Optic Gaming Win the CWL Stage 2 Playoffs

Finally, after four weeks of group stages and a weekend of playoffs, the top sixteen teams have boiled down to Optic Gaming who finished on top. It was an epic journey for the Greenwall who made a superb loser bracket run as we’ll walkthrough briefly now.  In short, it was an epic weekend of Call of Duty. Day one saw the expected progress of eUnited and OG through the winner’s bracket easily. What nobody expected was Team EnVyUs clutching a map 5 against Faze and Splyce getting absolutely smacked by Luminosity.  The second day then had the likes of Splyce, E6, Faze and Fnatic elimiminated. It will be noted that a 7-8th finish for the European side of Splyce is a severe fall from the side’s domination earlier this year. On the same day, eUnited managed to sweep OG into the loser’s bracket while nV did the same to Luminosity Gaming. Again, another upset for another squad such as LG. Championship Sunday consisted of just four teams, namely eUnited, nV, OG and LG. To claim victory, Optic Gaming would have to run through every single opponent; that’s exactly what they did.  Starting with LG, the boys in blue put on a poor show which didn’t replicate what they’ve accomplished before – sent home without winning a single map. Then came eUnited, the youngsters led by the emphatic “Clayster” thirsty to prove his worth on the new roster. The matchup was not for the faint of heart as it dragged to a game five SnD where OG clutched up to stop eUnited at a respectable 3rd place. Waiting at the grand final was an opponent nobody expected to be there, Team EnVyUs. With only one player having a positive k/d, “Slasher”, it was quite head-scratching to see such a hard carry until the grand final. Due to arriving form the loser’s bracket, Optic Gaming would have to win two BO5s to secure a victory; you can guess what happened.  Taking one map at a time, they closed out the first series in a 3-1 fashion. nV never really looked hungry for the win. The second series was exactly the same regarding scoreline, a cakewalk for OG. To finish off the tournament, “Formal” from Optic was crowned Astro Gaming’s MVP of the event while the draw for the CWL Championship was held after the dust settled. The Stage 2 Playoffs were proving grounds for many ahead of the largest event of the year. On top looks to be OG, but they weren’t perfect-especially when they were swept by eUnited. Call of Duty esports enthusiasts hold their breath in pure excitement for the next few weeks.

Razer Kraken Pro Neon Headset Review

Roughly two years ago, Razer introduced the Kraken Pro Neon Gaming Headset which endorsed the popular Kraken Pro with a lick of bright and vibrant colours. After such a while, the price tag has inevitably decreased, but has its quality done so too? Review time. To begin with, let’s discuss the unboxing. The headset is packaged in a transparent hard plastic mould wrapped half way by a cardboard cover which illustrates a few features of the product.  Unboxing was a rather annoying experience having all that hard plastic; thankfully there isn’t much to unbox. Apart from the headset itself having the undetectable 3.5mm jack is a manual, documentation, Razer stickers and a two part converter to connect to PC. This is an applauded addition by the company which will definitely come handy. When you’re done from the box just toss it, it was a nuisance trying to put everything back in. Now that that’s over, let’s check out the hardware. Of course, the first thing your eyes will catch is the loud neon colour which could either be blue, green, yellow, orange, ‘red’ or ‘purple’. The last two colours are a little off; the red looks quite pink and so does the purple. The colour is properly embraced with a matte finish that barely shows fingerprints. A modern, sleek and sharp look is sported by the headset. Feeling the product can easily show off how well built the headset is, the plastic sounds extremely reliable and all 13 adjustment teeth have a satisfying crack. The outside face of the ear cups have a black plastic mesh centred by the three snakes. Cushioning feels great due to thick and plush cushions followed by a fabric mesh at the head. Hinges are tough, allowing a collapsible form for extra portability. Also, tucked away at the bottom of the left cup is a retractable microphone which we’ll discuss later. Overall, a fantastic job by Razer regarding the build quality. However, how does it feel when worn? First of all, it’s extremely light, weighing a mere 293g including the wire. Putting it on is seamless and a pleasure. The outer shell of the earcup swivels vertically and the inner part horizontally – this ensures that your ears are covered. At 5cm of diameter, one’s ears cannot possibly be small enough to avoid contact with the cushioned cup, but it’s not a problem at all. Back to wearing the headset, the headband is remarkably flexible. As a reviewer, it must be confessed that at one point I forgot it was on my head completely. To conclude, the headset sits comfortably on the head with perhaps some room for improvement in the headband area – which does get the job done regardless. Upon reviewing this part, one notices the closed ear cup profile which Razer is going for; which is our next talking point. “A closed ear cup deign with plush circumaural padding creates superior sound isolation so you can focus on your game or conversation uninterrupted by outside noise.” The above was taken from the product page and we can confirm the above statement courageously. Thick foam does a superb job of blocking out ambient noise. In all honesty, for the price, it has outstanding sound isolation – we’ll keep it a surprise until the end. Of course, it’s irrelevant how well sound is isolated if it isn’t worth hearing, so is it? It really depends on what you intend to use it for. Regarding use, connectivity is pretty bareboned using wires and no form of wireless technology. The 1.3mm jack at the end of the 1.3m wire can connect to most smartphones, handhelds, consoles and many other things. Using the included adapter nicely adds another metre in length and compatibility with your personal computer or laptop. Connections are gold plated and audio is in the Stereo 2.0 format. Back to the use; gaming and bass heavy music is beautiful on this peripheral due to one hell of a bass for the price, explosions and beat drops are emphasised and strong. Yet, it will be said that the bass is overpowering at times. This is why listening to light bassed music, content creating and other audio may be unpleasant due to drowned highs and average mids. If one has some equalising software it’s adjustable, but it’s a shame you’ll have to equalise to achieve a better sound profile. Regarding volume, it doesn’t get louder than it needs to. One noticeable negative from listening to audio are sweaty ears thanks to the lack of ventilation from the closed design. The Razer Kraken Neon Pro sounds amazing for gaming and bass but not that great for much else. Gaming is what this headset is made for: time to check out if chatting is viable on this microphone. Pulling it out to the given 7 cm is done gently using a small amount of force. The black rubber chord submits willingly to whatever mould you choose to give it. Microphone quality is supreme for the price, having an above average clarity and commendable noice cancellation. Recorded sounds are converted into a unidirectional pick-up pattern. It’s a lovely microphone on the whole which makes up the “Pro” product compared to the standard one.  Portability is also what this headset was aiming at; it succeeds in this dimension to but is severely impaired by the undetectable cable. That pretty much wraps up the review, but there’s something to be mentioned first. Since the product has aged for a couple years, Razer has added a free Razer Surround Pro subscription code, worth around €20 to entice consumers. It’s not certain if this code may be found on all units; except all of those in the stock.  The software is fantastic to have and does a precise job of converting the stereo sound to 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound through heavy calibration on the PC.  Watch out for the sticker on the top face of the package because it really adds more value in general. Has the Razer Kraken Neon Pro aged like a fine wine or become tasteless like a fizzy drink? At, we believe the answer is the first one. Having outstanding build quality, bright looks, minimalistic design and an intense sound profile for gaming – it’s a strong effort by Razer. What makes everything appear that much more extraordinary is the €50 barrier between the headset and your head. Who it’s for: PC gamers who need portability and strong build quality Bass heads Budget gamers who are looking for comfort Those looking for a headset to connect with portable devices and look fantastic Consumers who need sound isolation Who it’s not for: Those who dislike neon colour Those who need surround sound PC gamers with a higher budget Need one? have you covered while stock lasts including a code for free to upgrade for the Razer Surround Pro from The Gamers Lounge :

EagleTree Finalises $525 million Stake over Corsair

Rumours of a potential buyout for Corsair have been spread for the past week, so what did happen wasn’t exactly a surprise.  As stated in the title, EagleTree Capital has officially bought a majority stake worth $525 million, a little more than the thought $500 million, and thus has part-ownership of the company. Andy Paul, the CEO of Corsair, who will remain at his post, is very much excited for the future of Corsair following the support of EagleTree. Below is a quoted statement: “We are excited about the opportunity to partner with EagleTree and leverage the team’s consumer products expertise to further accelerate our progress. We are very fortunate to have attracted such experienced investment partners. EagleTree’s backing will allow us to continue to focus first and foremost on our loyal and passionate customers, and accelerate our investment in innovation and new technology and products to enhance the quality experience that enthusiasts and gamers have come to expect from us.” Corsair was founded in 1994 and has grown exponentially from developing memory modules to producing some of the most sought after PC gaming equipment on the market today. The company’s success on the whole may be credited to the many minority stake holders the company has had and still does. For example, the previous majority stake was owned by Francisco Partners who definitely assisted heavily in Corsair’s global approach. When the deal is finalised in a few months, we can expect even greater things from the dominant PC company that Corsair is.  

Ozone Gaming partners with for the Malta Cyber Series #3

When it comes to esports, it’s not about what stage you’re on or how much prize you’re fighting for; but about the passion in each button press. Hardware development is similar in the fact that compassion matters, which is why Ozone Gaming are this article’s topic. As clearly stated in the heading, we’re proud to announce this partnership for the coming event. It’s fair to say that Ozone Gaming isn’t the most well-known brand out there compared to the resonating names of Razer and Corsair for example; however they certainly don’t lack the care and love for gaming. For those who don’t know, Ozone Gaming was founded eight years ago in Spain on the foundation of love for videogames and competition. Their mission is to nurture gaming by producing products, supporting teams and companies and having a voice for those who don’t.  The company claims the respectable title of “soldiers of the game”.  Returning to their products, Ozone Gaming has focused on PC peripherals considerably with mice, headsets, keyboards, mousepads and other accessories. If you’ve been in tune recently, you’d now that we’ve reviewed quite a few of their products with extreme excitement and gratitude. For the most part their hardware is great.  Thanks to the sponsorship, one can expect the mentioned products at the Malta Cyber Series #3, which will grant any competitors the best chance of success. is very grateful for Ozone’s love and dedication and we suggest to check their products here :

CWL Global Pro League Stage Two Playoff Preview

Finally, after four weeks of some tight group stage action across all four groups, the playoffs have finally arrived. Fighting for $500,000 at the MLG Arena in Colombus Ohio, which of the eight teams will rise to claim victory? It will be said, straight off the bat, that this is some of the closest and most dramatic competition we’ve seen recently. All eight teams are potential winners, but only one can lift the trophy on the 30th July, this Sunday after competing from Friday 28th. Namely, the squads are of eUnited, Enigma6, OpTic, Fnatic, Luminosity, Splyce, FaZe and EnVyUs. With such a list of names, the three favourites are probably OpTic, Luminosity and Splyce. Recently, doubts have begun to arise for the green team but they silenced these thoughts with an impeccable record through group stage. On the other hand, Luminosity and Splyce have made up the grand finalists of the past two events; and each of them has claimed one. Then there are FaZe and eUnited, two teams drowned in drama and rumours; it would be the sweetest thing in the world to see these two matchup at any time in the event. “Clayster” is as merciless as ever after being dropped. Nonetheless, both squads will be fighting to prove that the swap was for the better. Speaking of fighting, Enigma6 are a team to watch out for. This team has some of the most sophisticated strategies which have served them well in the group stages. Although they may not be favourites, such a squad cannot be ignored. The last couple of teams are Fnatic and EnVyUs. Fnatic haven’t had a great year but have succeeded the low expectations set for them. Yet, they have been known for giving top-tier teams a tough time in certain games. When it comes to having a bad year, nobody tops EnVyUs. Last year they were the best team in BO3 and thus took home the Championship. Unfortunately, they haven’t won a title since, not even a top 3 finish since CWL Vegas. EnVyUs really need to step their game up and try get back in the zone before this year’s Championship. As of now, only the first four matches have been placed into schedule. The most exciting one definitely being the encounter between Luminosity Gaming and Splyce once again. For all the coverage, streams and statistics; we recommend you check out Dexerto here:

PUBG Invitational Event To be Organised by ESL

ESL, an enormous esports company has a trained eye when it comes to spotting out potential competitive titles which are yet to grow. It was therefore no surprise to hear that one of 2017’s most popular games, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will receive some love and an entrance into the competitive spectrum. The mentioned tournament will be held in Cologne Germany between the near dates of August 23rd and 26th. Participation is to be set on an invitational basis for 80 “of the world’s best PUBG players and influencers” – ESL’s words; perhaps we could see some social media icons or even Youtubers at this LAN. For whoever happens to get involved, there’s a heap of selection which will make for an even more engaging viewer experience. ESL has planned individual tournaments for Solo, Duo, first-person Duo and Squad modes for the single event. Here is an extract from an excited CEO, Ralf Reichert from ESL. “We’re thrilled to see PUBG enhancing its already amazing in-game experience with a competitive LAN component at gamescom. The game’s been a smash hit and its natural evolution into a competitive title has been incredibly exciting to watch. We’re looking forward to working with Bluehole on this, and many more events to come.” A relatively high prize pool, especially for a first event, has been set at $350,000 – but this may appear a little lower than the final number. This is due to a contributory basis as of August 3rd, when the community has the opportunity to purchase in-game items which will directly fund the prize pool further. Success is very much dependant on the enthusiasts who play it. Below is a statement from the VP and Executive Producer at Bluehole Inc., Chang Han Kim: “From very early on we knew that the success of PUBG was reliant on the passion of its community. We want to celebrate this by inviting 80 of the top players from around the world to compete in the first offline invitational. It’s been incredibly rewarding to see how quickly our community has grown, and can’t wait to hear about everyone’s experience this summer." Esports organisations such as TSM and Elevate are delighted with this news after already having a PUBG rosters in preparation for upcoming event such as this one. Having just sold around six million copies in four months of early access; PUBG is looking to be one hell of a game upon public release.

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