Bethesda potentially working on GOT Project

As the end of the seventh season closes, many Game of Thrones enthusiasts are left starved for two years until the series continues in 2019. Following recent speculation, it is a possibility that an RPG GOT game could also be in the works from Bethesda. This speculation, a heavy emphasis on the word, originated from an unfinished Target page spotted by NeoGAF. The header stated “Bethesda: Game of Thrones” with a category label directing its identity as a featured product. However, nothing points at it being a videogame and it must be said, that Target pages can be spoofed. Yet, what if Bethesda are actually working on such an idea? They have stated that two projects are underway, while keeping most details themselves. "We have two larger projects that are more classically the scale of what we do, but even bigger,"  - studio director Todd Howard said earlier this year. Bethesda games such as Elder Scrolls’ Tamriel, which embraces dragons and feuds, this would be suitable for the game developer. When one thinks about it, Georger R.R. Martin’s world hasn’t exactly been captured by games.  Attempts include an RPG version by Cyanide Studios and Focus in 2012 which wasn’t that great, an MMORPG announced in the same year which never saw the shelf and the Telltale Game Series that came out in 2014. With a growing fan base, the universe of Game of Thrones could perhaps be put in the same discussion as LOTR and Harry Potter. With nothing for certain, we hope Bethesda are working on what is rumoured.   

The MCS#3 Back to Basics - COD2 Predictions - 1st - 4th

The MCS#3 Back to Basics - COD2 Predictions - 1st - 4th As we inch closer to the event, we’re ready to announce our predictions for the top four spots in the COD2 tournament. The list, as expected, consists of the best local talent, which includes some very familiar faces. 4th - Gamers Surely not a candidate for the most creative team name, Gamers is the official team representing Therefore, we’ve got a couple directors in the midst of the action, namely Kersten “nekklo” Chircop and Andre “angra” Mizzi. Formerly known as Team-MMD, this roster is one of the only teams to retain the original roster it once had, after some individual movement. Perhaps its greatest moment was overthrowing ephica from their throne in epic fashion although many argue that even though COD4 was still relatively new, ephica had already changed their focus at that time. The directors will be proving that organising an event is not the only thing they can excel at. Having won 6 COD2 events, they also have an impressive history with COD4 thanks to the intense rivalry between them and Project Eversio; facing off over seven times in offline finals. Hopefully, their lack of inactivity won’t become the downfall of “nekklo”, “angra”, “zappy”, “ascolese” and “lawfu”. 3rd - Doubtful Another old school team, and yes, the rest of the list is dominated by them which looks to resurrect their top three performance in COD2’s lifetime. Having their fair share of success, the core three of “Brutal”, “Bone” and “Crisis” are at the heart of this team. “Crisis” was also a part of FuryGaming’s recent line-up. To make up five, “Gibson” and “Kempes” bring their individual skill to the table which results in a very strong team poised for the bronze finish. 2nd - Ephica After hearing about them endlessly as we’ve discussed the predictions, “Prime”, “vortex”, “darkieee”, “R1k” and “Biankzai” are planning to uphold the legacy of the legendary team. If you’re unaware, ephica stood unbeaten for roughly 2 whole years of compeitition; taking with them 8 wins after taking over from s.M.u. Such performance was even recognised internationally, as the squad faced off against names such as Team Dignitas. Coming back from their most recent roster are “Prime”, “vortex”, “darkieee”, who’ve won a previous COD2 event of ours, joined by seasoned veterans in “R1k” and Biankzai”.  “Prime” is definetly a player to watch in this roster, being considered as one of the best minds in the game with great tactical insights and impressive nade tricks. Yet, they’re place at 2nd. Who do we think can steal the throne this weekend? 1st - Paradigm6 Formerly known as FuryGaming, the longest standing name in COD esports in the island, is who we think can take them for gold. Their central achievements stem of the release of COD4 as they were part of the few teams who still play COD2 actively; which benefitted them in the long run. Having won 7 COD2 events, the team definitely has a lot of potential. Their rivalry against marsh was so exciting to witness. Made up of “sou1ex”, “JeFf”, “B3Rrjj”, “Got1ke” and “bullz”, Paradigm6 has an incredible team riddled with intense chemistry especially when having players like "sou1ex", who is considered as one of the best players in recent times. Apart from COD2, the team also has a strong presence in Overwatch from which they’re taken a break for the weekend. This is the team to beat at the Malta Cyber Series #3 COD2 tournament.

The MCS#3 Back to Basics - COD2 Predictions - 5th/8th

As stated yesterday, the predictions will keep rolling out with today focusing on the 5th - 8th finish for the COD2 tournament. This bracket proved to be quite tough to predict, as many teams have a strong potential to reach higher. Without further ado, below are the teams. Narcos Project Fulfilling a partial goal of the Malta Cyber Series #3, this roster is saturated with veteran players who are ready to establish themselves against new opponents. Being seasoned competitors, they all have their own share of experience. “migu”, as we’re sure most of you know, used to be part of the most prolific maltese COD team ever in ephica. “kRoJz” used to be on FuryGaming, a dominant local team and “Hamsa” had represented smaller organisations such as “Myth” and “Arch”. The rest of the squad is made up of “Felez”, “bAJzu” and “Begi” who teamed in warchild back when COD2 was in its prime. Narcos Project is surely one of the most experienced teams, which will surely be visible as they compete. A team which we think can challenge them is NGU. NGU This squad also has its share of talented and experienced members. With the team standing strong since the COD2 scene, where they challenged others at 3 of our very own events, there should be an outstanding amount of chemistry. To refresh your memory, the core four of “Meonz”, “Maws”, “skinz” and “killboi” remain along with an added fifth; a promising “merkuR” who had joined from FuryGaming. The amount of practice that this team has had puts them in a fantastic position for the upcoming Malta Cyber Series #3. However, would they be able to stand fast against more unpredictable teams? R-ex! Standing for Reckless Extreme, the team boasts to have the craziest bunch of players. Perhaps, not too evident in their gameplay, the squad always finds a way to lighten up the mood at LAN events while creating a competitive atmosphere simultaneously. Beware the pranks. Today’s line-up consists of “ThundeR”, “Vexinn”, “Shino”, “Digit” and “mockzz”. It’s great to see “ThundeR” back in action, after taking a break from being the team’s in-game leader-he’s a cheerful guy. He’s returning alongside his former teammates in “Vexinn” and “Shino” while “Digit” once played for FuryGaming and “mockzz” hasn’t really been on a notable team yet. He’ll be looking to change that this weekend. Pure Luck Finishing off our list is a team who has a lot to prove on the LAN connection. Arguably the most underrated team in this bracket, “clayY”, “Zubijnn”, “eXeHH”, “Baj.” and “najZ” are a mixture of unsuccessful veteran players who performed after the peak of COD2 esports. Therefore, they haven’t had much history as a team, although they have played different titles together such as CS:GO. Hopefully, they won’t buckle under pressure.

The MCS#3 Back to Basics - COD2 Predictions - 9th/12th

Just days remain until all the exciting action goes down at the Malta Cyber Series #3; needless to say, we’re shaking with anticipation. To calm down the nerves and thrill, we’re ready to reveal our predictions for the COD2 tournament over the next few days. Who’ll finish 9th/12th? In no particular order; here goes our first set of predictions: Xynoptic The roster, consisting of “syt3x”, “Cappu”, “Desert”, “RaZer” and “play” are a healthy combination of veteran prowess and fresh hunger. If you’ve been taking notes over the years, you’ll realise that the core three of “syt3x”, “Cappu” and “Desert” used to team for COD4. Who could forget what a fantastic sniper shot “Desert” had? He’ll probably remind us himself in the upcoming event. SS Then there’s SS, a roster which consists of a few old timers  who used to compete when COD2 was at its time; with not a lot of success. The range in experience and age is probably the largest in the event, having players like “Metacode”, the oldest player who’ll be competing at the event, and others who’ve never been put in such situations. Using new blood, the team looks to make a name for themselves like they never could before. The full roster is as follows; “Levi”, “QuS”, “Fluxxa”, “BulletProof” and Metacode”. Xploze Another team filled with veterans is none other than Xploze. Similar to SS, the team was not considered top-tier quality at the time- as it simply wasn’t. Yet, after practising COD2 even before the MCS #3 was even announced, they are primed for a great finish with the likes of “Cannibal”, “Gonzalez”, “Ghost”, “Enemy” and “Gunner” teaming up.  Perhaps the most recognised player out of the lot, “Gunner” having been one of the best MGers in the game, which lead him to a few victories on other squads. Definitely the player to watch as the team progresses. NT4L Our last prediction for this finish is NT4L, which stands for “Nice Try For Lan”. The name is pretty much emphasised by the players themselves; as all of whom play other games for the most part. “ShocKeR”, “FunKeYYYY”, “ShowYy”, “Muska” and “Ludjnu” are giving COD2 a shot under the long standing name of NT4L. A note for all future predictions to come; is only predicting based on the seedings given during the group drafting process. We would be delighted to see any of these teams defeat our predictions by climbing higher, don’t let us limit your potential.  

Rostermania Following COD Championships 2017

It’s that time of year again for the Call of Duty esports scene; rostermania. Performances at the biggest event of the year, Championships, often decides the fate of players on their roster. Signings, transfers, swaps, drops and everything in between is expected as we head into boots on the ground warfare. Let’s see what’s happened until now. Starting with Evil Geniuses, the squad has released Parasite and Havok into free agency. One would think, since the next game is without jetpacks, that the formidable BO2 player in Parasite would be reserved. Then there’s Cloud9, who’ve completely split up as a squad. Patrick “ACHES” Price failed to lead his group of young guns to much success as they got swamped at a top 16 finish. Part of the compLexity dynasty; expect “ACHES” to find a home momentarily.  Another noticeable drop is that of Rise Nation’s “Faccento”. He's been successfully replaced by young gun "TJHaly". "Killa", "Mboze", "Proofy"and "Stainville" are also names which fall under free agency.  Probably the largest change in the scene, and perhaps the most surprising, is the deconstruction of Team EnVyUs. Having remained strong together for two years, it all fell apart at the Grand Final when Optic took them to a second game of five and won. Quite a crushing loss. Thus, Jkap and John have left, two players who didn’t show up at COD Champs. Following suit, was “Apathy”; we don’t know if he left independently or if he was sent off. With three gone, the only player remaining is “Slasher”, undoubtedly their best player of Infinite Warfare who many consider a hard carry. He was the only player on the squad who had a positive k/d at Season 2 Playoffs; and they reached the Grand Final! Who will be joining him remains a mystery. When it comes to signing and new teams being created, the largest piece of news is the fact that three Black Ops One veterans are back at it again; players who’ve had 2nd place finishes regularly throughout that season. Namely, these are “Pikachu”, “Domo” and “Mpaac”. They are currently looking for an organisation to represent. So that’s it regarding rostermania until now. We’ve seen WWII’s beta and everyone seems hyped about the next season; players along with the community. With so many free agents roaming around, the possibilities are endless.

Dreamhack Gives CS:GO Coaches New Timeout Rules

DreamHack has just made an announcement which looks to shake things up in their upcoming event. This will be done by upgrading the allotted time given to coaches to speak with their team from the usual four 30 second timeouts. CS:GO has never seen such an idea.  To be exact, DreamHack looks to add coach dialogue in the 20 second freeze time before each round and after each half for 30 seconds. Some could call this game-changing. Coaches may now guide their team so much more accurately throug each round, making sure they maintain composure, make the right plays and work as a team. It's safe to say that coaches will have a much more inclusive role in future DreamHack events; that is, if the rule stays in place.  Valve might have something to say against this, however. Actually, DreamHack are running the risk of prvoking their funding from Valve, especially for $1 million majors. Below is what Valve had to say in a statement this month last year: “Third party events can use whatever rules they want but if you want to align your events with ours then we recommend using this coaching rule.” Following that, the likes of PGL and ELEAGUE were sure to step in line and stay there.  Perhaps DreamHack could convince Valve to carry out this change across al events. If one thinks about it, team sports such as basketball and football always have a coach or manager shouting orders and tips from the sidelines. The only thing that's for certain is that DreamHack Masters Malmo will be a refreshing event pushing a new idea forward between August 30th and September 3rd.

Top Five Console Player Winnings

Following the 2017 Call of Duty Championships, perhaps the largest console event of the year, it’s a respectable time to check out the top five earners in the global competitive scene across all console esports. To preface, all the top five players are based in Call of Duty. Out of the five, four spots are filled in by all the current members of Optic Gaming who’ve just come out of a victory at this year’s Championship. Battling for the top two spots are Karma, at 1st place with three rings and Crimsix at 2nd with the most LAN wins in the scene. For precision sake, Damon “Karma” Barlow sits at $638,597.25 and Ian “Crimsix” Porter at $621,851.14. Continuing with the list is an anomaly at 3rd place; not that he’s a bad player it’s just that he’s from Team Envyus. Of course, it’s Jordan “Jkap” Kaplan following a 2nd place finish at this year’s champs and having two rings himself resulting in a tally of $548,117.98. Finishing the list in green is the formidable duo in Seth “Scump” Abner and Matthew “Formal” Piper.  “Scump” with $523,543.68 and “FormaL” with $514,944.68 thanks to a $25,000 MVP bonus at the event. On the topic of “FormaL”, the player was initially a strong player in the Halo scene, but he managed to make the switch to a different title while keeping his top-tier status. For those who’ve skipped through the words, below is a neat list: 1. Damon “Karma” Barlow            $638,597.25        2. Ian “Crimsix” Porter                   $621,851.14        3. Jordan “Jkap” Kaplan                 $548,117.98        4. Seth “Scump” Abner                  $523,543.68        5. Matthew “FormaL” Piper            $514,944.68        For those who are curious, the next four spots are all taken up by Halo players. Check out the official list here:

Age of Empires 4 Announced for PC

12 years; that’s how long the community has been winding in anxiety and clawing for a new title. Their cries have been answered as the iconic real-time strategy title returns in Age of Empires 4. Microsoft just revealed the news at this week’s gamescom. Also shown, is the fact that development will be completed by Relic Entertainment. The mentioned developer has worked on Company of Heroes and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, for those who haven’t hear the name before. If that isn’t too exciting, the trailer below should do the trick. Watch as the game slides through time periods, from Classical Greece to American Colonialism and everything in between. Microsoft is confident in Relic’s potential to push out an incredible game. This can be confirmed in a statemtent by Microsoft Creative Director Adam Isgreen.  "Relic Entertainment has a wealth of experience in creating high-quality RTS games, making them the ideal partner to develop Age of Empires 4. We are thrilled to be working with them and can’t wait for fans to see their unique and exciting contribution to the Age of Empires franchise." Relic Entertainment also shared a few thoughts: "We can’t wait to tap into our strengths as a studio to fuse historical context with deep strategic gameplay, and to bring this franchise back to the forefront of gaming and into the hands of its beloved community.” The only thing that really blows, like many other great games to come, is that a release date remains unknown. It’s also uncertain if the game could be produced for consoles. What is also possible, is that Age of Empires will harbour an esport. That's what is especially excited for. 

Paradigm6 now Sponsored by Monster Energy

Monster Energy; to many a reliable energy drink to enhance attention and performance whenever and wherever. For Paradigm6, it’s another sponsor.  If the Maltese organisation wasn’t already a heavy threat to local competition, imagine them on an endless supply of pure energy- a scary thought for those opposing them. Monster Energy, for those who don’t know, was introduced all the way back in 2002 by Hansen Natural Company. Since then, the vicious green “m” is easily identified across all corners of the globe.  Like most other brands, Monster Energy saw the potential in esports apart form already having a strong presence among gamers. Thus, it’s successfully established six sponsorship deals with 6 international organisations. Namely, Alliance, Team Envyus, Evil Geniuses, Fnatic, Team Liquid and Vici Gaming. Sponsorships also reach out to certain content creators too. Anyway, the list of organisations is incredible; Paradigm6 is booming with excitement to share a sponsor with such notable organisations. couldn’t be more content for Paradigm6, arguably one of the top organisations in the local scene. Such sponsors are the gateway to growth and establishing an international reputation which is exactly what the organisation is looking for. This will definitely give them the momentum they need for the upcoming Malta Cyber Series #3. They are now the only Maltese eSports team representing 2 international brands which are TteSports and Monster Energy. If you’re interested to learn more about Monster Energy’s hand in gaming click the link:

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