Beyond the Summit's Dota 2 Major Cancelled

After a shocking passage of events, it's been revealed that the Dota 2 Pro Circuit will have one less Major event than planned in its schedule. Certainly terrible news for enthusiasts and professionals, let's dive a little deeper to find out how this disappointment occured. We'll also see what other effects this will have on the Dota 2 season in general.  Beyond the Summit, the LA central studio and tournament coordinator revealed the upset through social media alongside Valve's own announcement. Apparently, this has all got to do with the poor time management regarding partnership. NGE, or Next Generation Esports, were supposedly partners for the event, but no agreement or financial deal was ever closed, making the event impossible to organise. For slight background, this organisation is the production company involved for the majority of Rocket League's esports coverage.  Here's what Beyond the Summit co-founder David "LD"Gorman had to add to the situation:  "BTS was exploring the possibility of running a major together with NGE in March 2018 as part of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit. Unfortunately, the event ended up not making sense for us and NGE, so it won't be happening. We couldn't figure out a financial model with NGE that would allow us to run an event that we felt was worthy of being labeled a Major." Following a 'go big or go home' mentality, the BTS found it pointless to organise an event if it were not worthy of being called a Major. Sponsors are important; understands this concept very well, especially when it comes to organising our own events for you all to enjoy.  Regarding seasonal effect, assuming that no event is created to replace it, the total number of qualification points for The International 8 has been decreased considerably. With topping the leaderboards of the Pro Circuit, due to a win at the ESL One Hamburg Major, the difficulty to catch up to them will be turned up a notch for the other competitors.  However, the minor Dota Summit 8 tournament will still go ahead as planned on December 13th. Tell us what you think of this let-down in the comment section below.

The IntelĀ® Extreme Masters Oakland 2017: Don't Miss it

Only one week away, the Intel Extreme Masters Oakland 2017 is an event you don't want to miss. Combining the familiar competition of CS:GO and the fresh as ever side of PUBG, it's a pleasant mixture. The best in the world from both scenes will be battling it out on an international stage, the indoor Oracle Arena packing thousands of enthusiasts and of course, the huge amount of home-viewers through broadcasts.  Let's start by discussing the CS:GO half of things. A $300,000 prize pool hangs in the balance for all twelve teams. First, the dozen will fight through an unforgiving group stage, to utilise a BO1 system which is rarely seen. The two round robins will give way to three teams to advance. A top finish guarantees placement into the semi-finals, while a second or third place puts you into the playoffs to fight for the remaining spots in the semis.  Group A: SK Gaming, Cloud 9, NiP, Astralis, The MongolZ, EnVyUs Group B: FaZe Clan, G2 Esports, Gamit Esports, Team Liquid, Immortals, OpTic Gaming Semifinals will be BO3 and the grand final will be BO5. Winner takes a neat $125,000 of cash prize. Also, as added incentive, a team will receive $1000 for extra than base prizes for each group stage victory. What a great way to add so tension incredibly.  Diverting our attention to PUBG, there's plenty more to talk about. IEM Oakland 2017 will be the first ever PUBG stadium event having 20 teams of four players each wage war fr the $200,000 of prize money. As of right now, 12 teas have already been donated a spot straight into the competition, while 8 others found their way through the online qualifier; four each from NA and EU regions.  The event boasts two full days of PUBG action, at the end of which a winner will be crowned. Over the hours of competition, a different system is being used; no group stage-knockout system which we've all grown quite accustomed to. Not quite. All teams will compete in a total of 8 matches and can gain points according to finishing position and kill count. Total score is how a winner will be selected.  Invited: TSM, Team Liquid, Noble, Luminosity, Alliance, Cloud 9, GCE, NiP, Penta Sports, EG, Tempo Storm, Method Gaming Qualified: Crimson Esports, Whitekids, *AAA* Gaming, Team Pogchamp, Ghost Gaming, Ronin Esports, Miami Flamingos, Corn Shuckers.  To learn more about the event as a whole, check out this link: is practically shaken with excitement for the event, but we'll be busy, just like many of you will be, with the MESF 2017. 

Team Dignitas Drops "jkaem" and "AcilioN"

It's safe to say that it's been quite a tough year for Team Dignitas overall. Momentum and expectations heading into 2017 were high, yet instantly crushed by a sudden transfer of their whole roster of five players to North on the first day of the year. Ever since, they've been trying to recover without celebrating much success. Now, we've just got news that they've dropped two players.  Yes, they've reportedly decided to drop the players of Joakim "jkaem" Myrbostad and Asger "AcilioN" Larsen from their CS:GO roster. A respectable decision following their recent performance, if anything will bring about a change, a player swap should. Poor statistics include missing out on two major events due to not making it. Namely, they missed out on the PGL Krakow Major and they were knocked out of an open online qualifier for the ELEAGUE Boston Major, the earliest part of the action. It's simply unacceptable to see such results.  Dignitas had acquired "jkaem" a little over eight months ago alongside a certain "fox". "AcilioN" on the other hand had a much shorter run, just two months for the aspiring 21 year old. There really isn't anything too significant to comment regarding their history with the team and I personally think that leaving is in their own interest too.  As of right now, the hole left by the departure of the two players is being filled in by former Dignitas player Jorgen "cromen" Robertsen and the coach Morten "zEVES" Vollan is also getting involved. We're unsure who could fill in the new spots, but what we are sure of, is that Dignitas needs to make up for a pitiful 2017.  The esports organisation is also pushing a PUBG roster, who were invited to the PUBG Invitational at IEM Oakland. However, the team played a rough three games in Round 1 and were eliminated almost immediately. Looks like the organisation is on a streak of bad luck, but that should change soon. 

South Korea Are the Overwatch World Cup Champions

Roughly this time last year, South Korea found themselves matched up against Russia in the grand finals of the 2016 Overwatch World Cup. It was an undeniable slaughter as they cruised to victory following a quick and clean 4-0 sweep. Heading back into the competition for a consecutive year, they were the clear favourites and did not fail to reach the expectations set upon them. Momentarily, the grand final against Canada awaited them; here's how it went down. Right off the bat, Canada lost their footing to the focused South Koreans. Offering a lacklustre bit of resistance, they quickly conceeded the first three maps to put them in a vulnerable position indeed. Maps of Oasis, King's Row and Hanamura had been played; would Canada let South Korea sweep them aside? Fortunately, the Canucks managed to mount a sliver of resilience, enough for them to steal Junkertown off of the South Koreans, staining their otherwise clean plate. The next map, Numbani, was absolutely nail-biting as the Canadian side finally appeared confident and back in the form which they've been celebrating all tournament long. Tight conflicts and exciting strategies pushed the map to a 3-3 tiebreaker. Canada were up first, only to put one minute on the board. Unfortunately for them, that mark was easily passed by South Korea, deeming them the champions of the world after a 4-1 scoreline. Thus, South Korea came first, Canada second and for third place, Sweden kept their seat warm from last year. France, one of the other favourites going into this, managed a fourth place finish. In other Overwatch news, Blizzard has revealed the Overwatch League schedule alongside a new mobile app to keep up with all the action on the go. The league season will commence on January 10th, having each of the 12 teams to play twice per week after that point. Many other announcements were revealed at BlizzCon this year, so if you'd like to knwo what lies ahead for Overwatch, check out this link:

The 2018 CWL Rule Set - Vetoes Make an Unexpected Return

Remember Call of Duty: Ghosts and the veto system it implemented in the competitive scene? We haven't seen anything like that since, but that all changes as the 2018 Call of Duty World League competitive guidelines give everybody a taste of how the tournaments will play out. Keep reading as we break it down as simply as possible.  "So what is a veto?", you may rightfully ask. The concept of the veto system allows teams to strategically pick and ban specific maps throughout the competitive series. Note that this will only be utilised in the major LAN events, meaning that online matches and tournaments are indifferent. The director of Call of Duty esports, Kevin Flynn gives us a thorough explanation below.  "Map vetoes have been a major request from our community for some time and we're happy to announce it will be part of the 2018 Call of Duty World League season at the CWL Pro League, Global Open events, Last Chance Qualifier, CWL Sanctioned Events, and the CWL Championship. We're excited for the strategy that map vetoes will add to the highest levels of competition this season and hope that fans and players attending events and watching online will enjoy this addition to the 2018 CWL season." This familiar system will certainly add an extra level of depth to every game. Speaking of games, best-of-five series will consist of Hardpoint ,Search and Destroy and a rotation between CTF and Gridiron just for now, allowing the community to select a preference; in that specific order. No, the best-of-seven. We cannot verify if best-of-sevens may sometimes play out like in Black Ops 3.  Vetoes will take place before each map, with the teams taking turns according to seeding or whatever differentiates them. The team which concedes the veto on the respective map gets to pick the side to compensate.  Apart from the inclusion of vetoes, the guide includes all bans, such as High Calibre, removing it completely unlike BO3 and all light-machine gun weaponry. Specific killstreaks and equipment are also targetted. If you'd like to see the full list yourself, go here: If you're looking to enter the scene competitively, it's a must read. Yet, this is only the first draft and is likely to change. Anyway, we hope you've enjoyed our final article regarding COD: WWII before it officially releases November 3rd. couldn't be more excited. Let the grind begin. 

Samsung Galaxy Redeem Themselves With a Sweep Over SKT

The League of Legends World Championship 2017 Grand final was absolutely breathtaking, yet it was finished in only three games. Samsung Galaxy, silencing all the doubters, finally redeeming themselves, have clenched the title in epic fashion. Nobody saw such a sweep coming.  This team has been fighting and waiting ever since that historical night last year, as SKT shut them down in the 2016 finals. Recovering and sticking together was probably the hardest part, due to the doubt and mockery from surrounding communities. Playoff disappointments in the Spring and Summer Splits didn't help either, all people could coldly ask was; "Is this team finished?" They even lost 0-3 to SKT a few months back, to add insult to injury. Even during the event itself, as they made it no secret that they were chasing victory, there were doubts.  Samsung, although shining in the grand final, expectations weren't set too high as they managed Korea's third seed. This led to an underwhelming yet satisfactory group stage performance. However, the team pulled their socks higher than ever before to take out Longzhu Gaming and Team WE, and they couldn't have done it any later. Finding themselves with such momentum and the rematch of a lifetime ahead of them, the only thing in their way were the defending champions of SKT.  Although Samsung Galaxy were the statistical underdogs, the grand final told a different tale - they were in complete control. Well-thought teamfight attacks was one major factor to their triumph. Watching the euphoria surge through the players of SSG as they hoisted the Summoner's Cup with a few glum SKT fans in the background was quite moving. Denied a third-time victory, what effect will this have on their team dynamic? Will any team changes follow? Personally, second place at the Worlds shouldn't bring about such effect.  The roster of Samsung Galaxy will go down in history as legends who failed to give up, shrugged off the pressure and hate, to end a dynasty and start one of their own. 

Starcraft 2 Will Be Free-To-Play

With BlizzCon entertaining the many curious gamers and followers, Blizzard Entertainment had a few surprising announcements up their sleeve. One of their best received reveals was definitely the fact that Starcraft 2, will be made available to everyone free of charge. After 5 years, it's great to see Blizzard allowing full access to one of the originals in terms of esports.  As mentioned earlier, this was revealed at BlizzCon, the Blizzard-centred gathering of news and content. Mike Morhaime, the president of the organisation, was the one to go ahead and tell everyone the great news. However, not the whole of the game is yours, having conceded "large portions" including the initial game in the Starcraft 2-sage and Wings of Liberty. If you already own a copy of Wings of Liberty, one is entitled to the sequel, Heart of the Swarm, for the same price of zero.  Content continues with full granted access to the ladder of all three games in the series. Yet, before jumping straight into the multiplayer ladder, players need to complete a prerequisite of 10 game-of-the-day victories, supposedly an attempt to reduce combat account abuse.  With five years gone, is this move to late? Probably. Delaying such a move is perhaps why the franchise slipped away into disinterest as League of Legends and Dota 2 surged forward. Blizzard's motives are simple; to start regenerating community enthusiasm and enough funds to kick-start a larger esport, like it once was.  So as of right now, Starcraft Brood War and Starcraft 2 are completely free, with Starcraft 2 multiplayer and Wings of Liberty campaign releasing in due time on November 14. 

Project Eversio Reveals COD: WWII Roster

Call of Duty: WWII is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated titles from the famous franchise, both on an international and local level. We know for a fact that many local Maltese enthusiasts are have already invested a multitude of hours into the game in preparation for the largest event of the year, the GO Malta Esports Festival, also the first local event for the game. Just like the old days, friends are teaming up, the local community is brewing and organisations are preparing themselves. One such example is Project Eversio who revealed their new team for COD:WWII yesterday on their website. Let's take a look.  Almost instantaneously, the list of names brings a smile on our faces since we're quite familiar with them; personally and professionally. Without further ado, here are the names: Reuben "Randu" Grech Daniel "DeXx" Mifsud Luke "Zwa" Scicluna Matthias "Vision" Magro Probably the most well-known from the Maltese squad would have to be "Randu". With a great personality and sense of determination, he never gave up even though the community rejected the era of jetpacks. Only aged 20, he's achieved quite a lot. For the past year, he represented a fully sponsored international team, that of OneHash, alongside foreign teammates. The team managed 37th-44th and 29th-36th place finishes at the CWL Birmingham and Sheffield Open, respectively, this year. Luckily for us, the lone gun as decided to return home with Maltese teammates.  Speaking of which, they aren't pushovers themselves. Most notably, "DeXx" and "Zwa" were on that roster which won the MESF two years ago and the MCS #2, remember? "Vision" was also from that time period. In general, it's essential to point out the staggering amount of experience and potental this team has. The news post also includes an exclusive interview with "Randu"; which we strongly recommend to read: Our favourite line from the interview is as follows: I think many Maltese teams will come back for WWII So do we, and Project Eversio is just one of many that will be looking to make a name for themselves locally, through our future events, ad perhaps internationally. wishes the best to Project Eversio's new team. We're excited to see how they perform at the upcoming MESF 2017! Header Image Credits -

The Gamers Lounge sponsoring The GO Malta eSports Festival 2017

Starting out as a company, had some predictable yet reasonable goals to achieve to become the most prolific name in gaming on the island. Some aims included elevating events, providing online tournaments, animating the local scene and putting Malta on the international map when it comes to esports. One of our many set goals, was to create an exclusive atmosphere for professional gamers, a place where connection is unquestionable and teams can build from the ground up. If you haven't heard of it, we're describing our very own Gamers Lounge.  The Gamers Lounge is truly unique on a local scale. Where else can you drop everything, swing open a door and play whatever game at incredibly justified prices? Decked out with high-end peripherals from QPAD, monitors from none other than AOC, the most comfortable chairs from GT Omega Racing and some monstrous PCs to power roughly a dozen setups. The atmosphere is cooled by air conditioning, an a mini fridge stuffed with stonecold Red Bull. Gaming sessions can go on without any worries, since opening hours start from 9.30 in the morning to 7 at night; we've got to sleep too. Also, if you're in the market for a new peripheral, monitor, component or whatever for you gaming needs, you should definitely check out our constantly replenished stock of the newest and best products globally. These will also find themselves used in the upcoming Malta eSports Festival 2017.  As you're probably aware of, many of our staff at were active competitively around 10 years ago, when COD2 was at its prime. Back then, practice was painfully annoying and unplanned, consisting of dragging set ups around and all this for a poor connection. Some of us envy what you have today; The Gamers Lounge - the perfect place for anything gaming in Malta. The fact that it's located next to Junior College makes it all the much sweeter for some.  If you're interested to learn more, follow the link here:

SKT vs Samsung Galaxy: The Epic Rematch We've Been Waiting For

Wind back the clock roughly 1 year; a 6 hour final posted the young and inexperienced Samsung Galaxy against SKT on the biggest stage seen, Worlds 2016. Although lacking experience, SG pushed the veterans to the firs full five games in a finals series ever, only to fall short at the end. That time has passed, however, and we've gone full circle to where we began.  That's right, Samsung Galaxy and SKT have fought throughout the year, conserving their rightful spots as the best couple teams in the scene, to meet again in the upcoming match of epic proportions. As of right now, 24 hours remain until history is written once more.  Immortality against redemption, the successful against the vengeful. The Bird's Nest stadium in Beijing will have to make room for two of the biggest birds round. Those who've been attentively watching the event know how difficult its been for each team, inching closer after each map, each tight game, to finally be in the final.  SKT look to set a record in the world of esports, three straight World titles is totally unprecedented in the industry. Perhaps defying the doubts spectators had, following a four-game losing streak earlier this year, expect them to be calm and collected to take on another title. This, of course, will only happen if Samsung Galaxy doesn't give them any trouble, which is rather unlikely. Another shot at the crownis what they've been itching for all year. A storyline to take into account is that of "Crown", their star player that lost his lane to "Faker" last year, a definite reason to their loss. Since then "Crown" has been rather consistent, but his teammates have indeed stepped up to share the weight.  Many other thoughts run rampant over the match-up, such as junglers as champion choices; but I'm not LoL analyst. This series needs to go all the way, five games, to not fall short of the excitement. Personally, it's too close to call, but we're looking forward to seeing deep emotions along with fresh strategies and ideas reflective of this great season that we've had. 

The Razer Phone is Finally Here

Finally, after months of anticipation, rumours and speculation, the Razer phone is set to hit the shelves this coming month. If you've been anywhere on social media, youve definitely heard of this phone since coverage has literally exploded across social media. For good reasons too.  When a company like Razer makes a phone, certain expectations come to mind. We'll have to get this part out of the way; no RGB was actually quite a surprise from the company. Anyway moving on, this product was always going to be gamer-oriented; but they've also managed to tick quite a few other boxes to make this a potentially fantastic all-round phone. I say potentially because you never know what problems may crop up when retailed to consumers.  Going over specifications, this is where such a beast shines. Probably the largest selling point, is the screen - an UltraMotion Quad-HD 120 Hz IGZO IPS LCD panel similar to that of their laptop line-up; a first for the mobile market. At 5.7", one may begin to pity the battery life; like gaming laptops it will have to suffer, right? Well, Razer was thoughtful enough to include a 4000 mAh battery to keep everything running for as long as possible. This battery, along with the sexy anodised aluminium unibody puts the product at a considerable weight of 197 grams. What else does the phone pack? 2017 Flagship specifications are present as expected, namely, an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and an Adreno 540 GPU. A whopping 8 GB of RAM, 8GB!, are present too. It wil be interesting to see how Razer uses up all of this. Apart from that, 64 GB of internal storage come included along with availability to add a microSD.  Other features include 2 front facing speakers, like on the Pixel 2, but this time crafted by Dolby Atmos to create supposedly great sound. Speaking of sound, wave goodbye to the headphone jack. However, unlike other phone companies, Razer includes a 24bit DAC in the provided converter for the USB Type-C port, so although it may be more cumbersome, you're getting better audio quality to drive more powerful headphones. Also included are a set of cameras, a single 8MP selfie and a dual camera system, utilising zoom and wide lens functions at the end. Again, these should be tested with the retail release.  Until now, the only form of negative visible on the specification sheet is the surprising Android 7.1 instead of Oreo. Maybe an update will ive you access to the newer version of android.  At an asking price of about 600-700 euros, the Razer phone is definitely a competitor in the modern market of smartphones. Who knows, maybe will be able to review it when it comes out? Fingers crossed.  What do you think of the new Razer phone? Let us know below. 

Overwatch Competitive Season Seven Underway

Competitive play for Overwatch has restarted again, for the seventh time since its release date last year. Enthusiasts across all platforms, those of PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One are currently grinding for their spot in the new season. Officially, the new season commenced on the 31st October, a spooky start too.  Since then, players have been given 10 placement matches to complete, just like last season, to see where they stand skill-wise. Even if you don't place too well, Blizzard still rewards all participating players with a unique spray and icon. Those talented enough to reach the top 500 mark, on their respective platform and region, get an extra set of spray and icon so you can tell absolutely everybody that you made it in the top 500. Apart from these novelties, pivotal competitive points are also handed out corresponding to performance, allowing players to increase their own collections of golden weapons.  However, if these in-game rewards don't float your boat, there is one other option. Blizzard will soon be hosting the third season of Overwatch's Open Division tournament. Here, every keen gamer is welcome to test his luck and maybe find a way forwards. Below is how Blizzard describes it all: "It's an entry-level program for aspiring professionals and a place for aspiring professionals to test the waters. Teams face off against others in their region in a weekly tournament format." Matches and qualifications for the open tournament start momentarily, that is, 6th November and work their way throughout December to finish on the 10th. A total number of 8 teams would be the result of the distillation and these will all move on to the playoffs to take place December 16th to 17th. As of right now, signing up is as easy as going over to Overwatch's Open Division website: Maybe a Maltese team could pull through? Who knows?

PUBG Coming to XBOX on December 12th

After a fantastic display of exclusive games for Playstation 4 owners last week at Paris Games Week, including the likes of The Last of Us 2 and God of War, Xbox owners may be feeling a little down. However, this piece of news we've got will surely turn that frown upside down. The breakout game of the year, the very popular PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will find itself on Xbox One on the 12th of December. Read on to learn more about this exciting confirmation.  We say confirmation, because this was already foreshadowed at E3 this year, but most people seems to have forgotten. This didn't stop Xbox from refreshing everyone's memory yesterday on its Twitter feed. Following the release of the Xbox One X, PUBG will be an enhanced title. This means that with the new console, HDR and 4K textures are available. Yet, this doesn't mean that you can't play it on the Xbox One.   Compared to the PC version, there should be no major compromises or changes, but we'll have to await the release for confirmation. The Xbox One will launch with third-person Solo, Duo and Squads games alongside the most recent update regarding the climbing and vaulting update which we covered here: The coming two months are going to be huge for PUBG, having many updates pending and a new desert map. With 18 million copies sold already, on PC alone, spreading to Xbox should be an increase in success. For just 30 euros, it's a Merry Christmas indeed for Xbox owners, who'll have all the holidays to enjoy PUBG on the sofa.  Will Sony try getting their hands on the incredibly popular PUBG? 

Next Threat Stays True to its Name for COD:WWII

Probably the most awaited roster to hit the sticks for COD: WWII, but far from the first time, is that of Next Threat. Captained by Doug "Censor" Martin, a familiar face in the Call of Duty community, he looks to bring back some other old-timers to preserve their place when it comes to boots on the ground.  The announcement came from Censor's Twitter page, as he proudly posted a little montage showcasing each of the players involved. He confessed that they cannot wait to get back in the game. Namely, the roster goes by the four of "Censor", "Proofy", "Ricky" and "MiRx". Here's what we think of their potential.  Doug "Censor" Martin; he's a promising player who has been on a bizarre drought when it comes to achievements. His most notable was a victory of a mere $50,000 Black Ops 1 tournament, having nothing that notable to follow, never seeing silverware since. Yet, since then, he's grown incredibly over social media due to his focus on gym and even becoming part of the casting crew for Infinite Warfare's Championship. However, many will agree, that his segment after the action ended, was the most uncomfortable content ever. Speaking of caster, "Proofy" is definitely a more prominent name. Most-known for his time at Optic Gaming, he's tasted victory over multiple titles, including COD4, MW3 and Black Ops. Jetpacks proved too much for him and he's also done some casting duties this year too.  The other two players, "MirX" and "Ricky" are very much familiar with eachother, having teamed on Optic Nation, compLexity and Curse LV.  Regarding the name of the team, Next Threat, this is in respect to Censor's organisation back in Black Ops, being Quantic Nex-TT-hreat. The new roster does seem to respect the name, packing a wide variety of experience and storylines to potentially leave a mark. Their first test will come in the form of the CWL Dallas Open coming first week of December. 

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