Lovin Malta - An Official Media Partner for The GO Malta Esports Festival 2018!

An essential aspect of organizing any competitive event is appropriate broadcasting to all potential viewers, both virtual and physical, through casting, a well-coordinated stream and other forms of specialised media. has plenty of experience in this region, though creating official media partners will only assist us in this department and increasing the general awareness of the event both locally and internationally. An official media partner with which we'll be working with is none other than Lovin Malta.  Popular among the Maltese youth and the country in general, the company was only recently surfaced. Embracing a modern approach to journalism, the team of journalists and reporters hold true to the being 'the online guide to Malta' by creating content concerning both ends of the spectrum. At one end is your standard political and serious national news with the Lovin Malta flare, while the other end indulges in a more comedic taste in addressing local trends, personalities and Maltese humour with the mutual aim of keeping the locals up to date, if from an alternate perspective. Covered news falls into the categories of 'Lifestyle', 'Food', 'News' together with a podcast or two to spice things up; although it should be noted that the platform doesn't restrict itself to specific news genres. Regardless of the above description, we're certain that it's rather unnecessary as anyone that's up to date is familiar with the name of Lovin Malta. We've also publically shared their content many times on Facebook, especially when it's relevant to local gaming and esports, and they've, in turn, covered some of our content too. Hence, we're simply ecstatic to be partnering with them for the upcoming event; the Malta Esports Festival 2018. At Lovin Malta we make it a point to sponsor the most important and entertaining events happening in Malta. The popularity of esports is clear for all to see. It is a billion-dollar global industry and Malta is positioning itself as an important player. So it is exciting to watch movements like flourish, and it is for this reason that we are supporting The GO Malta Esports Festival. We strongly believe the event can become a highlight of the European esports circuit. - Luca Amato, Managing Director, Lovin Malta Together with the help of Lovin Malta, one of the most prominent digital news platforms in Malta, we'll have a strong presence in the media when it comes to esports - keeping everyone updated and perhaps enlightening those who are still to learn of esports.  Learn more about the platform through their website:

Gadgets - An Official Media Partner for The GO Malta Esports Festival 2018!

For the upcoming event, The GO Malta Esports Festival, often celebrated as the most popular esports event on the island, we've made an especial effort in the media department by announcing official media partners; two massive ones, both being extremely reputable locally. GMR Entertainment is proud to announce that Gadgets is an official media partner for the event!  Although we're officially partnering with them for the event, our relationship with Gadgets has quite the history already, as we've collaborated together on informational videos; recommend shopping lists for gamers, breaking down our local events on the main stage and reviewing hardware products from The Gamers Lounge. Apart from that, Gadgets, the television programme, covers quite a broad range of technology - all under the common aim of educating the general Maltese population in this department. Present by the familiar faces which we've all come to respect, 2018 marks the 10th consecutive year that Gadgets has appeared on your TV screen. The programme frequently travels internationally to technological expos and events in order to provide us locals with a first-hand breakdown and exposure; they've also travelled to esports events on certain occasions.  Gadgets has always invested a remarkable amount of curiosity in Maltese developments in tech and competitive gaming. Some may also confidently say that Gadgets is the number one name in tech on the island.  For The GO Malta Esports Festival, Gadgets will be offering extremely high-quality coverage, maintaining the high-quality service we've come to associate them with, broadcasting all the information to the incredible amount of viewers that regularly tune in. This should greatly assist the event coverage and the general aim of promoting esports in Malta overall.  Feel free to check out their most recent content through their website:

The Esports Awards 2018 - Recap

The Esports Awards is a celebration of competitive gaming and all aspects of the industry, recognizing those whose efforts are propelling the industry forward in their respective sector. This year's iteration took place last week, 12th November in London, with a broadcasted ceremony on Twitch. In this article, we'll list out the winners of each category, elaborating on the more interesting victors. Let's dive right in.  Esports Breakthrough Game of the Year: Fortnite Out of the nominations, it was almost clear cut that Fortnite would win this one, although we were somewhat hopeful for Battalion 1944 which was also on the list. What I'd like to add is encouragement and hope for the battle royale to keep moving forward and not lose much-needed steam (PUBG!) in this relatively new genre. Now it will no longer be a 'breakthrough' esports title, but considered a familiar one - all the best for the action-packed battle royale - both internationally and locally of course.  Esports Console Rookie of the Year: Kenny "Kenny" Williams Within this category, the shortlisted candidates consisted of 5 players of Call of Duty and two others. What I'd like to point out that returning to boots with WWII, although it could have done better, really has kickstarted the Call of Duty scene back into gear. Also, those who know the backstory of Kenny know full-well that he is extremely deserving of the award.  Esports PC Rookie of the Year: Gabriel 'Bwipo' Rau The 19-year-old Belgian LoL player impressed everybody with his performance as a substitute Top Laner for Fnatic in the EU LCS this year - so much so, that his reputation grew exponentially. Their run at Worlds was exceptional as a team, and the jury applauded the youngster for being such a huge part of it.  Esports Team of the Year: Astralis CS:GO A total of 7 events victories, $1,825,000 worth of prize pool from these victories and other impressive placements are a few statistics which summarize the incredible year which Astralis' CS:GO team have pioneered. The completely Danish active squad, led by Lukas gla1ve Rossander as the captain, are undoubtedly the top team in CS:GO as of right now.  Esports Live Event of the Year: Overwatch League Grand Final 2018  Ever since the beginning, Overwatch has captivated esports with an uncanny ability to grow, franchising into a World League throwing some of the largest esports organizations into a wild fit to create rosters. The event itself was indeed incredible, managing to beat out The International 2018 and its remarkable prize pool. Esports events aren't always about the prize pool! Esports Broadcaster of the Year: Clint "Maven" Evans  This award is probably the one I enjoyed the most. As a Call of Duty enthusiast myself, Maven is definitely my favourite personality and makes watching the esport and absolute pleasure because he's an actual clown! His ability to elevate the tension and hype by screaming and shouting without compromising narration added something magical to each grand final. Especially with his duo in "Courage" stepping down and moving to streaming, he had to step up and he did so in an incredible way.  Esports Game of the Year: Overwatch With the Overwatch League Grand Final 2018 being the most acclaimed event, it's no surprise to see that Overwatch took the cake as this year's best esport. It's rather tough to narrow down a best 'esport'- I believe that Overwatch was chosen due to the immense amount of risks the title took, based on a colossal amount of planning while also prioritizing community integration.  Esports Personality of the Year and Streamer of the Year: Tyler Ninja Blevins Once again, the name of the former Halo player resurfaces due to his unchallenged social presence thanks to Fortnite. Of course, his personality is also complimentary and added to his success. If you're online, he's probably streaming right now - check him out if you haven't.  There are a lot more awards to look at, all of which are deserving; such as best photographer, videographer, journalist, organizations and many others. There were also community awards such as the Play of the Year seen in Faze' "Attach" clutching up a Round 11 for CoD: WWII. If there's one thing that did honestly surprise me, it was the presence of Call of Duty in snatching a few awards - and that was just WWII. Black Ops 4 already looks like a massive contender for next year, but then again, Call of Duty is my personal favourite.  Check out the complete awards here. What did you think of the award ceremony? Do you not agree with some of the winners? Let us know down below!

Injustice 2 Champion Donates $10,000 Prize to Runner-Up's Family - Esportsmanship

Anybody invested or interested in the esports industry has at least dreamt about winning an event, claiming pride, prestige and prize pool at least once on a slower winter day. For some, this is a reality which they regularly encounter, opportunities in grand finals where a 1v1 matchup individually or through a team is the difference between winning and losing the whole thing - not many would trade the feeling of winning and all that it entails. As an esports journalist, it's commonplace for me to recount victories following the conclusion of events, especially in the major scenes as each new victor affects the future of the scene. Recently, an Injustice 2 event really switched things up with an incredible show of sportsmanship, or as I'd like to call it, esportsmanship.  On the 16th November, the incredibly popular fighting title of Injustice 2 celebrated a major event within the yearly calendar in the form of the Injustice 2 Pro Series Grand Finals. The event acts as a conclusion to the many international qualifiers held, in which the best players in the world competed in the DC-themed fighter, with a total of $100,000 prize pool spread heavily at the top of the stacked 16 player list. The double-elimination bracket ensued and within moments, the favourite of 'Tweedy' met his match in the third placed 'Rewind', with placings according to points heading into the event. This was the major upset of the event; with 'Tweedy' out of the way, 'Rewind' would make his way to the finals where the other favourite stood in his path - the one and only 4 time EVO champion in "SonicFox' representing Echo Fox. The blue fox did beat out the youngster in the final, and the two met up once more in the grand finals. Here, using the lineup of Joker, Captain Cold and Mantis, 'SonicFox' showed his dominance and claimed the full $40,000 which were rightfully his while the runner-up enjoyed $20,000. What happened next was incredibly surprising. The young 20-year-old Dominique "SonicFox" McLean immediately announced that he would be donating a total of 1/4 of his prize pool; $10,000 to the family of the runner-up in 'Rewind',  showing a sense of solidarity beyond casual competition. His motives for equalizing the prize pool are open wide - the champion gave away his money in order to support 'Rewind' McCall's father who is currently receiving treatment for a deadly third-stage cancer. In an interview, he had the following to share:  "I don't do this for the money. [McCall] is one of my good friends, one of my training partners, and I'm so very happy to have shared the stage with him." This is a testament to the attitude of sportsmanship, which up to this point has been coined only for reference to physical sports. SonicFox, with all the freedom of his own, donated a portion of his prize pool - an act which if he hadn't committed, nobody would have thought less of him. I've chosen to cover this topic today in order to spread this message of solidarity and care for one another within the esports industry - going where prize pools cannot. That's why I've happily included the term 'esportsmanship' in the title.  Such an act only adds to SonicFox' incredible reputation within the scene.

The GO Malta Esports Festival 2018 - DOTA 2: Open

The Malta Esports Festival 2018 wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of the world’s largest esport in DOTA 2, hosting the largest events with record-breaking prize pools. Although the local Maltese scene has been struggling, is willing to provide another opportunity for the event by taking the feedback and offering PC for competitors. The separate tournament devoted for DOTA 2 will run alongside all the other tournament; running from Saturday through Sunday. The following are all the details you’ll need to know should you be interested in participating or observing. As stated, the tournament will run from Saturday 8th to Sunday 9th of December, allowing competitors to bring their PC to the BYOC Area to practice before the main event, with the dedicated area encouraging occasions of running through strategies against other teams or just generally warming-up as an individual and a team. Do note, that all official matches will be played on the Gamers Lounge Stand at the venue of MFCC during the event, where many observers may enjoy the matches as they will be shown on screens. Hence, competitors do not need to necessarily bring anything for the mainstage competition, as all necessary gear and accessories will be providing, all that is required is a ticket and a will to compete. This will hopefully be enough to revive the struggling local scene. Speaking of tickets, they will be selling for €25 each; providing full participation in the event. Of course, a podium finish rewards winners some prizes in the form of cash and vouchers from the Gamers Lounge. Again, we’re giving DOTA 2 its chance to return to the form it once upheld. We’ll see you all then! For more info regarding the tournament please the tournament website, while tickets can be purchased from -

The National Tekken Cup - Thoughts and Expectations from Organizers

As hinted at in the earlier article briefing the National Tekken Cup, where we compiled all the information, we've gained a closer insight into the event through the expectations and thoughts of the organizers for the event and the general Tekken 7 scene here in Malta. The organizers are all entities within the Visionary Iron Team, formed a year ago around December 2017; having organized two events already, their main aim is to nurture the local community into growth. Their distant and general aim is also to host the first Tekken World Tour Tournament in Malta in some form, and this may seem likely in the near future. Here are the team members with their thoughts.  Dylan Caruana  I have always loved Tekken, ever since I was a kid. During the PlayStation 1 era, Tekken 3 was the first game that I played. As I grew older, I started playing Tekken competitively and started competing head to head with other national professional players. Around 1 year ago, the local Tekken industry was going down the drain due to the fact that no more local Tournaments were organized to keep the hype going and as such the community was slowly fading. Christian and Kimberly came up to me and proposed that we revive the Maltese Tekken community tournaments. Proud to say that thanks to Visionary Iron Team, we succeeded to the point that the upcoming November tournament, for the very first time in Malta, will include the opportunity to also go head to head with international professional players and not just national! Christian Cauchi I first started playing Tekken when I was just 7 years old and it was through the Tekken 2 Arcade Version - found in many arcade outlets at the time. After that, I continued to Tekken 3 through the arcade and the PlayStation 1. In Tekken 4 one of my friends found out that there was a tournament held for Tekken and we attended and got beaten up. That’s were Tekken became a competitive game not just a game. I took a stop from Tekken due to other commitments around 8 years ago during Tekken 6 and made a return last year with Tekken 7. When I returned to the community I noticed that things have slowed down, the community started fading and missed having the tournaments that we used to have back when I was younger. Dylan Caruana organized a tournament on his own at Matrix Luqa. The tournament was a success for a 1-man organized event but it was nothing like the tournaments we used to have back in the day. That’s when I decided to talk with my wife who is a great organizer and to Dylan because I saw the love for Tekken within.  From there, we started working as a team to bring the best between a mix of the old age from my experience and some of the new age from Dylan’s and my wife’s expertise. Kimberly Cauchi When I was younger, I played Tekken 3 on PlayStation 1. I never knew how much I loved the game and how much I enjoyed it until I started organizing the tournaments myself. After seeing and meeting the community of this game in Malta, I realized that Tekken and the community itself have the potential to grow in various ways. The drawback was that we had a lack of enthusiasm. Since the hype was diminished in Malta and I was asked to hand the task of organizing a tournament, I must say I was a bit shocked. As much as I used to love playing Tekken at a younger age, I had never been an organizer before. I wanted the community to grow stronger and to be the best community on the island. With no experience whatsoever, I challenged myself. I pictured a tournament where players not only compete but also have fun, eat, drink and mostly enjoy each other’s company whilst getting to know one another. After the success of the first tournament, we had to keep pushing forward. After all the hard work, I thought that it is of utmost importance to have a team name and that is when I came up with the name 'Visionary Iron Team'. Being a team with a lot of visions especially for the game we all love, it sounded perfect. Today I am a proud organizer of the greatest community with an awesome team. We aim high, we work hard and we strive to be successful! Matteo Privitelli  I have been a fan of TEKKEN since the third game of the series came out. Unfortunately, the only console I owned was a PlayStation (the first one), which meant that I could only enjoy the next instalments by watching online videos and by playing, only on occasion, casual games with friends and family. Nevertheless, despite the limited opportunities available to me to actually play the TEKKEN games, I never lost interest in the franchise and I kept on reading about its lore, as well as informing myself on the characters and the game mechanics. When I heard that TEKKEN 7 was to come out on Microsoft Windows, I immediately made it a priority to, not only take this new instalment very seriously, but also to become more involved in the Maltese TEKKEN community. It was because of this that I became more dedicated and devoted to the franchise than I was ever before. The local community most certainly played a crucial role in this new-found passion. Seeing the maturity and the determination of this ever-growing Maltese TEKKEN scene, I subconsciously started making myself more heard and the dormant desire to contribute to this new TEKKEN family finally awakened. The opportunity arose when, around May 2018, a new tournament was announced for November. This was to be the largest tournament that the Maltese TEKKEN scene was to experience. At first, I was interested in becoming a participant, however, it was not long before a call for shout casters and commentators for the tournament was put forward. This was exactly what I had been hoping for. Before TEKKEN, I was the main shout caster and commentator for the Maltese League of Legends scene. Now, I could become one of the main casters for my all-time favourite fighting game – TEKKEN 7. Thankfully, I was accepted and started forming part of this new team, Visionary Iron Team (VIT), whose members I now consider to be my second family. My only wish is that VIT keeps on aiming high so that, one day, our country becomes recognised internationally as a destination in which major TEKKEN tournaments can be hosted. If VIT works hard and keeps on organising top-quality tournaments, our country’s attractiveness when it comes to the TEKKEN scene will reach new highs. This will, in turn, open up new opportunities for Maltese players to improve their game and, perhaps, become more encouraged to take their TEKKEN skills to the next level and compete in major tournaments and events. Having said this, with the other team members’ vision and dedication, these ambitions will transcend the boundaries of fiction and become a reality.  Christian Camilleri I first came in contact with the local Tekken scene at Junior College. Someone had placed a PS3 and some chairs in the left corner of the entrance hall, with Tekken 5 DR and another game which I don't remember. At first, there were random people every day but slowly 6 or 7 people started being very consistent, including me and a friend. Tekken at that time was mostly mashing and holding back for me, so I was not really any good, but then a small tournament was announced, which was when I took it so seriously I got a copy of Tekken 5 for PS2 just to train for it. I was knocked out in round 1 but I still treasure it as an experience but dropped Tekken as I thought it wasn't for me. Around 5 years later I was browsing Youtube when a video among the suggestions caught my eye. It was the EVO 2010 grand finals between RIP and Nin. I watched it and was amazed at how good they were. I started watching more and more Tekken videos and slowly became a hardcore fan of the game. I went out, got myself a PS3 and Tekken Tag 2 and that was my official entry into the series.  As for joining Visionary Iron Team, I was approached by Christian for commentary for the upcoming tournament in November. I was so ecstatic I immediately accepted, as this something I have always wanted to do. As a big fan of all the TWT Casters out there, I will be trying my best to do as well as them! Some fantastic words of encouragement from the Iron Visionary Team. wishes them the best of luck, and we're proud to be sponsoring the upcoming event!

World Pro Racing GT Tournament - GO Malta Esports Festival 2018

One of the recent trends we've acknowledged in the local community is the recent excitement regarding the SIMRacing scene, thanks to the care of companies such as World Pro Racing. Therefore, it only made sense to include the esport in our upcoming event; the Malta Esports Festival 2018, in order to continue kickstarting the scene! All the action will take place from the 7th through to the 9th of December at MFCC. The following is a message from the co-organizers, World Pro Racing regarding the details of the event. Having organized plenty of international online events, they have the experience and passion which has brought the local SIMRacing scene so very far.   This is our first event which is not a Time Attack challenge. This time we will be holding a GT tournament for the first time in Malta. The platform we will be using is rFactor2. This tournament will consist of a qualifiers phase where all participants will have a limited time to do their best time on track, then moving into eliminations and depending upon the number of participants we will split the drivers in groups of 5 where they will be racing each other and a number of drivers will be eliminated and the winners will move to the next phase. On Sunday the finals will be held in a different track and will battle each other for the top 3 positions. The event will be broadcasted live on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch and also commentated throughout the 3 days of racing. The overall winner will win a Thrustmaster TS-XW steering wheel and pedals, thanks to Thrustmaster and also a Trophy. The fees of the Malta Esports Festival are €5 euro for 1 day and €10 for the whole weekend. Payment can be made at the door and you will be entitled to take part in our tournament. We are also open for people who want to get experience with us in running this event, such as broadcasting and other technical stuff. If you’re interested please send an email to We'd like to thank Justin Mifsud once again for his contributions, as he's always assisted us in understanding the once-alien SIMRacing scene. Anyway, the tournament will be one of the highlights of the event, especially due to the fact that such young talent is being introduced into the scene, ready to compete professionally at the upcoming event. Of course, as Mr Mifsud pointed out, anyone else interested in participating with the organizing can send him a direct email.  The World Pro Racing GT Tournament will be the first-ever inclusion of a competitive SIMRacing competition locally! Check out their coverage of the event here.

National Tekken Cup - 72 Player Tournament by Visionary Iron Team

We are proud to announce that GMR Entertainment will be helping out Visionary Iron Team in the National Tekken Cup. This is the third tournament of its kind, following two previous iterations which have had continuous success yearly. To continue on a yearly basis, the tournament aims at crowning a new Maltese Tekken champion each year - here's everything you need to know.  Although we've referred to the tournament as Maltese, there are also plenty of foreign participants  - with the total number being 20 out of 72 competitors. With that being said, tickets were sold out within the first month of sales, fueling the fact that this will be the largest Tekken tournament to ever be held in Malta, while also being the first tournament to involve foreigners flying over to compete.  The number of competitors will be split into 8 groups of 9 competitors each, who will battle it out through a round-robin format within the group in order to move onto the final stages. These will come in the form of the familiar winners-losers bracket format, in order to determine a rightful champion. The winner will be declared the champion of the tournament for the remaining year, engraving his name onto the trophy; keeping the title until next year where he/she may be challenged. Whoever manages to win this cup a total of three times will become the permanent holder and gets to keep the cup apart from the prestige.  Of course, prizes are still to be awarded each cup. First place will be awarded the aforementioned National Cup, a statue of around 60cm in length which amounts to roughly €500. Second and third place both earn 30cm figurines to commemorate their achievements, while 4th to 8th place will earn smaller trophies.  The tournament is set to take place at JCMCB, Bar and Grill in Marsa on the 17th of November with the help of the respective sponsors of AOC, JG Gypsum, Marindex and The Gamers Lounge. All information regarding the tournament can be found by pressing on the following link below - We'll be showing off the organizers' thoughts in a separate article later on next week in the mean time it's time for Tekken to take-off in Malta. 

The GO Malta Esports Festival - 100 Free Tickets for BYOC Area

The fan-favourite event, the largest franchise on the island of the Malta Esports Festival is always fully-booked due to the massive appeal of engaging at the highest level of LAN competition available on the island. This year, we’ve decided to give back to the community which has allowed to grow up to this point, by giving 100 Free Tickets for the BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer). The core message of the event is gratitude from our part, especially when considering the rest of the details involved. Thanks to The Gamers Lounge which will be hosting this year's BYOC area we're ready to bring a total of 5 tournaments in the BYOC Area for some local environment of the MESF. The first two tournaments will involve the two titles of CS:GO and League of Legends; two of the largest esport titles in the world which are beloved in the local area. With an especial excitement for CS:GO, we cannot wait for the local rivalries to continue as Project Eversio try to uphold their former position as the top team. Apart from those two, will also host Fortnite, Hearthstone and Rocket League as smaller local esports titles, nonetheless still beloved. For all the titles, we will be offering medals and trophies and also vouchers from The Gamers Lounge for all of the podium winners competing within our free BYOC area, in which we are offering 100 spots. This is a first for Malta; an environment for LAN competition across five separate title for absolutely free in the context of 100 free spots. Free tickets are now available at The Gamers Lounge right now. We’re encouraging gamers to grab their tickets as from Monday from the The Gamers Lounge, Msida's Outlet to participate in in a competitive environment without compromising too much friendliness as the act of socializing with other gamers is just as productive and contributory. Competing alongside other gamers in a physical area is not comparable to online interactions. We’re excited to welcome all the new faces together with our favorite veterans!

Chiliz Sponsoring the MESF 2018

Any esports enthusiast will let you know that nothing beats a well-organized international event involving the top teams or competitors of a given scene. What if there was a way in which the globe's gamers could contribute to ensuring that these major decisions are taken carefully and in favour of high-quality competition beneficial to the scene? This is made possible thanks to the chiliZ platform, an innovative company stacked with top names in esports, also acting as a sponsor for the upcoming MESF 2018; the largest esports event on the island.  The platform is a 'crowd management environment which lets the world's 2.2+ billion gamers and 380+ million esports fans take a meaningful active hand in guiding the major decision making events for their favourite organizations.' Considering so many opinions is quite the feat, and is achieved through a complicated yet simple structure thanks to a few teams on-board. The aim of the platform is to give power to the viewer or competitor to manage leagues, events and game titles which in the end, are there for our own use. The vision of powering a Global Player League as the first fan-controlled esports league involves tokenized team control, unique voting rights involving franchises and fans in order to make the most of the growing esports scene. is proud to note that a few Maltese names form part of the core team, especially since the chiliZ platform is already planned to be implemented on the island, following meetings with members of parliament.  The platform also consists of an advisory panel in esports and business. The esports panel involves the likes of characters such as Dr. DisRespect and Anomaly as prominent characters with esports experience. Based within three countries so far; China, South Korea and Malta, chiliZ has a bright future ahead.  With all this being said, couldn't be more content with the sponsorship agreement, as the platform will be helping us out to ensure that the MESF 2018 continues to maintain the franchise' reputation for being the largest esports event on the island. 

The GO Malta Esports Festival - $15,000 Cup #3

Every year, we're always challenging ourselves to step things up for both the community and in terms of personal development as a company. With that being said, is hosting an international CS:GO tournament with a $15,000 prize pool for this year's GO Malta Esports Festival, fueling the well-established fact that the franchise remains the largest on the island. The tournament will only be possible thanks to the support of the main sponsor in Loot.Bet and a the support of the Malta Tourism Authority, Gaming Malta, Chiliz and Zowie. With the prize pool that is involved, one can expect some of the top teams in the world grabbing out at it - and that's exactly who've we've invited. Eight of the best upcoming CS:GO teams in the international scene will be competing throughout the tournament, the following names should sound familiar. Including the names of Red Reserve, consisting of players such as draken (ex-NiP) and disco doplan (ex-Fnatic) among others, Left Out and Team Vitality which rose from the ashes of G2 and EnVyUs with players like ScreaM, NBK, Happy and more! One shouldn't forget AGO, the Polish team ranked 24th in the world and Spirit, ranked 33rd in the world. Simply put - the stacked talent for the competition is simply another article on its own; you can check out the official list of participants here. They are all upcoming names which we expect to see more of at the top in the coming year of international CS:GO.  Of course, comparing statistics is not how the better team is decided in esports, as the far opposite in cold-cut competition serves as the standard. Kicking off as soon as 1st November, the teams will be recovering from a late night of Halloween practice in order to compete in the Group Stage to be carried out from the 1st to the 8th of November. Having already been split into two groups of four, as viewable on the event page, a Round Robin format will animate the two groups through a total of twelve best-of-one matches(three best-of-one matches for each team), by the end of which, the top two teams will progress to the final stage of the event.  By this point, the Final Stage will consist of just 4 teams. Following a month of preparation, the remaining teams will recollect on the decisive weekend of 7th-9th December in order to determine a victor from the single elimination bracket consisting of 3 best-of-three games. The prize pool will be divided as follows: $10,000 for first place, $3,000 for second and $1,000 a piece for the 3rd and 4th place. This places a huge amount of gravity on the games deep into the final stage. Note that all match-ups will proceed as according to ESL's most recent 5v5 competitive layout.  The whole event will be broadcasted internationally through twitch, covered by professional casters breaking everything down in both English ( and Russian, courtesy of UCC (  The brackets are empty while the group stages are eerily quiet; this will all change as soon as next week. Be sure to follow the progress of the event here while also paying attention to the twitch links shown. Schedule for group stage match-ups is viewable in the 'Group Stage' section. wishes luck to all the teams involved, once again thanking our main sponsor of Loot.Bet and the help of the Malta Tourism Authority, Gaming Malta, Chiliz and Zowie in organizing it all!

Pepsi Sponsoring The GO Malta Esports Festival 2018

As the largest esports event in Malta draws near once again, will be covering the sponsors that make everything possible, highlighting their contribution to the event and giving them recognition for their efforts to assist the growth of the esports industry on the island. We're glad to announce a global heavyweight in the realm of carbonated soft drinks - Pepsi. Started in the late 1890s in the United States, Pepsi-Cola grew exponentially in popularity due to its originality at the time.The modern-day rival of Coca-Cola would only appear in the 1970s to spark the ongoing 'cola war'. While we try to remain as impartial as possible, blind taste tests have found that the taste of Pepsi is more natural than that of Coca Cola, Anyways, Pepsi has been around for quite some time now, watching various technological industries take off and succeed, including that of esports. While the brand continuously creates new spin-off products from their winning formula, Pepsi is also looking for new opportunities of sponsorship within esports, just like its sister brand  Mountain Dew, which is also incredibly active in many esports scenes. While Mountain Dew sponsors the likes of Team Dignitas, Splyce and Team SK Gaming (huge esports organizations), Pepsi sponsors and has sponsored teams such as, Counter Logic Gaming and MSG; the company responsible for organizing LoL Worlds. Esports is a growing phenomenon globally and Pepsi is proud to be supporting The GO Malta Esports Festival once again. We have been part of the gaming community in various ways over the years and we have seen this event grow into the festival it is today. Undoubtedly, the event will continue to develop thanks to the passion and determination of - Karen Cutajar, Pepsi Brand Executive at Simonds Farsons Cisk plc. Therefore, we're very proud to be collaborating with Pepsi as a brand dedicated to helping out esports and fueling the prosperity of the industry. is very grateful for the support; we'll definitely be offering fresh, cold Pepsi at the venue for you all to enjoy - what else would you want to drink?

The GO Malta Esports Festival 2018 - €2000 Qlash FIFA 19: Open

The Malta International Airport FIFA19 tournament, which we organized this past week, was an incredible success as it was quickly saturated in overbookings (64+) - leading to an outstanding atmosphere as a product of intense competition. Just like last year, it was a pleasure to host the event and witness the local FIFA scene compete. On the back of this success, GMR Entertainment will be including the latest title of FIFA 19 as a tournament part of this year's iteration of largest esports event on the island - the GO Malta Esports Festival. This will also be the second tournament for the title on the island.  We have teamed up with Qlash a foreign Italian esports organization to bring you the Qlash FIFA 19: Open Tournament. Qlash have competitive pro teams in StarCraft2, Clash Royale, FIFA, Fortnite, Hearthstone and Vainglory with their aim is to expand their organisations and including Maltese talent.  FIFA is only growing each subsequent year. Hence, we'll be kicking off the prize pool at a total of €2000, being made available to all skill levels willing to compete. For the title, there will be two separate tournaments; the Gold Tournament embracing the highest level of competition with the majority of €1750 and the Silver Tournament which acts as a ground for amateurs and those who fall out early from the Gold Tournament with a friendly €250 on the line. Note that the top three of each respective tournament will be awarded a trophy corresponding to their podium placing.  We encourage anyone to participate, from veteran to complete amateur, because you'll never know how skilled you are without trying - it's also quite fun. That's why we've created the Silver Tournament.  All in all, that's all to know about the featuring of FIFA19 at this year's GO Malta eSports Festival. To find out, even more, we recommend that you take a look at the tournament page here:

The GO Malta Esports Festival 2018 - €5000 Black Ops 4: Open

If there's one game which has everyone seething with anticipation and excitement, is the recently released yearly iteration of Call of Duty, in the form of Black Ops 4 as a continuation of the beloved Treyarch franchise. Greeting a yearning fanbase, the immense wave of content in Multiplayer, Zombies and Blackout game modes is appealing to so many gamers out there, coming from previous and other titles to try it out - especially the Blackout; the recent battle royale craze in the form of Call of Duty which has seen much praise. Treyarch's new gamble, an attempt to shake up the Call of Duty scene, has been the leading cause of the international rostermania for the largest organizations - I can only imagine that the situation is the same for lesser teams. With the first global Call of Duty Major event taking place in December through CWL Vegas, there's an annoying amount of time left until the esports community can enjoy the highest tier of competition - this tournament will act as a small taste of what is to come for the extremely promising year of Black Ops 4 play. Naturally, as with every Call of Duty, will be implementing the title into our next event The GO Malta Esports Festival as we understand the strength of the local Call of Duty community both locally and internationally.    We will be teaming up with European Esports Gaming [EEG] in order to elevate the standard of the tournament. The event will be broadcasted internationally and organized very well, thanks to the experience of EEGOnline who've been creating opportunities for competition since release day of the title. The tournament will be taking place during the fateful weekend of the GO Malta Esports Festival, from Friday 7th to Sunday 9th December, with its own dedicated area with PS4s ready in place for particpants to play their games on. The competition will be fueled by an ambitious €5000; a fantastic start for the first Black Ops 4 title on Maltese soil. The organized tournament will concern the revamped 5v5 competitive play system, and not Blackout - don't worry, the time will come for Blackout competition. Teams don't have to worry to search for Hotels, Transport etc since they will find all information one needs on our website, with very cheap and reduced rates for both. All one needs to do is get the team together, book the flights, check the website for all info and he is good to go to come to Malta. cannot wait to host the first local Black Ops 4 tournament and also one of the first significant events on an international scale for the title. For more information showcasing the tournament please visit the tournament page for more details -

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