5 Maltese gamers with a difference!

Yesterday we published an article regarding female Maltese gamers which we had to remove due to people getting personal against people who commented or expressed their opinion on such. Some of you requested us to publish something about gamers in-general and as promised, here it is. What you're going to see below are 5 personalities that apart from gaming, they also have interest into something totally different. Let's start!   1. Toni Taliana - Tattoo Artist  A popular tattoo artist and also a keen console gamer, Toni is passionate about gaming and also a big fan of Dragon Ball. In the above picture you can see him drawing Vegeta on his own leg.   2. Melvin Micallef - Mr. Malta 2017 Won Mr. Malta last April and he's currently preparing to represent us abroad later on this year. A freak when it comes to physique and appereance but, he's been a League Of Legends player since the very beginning, We wish Melvin the best of luck in his upcoming competition.   3. Rachel Fitz - Athlete Rachel has been gaming for the last couple of years. She is known in the local League of Legends community but she is also making a name for our country even abroad! Rachel represented our island in various competitions like the Common Wealth Games and the European Games!   4. Massimo Fabri - Body Builder Massimo has been playing games on a competitive level for nearly a decade and recently he also started to participate in body building competitions. Massimo is a perfect example that shows that being a gamer won't stop you from keeping yourself healthy and in a good shape!   5. Keith Falzon - Musician You might have seen Keith shooting some of our videos during our recent events but he's also a member of the Maltese metal band, ClubMurder. He has been gaming for more than a decade and he's considered one of the ''oldest'' gamers on the island. We will publish similar articles in the very near future. If you have something that is of interest to the local gaming community, we would like to hear your story. You can send your story to [email protected]

To whom does Dota belong to?

The answer is simple: It’s up to the jury to determine that Without question, DotA is a world renowned name in the spectrum of gaming. DotA, or ‘Defense of the Ancients’, is a multiplayer online battle arena mod which was released for the video game ‘Warcraft 3’, all the way back in 2003. After 14 years of exponential growth, without surprise, younger companies such as Lilith and uCool have started creating mobile games dangerously similar to DotA. Valve and Blizzard were not amused and thus, sparked a lawsuit. On paper, DotA and other branches (Dota, Dota 2) are the children of Blizzard, Valve, Icefrog, Guinsoo and Eul respectively. (Eul being a creator).  Lilith and uCool would never achieve victory by denying any infringement, especially when similarities are found starting from the name of the games, such as ‘Dota Legends’ which has since been abolished. (Another game which was also highlighted was ‘Heroes Charge’ which remains purchasable.) Therefore, these keen developers have struck from a different angle, with surprising claims that contradict the stated ownership of the title to the mentioned developers and creator. This immensely spiced up the case, drastically adding tension and anxiety. The foundation on which uCool cements this argument is regarding recently added content to the newer title ‘Dota 2’, which apparently strips all of these developers of any ownership.  ‘Dota 2’ contains constituents from the ‘DotA All-Stars custom’ map which gradually launched itself into becoming the most popular rendition of ‘DotA’ in ‘Warcraft 3’. Continuing with uCool’s reasoning, since this custom map has no official owner, then correspondingly, DotA has no owner and accordingly belongs to the community. In my opinion, this ounce of reasoning is rather sketchy, since all of DotA’s popularity has not been generated from a single title, but then again, the jury shall decide. Note how uCool is involved individually, with Lilith indifferent, perhaps due to a lack of confidence? In response to this ‘by the people, for the people’ attitude, Blizzard and Valve have rightfully denied everything, showing not a glimmer of doubt over the entitlement of the intellectual property. Yet, they stab themselves in the back with an unexpected forum post extracted from 2004, created by none other than Eul, a contributing creator to DotA: From this point forward, DOTA is now open source. Whoever wishes to release a version of DOTA may without my consent, I just ask for a nod in the credits to your map. Naturally, uCool pounced on this opportunity, this quote being an essential part to their case.  Presiding judge Charles Breyer, however, didn’t make much of it and calmly denied the company’s appeal for concise judgement. Breyer’s outlook on the forum was that Eul used poor language to demonstrate his surrender of a few rights, but not all. The presiding judge has also created an impressive summary of the case which withholds all the details and history of the ‘DotA’ property. Included is a ridiculously comprehensive timeline of development, with depositions and puzzling problems to be solved by the jury. Breyer writes that; The record contains ample evidence that Eul, Guinsoo, and IceFrog were the masterminds behind their respective versions of Dota and DotA All-stars. Presiding Judge; Mr Breyer At the moment, the case is frozen at a stand-still, with both sides eagerly waiting for the jury’s consultation to begin. The world of gaming holds its breath, ready to find out who the true owner of DotA is. Nevertheless, DotA will always remain a beloved game which many say could be the world’s first and greatest MOBA.

The best 5 selling mice of all time!

We know that articles like these are of interest to all of you, so we're going to start publishing such articles quite frequently. Today, we're going to take a look at the current top 5 best-selling mice from The Gamers Lounge. Starting from the least best selling to the best selling mouse to date. So here we go : In 5th place we have the Ozone Neon M50 gaming mouse. Being an ergonomic mouse and also having the RGB feature for the price of €50 is for sure something worth considering when purchasing your next mouse. Link - In 4th place we have the Ozone Neon 3K. Having an ambidextrous shape with side buttons on each side, makes this mouse suitable for both left and right hand users and comes at a price of only €35.  Link - The above mouse doesn't need any introduction. In 3rd place we have the legendary Razer Deathadder Elite Chroma. Having been in the market for nearly 10 years, makes it one of the best mouses ever made which can be yours for €80. Link - In 2nd place we have the Zowie EC2-A. Mainly aimed for prefossional FPS esports players, makes this mouse a must have if you want the unfair advantage against your opponents. Priced at only €65, it's surely a must have peripheral. Link - Our number 1 is without a doubt the Zowie EC1-A. It's the bigger version of the EC2-A but it's the most preferred by all. It features a plug and play option with only 3200 DPI but comes with one of the best sensors out there for the price of only €65. Link - Let us know what you think about our rankings. We are willing to hear any suggestions and criticism that you might have. 

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