The MRO Overwatch: Open Finals Recap

What amazing days for Overwatch! That is honestly all that can be said about the final days of The MRO Overwatch: Open. The LAN-part of the event (that me and my co-caster unfortunately could not partake in) proved to be a breeding ground for exceptionally entertaining matches. The match on Friday night between EvH and Paradigm6 is the only series of the weekend to rival the series between EvH and Project Eversio which took place on the 16th of March. In a nail biting series, Paradigm6 managed to remain undefeated after taking the very last map of the best of 5 in a grueling overtime duel. Their play looked shaky, while EvH seemed to have patched up their trademark inconsistency issues. However, we were quite unsure as to what would happen on the final day. Project Eversio, the following day, tried their very best to take revenge on EvH for their previous encounter in the higher ends of the brackets. Unfortunately for them, after battling their way through Entropy (3-0) and the Underdogs (an even more convincing 3-0) they faced their nemesis once again. A day of playing had exhausted Project Eversio, and the level of consistency and high level play that they showcased only a week prior was nowhere to be found. This was exacerbated by the fact that EvH looked absolutely on fire, burning with a desire to finally take down the still undefeated kings of the MRO Overwatch Open, Paradigm6.  In the grand finals, Paradigm6 started with a 1-0 lead, due to the fact that they came in from the Winners bracket. It proved to be merely a symbolic 1-0 lead, as EvH showed up in the most dominating fashion we have seen in this entire tournament between two teams that were believed to be equal. I’m unsure whether this was due to exhaustion, nerves, or some other external reason that we were unaware of, but it seemed like everything that made Paradigm6 the dominant team of before (their pouch of unlimited strategies, the fact that anyone on their team could step up and carry entire games, Jeff’s Symmetra) was nowhere to be found. At the same time, I can only imagine that EvH trained their asses off, because as mentioned above, their inconsistencies were nowhere to be found and the only thing that was left was a team of trained killers with a single minded taste for their enemies blood. All in all - pretty good series! EvH didn’t drop a single game, going 4-0 leading to a final 4-1 score in favor of EvH. With that, we say goodbye to The MRO Overwatch: Open and look forward to the future! It has been a pleasure casting and writing for you and I hope to see you soon. The MRO Overwatch: Open Final Standings Photo gallery for The MRO Overwatch: Open can be found here:

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