MRO: Battalion 1944 Interview - EvH

Captaining the Battalion 1944 for EvH is none other than Mike "z4mbu" Saliba, an experienced veteran who has floated around many titles successfully throughout the years in the local scenes. Naturally, we decided to interview him to gain his insights regarding how the event is developing for him and his squad.  1.) Which was the best team you competed against during the group stage? Why? Even though Doubtful were a pain in the behind, I'll have to go with Project Eversio. The way their team executed their strategies, felt that they were perfectly in sync from their executions and plays - a deadly synergy.  2.) With that being said, which player/s specifically were simply a pain to play against? At this stage, it is difficult to tell since we only confronted our opponents once in this tournament for 2 maps. However having said that, I'll have to choose R1k, PK and Ascolese from Project Eversio at this stage of the tournament. GibsoNNN from dOUBTFUL also seemed to be on shape on their home map. 3.) How far do you expect your team to travel in this competition? What placement are you aiming for? As a team, we always aim to reach the final stages and ultimately win. Considering that the other teams are in shape and well prepared, we know that it's going to be tough. As always, we are definitely going to strive for the best results possible. 4.) Who do you think, if not your own team, is the best team playing at this event, the team to avoid in the bracket? Since the other group was pretty balanced and the teams were on the same level, I cannot determine which teams to particularly avoid. In light of both Project Eversio and Anarchy placing first in their groups, I'll say that they are the ones to look out for. 5.) Describe the level of competition you’ve been encountering across the tournament. Did you expect such a level? The level encountered was relatively good and it met our expectations. Considering that the game was recently released, those who invested their time properly were evidently on top of their game. 6.) How has the experience been like to compete in the MRO: Battalion 1944 Open? Although the structure of this LAN is different to the others we usually compete in, overall it has been a positive experience. The fact that the times were flexible, played an important role in attracting teams to participate. 7.) The final question – do you have any suggestions you’d like to pass on the team at for our future Battalion 1944 events to better the experience? choosing Battalion 1944 as their title in the MRO, is already a good sign that they are giving importance to this game. Considering that there are already 8 teams willing to compete, I'm sure that they are aware that this is a considerable amount of teams locally nowadays. The only thing I can suggest is that they find the best ways to maintain a healthy community and keep the activity going by announcing future events for this title. Some great thoughts out of the EvH captain. Again, we see another team admit to Project Eversio's current prowess at the title, though we'll have to see how they stand as we proceed further into the bracket. Things are really spicing up as we progress towards the main LAN event.  Regarding future interviews, we'd like to inform everyone that not every team will have their captain's answers shared publically. The reasons for this are simple: some answers were extremely dissatisfying with a range of a couple of words and are simply not fit for content. Here at, we try to hold a certain standard with our news department, including myself personally, and kindly refuse to publish poor answers. We hope you understand. Of course, this is the minority.  Tune in for more interviews later on this week, even though teams may have already left the tournament by then. 

Esports Events to Watch This Weekend - 13-15th April

Just like last week, we'll be bringing you some recommendations regarding esports events to watch for the weekend. Needless to say, the best way to enjoy these events is through Time to Eat, the only place to call when you're looking for a quick meal. Without further ado, let's dig right into Sadly, however, this week is rather scarce regarding esports events.  London Games Festival 2018 Not pertaining to any certain esports, the London Games Festival has been celebrating gaming in general in all aspects of it; by displaying new technologies, titles and community projects. Having started on the 5th of April, the whole event will be drawing to a conclusion this Sunday on the 15th April. A recommended event if you're interested in modern developments regarding gaming in general.  Dreamhack Masters Marseille Although not this weekend, but early next week, CS:GO enthusiasts have an incredible event to look forward to. Starting out on the 18th April, it will keep on going until the 22nd of April, which is next Friday. 16 of the best CS:GO teams in the world will go head to head for the majority of a $250,000 prize pool. To take place in the heart of France, the international event will be broadcasted to all online. Unlike other CS:GO events, Dreamhack tends to have slightly different rule sets and it's quite refreshing to watch.  Gfinity Elite Series Season 3 - Street Fighter V For those enthusiastic about fighting games, there's something to look forward to. For the third season in a row, the Elite Series will bring top-tier SFV action only, with other fighter titles not involved. Title holders of Team Envy will be looking to hold their title against other organisations such as UNILAD, Fnatic and Hashtag looking to win. Competitive Street Fighter V is extremely fast-paced and over quickly, great for a quick meal.  If you'd like to learn more about Time to Eat, you can visit their page here: here. You may also download their app from the appstore to learn more and order straight from there. 

MRO: Battalion 1944 Interview - Ephica

Moving on with our interviews for the MRO: Battalion 1944 Open, we've got Ephica's team captain Kurt "Prime"  Aquilina and his replies to the same set of questions we asked Marco "PK" Bugeja here. Let's see what Ephica's mindest looks like in the competition as of this moment.  1.) Which was the best team you competed against during the group stage? Why? Team Anarchy; because of their slow playstyle, which makes it quite difficult to assume timings since they don't move until the last few seconds. This passive playstyle is definitely not the easiest to adapt to mid-game.  2.) With that being said, which player/s specifically were simply a pain to play against? Alongside the slow playstyle which I mentioned earlier, the fact that Najju from Team Anarchy was deadly Kar98k didn't make it any easier for us.  3.) How far do you expect your team to travel in this competition? What placement are you aiming for Our bottom-line expectation is to place within the top 4 though we are currently giving it our all to try to maximise our potential by reaching the Final and winning the whole thing. This isn't going to be easy though.  4.) Who do you think, if not your own team, is the best team playing at this event, the team to avoid in the bracket? Considering their impressive streak, I would say that Project Eversio is going all the way and for that reason they're the team we wish to avoid for as long as possible. Should we defeat EvH next Saturday, we will have to face Project Eversio next week in the semi-final winner bracket since they won against Delixx. It will be one incredible match-up. 5.) Describe the level of competition you’ve been encountering across the tournament. Did you expect such a level? We had quite a pretty balanced group - to tell you the truth we expected to place 1st in the Group but the teams stepped up to the challenge and gave us a run for our money. It seems that we didn't adapt quickly enough to their playstyle since they local teams compete quite differently compared to the foreign teams we often scrim against. 6.) How has the experience been like to compete in the MRO: Battalion 1944 Open? It was quite a pleasant experience since it was the first opportunity of the year to compete against local teams in this brand new title. As mentioned before, we scrimmed many foreign teams but the level of gameplay and playstyle is quite different. Hopefully enough we will continue to adapt to their playstyle in order to give it all our best to reach the Grand Final. 7.) The final question – do you have any suggestions you’d like to pass on the team at for our future Battalion 1944 events to better the experience It's quite a tricky question since as Ephica's Captain and as the Community and Events Director with I always try my best to give a pleasant experience to all teams. I asked my teammates for backup regarding this one and their answers were similar to mine in that it was quite a pleasant one. Hopefully enough the game will pick up the pace internationally so we can continue hosting Battalion 1944 tournaments. It looks like Ephica wasn't expecting such tight competition during these weeks of Battalion 1944. However, they managed to bounce back, though they've got quite a tough match-up against the likes of EvH who finished third in their group with almost exact points as Doubtful. It's a match-up to look forward to on the live broadcast.

MRO: Battalion 1944 Interview - Project Eversio

Our first interview, out of a potential 8 from the MRO: Battalion 1944 Open, is that with Project Eversio. Having a strong performance out of the Group Stage, finishing 1st in their respective group and tallying the most score overall, the confidence and morale are on a high. Let's see what Team Captain Marco "PK" Bugeja answered our questions. 1.) Which was the best team you competed against during the group stage? Why? Although dOUBTFUL managed to take a draw on the map we played with them; both EvH and dOUBFTUL felt on the same level. Looking back at the numbers, since they got a higher overall score I would go with doubtful as the best team that we've matched up against.  2.) With that being said, which player/s specifically were simply a pain to play against? Zambu from EVH felt lethal at close range while kd4 from doubtful is a good rifler, especially with the kar98. Both players originate from two of our toughest competitors, and we look forward to matching up in the bracket stage.  3.) How far do you expect your team to travel in this competition? What placement are you aiming for? Project Eversio's eternal aim as an esports organization is to be the best on the island - and as the captain of the Battalion 1944 team, my aim couldn't be more similar. I've been a part of Project Eversio for over 10 years now and we've never been satisfied with any placing below first, and that's where we're headed.  4.) Who do you think, if not your own team, is the best team playing at this event, the team to avoid in the bracket?  I'm confident enough to assure myself that we are on top, not by far though. Overall, we're ready to confront and beat any team that falls in our path.  5.) Describe the level of competition you’ve been encountering across the tournament. Did you expect such a level? As I said in the 1st question, both EvH and dOUBFTUL fell on the same level of competition and the two put us in our paces on certain maps, especially dOUBTFUL on their home map. On the other hand, Anoxia felt more like a casual team who are competing for fun. All in all, there is a good competition between 6 teams.  6.) How has the experience been like to compete in the MRO: Battalion 1944 Open? Nothing to complain from our end. Organised enough to be on par with small foreign organizers or better. A plus for this event was flexible times, at least for the Group Stage. 7.) The final question – do you have any suggestions you’d like to pass on the team at for our future Battalion 1944 events to better the experience? Not really. My only hope is that battalion remains healthy both locally and foreign which sadly looks a bit shaky as of right now. Some great replies out of PK there. These interviews serve as an intermediate to help us understand the competition and the community of professional competitors in Malta, specifically for this event. Look out for interviews with all the other teams, should everything go to plan. Of course, these interviews are in no deliberate order, only published in accordance with how quickly the captains replied.  Stay geared for more interviews!

The ESPORTSBETTING.COM Launch Invitational presented by

It's one of those many times every year when we've got to snap out of the holiday season and get back to work, some of the worst parts of the year. However, we've got some epic news which will surely cheer you up in this time of recovery. would like to announce the launch invitational! We've got an incredible amount of information to share, so don't go anywhere.  Let's start with the basics - what's to occur? For the staggering $10,000 prize pool that's been set up, we've decided to ramp things up a bit, and by a bit I mean a lot. We've decided to branch out internationally and thus, we'll be having 8 of the best CS:GO teams in the world competing as of 17th April. Such world-class competition is only fit for such a prize pool and we cannot wait for the high-quality gameplay that they will bring to the table. Below is a list of the teams with their respective rosters:  Team LDLC: Maniac, tou1nou, ALEX, DEVIL, LOGAN Quantum Bellator Fire: balblna, jmqa, Kvik, waterfaLLZ, Boombl4 Avangar:  Ramzik, buster, KrizzeN, qikert, dimasick Team Spirit: DavCost, Dima, S0tF1k, COLDYY1, somediey Fragsters: Bubski, refrezh, dragonfly, torben, stavn Alternate aTTaX: syrsoN, HUNDEN, stFN, ecfN, k1to Extatus:  queztone, ZEDKO, DEV7L, frozen, MonttY Fnatic Academy:  Meddo, ec1s, MaTaFe, CaNNie, AlekS These invited teams will all be going head-to-head across a total of 2 weeks and a little more up to 6th May, with all the content available online through live broadcasting and coverage. Speaking of which, we partnered with 2 professional studios to ensure the highest quality broadcast possible. More specific information such as groups and bracket stages will be revealed at a later stage.  Why is this Invitational occurring? As you may assume, the Invitational is taking place in celebration of the new bookmaker in the esports gambling industry of They've decided to kick it off their journey with a bang through this event, which we are excited to present to you. If you're curious to learn more about the new bookmaker, we recommend you visit their website here: Of course, like any other event, sponsors are supporting the proceedings as much as they can. The featured sponsors for this event are , Aliquantum Gaming, The Gamers Lounge and Gaming Malta. Tournament link

Group Stage Concluded for the MRO Battalion 1944: Open

After these past two weeks of online competition between Malta's best Battalion 1944 roster, it seems that we're ready to dive right into the brackets. Before we do that, however, let's take a step back and look at how the tournament is going so far. Plenty of surprises and fantastic games have already played out, and we haven't even reached the LAN portion yet! Below is how Groups A and B concluded with the last games finishing on 5th April.  Both of these sets of results were taken from our event page here:, a page we recommend you check out to stay up to date on the proceedings. Straight off the bat, we've got to take a look at Group B - nobody expected Anarchy to come out on top, but just like I said in our preface article, we cannot really predict anything for a brand new game. Anarchy managed to beat out Ephica by one win; an Ephica who seem on form and eager for the podium. Meanwhile, we can observe an underperforming Paradigm6 who held on to their single victory to tie for last with Delixx, both teams will need to step it up for the next stage. It seems that Ephica is dominating the rivalry between Paradigm6 and themselves, though there is still much Battalion 1944 to be played.  If you thought Anarchy were playing well, think again. In group A, the boys in light blue of Project Eversio have soared to the top with a flawless performance stained with a single draw. Project Eversio collected the most points out of both groups. Group A also had some very strong contention mid-group, with EvH and dOUBTFUL Gaming at each other's throats - dOUBTFUL edging out thanks to their draw. These two teams also scored highly, with 10 and 9 points respectively; this is due to the underperformance from Anoxia. This is quite the understatement. With no wins or draws, Anoxia have had no presence at all in this event so far, giving away series to be the lowest scoring team. If there's anytime to start winning, it's now. So what happens next? With the placements from the groups ready, seeds have been drawn into a double elimination bracket. The first round of matches will go accordingly: Eversio vs Delixx Ephica vs EvH Anarchy vs Anoxia dOUBTFUL vs Paradigm6 These teams have been battling it out in the group stage as to have the easiest first round possible, as exemplified by Anarchy's matchup against Anoxia. It's those 2nd vs 3rd matches which will really get the fire going in this tournament. Will Ephica beat out EvH? Does Paradigm6 have what it takes to win against dOUBTFUL?  Rocking a best of 3 format and a map style of MR12, these initial bracket matches will be played online between Monday 9th and Thursday 12th April and will be streamed on our Twitch channel To find out when your favourite match plays, head on out to our event page where all the details lie waiting - This event is really shaping up to be one hell of a competition. Share your thoughts below in the comments section. Be sure to keep up to date with more news on the way.

Esports Events to Watch This Weekend - 6-8th April

Another week of work draws to an end, finally, and it's time to enjoy your favourite esports with some events taking place this weekend. So lay back, order some food with the least amount of effort possible thanks to Time to Eat and check out this short list we have below of events that we recommend to check out while you're laid back.    Overwatch League Stage 3 - Week 1 Catch up on the rest of the third week of the exciting Overwatch League with a total of 6 high-stake matchups to conclude over the 6th and 7th of April, with the below matches:  Los Angeles Gladiators vs. Dallas Fuel Los Angeles Valiant vs. Shanghai Dragons Seoul Dynasty vs. San Francisco Shock Florida Mayhem vs. Philadelphia Fusion Houston Outlaws vs. Boston Uprising New York Excelsior vs. London Spitfire Definitely some games you cannot miss if Overwatch is your favourite esport.    Call of Duty Pro League Stage 1 Playoffs After last weekend's action at CWL Birmingham, the best 8 teams in Call of Duty have qaulified in order to compete at Colombus for a total of $500,000 and the right to claim dominance over the scene. The scene has never been as competitive as it is now and we even covered the event in-depth right here: Not the most amount of matches but they will simply be the highest quality of Call of Duty available.    Dota 2 Asia Championship 2018 Concludes Dota 2's Perfect World event, the first one of the year, which has been going on since March 30th, will draw to a conclusion this weekend on April 7th. This Major tournament has captivated the community and it's definitely worth a watch if you look forward to getting better at Dota 2 in the future.  Don't forget to enjoy the mentioned events with an immediate service from Time to Eat. That's the only way to watch these events properly. Following our new sponsorship with Time to Eat, you can all look forward to this weekly update from now on!

The CWL Pro League Stage One Playoffs Prologue

After a week of going over CWL Birmingham which occurred last weekend, it seems that the Call of Duty community cannot have enough at the moment. A few key observations  from the event were the  new-born Splyce, a fumbling Rise Nation, an incredible crowd and a weakened FaZe Clan. Many of the teams who took part in the European event have made their way back to Colombus, where the eight best teams in the world will take part in Playoffs to compete for $500,000 and the pride of being the best in the world.  Of course, this is not a normal Open event as there is no Open Bracket or any form of access other than qualifying through the Pro League. The most notable teams which didn't make the cut are probably Evil Geniuses and Splyce - it would have been exciting to see Splyce continue on their form from Birmingham. The event begins straight away with the Winners Bracket - not many games will be played though it's still spread over the entire weekend. Below are the matchups for Day 1.  The match-ups were drawn depending on the team's position at the end of the Pro League, with the 1st seed benefitting from placing against a lower placed team. All of these games have so much room for discussion. We'll use these games to discuss the teams.  First off, I cannot wait for Rise Nation vs eUnited; last time this occurred TJHaly was buried alive by an unholy turn-on from the ruthless Clayster to close out the series on SnD. The veteran was fired up and it was due to losses like these that made Rise Nation fail to keep their No. 1 position in CoD at the moment last weekend. Going back into this, it's sure to say that TJHaly wants blood, seeking vengeance. However, if eUnited play like they did last weekend, the event could start with quite a shocking result indeed. Rise Nation is still one of the favourites to win, of course, but it's possible that they lose to a team that they have done so before. eUnited remain underdogs for the event on the whole, though they can really pick it up with a little bit of hype. Luminosity and Red Reserve is another interesting one, though it's a bit far-fetched to say that Red Reserve will take this one. Luminosity Gaming has looked dominant recently as they put up a clinic in Europe last weekend to win the whole event, while Red Reserve packed their bags into Losers Round 2, barely keeping up with expectations. At one point this year, Red Reserve was the 2nd best team in the scene, though if they play like last weekend, this early matchup is looking dim for them. Of course, Red Reserve is no stranger to the Losers' Bracket and often prevail here. Luminosity Gaming will be looking to retain their dominance and win the whole thing.  It's always great to see the E-Classico waiting to be played out in the Winners Bracket - Optic vs Envy looks to be tight. Both the teams have been rather inconsistent lately with the Greenwall carrying out a role switch very recently and just before Birmingham while Team Envy seems to be too dependant on the hard-carry that is Slasher. If Optic Gaming have gotten enough practice with their new format, with which they won Champs last year, then I see them taking the series. Last weekend we already got glimpses of Scump and Formal returning to form as the best in their class while Crimsix remains dominant as ever - not having won an event all year yet, this is where Optic Gaming need to show up. However, if Team Envy's Classic and Temp decide to help out their teammates a little bit more than this will be simply too close to call.  Last weekend, both TK and Faze were kicked out on the back of losses to Open Bracket teams. Overall, the two are cases of disappointment. TK remains haunted by the Maven curse as they struggle to get anywhere near the podium like they had earlier this year - will they finally wake up or are they doomed for the rest of the year?  Faze on the other hand, have been performing slightly better, with some average placement. They've got the potential, though this may forever remain potential unless they can get things done as a team. Recently, it was found out that Faze, one of the biggest names in Call of Duty, hasn't won a championship in around 400 days(AW). With this shocking news, Faze has a lot to do this coming event.  These Playoffs are to go exactly as planned - placing the very best 8 teams in the world in a huge venue and a large prize pool so that we can all find out who the best team in the world really is. With what's happened until now and what's to come, it's safe to say that this year of Call of Duty is probably going to be remembered as one of the most competitive years ever - and we're loving it. 

Area Academy Boot Camp At The Gamers Lounge

Our new Gamers Lounge in Birkirkara is simply an extension of our services as providers of LAN environments perfect for gamers of all platforms. Barely a month in, and it's safe to say that the new outlet is a great success with an amazing reception especially on opening week. Since then, we've had many teams come over for some practice and all sorts of activities - the most notable one which is ongoing is the boot camp which is being held by Area Academy for their CS: GO talent. Let's see what's going on.  Area Academy is a world leader in educational structures for esports. The business is based on heavy expertise in esports, education, community and social work. To carry out their services they require a comfortable, accessible, affordable and professional venue, which is why they've chosen to work at our Gamers Lounge at Birkirkara. The provided services are enjoyed by the youth attending the courses, as it is on youth that Area Academy loves to focus its work. After two days of work, with many more to come, the members have really started to break down their gameplay and strategies for CounterStrike: Global Offensive as well as going over rules and objectives for esports competition in general. During these courses, the academy isn't only just teaching about the subject title but about esports in general and how to succeed in the competition as well as the industry in general.  It's honestly quite an honour to have an international company, which shares in our objectives and goals in promoting esports on a local and international level, come to us and us our resources to carry out this aim on such a professional level. If you'd like to learn more about Area Academy and what they do for esports, check out their link here:, which you'll have to translate from Swedish to understand. This is what The Gamers Lounge is for, learn more about booking and scheduling here:

PUBG's New Map Revealed - Savage

After two solid maps, it seems that Bluehole is ready to release a third - a map which is rather different to the other two. Going with the name of 'Savage', the new map is said to be much smaller in terms of dimensions compared to the other two with a few other new ingredients. The knowledge we have up until now is quite limited, though upcoming testing periods will shed much more light as soon as next week. The testing period started this Monday through an invite-only basis, so it's probably that the small majority of viewers have had the chance to play it. This period will go on for 3 days up until 5th April, so check out your favourite content creators to get a first-hand peek. As of right now however, you may dance across the tropical island by gaining access to a beta key which gives the possibility to register. Head over to this site if you're interested: Here's what the corporation had to say regarding the early access:  "At first, we are going to do a more limited test for Codename: Savage to make sure that nothing is too broken. Again, it’s a super early build, we hope you understand. The next test will be bigger! We’ll update you on Monday about how you can participate. Keep an eye on our social channels to maximize your chances of getting a key. We promised you that you would get a chance to try the new map very early on and we are delivering on that promise. We haven’t released content so early in its development since our alpha testing stage. We’re doing this because we want to start getting your feedback as soon as possible and drive the development in the right direction." Losing some followers to the popular Fortnite, a smaller map will definitely force more gunfights and host close-quarters combat. This map is acting as the milestone of a year since PUBG was initially released to the public in early access.  Keep your eyes peeled for more information. 

LG Deny the Crowd at CWL Birmingham 2018

CWL Birmingham was always going to be an insane event - the first time international Call of Duty has centered onto Europe in quite some time excluding the invitationals often held in Paris. This event is only part of the flurry of competitive Call of Duty which is due in these two weeks as the upcoming Pro League Stage 1 Playoffs occur. With so many story lines crashing into one another, and 'the greatest crowd at a CoD event', the grand final between LG and Splyce was a sight to behold.  Prior to the grand final, both of these teams went on a phenomenal journey against the toughest competition in the game. The two of them advanced into the Winners' Bracket from Pool Play and won their first round; Splyce ruining FaZe in a game 5 and LG sweeping the forgotten team of TK off of the floor. The European Snake would soon progress to match-up against the fears Rise Nation, the current favourites of the competition who make quick work of the Europeans with a 3-0 sweep; Splyce would have their revenge. First, though, they had some cleaning up to do. Team Reckless, a surprising roster which took TK and Team Envy down, would meet a subtle end to prepare for the next game against Optic Gaming. Still under new control through roles, Optic was less practiced than they should be - perfect for Splyce. Another exciting game 5 dragged on where Optic choked and Splyce played out of this world.  It was here that the European fans began to give Splyce the momentum. They became a changed team; making some unbelievable plays with all 4 of them simply beaming. In the Winners' Bracket, a major upset sees Rise Nation descend into the Losers' Bracket. The favourites were then absolutely destroyed by Splyce, against all the odds and numbers, with 3-0 sweeping to leave their heads shaking. "Let's Go Splyce" and "Shut Up Maven" chants dominated the crowd the whole evening.  The grand final was ready - could Splyce be the first European team to win an international CoD event in Europe? Through the first best-of-five, it sure looked like that thanks to unbelievable Hardpoint performances from Splyce and an incredible Capture the Flag. The crowd was losing their minds by the first series, while the Splyce team was noticeably calm, including "Tommey", MadCat", "Jurd" and "Bance". However, in the second series things changed. LG managed to pull back the first Hardpoint, meaning that Splyce had to win the Game 4 SnD to advance. Sadly, since all the crowd was behind them, Splyce didn't manage to clutch up and LG went on to win the event.  LG was the perfect team at CWL Birmingham, thanks to an immense variety of strengths to the point of no weaknesses and enough talent to dominate individually. The boys of Splyce blew expectations out of the water, with most gossiping on the fact that a roster change may be required after relegation in from the Pro League.  This is only a prelude to the Playoffs of the Pro League this weekend, with almost three times the prize, expect the competition to bump up. We'll definitely be covering it. 

Time to Eat Sponsors!

We've all been there before - it's late, you've played a ridiculous amount of PUBG and you're in the winner circle for a chance to win. Suddenly, your focus is thrown off completely by a complacent moan from an empty stomach and the game is quickly over for you. At, we know the struggle, which is why we're excited to tell you all about our new sponsor; Time to Eat! When one has a professional gaming chair such as a GT Omega Racing Chair with their bucket design, it's annoying having to leave the setup. As stated earlier, Time to Eat is there to facilitate this innate laziness. Ever since 2013, Time to Eat has been Malta's undisputed number 1 app for ordering take-away and delivery. Their mission, which they carry out extremely well, is to make restaurant-level dining available to everyone with the click of a button.  Of course, in this modern day and age, one doesn't need to engage in a phone call thanks to the Time to Eat app. This escalates things to an unbelievable amount of accessibility, with 250 take-away restaurants in Malta sitting at your fingertips.Using the app gives one the ability to re-order, choose between card or cash while still enjoying the door-to-door delivery process. No more calling, no more hassle and no more barriers - eating out has suddenly turned into eating in. Time to Eat is available 24/7, 365 days a year. It's really quite simple yet satisfies a need for everybody, far from just gamers, to enjoy a fast, high-quality meal and immediately get back to work/play. couldn't be more excited to partner with such an innovative company for at least the coming year!

Battle Royale in 2018 - Fortnite or PUBG?

Last year, on March 19, PUBG was released worldwide and redefined the Battle Royale genre. Quickly, the title gained a tremendous amount of support through Twitch, Youtube, Social Media and funds, breaking quite a few records. It's safe to say that PUBG dominated 2017 in many aspects; it was something new, exciting and challenging which everyone was having a go at. However, this genre wouldn't remain unchallenged for long as Fortnite crawled into the scene along with 2018. Since then, PUBG has declined and Fortnite: Battle Royale has been thriving. Here's my take on the situation.  First of all, we need to clear things up. Those who enjoy Fortnite do not necessarily despise PUBG and vice-versa; as many are those who have tried to create a sort of feud between the two titles. Yes, they are similar, but far from the same game. A comparison like this reminds me of many comparisons between Battlefield and Call of Duty. PUBG is the battle royale for the serious competitors, competing against others on the PC platforms in a realistic environment with gore and vehicles. Fornite on the other hand, is the battle royale for the less serious gamers, having a more arcade-like feel with a different reality which I wouldn't describe as childish; available to all gamers on all platforms. Verticality, wacky guns, dances and trending ideas are what make Fortnite unique. Wins here will be a little easier, undoubtedly, as the game is available to more gamers, meaning that more youngsters and less skilled players will be playing. Fortnite and PUBG satisfy two different sets of niche within the gaming industry, though when one looks at the current statistics, they are not as you would expect.  Fortnite: Battle Royale was developed in just two months, and it seems to be blowing PUBG out of the water in terms of statistics. Shockingly, the free-to-play title is making more money than PUBG, which sells for $30 a piece. Last year, PUBG sold over 30 million copies but has made less money during February. Fortnite's funds all derive from in-game purchases, which the community is definitely on-board with. The month of February has also seen Fortnite break multiple Twitch records and surpass PUBG, with a recent record having over 1 million concurrent viewers over on one single Fortnite stream! Take a look at the graph below.      The numbers have Fortnite sitting at 14 million unique Twitch viewers while PUBG sits at almost half of that with 8.7 million. These games have been pivotal to Twitch's success in the past months, as other platforms such as Facebook and Youtube struggle to keep up. I'm sure that many content creators who used to play PUBG are currently playing Fortnite. Many content creators across YouTube especially are making their transition and trying to benefit from the recent attention.  Why is Fortnite the top Battle Royale at the moment? It's simple really. Being free-to-play on all platforms, including mobile, makes the title incredibly attractive to play for all ages just because it's free. On console, one doesn't require the online subscriptions to enjoy the online mode which is huge. Cross-platform gameplay, which is still under development, makes the player base huge and interconnected with one another. The in-game purchases are extremely attractive to many gamers who'd usually spend at least $30 to enjoy a similar game. The contemporary coverage, on-going updates and coverage of social media trends is what makes Fortnite a thriving game. PUBG is at a low-point at the moment, but this doesn't mean it cannot come back. It needs to get something going, something huge, in order to retain its crown as the King of Battle Royale. Although they've just created a mobile game themselves, recent reports of lobbies filled with bots have been quite detrimental to the title's name, as I personally deleted it after a game of not being shot at. The two games are not in direct competition with one another, but they certainly have an effect on the other's performance.  How long will Fortnite keep this up? If EpicGames continues to push new content and game modes, such as the 5-teams of 20 or the sniper modes, for content creators and consumers to enjoy, then this game can keep going further. Continuous innovation is what EpicGames need to keep the rollercoaster riding higher, just like they have been doing for the past few months. Also, the social aspect of Fortnite just seems to better as the title is less serious so there's more fun to be had in general.  Conclusion It's difficult to compare PUBG and Fortnite in terms of gameplay. What I've done is used recent numbers to comment about the titles' performances at the moment. Neither is better than the other as they are two different games for two different audiences, which tend to overlap in certain areas - it's this demographic which are swapping between the two. Personally, I enjoy the two of them, with the little time I've played of each but overall I'm content at one common point which the games are tackling. Thanks to their efforts, mobile gaming will probably change in 2018. Hopefully, more developers will invest in the mobile gaming industry to port their AAA titles over - this is a possibility which I'm really excited for.  Also, both titles are new possibilities for battle royale to grow as a competitive genre in general, with PUBG already starting out with some Major events. Fortnite is yet to tread here.  We're sure that most of you in the audience is enthusiastic about these titles. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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