn "aerox" Verleg happily let us in on a few replies in the upcoming interview. 

1.) How are you preparing yourselves for the upcoming event, the first ever Battalion 1944 Major?

We are a relatively new team, but have individually all been involved in the top end of different gaming scenes for several years now. That meant that we quickly identified our weak spots after just a few weeks of playing together. We’ve decided collectively to spend a few of the remaining weeks solely hammering out those weak spots with minimal work on areas of our game that we feel confident in. 

After those weeks of fixing our issues, we hope to successfully integrate our improvements into our overall game-plan and focus all our efforts in the remaining weeks on molding everything we’ve learned into a cohesive whole and working on our game in general, as opposed to meticulous specifics. 

2.) For how long has your team been waiting for an opportunity to play Battalion 1944 at this level?

I don’t think we’ve necessarily ‘waited’ to play at this level. It’s a natural culmination of everything the players have been doing all along. Pretty much every player in our team has played at the top end of the scene from the get-go, so for us if we’re being very levelheaded, this is simply a LAN with all the top tier teams. No different than what you’d expect from any other top LAN. Obviously it carries extra prestige and an extra large incentive due to the sizeable cash prize, but at the end of the day we can just see it as a LAN. A LAN we want to perform at, mind you, but a LAN nonetheless. 

3.) What are your goals heading into the event? What placing are you aiming at?

There should only be one goal when heading into an event like this and that’s to win the whole thing. Anything less and you might as well not go. Having said that, as long as I’m pleased with our performances at the end of the LAN, it’s not that important where we finish up. We will give it our all and see where the chips will fall. 

4.) What was your experience in the online qualifiers? Where there any negatives and positives you’d like to point out? 

Overall, our experiences were okay. Due to the volatile nature of the game, with multiple players switching team and whatnot, it was very hard to make accurate seedings. I think that may have hindered a few teams down the line, but I do not envy the position of The Plays whatsoever; it’s a hard job to do. 

Of course, the downside to online qualifiers, especially in a game as new as this with no demo system, was that there were ample opportunities for people to cheat their way into the qualifier. I’m not sure if anyone did, but the whole episode with nieSow certainly showed how flawed the concept of an online qualifier is. I understand why they did it, but I’d be remiss not to make mention of it. 

5.) From the online qualifiers, what is your team’s judgement on the level of competition at this time in the title’s lifespan? How much room for improvement is there? 

The competition, seemingly, is pretty high already. The game has been out for roughly 6 months and already there’s a very clear divide between skilled teams and lesser teams. I think the game will continue to evolve and so will the skill of the players. The early players of a game such as CoD 4, when contrasted with the players at the end of that game’s lifespan, look like they’re less skilled and I think that trend will be visible in Battalion as well. So I would say that I think there’s a lot of room for improvement because players always improve. People will find new ways to play the game, to use specific tricks and improve their aim. The game won’t stop evolving. 

6.) If not yourselves, what teams form the top competition for the first place spot?

I would expect to see CRG, Demise, Avenue, Entropy and EndPoint all be contenders for the title. All these teams have individual quirks that separate them from the pack and I think we will see those little things be the breakthrough in many of the games that will follow. Having said that, I have almost no information on the North American teams, so of course, they can come out swinging and surprise a lot of teams. 

7.) Do you plan to keep competing in Battalion 1944 after the Major is finalized?

As long as there’s something worth competing for, I will definitely keep playing. The problem is that this goes for many teams, so if there’s nothing to play for, we might see an exodus of teams and that would be catastrophic for the game. I just hope that Bulkhead has a clear vision for how they’re going to attract casuals, as that will be the lifeblood the game needs to keep going. Impressive LANs like this are nice to have, and as long as they keep coming people will keep playing, but I don’t know how sustainable it will be. 

8.) How do you view the updates which have recently hit the title? Have they all been general improvements?

Most of the updates have been very positive and have definitely added to the Battalion experience. The one thing that bothers me, however, is that Bulkhead seemingly subscribes to the Riot Games method of nerfing. Once they notice that a weapon is too strong, they nerf it into the ground and slowly build it up from there. Coupled with the economy system, long range weapons have been punished heavily and as a result, the meta dictates only a handful of weapons for both sides that can be seen as viable. Hopefully, these issues get addressed in the coming weeks. 

9.) What would you change, if you could, in Battalion 1944 mechanics, maps and weapons? 

I would overhaul the economy system, to where a coin will be given to a player for a kill and another coin will drop on the floor that you can pick up as is currently the norm. Maybe adjust the cost of weapons by 1.5 and maybe increase the kill rewards. If we take CS as a blueprint, if you’re stacked on money, you can buy a ridiculous arsenal for at least three, maybe even four rounds straight. In Battalion it’s not unfeasible to win six rounds in a row, lose one and then have to eco. 

I would also change some of the nerfs to the sniper rifle. There were two major issues plaguing the weapon I feel. One of them was that the weapon was too accurate in mid-air when not fully zoomed in, and the other factor was that the gun zoomed in a bit too quick, which meant that when you would do a running jump, you would be fully zoomed in before you hit the apex of your jump. This made it too easy to fly around the map with the sniper and make it almost impossible to be countered, especially if you have good aim. Just the accuracy and the zoom in time alone would be perfect nerfs I feel. 

The last thing I would change is having a look at the tagging system. When you invest so many coins into weaponry like a Kar or a sniper, you want to do damage, but I feel that tagging is happening too often. If you hit the arms or lower legs, sure, have it count as a tag. But just because the model is holding its arms in front of its body when aiming down the sights, doesn’t mean the rifler should be punished for hitting what would otherwise be a clean bodyshot. 

10.) Any advice for those Battalion 1944 rosters which are struggling to reach the level of competition needed for the event? 

Keep practising and either choose to fix your flaws or perfect your strong points. You can choose to play your opponents game, or your own and both have its perks. Just don’t try to hamfist a strategy that’s not working for you because you’ve seen other people succeed with it. Play to your own strengths or your opponents’ weaknesses and go from there. 

It seems that many teams are neck-deep into preparations; everyone's 'hammering' their slate clean to maximise their chances for the event. Will Team Tilted manage to stomp out the other top EU competition? We'll find out at the event! Thanks again to aerox for the quick interview, specifically. 

Posted by Gabriel Sciberras on 10th September 2018, 20:51

I'm Gabriel - 17 year-old student attending a sixth form with a little free time on his hands. I've been working with for a roughly a year now - spreading my interests in technology, gaming and writing over the platform along with interviews and hardware reviews. All constructive feedback is appreciated. Thanks for reading!


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As hinted at in the earlier article briefing the National Tekken Cup, where we compiled all the information, we've gained a closer insight into the event through the expectations and thoughts of the organizers for the event and the general Tekken 7 scene here in Malta. The organizers are all entities within the Visionary Iron Team, formed a year ago around December 2017; having organized two events already, their main aim is to nurture the local community into growth. Their distant and general aim is also to host the first Tekken World Tour Tournament in Malta in some form, and this may seem likely in the near future. Here are the team members with their thoughts.  Dylan Caruana  I have always loved Tekken, ever since I was a kid. During the PlayStation 1 era, Tekken 3 was the first game that I played. As I grew older, I started playing Tekken competitively and started competing head to head with other national professional players. Around 1 year ago, the local Tekken industry was going down the drain due to the fact that no more local Tournaments were organized to keep the hype going and as such the community was slowly fading. Christian and Kimberly came up to me and proposed that we revive the Maltese Tekken community tournaments. Proud to say that thanks to Visionary Iron Team, we succeeded to the point that the upcoming November tournament, for the very first time in Malta, will include the opportunity to also go head to head with international professional players and not just national! Christian Cauchi I first started playing Tekken when I was just 7 years old and it was through the Tekken 2 Arcade Version - found in many arcade outlets at the time. After that, I continued to Tekken 3 through the arcade and the PlayStation 1. In Tekken 4 one of my friends found out that there was a tournament held for Tekken and we attended and got beaten up. That’s were Tekken became a competitive game not just a game. I took a stop from Tekken due to other commitments around 8 years ago during Tekken 6 and made a return last year with Tekken 7. When I returned to the community I noticed that things have slowed down, the community started fading and missed having the tournaments that we used to have back when I was younger. Dylan Caruana organized a tournament on his own at Matrix Luqa. The tournament was a success for a 1-man organized event but it was nothing like the tournaments we used to have back in the day. That’s when I decided to talk with my wife who is a great organizer and to Dylan because I saw the love for Tekken within.  From there, we started working as a team to bring the best between a mix of the old age from my experience and some of the new age from Dylan’s and my wife’s expertise. Kimberly Cauchi When I was younger, I played Tekken 3 on PlayStation 1. I never knew how much I loved the game and how much I enjoyed it until I started organizing the tournaments myself. After seeing and meeting the community of this game in Malta, I realized that Tekken and the community itself have the potential to grow in various ways. The drawback was that we had a lack of enthusiasm. Since the hype was diminished in Malta and I was asked to hand the task of organizing a tournament, I must say I was a bit shocked. As much as I used to love playing Tekken at a younger age, I had never been an organizer before. I wanted the community to grow stronger and to be the best community on the island. With no experience whatsoever, I challenged myself. I pictured a tournament where players not only compete but also have fun, eat, drink and mostly enjoy each other’s company whilst getting to know one another. After the success of the first tournament, we had to keep pushing forward. After all the hard work, I thought that it is of utmost importance to have a team name and that is when I came up with the name 'Visionary Iron Team'. Being a team with a lot of visions especially for the game we all love, it sounded perfect. Today I am a proud organizer of the greatest community with an awesome team. We aim high, we work hard and we strive to be successful! Matteo Privitelli  I have been a fan of TEKKEN since the third game of the series came out. Unfortunately, the only console I owned was a PlayStation (the first one), which meant that I could only enjoy the next instalments by watching online videos and by playing, only on occasion, casual games with friends and family. Nevertheless, despite the limited opportunities available to me to actually play the TEKKEN games, I never lost interest in the franchise and I kept on reading about its lore, as well as informing myself on the characters and the game mechanics. When I heard that TEKKEN 7 was to come out on Microsoft Windows, I immediately made it a priority to, not only take this new instalment very seriously, but also to become more involved in the Maltese TEKKEN community. It was because of this that I became more dedicated and devoted to the franchise than I was ever before. The local community most certainly played a crucial role in this new-found passion. Seeing the maturity and the determination of this ever-growing Maltese TEKKEN scene, I subconsciously started making myself more heard and the dormant desire to contribute to this new TEKKEN family finally awakened. The opportunity arose when, around May 2018, a new tournament was announced for November. This was to be the largest tournament that the Maltese TEKKEN scene was to experience. At first, I was interested in becoming a participant, however, it was not long before a call for shout casters and commentators for the tournament was put forward. This was exactly what I had been hoping for. Before TEKKEN, I was the main shout caster and commentator for the Maltese League of Legends scene. Now, I could become one of the main casters for my all-time favourite fighting game – TEKKEN 7. Thankfully, I was accepted and started forming part of this new team, Visionary Iron Team (VIT), whose members I now consider to be my second family. My only wish is that VIT keeps on aiming high so that, one day, our country becomes recognised internationally as a destination in which major TEKKEN tournaments can be hosted. If VIT works hard and keeps on organising top-quality tournaments, our country’s attractiveness when it comes to the TEKKEN scene will reach new highs. This will, in turn, open up new opportunities for Maltese players to improve their game and, perhaps, become more encouraged to take their TEKKEN skills to the next level and compete in major tournaments and events. Having said this, with the other team members’ vision and dedication, these ambitions will transcend the boundaries of fiction and become a reality.  Christian Camilleri I first came in contact with the local Tekken scene at Junior College. Someone had placed a PS3 and some chairs in the left corner of the entrance hall, with Tekken 5 DR and another game which I don't remember. At first, there were random people every day but slowly 6 or 7 people started being very consistent, including me and a friend. Tekken at that time was mostly mashing and holding back for me, so I was not really any good, but then a small tournament was announced, which was when I took it so seriously I got a copy of Tekken 5 for PS2 just to train for it. I was knocked out in round 1 but I still treasure it as an experience but dropped Tekken as I thought it wasn't for me. Around 5 years later I was browsing Youtube when a video among the suggestions caught my eye. It was the EVO 2010 grand finals between RIP and Nin. I watched it and was amazed at how good they were. I started watching more and more Tekken videos and slowly became a hardcore fan of the game. I went out, got myself a PS3 and Tekken Tag 2 and that was my official entry into the series.  As for joining Visionary Iron Team, I was approached by Christian for commentary for the upcoming tournament in November. I was so ecstatic I immediately accepted, as this something I have always wanted to do. As a big fan of all the TWT Casters out there, I will be trying my best to do as well as them! Some fantastic words of encouragement from the Iron Visionary Team. wishes them the best of luck, and we're proud to be sponsoring the upcoming event!

World Pro Racing GT Tournament - GO Malta Esports Festival 2018

One of the recent trends we've acknowledged in the local community is the recent excitement regarding the SIMRacing scene, thanks to the care of companies such as World Pro Racing. Therefore, it only made sense to include the esport in our upcoming event; the Malta Esports Festival 2018, in order to continue kickstarting the scene! All the action will take place from the 7th through to the 9th of December at MFCC. The following is a message from the co-organizers, World Pro Racing regarding the details of the event. Having organized plenty of international online events, they have the experience and passion which has brought the local SIMRacing scene so very far.   This is our first event which is not a Time Attack challenge. This time we will be holding a GT tournament for the first time in Malta. The platform we will be using is rFactor2. This tournament will consist of a qualifiers phase where all participants will have a limited time to do their best time on track, then moving into eliminations and depending upon the number of participants we will split the drivers in groups of 5 where they will be racing each other and a number of drivers will be eliminated and the winners will move to the next phase. On Sunday the finals will be held in a different track and will battle each other for the top 3 positions. The event will be broadcasted live on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch and also commentated throughout the 3 days of racing. The overall winner will win a Thrustmaster TS-XW steering wheel and pedals, thanks to Thrustmaster and also a Trophy. The fees of the Malta Esports Festival are €5 euro for 1 day and €10 for the whole weekend. Payment can be made at the door and you will be entitled to take part in our tournament. We are also open for people who want to get experience with us in running this event, such as broadcasting and other technical stuff. If you’re interested please send an email to We'd like to thank Justin Mifsud once again for his contributions, as he's always assisted us in understanding the once-alien SIMRacing scene. Anyway, the tournament will be one of the highlights of the event, especially due to the fact that such young talent is being introduced into the scene, ready to compete professionally at the upcoming event. Of course, as Mr Mifsud pointed out, anyone else interested in participating with the organizing can send him a direct email.  The World Pro Racing GT Tournament will be the first-ever inclusion of a competitive SIMRacing competition locally! Check out their coverage of the event here.

National Tekken Cup - 72 Player Tournament by Visionary Iron Team

We are proud to announce that GMR Entertainment will be helping out Visionary Iron Team in the National Tekken Cup. This is the third tournament of its kind, following two previous iterations which have had continuous success yearly. To continue on a yearly basis, the tournament aims at crowning a new Maltese Tekken champion each year - here's everything you need to know.  Although we've referred to the tournament as Maltese, there are also plenty of foreign participants  - with the total number being 20 out of 72 competitors. With that being said, tickets were sold out within the first month of sales, fueling the fact that this will be the largest Tekken tournament to ever be held in Malta, while also being the first tournament to involve foreigners flying over to compete.  The number of competitors will be split into 8 groups of 9 competitors each, who will battle it out through a round-robin format within the group in order to move onto the final stages. These will come in the form of the familiar winners-losers bracket format, in order to determine a rightful champion. The winner will be declared the champion of the tournament for the remaining year, engraving his name onto the trophy; keeping the title until next year where he/she may be challenged. Whoever manages to win this cup a total of three times will become the permanent holder and gets to keep the cup apart from the prestige.  Of course, prizes are still to be awarded each cup. First place will be awarded the aforementioned National Cup, a statue of around 60cm in length which amounts to roughly €500. Second and third place both earn 30cm figurines to commemorate their achievements, while 4th to 8th place will earn smaller trophies.  The tournament is set to take place at JCMCB, Bar and Grill in Marsa on the 17th of November with the help of the respective sponsors of AOC, JG Gypsum, Marindex and The Gamers Lounge. All information regarding the tournament can be found by pressing on the following link below - We'll be showing off the organizers' thoughts in a separate article later on next week in the mean time it's time for Tekken to take-off in Malta. 

The GO Malta Esports Festival - 100 Free Tickets for BYOC Area

The fan-favourite event, the largest franchise on the island of the Malta Esports Festival is always fully-booked due to the massive appeal of engaging at the highest level of LAN competition available on the island. This year, we’ve decided to give back to the community which has allowed to grow up to this point, by giving 100 Free Tickets for the BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer). The core message of the event is gratitude from our part, especially when considering the rest of the details involved. Thanks to The Gamers Lounge which will be hosting this year's BYOC area we're ready to bring a total of 5 tournaments in the BYOC Area for some local environment of the MESF. The first two tournaments will involve the two titles of CS:GO and League of Legends; two of the largest esport titles in the world which are beloved in the local area. With an especial excitement for CS:GO, we cannot wait for the local rivalries to continue as Project Eversio try to uphold their former position as the top team. Apart from those two, will also host Fortnite, Hearthstone and Rocket League as smaller local esports titles, nonetheless still beloved. For all the titles, we will be offering medals and trophies and also vouchers from The Gamers Lounge for all of the podium winners competing within our free BYOC area, in which we are offering 100 spots. This is a first for Malta; an environment for LAN competition across five separate title for absolutely free in the context of 100 free spots. Free tickets are now available at The Gamers Lounge right now. We’re encouraging gamers to grab their tickets as from Monday from the The Gamers Lounge, Msida's Outlet to participate in in a competitive environment without compromising too much friendliness as the act of socializing with other gamers is just as productive and contributory. Competing alongside other gamers in a physical area is not comparable to online interactions. We’re excited to welcome all the new faces together with our favorite veterans!

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