EvH Reveal Their LoL Roster

In anticipation for the Malta Cyber Series #3 this September, EvH have regrouped their League of Legends team! They proudly announced the squad on their Facebook page and showcased each of their players as serious threats to the competition. Kicking things off is Albert “OwO” Aquilina, having the responsibility of Top Lane using his favourite champions Gangplank, Fiora Akali. Albert is fresh on the roster and in the local scene; he’ll be looking to make a name for himself at the event. Below him, not in skill but in position, is Marlon “Blaze” Polidano in the form of Orianna, LeBlanc or Talon. “Blaze” has been undeniably essential to the team’s success, thus he was always going to play in September.  Patrolling the murky jungle will be Jeremy “Nit Zau” Grech with his favourites of Xin Zhao, Elise and Jarvan IV who has re-joined EvH. Notorious for his creatively vicious ganking strategies and visceral playstyle, nobody wants to pick a fight with him in the early stages of the game. It will be mentioned that roughly 2 years ago, Jeremy was arguably the best LoL player round.  EvH winning The GO&FUN eSports Championships Two other competitors round up the squad. Starting with the marksman, Owen “Deity” Magri is probably the best at his role in the local scene. Playing either as Lucian, Ezreal or Kalista, he’s always fantastically positioned and ready to unleash hell: don’t get in his way in the laning phase. Last, but surely not least, is Christopher “Tobby” Sant, the captain and support player.  The player was posted as a Sub earlier this year, but following Zak “Armea” Bonnici’s drop out of the first team due to work related reasons; “Tobby” got the spot. Whether he sports Alistar, Nami or Lulu, his six years of competitive experience will be warmly welcomed by his fellow teammates. EvH winning The Malta Cyber Series #2 EvH looks very strong, definitely owning the potential to win the League of Legends LAN in the Malta Cyber Series #3. wishes EvH the best of luck.

Call of Duty Esports May be Franchised Next Year

A stir in the community has commenced following a report regarding Activision’s interest in franchising the Call of Duty brand. Doubts concerning the Overwatch League are mutual to that of Call of Duty esports’ future. With some time still remaining until the Overwatch League begins, uniting a plethora of countries, a considerable amount of esports companies and sports icons seem to have begun pouring in investments into locations for the franchised league to begin shortly. Here are the words of Richard Lewis, an award-winning journalist on the topic stated on July 9th; “In addition to this there comes a new development that has irritated those looking to purchase territories. Activision Blizzard have openly communicated to these brands their intention to run a similar league for their Call of Duty series. While still in the very early stages of planning the launch date could be as soon as six months after the Overwatch League becomes active. However, brands have been told that just because they control a territory for Overwatch does not guarantee them the same territory for a Call of Duty team should they choose to acquire one. With the prospect of having to buy in again for a separate endeavor many feel that the prospect of paying so much money for what would simply be the rights to an Overwatch team represents an incredibly poor return.” Venues for the Call of Duty league do not have to clash with those of the Overwatch League. It has been rumoured that six months after the first league is over, the second will kick-off. Perhaps, Activision is displaying an act of greed, having had no problems whatsoever competitively ever since gaining full control of it. Yet, on the other side of thought, Activision could be showing off a bold marketing move, using the immense and community enthusiasm for Call of Duty: WWII to catapult the esport internationally. We’ll have to wait and see for further details and confirmations.             

Selfless drops Overwatch Squad and Surrenders Organisation

After an underwhelming short lifespan, the young North American esports organisation is up for grabs. The company put its finger in a few pies, getting involved in CS: GO, Rocket League, Super Smash Bros., Killer Instinct and Overwatch. Due to the recent announcement, the active Overwatch squad has been dismissed as individuals. Buying the brand of ‘Selfless’ does not entitle one to the team and they will have to start from scratch. The players themselves are victims to the recent spread of disbandment across the Overwatch scene and finding a team could be troublesome. No details were revealed whether anyone has already found a new squad or remains in free agency. Below are a few words from Rattacasa, Selfless’ owner of the Overwatch roster; "With many other organizations releasing their rosters, and given talks we've had with those in the space, we were not able to sell our team as a whole to any other organization. We absolutely expect to see our players competing in the upcoming Overwatch League, albeit with different logos." Namely, the seven players are “Carpe”, “sinatraa”, “emongg”, “Midnight”, “Kresnik”, “Michael3D” and “dhaK”. These names will probably be seen spread across the scene under new banners. Apart from Overwatch, all Rocket League players have been sold, Smash Melee pros have been released and Killer Instinct player will also find his own way. If you’re wondering about the CS: GO team, that was dismissed last April. All this because for Selfeless there have been “opportunities that have arisen in the past few months." Soon enough, we’ll find out what these opportunities were.

SK Gaming Conquer ESL Cologne Yet Again

After a heart-racing week of CS:GO competition, it all boiled down to the grand final on Sunday between Cloud9 and SK Gaming. Both teams fought respectably and deserved to be there; here’s how the epic showdown played out. A little note, the score line wasn’t pretty for Cloud9. Even though numbers portray a sweep, Cloud9 always had their guard up and gave it their best shot. Starting from Cobblestone, SK terrorised C9 with a 5 point lead into half time.  A second half witnessed a tremendous ace from ‘Stweie2k’, yet it wasn’t enough to change the final score of 16-9 in favour of SK.  The most notable performance was that of ‘coldzera’, who racked up 28 kills with 111.8 damage points averaged per round. Taking the station to the second map, train, C9 pulled themselves together with a 10-5 advantage as Terrorists. SK would have none of it and absolutely shut down the lead with a disgusting comeback. Long story short, 16-12 was the score which left C9 shaking their heads in disbelief; they had just thrown away the trophy. Inferno would be the last map of the game; where victory was valiantly contested by C9. Again, the North American squad pulled away in the first half, but this time with a 9-1 score due to winning all of their rounds consecutively following the pistol round. The lead vaporised, and everyone was silent at the 14-14 tie. SK Gaming closed things out with a final count of 16-14 to bag the trophy and the paired prize money. It’s no doubt that SK Gaming are the top dogs as we enter the Krakow Major. 2017 looks like it’s their year. However, the Brazilian squad has been penalised with a reduce in prize money for a violation during a timeout, which definitely takes away some legitimacy in their victory. In the second half of the second map, Train, SK asked for a technical timeout and the stream went into commercials. Shortly, the action continued with the teams at 10-10, nothing out of the ordinary…. But with nobody paying attention, the whole entire SK lineup was communicating using in-game team chat. They definitely gained the advantage going into the round, thus the penalty was given and prize taken to be redistributed over the 15 other teams. It’s a shame to hear this after such a close game.

Upcoming For Honor Event with a $10,000 Prize Pool

Ubisoft has been rather quiet in esports over the years, having a negligible presence. Their main title at the moment is Rainbow 6, though it’s still a relatively weak effort. However, recent news has seen ESL partner up with Ubisoft to bring an international For Honor tournament; worth $10,000. Named ‘For Honor Hero Series’, the event will gather the best players around the globe in an epic showdown to trim them down to one champion. If you didn’t know, the game consists of upclose combat and visceral strategies putting three eras of warriors against each other. The gameplay is a statement to the originality of the title. “At ESL we are committed to growing the esports landscape and For Honor’s competitive ecosystem has been something we've all been looking forward to. “With the For Honor Hero Series and the addition of ranked mode, there is a lot in store for future For Honor players.”-Sean Charles VP of Publisher and Developer Relations at ESL. It seems that ESL sees a future in For Honor, unlike the community. Let us not forget that the game was probably the most over-hyped titles of the year with only 5 percent of original owners still playing the game on Steam. It’s rather odd to see Ubisoft invest in a game which has, practically, a dead community and a lack of enthusiasm. Personally, further support for Rainbow 6 would have made more sense. Back to the plans, ESL wil host competitions every week from July 8th across Europe and the U.S. The organisation said confidently that it will support the esports for much more than just a year. Players will have to chance to earn points in these tournaments; those with the highest amount are invited to the event on August 12th. Obviously, ESL will stream the competiion on For Honor’s official Twitch channel. Let’s see if some esports could revitalise the game; but what it definitely cannot fix are those damned Ubisoft servers.

Ozone Ground Level EVO Review

“It’s all about Evolution” is Ozone’s concept regarding all the gaming gear it produces. The company thus boldly recommends evolving your mouse mat in all aspects with the Ozone Ground Level EVO. For €30, how does this extra-large mat aim to become part of your setup? The Ground Level EVO is one of the five sizes available of the GL mousepad, being one of the largest of the group. It comes rolled up like a scroll in a solid and simple box which should easily resist wearing from shipping. Dimensions map an area of 900 by 450 mm thickened by 3mm. On the side of the box, Ozone boasts a rubberised base material and soft cloth surface allowing a soft glide for all mice. A reliable flexibility means that this pad comfortably sits in a suitcase or large bag if one fancies to take it anywhere, probably also bagging the competition. Spreading out the edges onto an appropriate sized table, the Ozone logo dominates the bottom right corner, the new company motto present at the top right and a subtle wording of the manufacturers name in white below that. Red, black and a dose of white make up the colour scheme. Yet, will the Ground Level Evo evolve one’s precision with a mouse? Using a proper mouse, I found out. The microfiber surface texture is especially well made to nurture consistent, quick and accurate mouse movements. While using it for a week, no snags or hiccups reduced a delightful experience. The bottom of any mouse will be safe and unharmed with no scratches or grit due to the entwinement of the fabric. Mentioning any mouse, the pad provides compatibility with laser optical, LED optical and also ball mice for any old-timers out there. Outstanding results derive from using any type and any fault in cursor fluidity is surely due to the mouse itself. Flipping over a corner of the mat, a foamy rubber base is present and sticks to any desk surface; plastic, laminate, steel, glass and wood. The mat struggles to displace by even a millimetre on every surface. A 3mm thickness flattens out any dents in the face below. Cleaning the mouse mat is simple on both the top and bottom, one could beat out any dust with ease or utilise a humid cloth. To conclude, the Ozone Ground Level Evo is adapted for any sharp movements or rapid jerks, built for gaming. High-end mice will swim elegantly on the perfect micro-fibre coat and a keyboard plus a monitor would also fit on the beast. This mouse mat is an excellent product, practically perfect. The only thing which may deter some shoppers is the colour scheme in play, but red is a common theme in many gamer setups anyway. Sitting at €30, this mouse mat is an extremely recommended purchase if one is serious about gaming. Who it’s for; PC gamers serious about every millimetre of mouse movement Those who need a large area Those looking for the highest quality materials easily maintained and cleaned PC gamers with a red and black setup Those who wish to properly use a high-end mouse Gamers searching for the best mousepads out there Who it’s not for; Those picky about colour scheme and rock a different colour Gamers with small space available for a mat

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