Kurt Fenech Competing at the $50,000 FIFA eClub World Cup!

Following last week's piece of news regarding a group of Maltese competitive Tekken players taking part in an international event, we're delighted to reveal more Maltese talent fighting on a global scale. Kurt "kurt0411" Fenech, the prolific FIFA competitor, is headed to the FIFA eClub World Cup to compete for the majority of a $50,000 prize pool. Let's learn more.  All the action will be going down this weekend, from May 19th to May 20th at the AMP Studios in the heart of France - Paris. A total of 16 professional eSports football clubs will be participating after a well-deserved spot through qualification. Each team has a representative competing on each console. Duly noted is the fact that Kurt will be representing the club Mikers together with "IcePrinsipe"; he's been under the name for roughly a month now.  He'll be competing against clubs such as UNILAD, Team Envy, Lightning Pandas and PSG Esports - the very best FIFA players from all over the world. Yet, knowing Kurt, he isn't afraid at all and cannot wait to delve deep into the brackets and looks to make a name for himself. Here's what he shared on Twitter: "The regular season is over where kids triumphed. Now it’s the business’s the playoffs. Men turn up, champions up it up a gear but an alien will take over." I'm guessing that he'll be the alien in this situation. Many comments ask him to 'back up' the confidence through a solid performance, following a lacklustre one at Manchester.  Following the Club World Cup - only a week after, he's got the International Playoffs to think about! Those will be prioritized.  We're sure that Kurt will do his utmost at the event - he's already left for France this week in advance. The event will be streamed here when the event is live. We'll also be reminding you of it with this week's edition of 'Esports Events to Watch in the Weekend'. Below is the full list of teams. 

The 2018 Asian Games to host League of Legends!

Recent news has the 2018 Asian Games revealing League of Legends as an official sport to be demonstrated to the public. Riot Games announced this piece of news through their social media pages. Here's why you should be excited for the future of esports.  The Asian Games are being organized, as they always have been, by the International Olympic Committee - the organizers of the largest multi-sport event of the year thanks to the Olympics. The Asian Games are just one step down and are the second largest event following the Olympics. Like this,  the whole world, especially Asia, will be exposed to esports through League of Legends. Apart from that, we're excited to see the level of competition from the continent so invested into the gaming industry.  The following is a comment by the co-head of esports over at Riot Games, Jarred Kennedy: “We're honored that League of Legends was selected for the Asian Games. Representing one's country at the Olympics is a dream for athletes around the world, and with this step, that dream is one step closer to reality for the best in our sport. We admire and respect the values of the Olympic movement and look forward to supporting the Olympic Council of Asia in making this competition a success.” The whole event will be taking place from August 18th to September 2nd, with many other details to be revealed. Yet why should you be excited? Well, the International Olympic Committee has already made its position clear earlier on this year regarding the presence of violent videogame esports acting as Olympic events - not very open towards it.  The performance of LoL at the Asian Games could potentially influence a change of thought and perhaps introduce esports more heavily in the largest event of the age - the Olympics. Fingers-crossed. 

Maltese Tekken Players Competing at an International Event - Interview

Battalion 1944, COD2, League of Legends and CS: GO - these are the titles one would usually wonder to when thinking about local competitive esports. Maltese esports has a preference for first-person shooters, as seen through the diverse array of past leading titles such as COD2, Overwatch and the ongoing Battalion 1944. However, one title which has been gaining more local friction in recent events is that of Tekken 7. Packing high-framerate gameplay and demanding lightning fast reflexes, it offers what most competitive fighting games offer. A prolific name in the local Tekken 7 scene is Joseph Facciol, who has just recently made his way to Italy with a team to take part in an international Tekken 7 event.  Hence, we decided to take the opportunity to get a closer insight through an interview. This is our first interview with a local fighting-game competitor, and it's with Joseph Facciol.  1.) We'll start with an introduction. Tell the audience about yourself; who you are, your occupation, where you live and a heavy focus on gaming and what it has meant to you up to this point. I am Joseph Facciol from Fleur-De-Lys. I work as an LSE and I love 3 things in life: Family, learning and gaming. As opposed to many, I do NOT think that learning and gaming are opposed; I have always seen a link between them after all, both encourage self-criticism and improvement. From an early age, gaming has always been a way to achieve escapism. Not escapism in the negative sense but as a way to put yourself through alternate experience. I guess the word I am looking for is, ‘katarsis’ - a purification of emotions. 2.) There are many competitive genres to choose from; with the majority favouring first-person shooter and MOBA - fighting games are a whole different realm completely. What makes them so different and why do you favour this genre? To be honest, I do not know much about the fighting game genre in general because I only play one fighting game - Tekken. Ironically, it is the only game which I feel tense while playing but on the other hand it is very rewarding. I have always described Tekken as a game combining the amount of moves available in chess with the element of bluff from poker while demanding the player to act on these two elements literally in less than a second. This is actually what, in my opinion makes this game different from the main stream genres like shooters and rpgs: the intensity of having to play at the frame-level of the game!  3.) You have quite the experience with local competition, as you've attended many of our events to reach podium finishes. Share your thoughts and honest opinions about the local fighting-game scene. What needs to change? How could this change be brought about?  The local community has hit a few bumps along the way during the previous installments but it turns out that the long break provided a thirst for tournaments never before seen on the island. Ever since the tournament at the airport which you guys organized the community growth and the frequency of tournaments organized ha been increasing at a rate never witnessed before. Indeed, I do think that the Tekken community has reached its highest peak, so far... As it is always is the case, there is always room for improvement and my hope is that local esports groups keep growing and are open to include us their events to help each other grow. Local groups competing against each other would, in my opinion, spell danger for the local esports community. Instead, I think that cooperation  amongst local groups will be crucial if we want to let our voices be heard on an international level. Other than cooperation, awareness of the enormous esports economic potential among everyone is key for success here. It will help provide local players with the much needed sponsorships which are essential to be able to stay at par at an international level. 4.) Joseph Facciol will also be competing in an international competition this coming week, as he leaves for Italy this. Describe your current situation and the event which you're involved with. What are your expectations? I have been away for quite a while from playing Tekken competitively and have only managed to make an effective comeback recently. That being said, I am presently confident in our abilities but it is our first international competition so we are totally inexperienced in that regard.  I say ‘we’ because although we have been competing locally against each other for over a decade we are indeed heading for this event as one team. Apart from me, there are also: Lawrence Spiteri, Christian Cauchi, Johnatan Cassar, Matthew Tonna, Steve Micallef, Dylan Caruana, David Cilia and Sean Dingli. I know for a fact that the 4th ranked best player in the previous Tekken World Tour will be taking part so the competition will be at an astoundingly high level. That being said, whatever happens, will be a learning experience for all of us and once again an opportunity to further improve both competitively and in terms of organizing other events. 5.) Tekken 7 is the 7th instalment in the fighting-game series. How familiar are you with the series and how long have you been competing seriously? At what point did you realise that this was something you could take to the next level?  I never planned on playing Tekken. I remember I did like the game in demo one on the play station one but wanted to buy Monster Trucks. It just so happened however, that when I went to the local store the shopkeeper regretfully told me that he did not have monster truck and amongst the many games which( he said were up for sale was Tekken 2 platinum edition. Upon hearing the name I remembered that I did enjoy playing the demo with my father especially and decided to buy it. I instantly got hooked up and remember continually practicing during every instalment. My very first local competition was during my college days at a tournament in Imgarr when I met the local community for the first t8me and got the beat if my life. I then started to compete with the local community until I reached my prime in Tekken 5 DR and Tekken 6 when I was on a tournament streak. I then took a long break and was away from the Tekken scene for a while until I started competing again a few months ago. Then last wekend, I finally managed to win a tournament in a final against Sean Dingli who was on a tournament streak of his own and is still running strong. In fact, it was he who suggested that we embark on this trip. As my well-respected rival I owe a lot to this guy. We have both gained from our rivalry. Well, in the end, little did I know that that happy coincidence of buying my second preference game would lead me to go abroad and compete internationally.  6.) Taking the step to compete internationally is no easy feat. For our last question, we'd like for you to provide some advice for prospective fighting-game competitors. What does it take to compete on an international level and where does one start?  What has the process been like up to this point? One word- PRACTICE. As in any form of performance, practice is the most important element. Also, Tekken has a steep learning curve so in the beginning there will be quite a big gap between new players and seasoned ones. But you learn much more from your losses than you do from your wins so that should not be a reason for newcomers to lose motivation. Also out of all the Tekken instalments, Tekken 7 is the one which is most beginner-friendly so there has never been a better time to join the community. Finally, like many other games, Tekken is best enjoyed with friends so I suggest newcomers start practising against their buddies and join us on Tekken City Malta so that our community will grow even more and we will all learn from each other. If you've taken the time to read these incredible answers, it's quickly understood that Joseph Facciol is a mature and determined competitor, taking a hobby to the next stage. Again, I'd like to emphasise the quality of the answers - the best replies we've ever received for an interview. Just like at the past MESF 2017, we'll be considering featuring Tekken 7 again for you all to enjoy. Just like Joseph recommended - "start practising"! 

Interview with Robert Borg - A True Gamer

We've had a lot of interviews this month, with a central focus on the MRO: Battalion 1944 Open. This time, however, our interview will be a little more light-hearted, but nonetheless insightful on the local gaming scene. We've got Robert Borg, probably Malta's best gaming collector, here to tell us about his hobby and himself. He's a true gamer, that's for sure.  1.) We'll start with an introduction. Describe yourself as a person; where you live, your work and other details to let us understand your personality.  Hi, my name is Robert Borg and I am 39 years old. I live in St. Venera and work as a delivery person. Over the years I've developed an incredible collection concerning gaming which I can't wait to share with you.  2.) Describe your daily routine Every day I go to work as normal people do - my job is not an easy job as I am a delivery person that delivers tiles. After work I do spend some quality time with my children; Jade of 8 years & Julia of 13 months. It seems that Jade likes gaming as well - speaking of which, gaming is what I usually do with the time left over.  Robert's collection of PS2 games. 3.) Amongst that it seems that you've got quite an impressive collection in terms of gaming across multiple platforms - describe it to us.  I have 26 different consoles with a total of with around 3400 games excluding my collector and limited editions. I've been looking forward to counting everything up one day.  4.) Such a large collection, as shown in the attached images, has surely taken a great deal of time and money to build-up. Describe the process of getting this far as a collector? It all started with the Game Boy and the Amiga 500 when I was around 9 years old and from that time till today I never stopped playing and collecting games. It's my passion.  5.) What would you say is the item closest to your heart and does this coincide with the most expensive item you own? My favourite pieces tend to be collector edition titles, as the publishers put in extra effort to make it look incredible on a shelf. Personally, the collector edition that it is very close to my heart is that of 'The Last of Us'; which is not the most expensive game/collector I ever bought.  6.) After all these years of collecting, which is your favourite game of all time on which console? Why? My favorite game is 'Final Fantasy IX' on the Playstation ONE. However, there are many other games such as those which involves the entities Zelda/Link, Super Mario, Crash Bandicoot, Metal Gear Solid, and Resident Evil. Specifically for Resident Evil, I used to play it late in the evening to properly immerse myself in the terror - an exercise I recommend to all.  7.) How do you manage to store all of the items? At the previous house, I only had a tiny room in which to invest my hobby. Upcoming plans have me creating a new and larger room which will properly store my items.  8.) What is the most difficult part involved with being a collector of videogame items? Also, mention the best part of the hobby.  To be a collector here in our country it is not an easy hobby and it is a very expensive hobby as the prices here in our country and the prices, in lets, say the UK, are the same. What doesn't help is that there is a lot of difference in our wages and only around 3-4 shops here in Malta are dedicated as gaming shops. But as they say - NO PAIN NO GAIN!!!  9.) As a collector - what is your ultimate goal? In my opinion, there is no limit in this hobby. either you're in or out. There is no stopping or break in it so it's a never-ending story that keeps going on and on. With no definite goal, I'm going to keep collecting for as long as possible.  10.) What does the future hold for your hobby? In the future, I wish to have the strength to carry on into this hobby and wish that I could see more friends into it. Maybe I will have an opportunity to show my entire collection to those who are already gamers or collectors or wish to start this hobby. I'd love to spread collecting as a hobby in Malta.  From just 10 questions, we've learnt a great deal from Mr. Borg. An avid collector, while being a caring father and a hard-worker, who aims to spread the word of collecting on the island. My insight on the hobby is that of awe - how could someone have so many games and not play them all? That's self-temperance if I've ever seen it.  Overall, a great interview and looks forward to seeing his hobby develop. Good luck!

FaZe Clan Triumph at IEM Sydney

One of the events which we previewed in this week's article was none other than the IEM Sydney Invitational for CS:GO enthusiasts. The whole event has just concluded, and we're ready to provide a little recap of all the surprises and upsets which went down, leading up to FaZe taking victory in the grand final.  Starting with a major surprise, we've got the Chinese rebels of Tyloo who blew many titans out of the water, such as SK Gaming. Yet, this wasn't the SK Gaming which we're used to observing, as another Australian team of Grayhound also took a slice and helped provide an early exit to the limping Brazilian giant. Their recent roster changes are looking slightly dubious. Needless to say, SK was the largest disappointment at the event.  Within moments, the final four teams remaining were FaZe Clan, Tyloo, Astralis, and Mousesports inside the semi-finals. The matchups went according to the order the teams were presented. A tight series ensued between FaZe and Tyloo, as the Europeans fought hard to repel the momentum built up by the underdogs and did so successfully in a series homogeneous to a 16-9 scoreline in each map. The other matchup, that between Astralis and Mousesports was less contested, as Mouz gave away a couple of slaughters while they clenched on to a 19-17 victory in the second map.  FaZe against Astralis, those were the parameters of the Sunday grand final. Sadly, our title doesn't leave much space for imagination. FaZe Clan was indeed the underdogs heading into the map, with many favoring Astralis. Cache, Overpass, and Train were played - that's right, only three maps.  After the overwhelming performance which Astralis put up at the DreamHack Masters Marseille in April, ending the series in three maps was unforeseeable. The scorelines were 19-17, 22-20 and 16-14 respectively, all of which went in the favour of FaZe Clan. Tension and anxiety were omnipresent as the maps swayed back and forward in terms of plays and control. An incredible grand final which surprised many.  FaZe Clan are your IEM Sydney 2018 champions, happily greeting the majority of the $250,000 event. What's terrifying is the fact that this FaZe Clan has ' xizt' standing in for 'olofmeister'. Perhaps this team isn't rocking its full potential - we'll have to see how they perform further into the year. 

Esports Events to Watch This Weekend - 4-6th May

April's done and we've just acquainted ourselves with May - the weather seems to be playing up as cold winds return for a short while. Such conditions scream for a comfortable time indoors consuming entertainment in the form of esports. This weekend, we've got some great events to watch out for to start off the month right. Be sure to enjoy the content on a whole new level thanks to TimetoEat's quick and efficient delivery service - it will have you served before you can say 'food'. Without further delay, the following are the events for the weekend.  IEM Sydney 2018 May starts off well for CS:GO enthusiasts, thanks to a Major CS:GO event in the form of IEM Sydney 2018. With $250,000 on the thin line where 16 teams lie, only top-tier competition can be expected from the teams. Sadly, the competition already started on the 1st May, as everyone holds their breath for the upcoming conclusive weekend - where the semi-finals and beyond will be played out. 4 teams remain: TyLoo, FaZe, mousesports and Astralis. Let's see who'll take it.  EPICENTRE XL Conclusion Last weekend, we had advised all of you of the group stages of the EPICENTRE XL. With that being said, the event has progressed into the final stage, as a grand total of $1000000 will be sought out this weekend up until the 6th of May. Everything has now been distilled to 12 teams, housing names such as Team Liquid, and Complexity Gaming. Any Dota 2 pursuer will be tuned in for the weekend of action at the VTB Ice Hall in Moscow.  MSI 2018 Play-In Stage This week, at the EU LCS Studio in Berlin, Germany, fans will be able to witness the initial confrontations building up to the Mid-Season Invitational for League of Legends. The first global event of the year - Europe will be the host of a lethal dose of action, ranging from this weekend to the dates of May 8-9 and May 11-15. This is simply a play-in stage through group stages - the knockout stage will take place further into this month.  The three events listed here correspond to, probably, the three top esports in the world - LoL, Dota 2 and CS:GO. Through this though, it's unquestionable that live streams will be of a high standard to not refer to the incredible gameplay which awaits. Enjoy your weekend!

PUBG Release Team Deathmatch in New Event Mode

Within the next day, PUBG will be making its next step forward in growth through a brand new event mode, featuring a new perspective on the orthodox Team Deathmatch. it's called 'Desert Knights', and here's all you need to know.  The parameters of the game type involve a group of 10 five-man squads on a single map, with Miramar being confirmed until now. Death is not the end, as any casualties will be met with a respawn in the airplane - each kill landing the perpetrator score. With that being said, the first team to accumulate a total of 200 points gets the W. This game mode will go live as of May 3 up until May 6th and perhaps returning later. This weekend will serve as a form of trial period.  Respawning from the plane with no resources? Sounds suicidal. That's why each player will be spawning in with top-tier items usually taken from packages such as the AWM, AUG, M24, Mk14 and a few others. All players will also land with a level three vest and helmet together with a couple of grenades.  Through these materials, teams look to earn score through killing other players. Kills are each worth three points in addition to the single point earned from a knockdown. If no team manages to reach 200 points before the short 15-minute mark, the longest straw takes it all. Make sure that your bullets are true, since killing a teammate or even knocking one, takes away 5 points from your own score.  Speaking of landing, all players are tasked with landing within a small sized zone, whose size will not change for the entirety of the game. Respawns will be allowed every 40 seconds as the plane passes by. The location of the zone will be randomized each game.  Perhaps PUBG is trying to compete with Fortnite's new gamemodes? We'll see how it plays this weekend. 

Battalion 1944 Updated - New Guns and Edits

With a heavy reliance on the community, Battalion 1944 is a manifestation of respect for the old schooled first-person shooter dedicated to reliving the experience. However, it's still in an initial form, with perhaps a few shady edges. Last month, Battalion 1944 had its first major update, which we covered here: and it had quite the effect on the dynamic of the title. This time around, a refurbished game mode and an expanded armory are what's on the menu in the form of another major patch.  To begin with, we'll start with the new weapon - the Grease Gun. If anyone has played Call of Duty 2, such a name is familiar as the submachine gun is featured here too. The gun is characterized by its controllable recoil and solid damage, which lend to an overall versatility, though its strength is found in medium to close gunfights - you wouldn't want to get too close to a shotgun. To be factual, the Grease Gun is named as such due to its massive and cheap production as it fell at the hands of thousands of soldiers. The 'low production cost weapon' often jammed, which is why grease was used. With that being said, it's in the form of an 'Eco Weapon' for the U.S side.  The update will also host a few more tinkers with the gun balance, as the experimentation continues. An Eco Weapon for the Axis will soon be announced for the Major update in June. The other aspect of Battalion 1944 which the developers are concerned with is the optimization of the title for higher framerates,  Also, Wartide 2.0 is coming! After much feedback, some changes are on the way. Gun prices, matchmaking, token upgrading and a few other fundamental aspects. Battalion 1944 is going to be changing in a big way soon, with the June Major update.

Esports Events to Watch This Weekend - 27-29th April

Last weekend, was completely occupied with the organization of the MRO: Battalion 1944 Open at the MFCC. So much so, that we simply couldn't find time to inform you of the events to watch during the weekend. This weekend, we've got more time to spare - below are three events which you should look out for. As always, remember to make the most of your experience and your time in general, by contacting TimetoEat whenever you feel a little famished as it would be a shame to have to miss out for food.  The Epicentre XL The Dota Pro Circuit continues through the Epicentre XL; the next major event to be organised by Epic Esports Events. With a total of $1,000,000 on the line, the top teams in Dota have come together to meet at the venue at Moscow. Due to the large scale of the event, the preliminary matches will start this weekend while the main event will be held at the VTB Ice Palace - where the one team will come out on top. It's at this stage that the transition will be made from BO3 to BO5, really stepping up the competition. Apart from the prize pool, 1,500 Pro Circuit Points are also on the line. It all kicks off today on the 27th April, with the Group Stage. One to watch if Dota is your thing.  The 2018 CLS Closing Season - LASC To the joy of League of Legends enthusiasts, is are offering a weekend of competition to celebrate their closing season. The 2018 Latin America South Cup is the sixth season of Latin America's fully professional championship of League of Legends. Only a literal handful of teams will be competing, where only two will reach and advance to the CLS Closing Season. Hosted in Chile, the event hosted by Riot Games began yesterday and will progress up to 29th April, with heavily spread out games.  If you're into LoL and curious to see what the level of competition is like on the other side of the world - we recommend that you check it out.  The PSX Pro Series Showmatches: Clem vs Denver We haven't featured any Starcraft 2 events in our weekly update yet. That changes this week with the PSX Pro Series Match-up between Clem vs Denver. To feature a whopping series with a best-of-9 format, the 1v1 is one of the final deciding factors before the event may progress. Organized by Psionic Aftermatch, a total of 26 professional players are involved. The match will be occurring tomorrow afternoon and may take up to 3hours at most - quite the showdown if you ask me.  A wide range of esports to pick from this weekend. Remember to hit up TimetoEat for one those competitive moments become too much to leave.  Coming up next week, we'll be offering some post-event content for the MRO: Battalion 1994 Open - stay tuned. 

CWL Seattle 2018 - Rising Roster Changes Rewarded

After the incredible performance out of everybody at Stage 1 Pro League Playoffs - a few key roster changes were witnessed throughout the community. Two examples of big changes include Rise's swap of Methodz  for Slasher and eUnited parting ways with SiLLY. After such changes, amongst others, everyone is always looking forward to the next event - proving grounds for the new squads. CWL Seattle 2018 was just that, and it didn't disappoint. Apart from the partial community shuffle, the event would also be coming on the back of a new update which seriously edited the game in terms of unlimited sprint, lethals and divisions - effecting mainly SnD.  Though, it was quite evident that many SMG players were being caught sprinting constantly. This all contributed to quicker paced gameplay at the major, with a total prize pool of $200,000 on the line and 160+ teams cramming their way in.  Straight off the bat, during the group stage, upsets were observed. The teams of Rise Nation, Optic Gaming, and Luminosity Gaming were all denied a top 2 placement in each of their groups - ridiculous statistics from three of the best teams at the moment. All three would have to crawl through the Losers Bracket, thanks to outrageous performances from sides such as Lightning Pandas, E6, Ghost Gaming and others who took the top spots. To continue on the topic of upsets, the elephant in the room of Optic Gaming needs addressing. After barely getting through the Group Stage, they were washed out at a Top 16 finish. This is officially the worst placing of the organisation ever in its history, apart from the fact that all four players are shocked. A general notion of laziness is all that the community has been given. If the team were to split, as many predict, it would lead to the craziest rostermania that Call of Duty has ever seen, with 4 of the best players in the game in free agency.  With that out of the way, the rest of the event was a joy to watch - an absolutely historical one too. Focusing on Rise Nation, who finished last in their group, they would go on to make the greatest Losers Bracket run in the history of CoD esports - eventually winning the whole event. Gunless was awarded the MVP with a 1.18 k/d. Meeting them in the grand final would be the surprising faces of those from EG, thanks to their new addition in SiLLY. His former team, eUnited, placed top 4.  The current state of CoD esports is volatile. CWL Seattle 2018 was one of the most surprisingly historical events ever - and it's the first time that CoD has ever been hosted there. Optic Gaming serves as a ticking bomb under the infrastructure of the community. Partners with Gaming Malta

Having just recently announced our partnership with Gallantry Events, while including an awesome bonus from it which we recommend that you check out here, we're ready to announce another partnership for 2018. This time, the deal is more localised to our own shores, as Gaming Malta has decided to step up and partner with us, Read on to learn more about this partnership which should help us continue working towards a brighter 2018 in terms of gaming.  GamingMalta, the 'home of gaming excellence' is a branched out segment of the Government of Malta and the Malta Gaming Authority, dedicated to promoting Malta as a Centre of perfection in the remote gaming sector. In doing so, the company is also committed to a diverse amount of other goals. These include accelerating growth in the gaming sector, bringing stakeholders together, establishing expertise and a few others which form the overall goal of enhancing the gaming industry in Malta.  Here's what Daniel Bradtke, partner and co-founder at Frontloop Media has to comment regarding their work as an organisation: "Malta's professional iGaming environment is rich in talent, competence and opportunity" It's quite clear that GamingMalta is a highly-professional organisation centered on promoting the gaming industry in Malta as well as the world. It's for this reason, that we're proud to be their partners for the remainder of 2018 and hopefully for years to come.  You can learn more about their mission and their statistics over at their website here:  Apart from GamingMalta, we happen to have another partnership announcement for all of you down the pipeline.

Project Eversio Win the MRO: Battalion 1944 Open

It's been one incredible journey this past month, as we observed our first event of the year commence and end in great fashion. Kicking off on the 19th of March, we've been providing interviews and content non-stop to make the event even greater - and what a month it's been. It all boiled down to the LAN portion of the MRO: Battalion 1944 Open which occurred last weekend. Here's what went down.  Heading into the weekend, the group stages were complete and so were a few of the early bracket matches. Straight off the bat, no ridiculous match results came through except for the surprising turnout in which an underperforming Paradigm6 managed to beat out dOUBTFUL, who then went home early after facing EvH in the Losers Bracket. Paradigm6 also knocked Ephica out in the early bracket. EvH had found themselves in the Losers Bracket after losing to a dominant Project Eversio during the Quarter Final. With that being said, EvH then went on a fantastic run to reach the grand final. Sweeping Paradigm and dOUBTFUL aside with ease, it was Anarchy which gave them problems in the Losers Final and dragged them a Game 3. Still, EvH managed to prevail to the grand final to meet the unopposed Project Eversio - who had only lost one map up to that point, to the hands of none other than EvH.  Winning the event was quite a daunting task for EvH - so much so, that Project Eversio didn't let Event Horizon win. Nonetheless, the grand final consisted of some amazing plays with a tangible tension in the air. Project Eversio seemed to grow more vocal with each victorious round, while EvH did their best to remain calm and collected. With the series being a best-of-5, the contested maps slipped into the hands of Project Eversio, one after another until a 3-0 sweep was achieved.  Project Eversio was extremely expressive of their victory, taking to social media to rejoice in their new trophy and spot within the international event hosted by Gallantry Events. A well-deserved victory.  The following are the final standings: Project Eversio EvH Anarchy Paradigm6 Ephica Doubtful Gaming Delixx Anoxia We hope you all enjoyed watching and participating as much as we loved organizing it!Overall, it seems that Project Eversio was the best-prepared team for the event. The level of competition was superb, especially for a title which was recently released. looks forward to creating more events in the coming year.

MRO: Battalion 1944 Interview - dOUBTFUL

Incoming is our final interview for the MRO: Battalion 1944 Open, with our final team being dOUBTFUL. What isn't a doubt, however, is the fact that they''re a top contender for the podium. Thus, we got in contact with GibsoNNN, the captain behind the squad, to learn more about the team's thoughts.  1.) Which was the best team you competed against during the group stage? Why? I'll have to agree with many of the other captains in saying that the best team my team has competed against was definitely Project Eversio. 2.) With that being said, which player/s specifically were simply a pain to play against? For me, in general, all on the same level of skill but reed is an exceptional player and we are looking forward to play against him again! Everyone is really showing up in this event.  3.) How far do you expect your team to travel in this competition? What placement are you aiming for? We are aiming to place 1st but that's every team's hope - naturally. Top 3 would be great, but first is that much sweeter with the recently announced bonus prize! 4.) Who do you think, if not your own team, is the best team playing at this event, the team to avoid in the bracket? In the limited time that Battalion 1944 has been out, preparation for the event has been incredibly event and is synonymous with performance at this point. With that being said, the best prepared team is Project Eversio and I would like to avoid them in the coming brackets. 5.) Describe the level of competition you’ve been encountering across the tournament. Did you expect such a level? On the whole, we experienced a high level of skill and strategies when it came against top teams like EvH and Eversio and we expected it.  6.) How has the experience been like to compete in the MRO: Battalion 1944 Open? I this competition in general - no serious complaints in specific. Personally, as a team captain, it's been an opportunity to build as a team - creating better communication skills and learning from other teams. 7.) The final question – do you have any suggestions you’d like to pass on the team at for our future Battalion 1944 events to better the experience? In my opinion, I would highly recommend that the future will have more normal LAN competition unlike this one. In this situation, where we needed to play a lot of wars from home, other parts of life get in the way in terms of time and priority.  On the whole, looking back at all these 6 insightful interviews, it's been fantastic for everyone on the whole. We had the chance to make connections with the team captains and rack up some opinions. It's too bad that two teams in particular either didn't reply or make an effort to deliver proper answers. We hope that you've all enjoyed reading them and we look forward to doing this more often.  Our next interview will be external to the event, as we'll be contacting a personality well known to many Maltese gamers - and that's the only hint you'll be getting. 

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