The MRO Overwatch: Open Finals Recap

What amazing days for Overwatch! That is honestly all that can be said about the final days of The MRO Overwatch: Open. The LAN-part of the event (that me and my co-caster unfortunately could not partake in) proved to be a breeding ground for exceptionally entertaining matches. The match on Friday night between EvH and Paradigm6 is the only series of the weekend to rival the series between EvH and Project Eversio which took place on the 16th of March. In a nail biting series, Paradigm6 managed to remain undefeated after taking the very last map of the best of 5 in a grueling overtime duel. Their play looked shaky, while EvH seemed to have patched up their trademark inconsistency issues. However, we were quite unsure as to what would happen on the final day. Project Eversio, the following day, tried their very best to take revenge on EvH for their previous encounter in the higher ends of the brackets. Unfortunately for them, after battling their way through Entropy (3-0) and the Underdogs (an even more convincing 3-0) they faced their nemesis once again. A day of playing had exhausted Project Eversio, and the level of consistency and high level play that they showcased only a week prior was nowhere to be found. This was exacerbated by the fact that EvH looked absolutely on fire, burning with a desire to finally take down the still undefeated kings of the MRO Overwatch Open, Paradigm6.  In the grand finals, Paradigm6 started with a 1-0 lead, due to the fact that they came in from the Winners bracket. It proved to be merely a symbolic 1-0 lead, as EvH showed up in the most dominating fashion we have seen in this entire tournament between two teams that were believed to be equal. I’m unsure whether this was due to exhaustion, nerves, or some other external reason that we were unaware of, but it seemed like everything that made Paradigm6 the dominant team of before (their pouch of unlimited strategies, the fact that anyone on their team could step up and carry entire games, Jeff’s Symmetra) was nowhere to be found. At the same time, I can only imagine that EvH trained their asses off, because as mentioned above, their inconsistencies were nowhere to be found and the only thing that was left was a team of trained killers with a single minded taste for their enemies blood. All in all - pretty good series! EvH didn’t drop a single game, going 4-0 leading to a final 4-1 score in favor of EvH. With that, we say goodbye to The MRO Overwatch: Open and look forward to the future! It has been a pleasure casting and writing for you and I hope to see you soon. The MRO Overwatch: Open Final Standings Photo gallery for The MRO Overwatch: Open can be found here:

The MRO Overwatch: Open Finals Preview

As this will be the last article for The MRO Overwatch: Open, I have the luxury of writing a larger article. I will shortly touch upon both matches played last Thursday (those being EvH vs Project Eversio and Paradigm6 vs Underdogs) and provide a preview of the upcoming matches that will be played at the Malta Robotics Olympiad!Both matches last Thursday proved to be incredibly entertaining, albeit for very different reasons. I’d like to start off with Project Eversio versus EvH, which was, all around, probably the highest level of play we have seen in the MRO Overwatch Open so far. If there is one match you’re going to watch in detail, it should be this one. Both teams showcased a broad range of strategies (from dive comps to turtle comps to standard play) and played incredibly synergistic. Particular praise goes out to Eversio’s duo of Reed and Serenity, whose Pharmercy-combo was able to carry entire maps. Reed’s Pharah proved to be by far the biggest problem for EvH, who showed some real trouble properly dealing with him. A moment where this was particularly bad was on Eichenwalde, where Reed was able to dispatch of a number of people with amazing aerial movement on the first point on offensive, following that up with pretty much negating Z4mbu’s questionable Reaper pick by always being out of range and raining down hell upon the team of EvH. Despite all this, EvH managed clinch victory in a very tight last round on Dorado. As was mentioned during the cast, it felt like Project Eversio was by far the more stable and consistent team. At the worst of times, EvH looked like they had no clue what they were doing, following up over-extensions with weird hero picks. At the same time, the games where they were winning they looked incredibly strong. It was this high level of play that they showcased most of the times when they were really under pressure. If EvH is able to find the source of their inconsistencies and really start playing to their full potential, I would be very surprised if they wouldn’t be able to finally beat the undefeated champions so far (and their opponent for the winners bracket final) : Paradigm6.  While we are on Paradigm6, turns out they are pretty good at Overwatch as they were able to handily deal with the Underdogs in a 3-0 victory. There isn't that much to be said about this series, as the raw quality of players of Paradigm6 proved to be too much for Underdogs teamwork to handle. A couple of notes: check Paradigm6's defense on Dorado where they ran an incredibly cool zone control comp using Widowmaker, Mei and Symmetra. While you're at it, check out the last game of Nepal where we had a short glimpse of what could've been an 80's sports movie if the stars had aligned - including Eye of the Tiger.On to the preview! I was originally planning to do a power-ranking, but it would basically be a full copy of the standings after groups:1) Paradigm6 (Should be self explanatory, all around amazing team where everyone can carry depending on whether or not they are feeling it)2/3) EvH (depending on whether they play as well as we have seen them play)3/2) Project Eversio (depending on whether EvH plays to their full potential, incredibly consistent)4) The Underdogs (The kings of our hearts, but unfortunately not very consistent)5) The rest of the teams (All these teams lack the raw skill necessary to really contest the four upper teams) The main match I'm personally looking forward to will be Paradigm6 vs. EvH, the winners final. I could sing praise for each individual player of Paradigm6, but suffice it to say that they are not only a team of individual powerhouses, but also seem like one of the teams with the deepest hero and strategy pool out of the tournament. I would be very surprised to see them toppled after the run they had so far. However, if there is one team that can do it, it is EvH. As previously mentioned, EvH is a team of mountains and valleys, where earthsthattering synergy and laserpoint-precision can be followed up with questionable heropicks and overextensions. If they perform at their highest level, they are undubitably able to defeat Paradigm6 - and as the Underdogs are very well aware, everyone loves to root for an underdog. New_Kings and Euphoria will face off in the losers bracket, as well as Project Eversio vs. Entropy. The first match should be relatively even, while the second one highly favors Project Eversio. The rest of the matches is to be destined, and I personally can't wait to see what is going to happen on the last days of the MRO Overwatch Open!It has been a pleasure writing for you, and I'm looking forward to casting the matches next weekend!Kind regards from your writer and caster,Chronicler

The MRO Overwatch: Open - EvH vs New_Kings Match Recap

In another night of 3-0 series (which should be the last one, considering that we are getting deeper and deeper into the brackets), there was one map that everyone interested in the MRO Overwatch: Open should watch: EvH vs. New_Kings, on Hollywood. Going into this game, it seemed like it should have been a relatively quick walkover for EvH . They had performed better throughout the group stages and had all around better individual players. However, they were as surprised as we were when New_Kings completely disregarded the fact that they shouldn't perform optimally against EvH , and blew through the initial line of defense with a heavy snowball focused approach, make one or two key picks before piling on top of the leftover scrambling squad from EvH. Keeping the pressure up all the way to a short 20 meters shy of the last point, they showcased, most of all, the potential this team has if they up their individual game a little bit and keep playing together. The way that New_Kings moved as a cohesive unit, striking as one at the most opportune of times showed a team synergy that we hadn't seen as much of in The MRO Overwatch: Open up until this point.Most teams usually revolve around supporting their playmakers (usually the DPS players, although we've seen supports and Savagebeast represent playmakers on the other end of the spectrum), but the way New_Kings was playing promises a lot going into future cups. Unfortunately, despite all this, EvH pushed to point three relatively easy and swept the other two maps. With what should be the last 3-0's of the tournament behind us, one can only look forward with great enthusiasm at the games ahead of us!

The MRO Overwatch: Open - Underdogs vs Euphoria Gaming Match Recap

In another day filled with lopsided victories, the match we look at today is not one that was very entertaining score-wise, but did provide a lot of great moments and provided a  showcase of why Underdogs managed to get a solid 3-1 match score throughout the evening. While getting shredded in their first series by Paradigm6 (which you can’t blame them for, as they are as of yet undefeated in the tournament!) they quickly bounced back and proceeded to win their next three series in a very similar way. Underdogs have a fairly solid all around lineup, with Vortex being one of the most consistent DPS players we’ve seen during the night and the deep champion pools of Bullz and Smokeyy. Their, albeit arguably, most prolific player is the Reinhardt player Savagebeast. Known for an incredibly aggressive, hit-or-miss play-style when he plays Reinhardt (or any other champion, for that matter), he counts on the rest of his team to follow through on his head-on charges. Which, generally, they do very well. This play-style of Underdogs immediately shows in their first game on King’s Row, where they death-ball up and charge straight into Euphoria Gaming through the hotel, easily capping the first point. In the streets leading up to the second point, Savagebeast pins Necron with a charge and proceeds to Earthshatter the entire team of Euphoria. A short pause due to a disconnect notwithstanding, the rest of the game was fairly straightforward as Underdogs outclassed Euphoria Gaming on all levels, only dropping the first point. The second game on Dorado saw the payload getting pushed a bit further with a really nice overtime play by Killylelee and Kalzerk, whose Nano-visor proved to be too hard to deal with. Ending up just past the second point, things were looking up for Euphoria. Unfortunately, in a fairly straightforward second half of the map, Underdogs pushed through and claimed a 2-0 victory.

The MRO Overwatch: Open - Project Eversio vs Paradigm6 Match Recap

The clash between the two Maltese powerhouses, Project Eversio and Paradigm6, was without a doubt a highly anticipated game. The first encounter of the match saw us heading to Eichenwalde which to everyone’s surprise had just been patched and adjusted as experienced in recent weeks on the PTR server, with changes having being made to the second checkpoint’s gate.On the first chokepoint, we finally saw the first Torbjorn of the tournament, with Zwei of Paradigm6 pulling it out and using it effectively to hold the point until only sixteen seconds were left. This left Project Eversio with little time to push the payload to the second checkpoint. Paradigm6 made them sweat for it, having a five man resurrection from their Mercy keep them up on the defending side to force Project Eversio back at the last minute. However, with a last second effort they got the payload through to the second checkpoint on overtime, pushing it a further 45.65m before dropping and switching to the defending side.After the switch to defence, Project Eversio weren’t planning on giving Paradigm6 an easy run, with the attacking side also taking up till the final thirty seconds to cap the first checkpoint. This however would mean the complete collapse of Project Eversio’s defense as Paradigm6 then bulldozed their way through the 2nd checkpoint and final range cap to win the first map and take a 1-0 lead.The next round saw us going into Lijang Tower, our second king of the hill map of the tournament so far.  Being two teams that are considered virtual equals in skill, we expected a heavily contested close encounter. However, Paradigm6 were determined to show up strong and show their dominance.The first round came down to the wire with a last percent finish for Paradigm6 to take it home. The next two rounds saw Project Eversio’s PKmlt switch to McRee as a counter to Paradigm6’s star player Got1ke’s Tracer. This however wasn’t enough, as they swept the next two rounds to take it to a 3-0 win and overall 2-0, to win the match and be currently placed first in the standings with four wins and no losses.

The MRO Overwatch: Open - Project Eversio vs EvH Match Recap

To provide additional coverage of The MRO Overwatch: Open, we will be releasing a recap of the most interesting matches we will be having! For the very first featured game, we will be looking at Project Eversio vs EvH. Although both rosters have undergone some changes since the last AOC MCS: Masters Overwatch Tournament, the match between the third and second place team respectively was one we were greatly looking forward to. Unfortunately, like most of the games that day, it turned out to be a rather one sided affair. Project Eversio had previously swept Entropy with a quick 2-0, and surprisingly enough they were able to repeat this versus EvH. On the first map, Dorado, EvH's offense proved to be unable to break through, especially the supports of Project Eversio. A plethora of heroes was used on the side of EvH (D.VA, Widowmaker and Reaper were all seen, in conjunction with the regular roster of Reinhardt, Soldier 76, Lucio and Ana) and they even employed some unconventional offensive plays. However, in the end all effort was halted by Cin on Ana and Serenity on Lucio, defending the payload extremely close near the second capture point for an extended time versus Z4mbu on Reaper and Soulkilla on D.VA. Lacking the time to cap the second point, EvH had to yield the first map to Project Eversio as they easily pushed the cart throughout Dorado in the second half, with some interesting Widow versus Widow sniper battles and a Pharmercy combo being used by Project Eversio.The second map, Numbani, turned out to be a pretty straightforward 3-1 for Project Eversio, where their standard play proved to be stronger than what EvH was able to bring. A personal highlight here was the flanking play made by Yumadrebel, where he spent a good amount of time crouched into a corner, before surprising EvH and hitting a 4 man Earthshatter. Regardless, while the score seems somewhat lopsided, the actual games had EvH show some real promise. Although Project Eversio will be the team to beat with an extremely strong showing on the first day, they did not seem invincible. Tune in on February 28th at 20:00 CET to see the second day of The MRO Overwatch: Open! 

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