FIFA 18 at The GO Malta eSports Festival 2017!

Released on September 29th, only a few days ago, the most prolific sport-simulator franchise was greeted with an update in the form of FIFA 18. Including it in the upcoming GO Malta eSports Festival 2017, was an absolute no-brainer.  Being a vital part of our console line-up, the football simulator, with its revamped graphics and performance, will allow for a champion to arise. Teams may have changed along with some minute edits, but we're always glad to see familiar faces with each release of the title. Of course, this goes hand-in-hand with the fact that new faces, whether casually or competitively, always find themselves behind a controller. Due to the fresh release of the game, players will still be hunting for new methods and styles to exercies, which will make for an interesting viewing experience.  This will officially be our first event to include FIFA 18, so whoever wins truly establishes themselves as the best player on the island. We couldn't be more excited to crown the first FIFA 18 champion, as he or she battle through everyone else. In addition, we're also one of the first organisers to include the game in all of Europe. Competition is going to be very tight.  Make sure your passing's true and that you're defence is unbreakable; grab a copy of the game now if you want any chance to go for gold. For those who are less determined, you could give the FIFA 18 demo a try on console playstores.  As always, keep an eye out for other games, perhaps including other modern titles. For now, the rest of the list will remain unknown.

Call of Duty 2 at the GO Malta eSports Festival 2017!

To say that featuring Call of Duty 2 in our Malta Cyber Series #3 event was a succes is a severe understatement. So much so that it was the heart of the action, uniting the Maltese esports community like never before. At, we couldn't resist including the shooter in the largest event of the year. Of course, we're referring to The GO Malta eSports Festival 2017.  What really made the game succesful at the past event was the merging of old and young, seasoned veterans who competed at game's peak and fresh faces making a start in FPS esports. This also makes way for extremely viscious match-ups, as the youth boldly attempt to push aside the old-timers while the professionals tried to maintain their legacy. A healthy mix of both is what we expect for the festival, but this time, newer players will have more experience and time under their belt to win it all.  Obviously, this may not be the most trending game at the moment, far from it. Yet, it will highlight one of the aspects of the festival itself, that of celebration and unity. Anyway, the local scene still remains riddled with questions: are Paradigm6 truly untouchable? Can Ephica relive its famous history? How will dOUBTFUL return after falling at the grand final?  The GO Malta eSports Festival 2017 will prove to be the answer to all of these, being the rematch many teams have been itching for since the previous tournament. We can't wait to find out who will be deemed the best Call of Duty 2 team of the year!

Games Weekend at the Malta International Airport Food Court!

Round 1, Ready, Fight! On the 14th of October, we’ll be turning our food court into a mini gamers’ paradise with a Tekken 7 Tournament. Ten whole hours of jabs, kick combos, flash attacks, and punches, in the hope of pulling the perfect combination of moves that will win you The Tekken Tournament Trophy and airport shopping vouchers worth a whopping €300! Trophies will also be handed to the first and second runner up, who surely would have put up a good fight too! In the evening, you can disco boogie down memory lane, as another part of our food court goes quite retro. As our DJ digs deep for the best hits of the past decades and video game soundtracks, you can play one of our board games; some of which will be bigger than 80s’ hairdos. Guests who spend at least €15 at the food court will be given the chance to try their luck at the Wheel of Fortune, upon presentation of their receipt. On Sunday 15th of October, a second tournament will kick off at 11am. This time it will be football enthusiasts’ turn to show off their moves in the first official FIFA ’18 Tournament in Malta! Once again, the most skilful participant will be awarded a trophy and presented with airport shopping vouchers worth €300. Does this sound very much like your kind of fun? Visit the event page for more info! €10 tickets for the Tekken and Fifa ’18 Tournaments are now available from the MIA Administration Offices on Level 2, which are open between 08.00 and 16.00 on weekdays. Each ticket comes with a €5 food voucher, which can be used at the food court on the day.

League of Legends at The GO Malta eSports Festival 2017! is excited to announce the main game for the upcoming event, namely, the extremely awaited GO Malta eSports Festival 2017. The title will be a MOBA which has shook the competitive scene ever since its release and we've featured it in some of our previous events too. Of course, we're referring to League of Legends.  Needless to introduce, the title will find itself in its 13th event! An unbelievable statistic which made sure this event would be no exception. Correspondingly, since it is the official centrepiece, the majority of the matches will be carried out on the mainstage, entertaining the hundreds of potential viewers. This is without including the countless others who'll be streaming our broadcast enthusiastically.  One reason why League of Legends finds itself in its position of attention is due to its age. Having gathered over eight years of competition, the possible strategies and choices are endless. This often follows trends which are spreading across current tournaments. For example, will teams attempt to pick less popular champions, choose unorthodox tactics or avoid adventuring from the norm? We're heart-racingly agitated to get some answers.  Focusing our gaze upon the local scene, there is only one question which springs to mind. Will EVH ever surrender their unbeaten winning performance? Will anybody dare challenge them? The Malta Cyber Series #3 saw a few close shaves but nobody managed to take it from them.  That's it regarding League of Legends. Remember to stay in tune to hear information about other games. Let's make this fun, as Warwick the Blood Hunter would say. 

Project Eversio Drop Overwatch Team

Last Saturday, on their official website, Project Eversio reluctantly dropped their Overwatch team for certain reasons. After sticking together for over a year, it wasn't their talent that led to this but external events which rocked the whole of the local scene. Read on as we discuss the news.  Local competitive enthusiasts know their names, but for those who don't, they're listed below:  Alan "Serenity" Ciantar  Clinton "Cin" Caruana  Cyril "Vortex" Coppini  Daniel "Deathrow" Gatt  Gary "R1k" Vella  Marco "PK" Bugeja  Matthew "Matli" Bajada  Scott "YumaDrebel" Vella  Wayne "Reed" Reed Collectively, this line-up stunned everyone with a second place finish at the Malta eSports Festival 2016 and also enjoyed third place finishes at the AOC Malta Cyber Series Masters and THE MRO: Overwatch Open. An impressive legacy along with the fact that they got involved internationally too.  The main reason why this had to end, according to Project Eversio's news post, was due to the following: As uncertainty about the Overwatch League hit the European competitive scene, teams in Malta disintegrated, leaving nothing in terms of a local scene. Although a few remain committed to Overwatch, most of our players have moved on, looking for next competitive title. The organisation definitely have a point, Overwatch is dying on the island and will likely not recover. Yet, the future remains bright for the mentioned professionals, who we'll surely see in future events in upcoming titles and perhaps older ones. Maybe we'll see them in action in The GO Malta eSports Festival which is coming up.  We wish all the players and the organisation itself luck for the future. 

Uplink To Return For Call of Duty:WWII

As the Call of Duty community waves goodbye to thrusters and exo-suits in the form of Infinite Warfare, many competitive enthusiasts are concerned regarding the game mode of Uplink. Created for Advanced Warfare, this fast-paced game type has won the crowd’s favour and therefore found itself in the next two jetpack titles. Activision has recognised this, boldly attempting to keep it alive for their newest title. However, they obviously had to change a few things. Starting from the name, “Gridiron”, which refers to the type of football primarily played in the United States. Everything has been re-created to make it “thematically appropriate for WWII”. Changes include a leather ball and a grounded goal in which one may throw or carry the objective. One thing which may not be so “appropriate” is the fact that extra armour is still given to the carrier. All the details were revealed as Reddit users dug through the PC files open to them due to the Open Beta this past weekend. Nothing has been officially announced by the publisher. Discussion time; will Gridiron make it into competitive? I’m really not sure. Past BOTG titles such as Black Ops 2 made use of Search and Destroy, Capture the Flag and Hardpoint only.  Ghosts included Domination too. What I think may dissuade professionals is the fact that it will definitely be much slower pace and much more difficult due to a lack of jump spots and sightlines. Also, without specialists or vertical movement, chokepoints and doorways will be impossible to pass. Yet, this does make way for an increased demand in teamwork and strategy. Apart from the Gridiron gamemode, the PC Open Beta has revealed a change in the map Aachen. Here’s what Michael Condrey, the chief operator of Sledgehammer Games, had to say: "We received a lot of insightful feedback, which we factored with our own internal data, all for the better. For example, we've modified the cross-lane sightlines for a more defined threat zone when approaching from either side of the map. We've also adjusted some of the entry and exit pathways to the primary engagement areas to avoid head glitch exploits that we identified during the beta." It’s great to see the publishers take such an initiative to patch things up, hopefully, they’ll keep this up throughout the year. Information regarding competitive modes and maps should be accompanying the release date, confirming whether Gridiron will have a place or not. If you've been playing the Open Beta during the weekend, tell us what you thought about the experience in the comments section below. 

Optic Gaming Steps into The Dota 2 Scene

One of the biggest names in esports, namely Optic Gaming, is making a confident step into MOBA territory in the form of Dota 2. Following their recent announcement regarding new ideas for Overwatch, this bit of news was a pleasant surprise for the organisation’s fans who’ve been waiting for this for some time. Read on as we discuss the details. The squad, constellated by seasoned professionals, has been in free agency for roughly 3 weeks. Optic Gaming saw their opportunity and seized it without hesitation. The names of Peter “ppd” Dager, Ludwig “zai” Wahlberg and Rasmus “MiSeRy” Filipsen are just a few names which will be joining the Greenwall. It’s definitely a stacked roster, formerly known as The Dire. All players do have an established position in the scene, yet they’ve slacked when it comes to qualifications for upcoming tournaments. Continuing on that point is the fact that the European roster hasn’t been able to qualify for the Hamburg Major and PGL Minor, mainly due to time restrictions. Their first event in the green jersey will be at the Summit Dota 2 Minor in early December. The squad will need to prove themselves assertively, solidifying their place which is so probable on paper. As stated prior, the FPS-based organisation has only quite recently, taken a slot in Blizzard’s looming Overwatch League. Apart from that, there have been speculations of the thought of entering League of Legends. Nothing for certain until now, but it remains a possibility. Following a convincing victory at Call of Duty Championships this year, Optic Gaming are certainly feeling confident, with all this expansion emphasising this. Having COD WWII on the horizon, the future is looking brighter than ever for the Greenwall. How do you think this new squad will perform in the Dota 2 scene right now? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

An Introduction to The GO Malta eSports Festival 2017

The local event you've been waiting for all year, The GO Malta eSports Festival 2017, is only weeks away and we're so excited to begin sharing some of the details. It's Malta's annual celebration of esports events, which will certainly live up to our reputation of organising high-quality tournaments.  With its early beginnings rooted all the way back in 2012, things have changed in the five years since. We'll be celebrating this anniversary, honoring it through the games that will be played. This will all be carried out in an arena of 1000 square metres, allowing space for over 200 participants with room for a little more. Speaking of participants, you have the choice of joining the PC gaming area, Console area or the Exhibitor stands if you fancy supporting. To boost up support and viewership, The GO Malta eSports Festival 2017 will be open to the public.  For those who've probably raced down this article, desperately trying to find out what games will be played at this event, we've got some upsetting news. We'll be revealing each title seperately, so if you'd like to make sure that you don't miss anything, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter. What we can say about the games being played is that it will be a healthy mixture of classic and modern games across all platforms which will accomodate many different tastes.  The team at has been working profusely all year round to ensure that this is our best event ever. We hope that your enthusiasm and involvement will help accomplish this too. Let's end 2017 with a bang!

Dota 2 Active Player Count Plummets to 2014 Numbers

With PUBG having such a monumental increase in its player-base, surely other games are being effected right? Yes indeed, with Dota 2 being one of the victims to this change in interest. Read on, as we discuss the declining numbers of this esports goliath.  Respectively, the game has been out for four years now, so when a fresh and intuitive title such as PUBG arises players are bound to give it a go. The FPS is a game which requires much less commitment than Dota 2, thanks to quick match-times and relatively simple mechanics compared to the intense study required to succeed at MOBAs. The unusual drop in player count is probably due to the unnaturally long time it's taking to push out update 7.07, as 7.06 is currently six months old! When it does roll out, players should be keen on trying out the two new heroes introduced at TI7. Without further delay, below are the numbers. All of which were taken from third-party number provider SteamCharts.  In the last 30 days, the most amount of players logged on simultaneously was 843,000.  As the title states, numbers haven't been that low since July 2014.  In July, this number was down to lower than 825,000.  Also in July, it was recorded that a total of around 100,000 active players stopped playing. Further reasons to back up this decline in enthusiasm include the somewhat broken matchmaking system which prioritises behaviour score over skill level. Hopefully, everything will be sorted out in the update, which is yet to be given a date. Dota 2 players will either hold on or move on until the new content and the Pro Circuit.  Is Dota 2 getting stale or is this just a temporary dought? Tell us what you think in the comment section below. 

PSG Enters Rocket League

Topping the leaderboard of the League 1, Paris-Saint Germain look to continue their winning form by branching out into Rocket League as an esport. Perhaps with some left over money, they easily joined the scene as you'd expect, by signing the European team Frontline. All the information is taken from an announcement which the organisation made on Friday 22nd September.  Now having the team of "Chausette", "Ferra" and "Bluey", they also inherit their second place position in Europe, right below the top dogs in the form of Method. As of now, they're undefeated both matches that they've played, as the two of them finished with a 3-2 score. Officially, the team's first game under the name of PSG will be against the side of Secret, a team which doesn't look to be too much of a threat due to its unimpressive abscence of wins. Europe Season 4 off the Rocket League Championship Series is where the best of the continent will be fighting it out these coming weeks. Here's what "Ferra" had to say about the news: "I am really proud and delighted to join PSG, it’s one of the biggest clubs in the world and I am glad to be part of the project. Our qualification for the RLCS this season was a big achievement, our first goal was to get qualified at the Regional Championship but after the results we had recently and especially our really good season opening, I think we can aim for the World Championship qualification. The PSG eSports arrival will increase people’s interest for the game and for the competitive scene. PSG is certainly setting the pace for other football-based organisations out there, first joining the scene in October 2016 with their LoL team and now Rocket League. It will be exciting to see what further investments bring to the table as esports grows. Hopefully it won't be too long before one could support a team on the field while also on their favourite videogame too. Now that's the future. 

Method Forms Full PUBG Roster

Joining the likesof Cloud9, Team Liquid, Tempo Storm and Luminosity, the esports organisation of Method has formed a full team for the upcoming PUBG action. Included in their roster are players who've teamed before and even those that have already competed in PUBG events.  To be exact, the four man team consists of Jamon "RaptorDaRaptor" Moretz, Anssi "AndyPyro" Houvinen, Ludvik "Aitzy" Jahnsen and Mathias "EnergeticTurtle" Nielsen. Having already represented Method earlier this year in the Invitational and finishing third place in FPP Duos, "AndyPyro" is the most prominent name on the roster. He's the reason why "Raptor" finds himself on the team, as he states below.  "I wanted Raptor on the team because of his natural in-game leader personality, He's a smart tactician who gives me the opportunity to focus on my strengths in the game." However, two isn't enough for a full team, therefore they began their search for two more members. Team Captain "RaptorDaRaptor" decided on the two players listed above as they filled out his criteria .  "Looking for the last players to fill out the team was quite a task—not only was it important to find two players who are capable of winning tournaments, it was also important to find players who understand the importance of motivation and self-improvement. People who would stay loyal to the team, even when things go south." "What really caught my attention with EnergeticTurtle and Aitzy was how calm and positive they were able to stay even when losing our first trial matches. It convinced me that these players had the right attitude and past performances, and then further trial matches also proved that they were capable of putting up a good fight against other top players." We'll just have to wait and see how this team stacks up against the opposition. 

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