The MRO Overwatch: Open - Project Eversio vs Paradigm6 Match Recap

The clash between the two Maltese powerhouses, Project Eversio and Paradigm6, was without a doubt a highly anticipated game. The first encounter of the match saw us heading to Eichenwalde which to everyone’s surprise had just been patched and adjusted as experienced in recent weeks on the PTR server, with changes having being made to the second checkpoint’s gate.On the first chokepoint, we finally saw the first Torbjorn of the tournament, with Zwei of Paradigm6 pulling it out and using it effectively to hold the point until only sixteen seconds were left. This left Project Eversio with little time to push the payload to the second checkpoint. Paradigm6 made them sweat for it, having a five man resurrection from their Mercy keep them up on the defending side to force Project Eversio back at the last minute. However, with a last second effort they got the payload through to the second checkpoint on overtime, pushing it a further 45.65m before dropping and switching to the defending side.After the switch to defence, Project Eversio weren’t planning on giving Paradigm6 an easy run, with the attacking side also taking up till the final thirty seconds to cap the first checkpoint. This however would mean the complete collapse of Project Eversio’s defense as Paradigm6 then bulldozed their way through the 2nd checkpoint and final range cap to win the first map and take a 1-0 lead.The next round saw us going into Lijang Tower, our second king of the hill map of the tournament so far.  Being two teams that are considered virtual equals in skill, we expected a heavily contested close encounter. However, Paradigm6 were determined to show up strong and show their dominance.The first round came down to the wire with a last percent finish for Paradigm6 to take it home. The next two rounds saw Project Eversio’s PKmlt switch to McRee as a counter to Paradigm6’s star player Got1ke’s Tracer. This however wasn’t enough, as they swept the next two rounds to take it to a 3-0 win and overall 2-0, to win the match and be currently placed first in the standings with four wins and no losses.

The MRO Overwatch: Open - Project Eversio vs EvH Match Recap

To provide additional coverage of The MRO Overwatch: Open, we will be releasing a recap of the most interesting matches we will be having! For the very first featured game, we will be looking at Project Eversio vs EvH. Although both rosters have undergone some changes since the last AOC MCS: Masters Overwatch Tournament, the match between the third and second place team respectively was one we were greatly looking forward to. Unfortunately, like most of the games that day, it turned out to be a rather one sided affair. Project Eversio had previously swept Entropy with a quick 2-0, and surprisingly enough they were able to repeat this versus EvH. On the first map, Dorado, EvH's offense proved to be unable to break through, especially the supports of Project Eversio. A plethora of heroes was used on the side of EvH (D.VA, Widowmaker and Reaper were all seen, in conjunction with the regular roster of Reinhardt, Soldier 76, Lucio and Ana) and they even employed some unconventional offensive plays. However, in the end all effort was halted by Cin on Ana and Serenity on Lucio, defending the payload extremely close near the second capture point for an extended time versus Z4mbu on Reaper and Soulkilla on D.VA. Lacking the time to cap the second point, EvH had to yield the first map to Project Eversio as they easily pushed the cart throughout Dorado in the second half, with some interesting Widow versus Widow sniper battles and a Pharmercy combo being used by Project Eversio.The second map, Numbani, turned out to be a pretty straightforward 3-1 for Project Eversio, where their standard play proved to be stronger than what EvH was able to bring. A personal highlight here was the flanking play made by Yumadrebel, where he spent a good amount of time crouched into a corner, before surprising EvH and hitting a 4 man Earthshatter. Regardless, while the score seems somewhat lopsided, the actual games had EvH show some real promise. Although Project Eversio will be the team to beat with an extremely strong showing on the first day, they did not seem invincible. Tune in on February 28th at 20:00 CET to see the second day of The MRO Overwatch: Open! 

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