Esports Events to Watch This Weekend - 3rd-5th August

We haven't done this in a while; due to a stacked priority list and a 2-week vacation taken by a certain writer. Nonetheless, we should be back in the swing of things for August, starting with one of our weekly esports events watchlists. Being halfway through summer, I'm sure you're all delighted to have more free time to enjoy esports events - perhaps you should check out the following.  EVO 2018 - The fighting game highlight of the year Tekken 7 is a beloved esport here in Malta, being the sole fighting game which has gained friction locally. To their delight, and to anyone who'd like to check out some pure fighting action, the largest fighting game event of the year is being held this weekend: Evolution Championship Series 2018, taking place in Las Vegas from the 3rd all the way up to the 5th. A shocking total of 8 games:  Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Tekken 7, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle and Injustice 2. The weekend is simply stacked with a massive amount of competition. Even if you're not interested in the genre, it's an opportunity to learn and experience a new scene. Review the schedule here. FIFA eWorld Cup If you find sport-simulators amore appealing, (or you're a FIFA fan), the FIFA eWorld Cup, which comes to a conclusion tomorrow on the 4th August after 3 days of activity, should satisfy you. With a massive build-up of qualifiers and regionals, the FIFA eWorld Cup serves as the staple FIFA event to rule them all. From a total of 22 finalists, a winner will be selected to be crowned the best FIFA player in the entire world. Learn more here: The UK, London, is the host of the tournament after a Brit took it home last year. Following the sport's epic conclusion, we're sure that the esport can offer similar dramatics.  This is probably the most exciting time of year for a lot of esports, as seasons end with the largest of events as seen above - this weekend housing fighitng games and FIFA. Other titles such as DOTA 2 and Call of Duty are itching with excitement for their respective final events. As always, make the most of the consumer experience with a hot meal from TimetoEat, especially in the little time it takes to get served. A happy weekend to you all!

Team and Player Profiles - Achievements

Halfway through the Summer of 2018, we're happy to reveal our latest updates regarding our database work regarding the history of our events and all those who've participated over the years. 'Achievements' is the most recent feature; learn more below.  Basically, we've successfully connected separate tournament standings across all of our events for Teams and Individual Players. In doing so, everyone may freely review profiles and the achievements which Players or Teams have arrived at over the years. Teams may view their team achievement while Players may view their solo achievements as well as those under the various teams which they may have been a part of. We've got a few highlights we'd like to discuss.  Regarding Team achievements, I don't think many will disagree with the mentioning of EvH and their formidable League of Legends roster which had been steamrolling the scene. With so many 1st place finishes, and only 1st place finishes, it seems pointless to mention any individual win from the list of 10. With a win dating back to The KONNEKT Malta eSports Festival LoL Tournament in 2014 and their most recent at the MESF 2017, it goes to show that this team has been in control for quite some time now. Feel free to study their legacy on their team page here: Also, feel free to check out an interview we carried out with them earlier on this year, where they explained and commented regarding their dominance: Only time will tell if this team will ever falter.  Moving on to Players, there are plenty of suitable examples to showcase, and we've decided to go with Chrismeister. A lone gun whose always represented himself, his legacy began with ours, grabbing the gold at our first ever FIFA tournament back in 2012. Just like EvH's LoL, he was always the player to beat, with his decorated profile viewable here: At the moment, our data is limited to events hosted by yours truly,, as of our conception. We're currently working on expanding the database to cover tournaments from other organizations to properly complete it.  One note before concluding: should anyone observe any mistakes or typos in our growing database, please let us know so that we may correct it. Thanks! 

2 More Spots Awarded for the Blitzkrieg Masters 2018 the Battalion 1944 Major

Last weekend 2 more teams secured their place for the Blitzkrieg Masters happening this September in Amsterdam were the world’s best players will be competing for a $50,000 prize pot. European Qualifier 32 Teams, 23 from Europe and 9 from the United States registered for the online qualifier that took place during the weekend of the 21st and 22nd July. The Blitzkrieg Masters 2018 European Qualifier #1 kicked off on Saturday afternoon were casters Mitch ‘MitchMan’ McBride and Dean ‘DeaN’ Brown started casting the games together with Amory ‘Dark’ Van Aerschot handling the production. The first match in the bracket was a best out of 1 (BO1) and as teams progressed onwards matches turned to a best out of 3 (BO3). Coastal was perhaps the most map played while Derailed, Liberation and Manorhouse v2 were also heavily chosen. In the European Qualifier no team picked Invasion or the newly introduced map Savoia. With no surprise at all Team Demise managed to cling a spot in the finals while unexpectedly enough NoNames managed to reach the final and get a spot to play the top dogs in Amsterdam after beating Avenue and ex-Defusekids lineup. Later on Blitzkirieg issued a statment and removed Nonames spot becuase Bulkhead Interactive have issued an official developer ban on one of the player’s account. As per section 4.3 in their rules, We have issued the offending player with an indefinite ban from all tournaments by The Plays.  The offending player has been provided the evidence which supports this decision, as well as the right to appeal as per our rules.  An invite-only qualification tournament will be held between the teams Nonames knocked out during Blitzkrieg Masters European Qualifier Round 1. Dates and more information of this tournament  are yet to be decided. All the info regarding the Blitzkrieg Masters 2018 European Qualifier #1 brackets and scores per game and map can be found on the here: American Qualifier The Blitzkrieg Masters 2018 American Qualifier #1 kicked off late Saturday night, early Sunday morning in Central European Summer Time. Format was the same as the European Qualifier with best out of 1 (BO1) proceeding to a best out of 3 (BO3). Invasion was also left out from each match played while Savoia was chosen in the Final. Stay Pure were crowned winners in the qualifier and were given a spot to represent America in the Majors after beating Team Magic 2-0 on Savoia and Liberation. All the info regarding the Blitzkrieg Masters 2018 American Qualifier #1 brackets and scores per game and map can be found on the here:

The Malta eSports Forum 2018

Quickfire, a Maltese esports company, are bringing together some of the biggest names in international esports for Malta's very first workshop dedicated to esports. The Malta Esports Forum will be held on the 26th of July at the InterContinental Hotel in St. Julian's, and will sport some big names like HLTV, Nielsen and more to be in attendance. We're thrilled to be bringing together the esports community for this event. Having these kinds of discussions on a regular basis are incredibly important for taking the next leap as an industry. The prospects for Malta as an esports hub are great, and we look forward to welcoming more professionals, businesses and talent to our growing family. Simon Theuma - CEO, Quickfire With a packed up agenda filled with speakers coming from different sectors of the industry as well as panel discussions, the half day event will ensure that you will leave with enough knowledge to venture into the esports world. A networking session will also take place after the discussions, so make sure you have enough business cards with you! Session 1 Simon Decesare – CEO – Eden Leisure Group Ivan Filletti – Head of Ops & Business Development – GamingMalta Key Market Insights (Panel) Salvatore De Angelis – Senior Manager – Nielsen Sports & Entertainment Koen Schobbers – eSports Expert, Presenter IE FOX – Sports Per Lambaek – Head of Development – HLTV Panel Discussion moderated by Simon Theuma – Quickfire Session 2 Ian Smith – Integrity Commissioner – ESIC Dr Joseph F. Borg – Senior Partner – WH Partners Christoffer Cederholm – Catena Media Sergey Bidzan – Head of esports – Starladder Panel Discussion moderated by Dr. Michele Magro – MGA For more information please visit 6th Anniversary

We've got a lot to be grateful and to celebrate about, especially today, as it was on the 18th July of 2012 that was born - marking our sixth anniversary. Yearly, we maximize the possibility of advancing and developing ourselves together with the local community and industry thanks to everyone's support and enthusiasm for a mutual passion; gaming on a competitive level. We'll commemorate the milestone by taking a look back, especially at the past year.    The Malta Cyber Series #3 - Back To Basics A tremendous amount has happened since our preceding anniversary; massive events, major developments and great expansion for the company. We'll begin chronologically, with the Malta Cyber Series #3. Sporting the slogan of 'Back to Basics', we graced the local Maltese scene with a splash of nostalgia in the summer heat, mainly through the feature of the beloved classic in Call of Duty 2. Hosted at the Luzzu Conference Hall at Seashells Resort, anyone who participated can easily recall the casual evenings and the competitive days. Other titles featured were LoL and FIFA, with Christian Spiteri extended his fantastic record accumulating 9 tournament wins. The event was a great success, which we will replicate and improve upon in the upcoming installment in the franchise, through the MCS #4. Also, resurrecting COD2 was such a breath of fresh air that we decided to include it in the largest event of the year later on.    The Games Weekend at the MIA Food Court Skipping forward another month and it's October - an event which nobody expected takes place. The Games Weekend at the Malta International Airport Food Court on the 14th October was definitely a wildcard in terms of events. With airport shopping vouchers on the line, a retro DJ in the background, boardgames, a Wheel of Fortune and food, the event was like nothing ever seen before. Of course, there were the Tekken 7 and FIFA 18 tournaments across the two days - the warm reception for Tekken 7 was taken note of for the future. We hope that some more retro fun may be enjoyed in the future!   The Aliquantum €5,000 CS:GO Tournament Then, of course, our yearly highlight was celebrated as we held the largest esports event on the island; the Malta eSports Festival 2017, but not before another event just a week before it! We're referring to the Aliquantum Gaming event which we supported and organized at SiGMA 17; the largest iGaming convention in Malta. Offering free-of-charge participation, we had to rely on the local CS:GO scene, and we were far from disappointed with the results. It was an event that put us in our paces, especially with the MESF in the same week!   The GO Malta Esports Festival 2017 Back to the largest event of the year; made possible thanks to a tidal wave of sponsors and local enthusiasm, letting Malta know that eSports is important to us. The Malta eSports Festival hosted a whopping total of 8 separate tournaments across PC and console platforms; Tekken 7, FIFA 18, LoL, Hearthstone, Rocket League, COD: WWII, PUBG, and COD2. The PUBG tournament was the first one ever on the island and the hype was astounding - so much so, that the underdeveloped servers couldn't help it and we had to take it online! Also, the curious inclusion of COD2 is due to the fact that earlier featuring in the MCS#3 resurrected some old rivalries which we felt had to be settled - trust us, they were. Featuring the largest prize pools of the year, the level of competition impressed everyone and it was simply a blast; a massive thanks to everyone involved, since it only becomes the largest event in Malta thanks to the players.    The Malta Robotics Olympiad 2018 Battalion 1944: Open That was 2017 - now we've got half of 2018 to review. This far, Battalion 1944, international competition and local expansion have defined 2018.  With the conception of Battalion 1944 in February, the local scene was eager to give it a shot and move on from COD2. We tested this vigor through the MRO Battalino 1944: Open. at the MFCC centre, where the youth of Malta had the chance to witness esports. To summarise the results, we've pledged the support the title for the rest of 2018, especially following a commentator's words of "Maltese Battalion 1944 is the best in the world".    The Launch Invitational $10,000 CS:GO Tournament International competition was then embraced in the Launch Invitational, with a huge prize pool of $10,000 and some of the best CS:GO teams in the world competing such as  Fnatic Academy. The online event was a new experience for us and we cannot wait for more international competition like it. A month later, in May, we held two separate FIFA 18 tournaments; the MITA Gaming Experience, for MITA and its employees and for the Costa Coffee Foundation, in which we decided to give back and help out those in need through some fun competition.    The Gamers Lounge, Birkirkara Halfway through April, made a decisive move to expand the Gamers Lounge into a dual venue as we opened up our 2nd shop in Birkirkara! Organizing celebratory evenings and offers, it's been booming with success! So much so, that it hosted a boot camp held by Area Academy for their international CS:GO talent which received national TV coverage. We're very proud of this; it's one of the many functions of the Gamers Lounge.  That brings us full circle to the present; with Fortnite Duos Tournaments weekly, Gallantry Budapest and an unsatiable itch of excitement for the Malta Cyber Series #4.

The LoL Semi-Professional Owen "Panda" Magri - Interview

Time to freshen up the news feed with an exclusive interview. Anyone who's familiar with the local League of Legends scene knows of a certain roster, which has been drifting between the names of EvH and EDGE, which is practically unstoppable locally. This strong team has branched out internationally too, consisting of local youngsters. One fundamental reason as to why they've had such great success is none other than Owen "Panda" Magri. Eager to learn more, reached out to him for a general interview while also asking certain questions which you're bound to enjoy - and he gave some great answers too. Read on to learn more about the Maltese semi-professional LoL player, who's also a student.  1.) Let’s get to know you first. Introduce yourself by describing your personal life, your career in esports and anything else on the side. I’m 19 Years old, mostly known as Panda and currently studying Software Development. I was introduced to esports 3 years ago when I participated in the Malta eSports Festival 2015. Since then, I’ve participated in every Maltese League of Legends LAN and have only failed to win one. During these 3 years, I’ve joined multiple organisations outside of Malta and participated in two Major Events, these being Infoshow 2018 in Kaunas and Gamescom 2017 in Cologne where I’ve competed against the likes of Bwipo, currently Fnatic’s Toplaner. 2.) As most of you know, Owen forms part of the dominant EvH LoL roster and has been competing very successfully for the past few years. With that being said, he’s placed 1 st at almost every single event due to his individual strengths and his involvement in the team. What has the journey been like up to this moment? How and when did it all start for you? I’ve had a very successful run in the Maltese scene and enjoyed every second of it. After beating EDGE, who was the most dominant team in the scene for a long time, in the final and winning the Malta eSports Festival 2015, I went ahead and joined them. From that point onwards, we’ve made a strong name for ourselves. 3.) EvH and EDGE are some of the most prolific esports organizations on the island. What was the process like to get signed by them? Did you ever expect to reach this point? EDGE was the biggest name in the Maltese League of Legends scene and different organizations had reached out to us to join them. Later on, in 2017, we were offered to join EvH as their League of Legends team. We appreciated EvH’s success in the Overwatch Scene and after a long discussion with Mike Saliba, both parties came to an agreement and dropped EDGE to become EvH’s League of Legends team. In my opinion, with our success in the scene, it was just a matter of time until an organization that we liked reached out to us. 4.) The next two questions should appeal to many Maltese teenagers trying to make names for themselves in the local scene. You’re currently balancing being a student and an esports player. How do you manage to do so? Does one pursuit affect the other in any way? With a bit of time management, it all comes down to how effective your practice is. There’s no need in grinding for hours on end. I might learn more in 3 hours than another person would learn in 8 hours. It all comes down to how seriously you take training and the mentality you have moving forward. Players have reached much higher than I have while also being students, so it is definitely possible. 5.) What sacrifices have you had to make to pursue esports? What would you say are the best and worst parts of being an esports player? With having to play the game seriously for so long, it can sometimes become a bit dull and boring. Having to sacrifice playing other games for fun to keep improving on League is a challenge. The best part of being an esports player would have to be seeing the hours of work you put in, turn into success. It’s an indescribable feeling of winning and having that weight lift off your shoulders. The worst part would be the tension between teammates. When playing with them for so long and everyone trying hard in practice, negative energy can definitely build up between the team. It’s all about turning that negative energy into something productive. 6.) What are your individual goals for this year as a player? For this year, I’ll be focusing on myself and becoming a better player overall. When I feel like the time is right, I will look into joining international teams to compete in Major Events. 7.) What are your general thoughts about the MCS #4? Will you be competing at the event? I haven’t looked much into it. I’ve heard there are a lot of teams competing in the CS:GO Scene, so that’s nice. As for EvH LoL, we won’t be taking part of MCS #4. We feel like the Maltese League of Legends Scene is not moving forward and all the hours we’re putting to practice as a team are going into waste. That final response does leave a bitter taste. It does seem that that individual talent of Owen and that if his team is not being nurtured enough by the local scene which has room to grow - we're happy to see them take the initiative to the international scene where they will continue to perform to their utmost. We'd like to thank Owen for his enthusiastic participation and great replies, wishes you the best for your future.  We're curious to find out how the local LoL scene performs at the Malta Cyber Series #4. 

Steam Statistics - Best of 2018 Until Now

Just like last year, the PC platform of Steam has just released statistics for the half-year mark, including information such as the best-selling games and the most simultaneous players within the categories of platinum, gold, silver, and bronze. Across the statistics, there are some surprises alongside the titles that you'd expect. So let's take a break from all the esports and look at some games.  Starting off with the top-sellers, expected Platinum titles include PUBG, Grand Theft Auto V, Rocket League and CS:GO to give a few examples. A certain surprise is the feature of Jurassic World: Evolution - a game which I had never heard of, which consists of creating your own Jurassic World. Moving on to Gold, the beauty of diversity is embraced in the wide variety of title present. It's incredible to see titles such as The Elder Scrolls Online and The Witcher 3: Wil Hunt here, games which are 3+ years old. If you move down to the Silver and Bronze division you'll also find other older games too.  However, selling statistics are quite different from those pertaining to simultaneous players. Simultaneous player counts show how well the game is doing at the current moment, and are pivotal for multiplayer games. Only 6 games managed to clock in over 100,000 simultaneous players, and here they are: CS:GO PUBG GTA V Rainbow Six Siege Dota 2 Warframe If I'd have to point out a stranger, it would be Warframe. This free-to-play game is a co-op action game found on almost all platforms, including the upcoming version for the Nintendo Switch. When I had played it a while back on the PS4, it did feel a lot like Destiny - but unlike Destiny, it's pulled through in the long run. If you haven't tried it out, I recommend that you do so.  The 'over 50,000 simultaneous players' area is a whole lot more crowded. Titles such as Far Cry 5, Garry's Mod, Civilization V and VI and Skyrim are found here.  To go over the full lists yourself, head on over to Steam's charts over here:  This review was typed out on a new Ozone keyboard which we'll be reviewing very soon. Head's up for two other product reviews too. 

ENCE Sponsored by GiG - A Maltese-Based Company

Witnessing Maltese-based gaming brands pledging international sponsorships within the international industry is always great to see. Hence, we're happy to announce that GiG, the Maltese-based iGaming operator flagship brand of Gaming Innovation Group ( has finalized a sponsorship deal with none other than ENCE's CS:GO team. Learn more below.  Specifically, GiG sponsored ENCE's CS:GO roster ahead of Cologne 2018, in which the team placed 7th to 8th in the Major to win $7,500. Anyone who's familiar with the CS:GO esports scene understands the well-known fact that ENCE are the best team in all of Finland - though not the best in Europe. The organization in general, aside from CS:GO, is incredibly successful in a variety of other scenes, such as Rainbow Six: Siege, Overwatch, Hearthstone and Starcraft 2. The Counter-Strike roster is ecstatic about the deal, as highlighted in the following quote:  "ENCE is very happy to be working with Rizk, paving their way to the wonderful world of eSports. With a rapidly changing and growing industry, we are here to support Rizk to take the right steps in getting involved in eSports. Rizk is a tremendous partner for ENCE as it’s backed by a forward thinking and innovating iGaming company" - Marketing Director at ENCE, Joona Leppanen.  What exactly is The website is an iGaming operator flagship brand stemming out of Gaming Innovation Group - the Maltese based company. Rizk's recently modeled sportsbook is perfect for quality eSports betting. The Rizk logo will appear on all the team's jerseys. However, for understandable reasons, the only player under 18 years old on the squad will not embrace the logo due to the fact that betting is illegal under 18 years of age in many countries. A very respectable decision. Anyway, the new jerseys will be on display this weekend at ESL One Cologne this weekend, as the team will fight to strengthen its grasp over Europe. 

AOC Sponsoring Weekly Tournaments

As you've all been loving the weekly tournaments recently, we've been planning ahead of time all the way up to December. Organizing the tournaments can be quite the task, but it's made a lot easier thanks to the help of sponsors. Luckily, we've managed to become sponsored by AOC for weekly tournaments until December. Read on to learn more about the company and the weekly tournaments.  AOC International is a multinational electronics company, headquartered in Taiperi, Taiwan and a subsidiary in display technologies - offering some of the best panels in the market. They've made progress from CRT monitors to TFT, LCD and IPS TVs and monitors. Although they facilitate business computing and productivity, AOC is highly familiar with the gaming industry as certain product lines are customized with gaming specifications, such as low-delay inputs, wide-color ranges and curved screen technology. as seen in the AOC Agon G2460PF monitor. A typical product by AOC, this monitor is great for the price as we concluded in the well-received hardware review below. It's the most popular 144 Hz display on the island.  They're rather innovative with their products and are constantly pushing the boundaries. So much so, that the transnational company does have a few partnerships into esports, as professional PC gamers look no further for the highest quality displays. We're proud to be sponsored by AOC, an ambitious company determined to develop the esports industry while also gradually improving technology and gameplay. is excited to continue developing the weekly tournaments for you all to enjoy, and it just got easier.  The weekly tournaments will consist of titles such as CS:GO, LoL and of course, Fortnite. The online events will also be open to everyone both locally and internationally. See you on the battlefield! the official tournament platform for Gallantry Budapest 2018!

A while back, right before the MRO Battalion 1944: Open, we announced an official partnership with the starting-out Gallantry Events. You're probably asking yourselves - who and what is Gallantry Events? They are not a local company, far from it actually, as they have a strong presence throughout Europe. Gallantry Events is an aspiring LAN hosting company dedicated to developing gaming communities worldwide. Much like us, they have a passion for nurturing esports within the proper and high-quality spaces it requires. In the short time that it's been operating, Battalion 1944 has been its main focus - another similarity it shares with us. Gallantry Events works through a primary non-profit basis to provide respectable prize pools for teams and organisations. Their team is built up of professionals in a diverse amount of fields - from casting to in-game editing.  In the announcement, we did last April we had already hinted at their upcoming event, being Gallantry Budapest, for Battalion 1944. We're now at the event's doorstep, and we're proud to be offering our website as a platform for their event.  Gallantry Budapest will occur between the dates of the 13th and the 15th July, of course, in the heart of Budapest. The event is offering a total prize pool of €6000, spread across the podium finishes accessible to the 16 teams present. The list present includes some of the best Battalion 1944 rosters all over Europe, the event offering itself up as an exciting international stage for the growing first-person shooter. With such a strong Battalion 1944 presence in the Maltese scene, at this point in time, we're sure that many of you will probably wish to view it. An online broadcast will be available on their twitch channel. You can expect a high-quality event from Gallantry Events. The young LAN hosting company has always maintained incredibly high-standards while being quite courageous in its choice of titles to support - helping out developing esports such as Battalion 1944 in their potential journey into notoriety. Here's what they believe in: We believe that with the growth of esports brings a new challenge to push offline gaming in to a space that allows those of all backgrounds to enjoy the social and competitive environments gaming can bring. We will be providing you with more news regarding the teams participating in the event and also to some predictions of who we think will reach the final. We at are really happy that Gallantry will be using our tournament website for such a high quality event and hope they will be the first of many. While wishing our best of luck to Gallantry for this event one can feel free to learn more about the tournament, by visiting the page of the event:

Battalion 1944 - MU2 & You

Three beta weekends for MU2 have gone by and the community's response to the changes that have been introduced so far has been overwhelmingly positive. The changes so far have tweaked the weapons which are available to both sides (as well as adding some new ones), changed the layout and objects within maps to offer some new life to locations that have previously felt underutilised and abandoned. Alongside this we've also seen a brand new economy system! This has yet to see a stable setting, with changes being made constantly as the developers continue along the path to find the perfect balance that feels right for both sides. As these alterations continue to be made it seems to be drawing some players who had previously given up on the title back to the game, with the MAU (players that bought the game at launch, but didn't play last month) rising over the past few weeks. Battalion certainly had a shaky start but with this new update, it seems to be well along its path to success. With these new changes coming into fruition, and a few more to come along before MU2 sees it's full launch on July 12th, training is in full swing for the 18 teams set to attend Gallantry LAN on July 13th, and from what we've heard so far, it's going to be a very entertaining tournament indeed with most of the best EU teams showing up to attempt to take their share of the total prize pool of €6000, spread across the podium finishes.  If all this talk of Battalion is leaving you wanting to give it a shot for yourself, you can participate in the upcoming MU2 beta (July 5th- July 10th) by purchasing battalion and entering the key "therewillbebugs" in the beta section in steam. From there you can find yourself a team to participate in some of the upcoming Blitzkrieg Masters [$50,000] Qualifiers  [listed below], which we'll break down at length in a later piece. Event Date Gallantry 11th - 13th July Fragdelphia 3rd - 5th August Blitzkrieg Masters NA / EU Qualifiers 21st, 22nd, 28th, 29th July Blitzkrieg Masters EU Qualifiers 4th, 5th, 11th, 12th, 18th, 19th August Blitzkrieg Masters 27th - 30th September Author: Gráinne Hulton Co-Author: Mitch McBride

PlayStation Tournaments at the MCS #4

The Major and Minor Tournament Titles will all be carried out on PC, due to the nature of the games. However, understands that not all gamers make use of the keyboard and mouse, which is why we've decided to also host Playstation Tournaments for any console gamers. We've got the top console titles in mind.  Namely, FIFA 18, Tekken 7 and Call of Duty: WWII are candidates for their own tournaments. None of the games require much of an introduction, though I'll offer one up anyway. FIFA 18, last year's FIFA from the looks of the revealed FIFA 19, carries the beloved heritage of all FIFA games, being incredibly easy to learn but difficult to master. Who doesn't love a game of football? Tekken 7 on the other hand, is one of the top fighter games in the world which requires a high amount of effort to successfully master due to the fast pace of it all - there's quite a competitive scene in Malta. Then comes Call of Duty: WWII, another title with a long lineage and a special reputation on the island, with its most recent title paying homage to what made Call of Duty great, to begin with. Out of the three, this is the only team game present, so go and grab your friends.  For the Tekken and FIFA tournaments, will be providing the required consoles and monitors, note that one will need to bring a functional controller - these will be held on Saturday 28th July. The Call of Duty tournament, on the other hand, will stretch from the 27th to the 29th and contestants will have to bring their own PS4s. One thing to note is that the FIFA 18 tournament will consist of only international teams in respect to the World Cup which would have concluded by that time.  Ticket pricing for the Playstation Tournament differs from the other two:- PS4 Tournament Tickets FIFA 18 International Ticket at €20 will be sold until all tickets are sold. Tekken 7 Ticket at €15 will be sold until all tickets are sold. COD WWII Ticket at €25 will be sold until all tickets are sold. Purchasing a single ticket provides you entitlement to that Play Station 4 Tournament. Tournament Tickets can be purchased from The Gamers Lounge or Online from our website.

Razer's New Opto-Mechanical Keyboards - Huntsman

With incredibly popular products such as the Blackwidow line-up, it's an established fact that Razer is quite the top name in the keyboard area, alongside other names such as Logitech and HyperX. Thier latest products, revealed last week, are a bold statement for the future of Razer keyboards as they've introduced new technology while straying away from the usual Razer keyboard.  The new lineup - consisting of the Huntsman and the Huntsman Elite thus far, take a professional approach to pure gaming performance. First of all, the keyboard makes use of a friendlier font than usual, rounded edges to create a sleeker look while reducing any Razer logos on the outside with no Razer green. The only Razer logo in sight is a stylish and placid groove into the accompanying wrist rest.  The star of the show is the presence of the new switch - new "Opto-Mechanical" switches, allowing actions to occur at the speed of light up to 100 million strokes per key. How? Actuation force will be detected by the displacement of an infrared light beam within each key; the 1.5mm actuation point can be recorded 30 percent faster than traditional clicky switches - and that's a difference.  Here's what Razer CEO said with the reveal: "We have amassed years of experience developing and manufacturing our very own Razer™ Mechanical Switches designed specifically for gamers. This focused expertise has now expanded upon our brand's legacy with the new Razer Opto-Mechanical Switch that delivers an all-new level of performance that is optimized for top-tier esports competition." Other features include an improved media center to the top right with the presence of a dial and two media keys - which buyers have been begging for from Razer. Hybrid on-board and cloud storage are also present alongside the usual Razer Synapse which is constantly growing.  The bump up in quality is a reasonable excuse for the $200.00 price tag, now available for global purchase. Personally, if I had that type of money lying around, I would heavily consider it.  Expect the other names in PC gaming to follow suit with this infrared technology - it's simply faster than traditional mechanics.

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