Taxify To Sponsor The GO Malta eSports Festival

If you've been following our articles for at least the past two months, you've probably seen the above title earlier, for the Malta Cyber Series #3. As you may rightly assume, Taxify, the smartest way to move around any city, is once again sponsoring one of our events. is more than content to keep this relationship alive, since sponsors like Taxify are what allow us to hold such incredible events.  Tap a Button, Get a Ride; this is the concept around which Taxify revolves. Dedicated to providing quick, easy and functional services, feel the city at your fingertips as no corner is safe from you access. Consisting of a plethera of experienced and professional drivers, you can lay back and relax as the ride goes smoothly. Adding to the convenvience is the option to pay all the necessary costs online; no cash needed. If you fancy checking out their top notch services, their Taxify app is available to download now on app stores such as the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. Trust us when we say that it's as easy as it sounds.  The upcoming Malta Esports Festival will be held right at the Corradino Sports Complex in Paola; traffic is quite likely. That's why we recommend that any potential guests or even competitors themselves should use the admirable services of Taxify. If you're transporting your setup, having plenty of luggage, be sure to add that detail in the booking and they'll ensure that they come prepared with space for you.  Summed up, that is what Taxify stands for. Yet, they make it look quite easy. Apart from their hectic days transporting hundreds of people across the island, they've even got the courage and vision to sponsor our esports events. This is only because they believe, they believe in a future for the gaming industry here in Malta and couldn't be more grateful for that. 

AliQuantum Gaming Sponsoring the GO Malta eSports Festival 2017

“AliQuantum Gaming is more than a platform, it’s your catapult to success!” AliQuantum Gaming is an international esports platform devoted to assisting in platform developing, assisting entrepreneurs with their huge ideas and being a part of the gaming industry in many different countries, including Malta. Above all else, they are sponsors for the upcoming GO Malta Esport Festival 2017, and will certainly be a key ingredient to the event’s success as a whole. Did you know that the term “AliQuantum” means “Good Deal” in Latin? Don’t worry, I didn’t know either, but looking at what the company offers, the definition is easy to descend to. No matter your needs as a business, AQP offers a tremendous selection of plugin modules and pairs them with advanced content and customer management to provide personalized solutions. From humble beginnings all the way back in 2003 as a simple casino platform, it’s now a top-tier company respected globally and operates in roughly 20 countries. Speaking of which, they have a local office in Ghaxaq and if you’d like to know where exactly while learning other facts, check out their website here: Ok, so you’re not really planning to start your own business anytime soon, how is AQP relevant to you? Well, the company also tends to sponsor events and host them on the occasion. One prime example, apart from the GO MESF 2017, is the upcoming AliQuantum CS:GO Tournament at SIGMA17 which we also ae a part of. Entry is FREE of charge for the 40 slots available, as random teammates will be placed together in order to compete for the €5000 total prize pool of cash prizes. To reserve a place, if there are any left, visit our facebook page here: and contact us as soon as possible. We couldn’t be more content to have AliQuantum on board for the GO MESF 2017, since their passion and motivation will surely make the event that much better.

DRAM Prices To Rise By 10 - 20 Percent

Unfortunately for PC gamers, recent statistics have effectively predicted an increase in DRAM price especially as we head into 2018. Through these statistics, a calculated 10 to 20 percent increase is expected in price. All the information comes from DRAMeXchange and their research.  This year, the third quarter itself already say a 5 percent price increase individually, and the price increases are based on this. Again, retail cost will be proportional to capacity specifications, which might even lead beyond 20 percent. Yet, why is this happening? Well, the demand for DRAM is at an all-time high based on an increased need for more devices, especially phones which seem to need more RAM every year. For example, Apple buys around eighteen percent of the world's annual supply of NAND chips, a form of DRAM which they use in their smartphones.  Obviously, the same goes for PC DRAM modules too. Here's what a researcher, Avril Wu, from the source had to comment:  “Contracts with first-tier DRAM suppliers show that the prices of PC DRAM modules have now risen above US$30 and maintained around US$30.5 on average, amounting to a seven per cent hike from the third quarter. This price increase is mainly attributed to the influence of the booming mobile DRAM market, which is in turn fueled by the limited product supply and the releases of flagship smartphones during the traditional busy season of this year’s second half.” The price increase looks to be overcome by new production lines at fresh factories, to be opened by the likes of Samsung and SK Hynix as examples. Hopefully things will return to normal mid-2018, which is when we expect it to flatten out.  Silicon price increase has been reported by a Japanese Silicon wafer manufacturer responsible for a total of 60 percent of the world supply. The company plans to increase prices which will literally make everything to do with computing, more expensive. I don't think there's much we can do, and it isn't good news for consumers. Companies will either find new ways to cut down on price or products are going to be that much more expensive.  Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Sponsoring The GO Malta eSports Festival 2017

The esports industry, like any other sport, has indeed developed of late in the gambling and betting sector of it all. If you’re feeling extremely confident in your team, maybe you should put more than pride on the line to potentially welcome a lovely turn out. Yet, it’s often quite difficult to find reliable platforms to carry out such transactions. This is when, a proud sponsor of The GO Malta eSports Festival 2017, takes the stage. The affiliate gaming company has roughly ten long years of online Poker and Casino history in the books, more than qualified to handle esports betting. Being an affiliate business, for those unaware, implies that it has many strong connections to betting partners and services to create a secure and safe environment. Examples include betway, ggbet, arcanebet and betspawn. There really isn’t anywhere else to go when it comes to esports betting, as nowhere else are the odds more in your favour and losses less likely. Of course, it does depend on whose betting the money. Apart from providing an excellent betting service, also boasts a regular and high-quality provision of esports news from many different scenes. With a main focus on the mainstream titles of Overwatch, Dota 2, LoL and CS:GO, their news sector is quite impressive. If you’ve realized, posts news from their website on our own information page which you’re reading off of at the moment; this is because we are affiliated with the website and it’s why we’ve managed to finalise a sponsorship deal with them. Amazingly, the list goes on. The website has an extensively revised list of calendars for all the major esports; definitely making sure that you don’t miss out on any crucial events. Furthermore, they provide regular “tips and tricks” pieces of content which let readers know about any new developments regarding meta and playstyle. There is so much to explore and learn, and if you’d like to do so then feel free to follow here:, and Thanks to the help of sponsors like, The GO Malta eSports Festival 2017 keeps getting more exciting. Also, our Facebook page, if you’ve been keeping track, has announced a few giveaways over the past weeks and we recommend that you don’t miss out on the fun. Stay in tune for more sponsor information soon.

Optic Gaming, Splyce and Mindfreak Win The First Regional 2Ks

Only two weeks after the release of Call of Duty: WWII, it's clear that the game is boding well with the community as well as professionals; especially as the first round of regional MLG 2K tournaments came to an end yesterday to distribute the sought out CWL pro points respective of placement. These will prove evermore essential as we slowly progress to the upcoming events.  If you don't know what 2Ks are, here's a quick summary. 2Ks are organised by MLG, who assist Activision in organising the esports scene. Taking place over an online connection, they serve the purpose of slimming down the qualification for events while stringed before events to keep the scene alive. They will mainly prioritise pro points and thus only have cash prizes of roughly $2000, hence "2K".  All three regional 2Ks went down simultaneously; yet you probably didn't realise. Why? Well, due to the importance of these games, many teams are opting to avoid streaming gameplay in order to conceal tactics and dialogue, perhaps to reserve the upper leg early in the competitive year. Starting with North America, Sunday saw Optic Gaming sweep Luminosity Gaming 3-0 to claim the majority of the points after taking the first seed. To the east, the Europeans of Red Reserve and the newly formed Splyce battled it out until the serpents came out on top. Splyce look to retain their dominant European form from last season. In the APAC region, another unsurprising statistic awarded Mindfreak a 3-2 victory over "Excite"'s roster. Each victor bagged 2,000 pro points each, and it should be noted that all the winners had the first seed in the region at the beginning.  So, the results weren't too surprising. The three best regional teams from last year have kept their positions at the top; will they manage to keep this form up until the 2018 CWL Dallas Open? Will any of the potential teams, those filled with veterans and young blood, upset the established rosters? We're sure that next week's 2K will include more variety, picking a favourite for the upcoming LAN event quite difficult. 

GamingMalta To Sponsor The GO Malta eSports Festival 2017! isn’t the only local company which is devoted to enhancing and promoting esports on the island and we’re aware of this. One example is GamingMalta, an independent non-profit foundation created by the collaboration between the Government of Malta and the Malta Gaming Authority. Having the responsibility of improving Malta’s gaming industry and the whole ecosystem involved, we’re more than happy to announce them as sponsors for the upcoming GO Malta Esports Festival 2017. Never heard of GamingMalta? That’s a shame really, because they do such a great amount of work for the gaming industry. Below is their primary aim taken from their website Promote Malta as the world’s premier online gaming jurisdiction and a centre of excellence and raise Malta’s profile as a quality jurisdiction for the licensing and regulation of gaming companies, both locally and internationally. They carry out their task alongside quite a heavy load of commitments. Certain examples include promoting ownership of the Malta brand among stakeholders, standing out through innovation and supporting the MGA amongst others. Again, if you’d like to see the whole list, we recommend you become familiar with their website. Here is a message from the GamingMalta Chairman himself: “The foundation of GamingMalta represents a significant step forward for Malta’s gaming industry. We want gaming in Malta to excel through the quality, innovation and choice it offers to consumers and GamingMalta’s chief objective will be to develop Malta as an international brand of excellence. The intuitive company will find themselves at a massive upcoming event for the business side of gaming, being SIGMA17, offering their concepts and ideas to all passing by. It will be interesting to see what they’ve come up with. A collaboration between GamingMalta and is only natural, and we’re glad to have their support for the GO MESF 2017!

FaZe Clan Acquires Gorilla Core PUBG Roster

One of the teams scheduled to participate in the IEM Oakland 2017 PUBG event was Gorilla Core. Certainly a lesser known organisation, it had high expectations for the $200,000 event next week. We speak in the past tense of course, since it was just revealed that FaZe Clan has successfully acquired the full roster and will thus be represented at the event.  The squad, consisting of Max "MeTor" Lion, Anssi "mxey" Pekkonen, Jere "Jembty" Kauppinen, and Adrian "Haxete" Blom, is one of the top European teams heading into the invitation. FaZe Clan understood that and that's why the roster is theirs now. Here's what the organisation had to state regarding the situation:  "We’ve been looking into games that we are enjoying and believing in. We believe PUBG is one of them and as a first step; we are entering the esports side of the game. PUBG being a new esports means that the key is to work with the players that have intense drive to put in hours required combined with to focus to progress every single day. Then the talent will put you over the top. Gorilla Core got that." The competition is fiercer than ever for the IEM Oakland 2017, and we're only speaking of the PUBG side of things. Don't miss all the action on November 18th this coming week.  Other news in the scene include a new PUBG league to be released in the South Korean region. Top Korean organisation are extremely keen to enter the scene and support it further. This alongside the recent statistic that 20 million copies of PUBG have been sold as of 7th November this year; insane numbers for only an early access edition. These will definitely bump up as the official release date goes global and Xbox players gain access.  We can't wait to see how the competitive scene develops, especially locally. Catch some local PUBG action at the MESF 2017, the first Maltese event to host a tournament for the title. 

The Hulktastic Cup in Memory of "INTERNETHULK"

At the end of our article announcing the sad passing of Overwatch legend "INTERNETHULK" which you may read here: , we speculated on how the community would remember him and everything that his name stood for - maybe a few minutes of silence? Such a guess was blown out of the water by what came; a community tournament will be held in his honor. The speed at which everyone collaborated was insane, so much so that we couldn't even preview it.  The Hulktastic Cup was broadcasted November 11th at 2pm, Eastern time of course over at the Overwatch Twitch channel. Organised by none other than "Noukky", a competitive Overwatch Support player, she did a fantastic job at organising the whole thing and is commended for her efforts. 22 teams were brought together for the online tournament which followed a single eliminated best-of-three format played on PTR servers. Apart from the players and their teams, a total of 14 commentators pulled through to help deliver the gameplay to the thousands of viewers. With everything happening so fast, everyone involved should be applauded for getting involved and prioritising it.  Along with the short-time notice, no prizes were involved as the charity event focused on receiving donations from generous viewers towards the family of "INTERNETHULK" and their needs.  Although there were no prizes, there were the overall winners of the tournament. Finishing in first were Arc69, followed by -bird noises- with two other teams, with rather long names, finished third and fourth. Regardless, all who participated are considered winners, and not in a gooey cliche sense, but in a respectable manner as they offered their skills and time to help donate and support the cause.  Team Liquid, his team at the time of his passing, is also collecting letters of support for Hawelka's family having two addresses in Europe and North America so fans from around the world can send a message.  This is what esports is all about; community spirit and support. This is what is proud of being a part of and what we're trying to developing on a local level.

PUBG Developer Bluehole Working on an MMORPG

If you haven't seen the trailer, Ascent:Infinite Realm is an upcoming title which you might want to check out. Powered by the game developer behind the community favourite of PUBG, Bluehole are now trying their hand in the MMORPG for the third time, but expect a lot more success this time round. Following their fantastic experience and ideas from PUBG, many are desperate to find out how the company approaches the genre.  Before we proceed any further, see the trailer below if you haven't already: As you may see, the cinematic sneak peek boasts ancient beasts, steampunk vehicular warfare packed in a fantasy RPG package decorated by modern graphics which look to impress. If we make our way to the game's official website, which is currently online here: , we can learn a handful more things. Aerial combat also seems to be an option, yet from the skies the game also ventures into deep pits filled with platforming enginuity and structure building. Customising aqnd constructing your own airship already looks like great fun. Apart from that, gamers can design their own unique quests to spice things up.  If PvE gameplay doesn't float your boat, there's a considerable amount of PvP options available and we wouldn't expect anything else from Bluehole. Once you enter the "Realm vs Realm" mode, battles between players may rage out and definitely a few more activities which we are yet to learn about.   Just like PUBG, Bluehole plan to sustain six months of closed beta versions throughout the first half of 2018. The game will be published by Kakao Games, the same publishers who worked on Bluehole's earlier MMORPG attempts.  What do you think of AIR, as it may be shortened? Do you think it will be worth the hype or is it just full of hot air? 

Overwatch Legend "INTERNETHULK" Dies at 30

Dennis "INTERNETHULK" Hawelka; esports player and coach, passed away this week at the young age of 30. Those familiar with the Overwatch scene recognise his name and what he's accomplished as an individual and for the competitive scene in general. Let's dial back and remember what he's done over his short-lived career.  Starting his journey all the way back, he had his finger in a quite a few pies, namely World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2 and League of Legends; thus he is considered an esports veteran by many. Throughout these titles, he played for a number of teams at a number of events with a relatively progressing amount of success. His big break came in the form of Overwatch, the esport which he's most remembered for.  Hawelka founded a team which would rise to prominence quickly in the Overwatch scene, that of IDDQD. So much so, most of the roster was signed under the banner of Team EnVyUs later on and Hawelka decorated himself with multiple title wins here. With his most recent switch though, the German national switch gears and opted for a coaching position. First at Laser Kittenz, then Rogue and finally, Team Liquid. Team Liquid's Overwatch team did disband, however, back in September yet Hawelka stayed on board as the head coach for the organisation's League of Legends team.  It was Team Liquid who announced his untimely death to the world through social media: As you may read above, the organisation demands that the family's privacy may be respected. His cause of death remains unknown to all, and hopefully they won't keep us guessing regarding how a 30 year old passed away so suddenly. supports "INTERNETHULK" and we wish his family and close friends all the best.  Remember, professional gamers are people too, who feel emotions, pressure and know death just like me and you do. Effects of his passing are not known yet, but we can only assume that a few minutes of silence will be dedicated at the next notable Overwatch event. 

Beyond the Summit's Dota 2 Major Cancelled

After a shocking passage of events, it's been revealed that the Dota 2 Pro Circuit will have one less Major event than planned in its schedule. Certainly terrible news for enthusiasts and professionals, let's dive a little deeper to find out how this disappointment occured. We'll also see what other effects this will have on the Dota 2 season in general.  Beyond the Summit, the LA central studio and tournament coordinator revealed the upset through social media alongside Valve's own announcement. Apparently, this has all got to do with the poor time management regarding partnership. NGE, or Next Generation Esports, were supposedly partners for the event, but no agreement or financial deal was ever closed, making the event impossible to organise. For slight background, this organisation is the production company involved for the majority of Rocket League's esports coverage.  Here's what Beyond the Summit co-founder David "LD"Gorman had to add to the situation:  "BTS was exploring the possibility of running a major together with NGE in March 2018 as part of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit. Unfortunately, the event ended up not making sense for us and NGE, so it won't be happening. We couldn't figure out a financial model with NGE that would allow us to run an event that we felt was worthy of being labeled a Major." Following a 'go big or go home' mentality, the BTS found it pointless to organise an event if it were not worthy of being called a Major. Sponsors are important; understands this concept very well, especially when it comes to organising our own events for you all to enjoy.  Regarding seasonal effect, assuming that no event is created to replace it, the total number of qualification points for The International 8 has been decreased considerably. With topping the leaderboards of the Pro Circuit, due to a win at the ESL One Hamburg Major, the difficulty to catch up to them will be turned up a notch for the other competitors.  However, the minor Dota Summit 8 tournament will still go ahead as planned on December 13th. Tell us what you think of this let-down in the comment section below.

The IntelĀ® Extreme Masters Oakland 2017: Don't Miss it

Only one week away, the Intel Extreme Masters Oakland 2017 is an event you don't want to miss. Combining the familiar competition of CS:GO and the fresh as ever side of PUBG, it's a pleasant mixture. The best in the world from both scenes will be battling it out on an international stage, the indoor Oracle Arena packing thousands of enthusiasts and of course, the huge amount of home-viewers through broadcasts.  Let's start by discussing the CS:GO half of things. A $300,000 prize pool hangs in the balance for all twelve teams. First, the dozen will fight through an unforgiving group stage, to utilise a BO1 system which is rarely seen. The two round robins will give way to three teams to advance. A top finish guarantees placement into the semi-finals, while a second or third place puts you into the playoffs to fight for the remaining spots in the semis.  Group A: SK Gaming, Cloud 9, NiP, Astralis, The MongolZ, EnVyUs Group B: FaZe Clan, G2 Esports, Gamit Esports, Team Liquid, Immortals, OpTic Gaming Semifinals will be BO3 and the grand final will be BO5. Winner takes a neat $125,000 of cash prize. Also, as added incentive, a team will receive $1000 for extra than base prizes for each group stage victory. What a great way to add so tension incredibly.  Diverting our attention to PUBG, there's plenty more to talk about. IEM Oakland 2017 will be the first ever PUBG stadium event having 20 teams of four players each wage war fr the $200,000 of prize money. As of right now, 12 teas have already been donated a spot straight into the competition, while 8 others found their way through the online qualifier; four each from NA and EU regions.  The event boasts two full days of PUBG action, at the end of which a winner will be crowned. Over the hours of competition, a different system is being used; no group stage-knockout system which we've all grown quite accustomed to. Not quite. All teams will compete in a total of 8 matches and can gain points according to finishing position and kill count. Total score is how a winner will be selected.  Invited: TSM, Team Liquid, Noble, Luminosity, Alliance, Cloud 9, GCE, NiP, Penta Sports, EG, Tempo Storm, Method Gaming Qualified: Crimson Esports, Whitekids, *AAA* Gaming, Team Pogchamp, Ghost Gaming, Ronin Esports, Miami Flamingos, Corn Shuckers.  To learn more about the event as a whole, check out this link: is practically shaken with excitement for the event, but we'll be busy, just like many of you will be, with the MESF 2017. 

Team Dignitas Drops "jkaem" and "AcilioN"

It's safe to say that it's been quite a tough year for Team Dignitas overall. Momentum and expectations heading into 2017 were high, yet instantly crushed by a sudden transfer of their whole roster of five players to North on the first day of the year. Ever since, they've been trying to recover without celebrating much success. Now, we've just got news that they've dropped two players.  Yes, they've reportedly decided to drop the players of Joakim "jkaem" Myrbostad and Asger "AcilioN" Larsen from their CS:GO roster. A respectable decision following their recent performance, if anything will bring about a change, a player swap should. Poor statistics include missing out on two major events due to not making it. Namely, they missed out on the PGL Krakow Major and they were knocked out of an open online qualifier for the ELEAGUE Boston Major, the earliest part of the action. It's simply unacceptable to see such results.  Dignitas had acquired "jkaem" a little over eight months ago alongside a certain "fox". "AcilioN" on the other hand had a much shorter run, just two months for the aspiring 21 year old. There really isn't anything too significant to comment regarding their history with the team and I personally think that leaving is in their own interest too.  As of right now, the hole left by the departure of the two players is being filled in by former Dignitas player Jorgen "cromen" Robertsen and the coach Morten "zEVES" Vollan is also getting involved. We're unsure who could fill in the new spots, but what we are sure of, is that Dignitas needs to make up for a pitiful 2017.  The esports organisation is also pushing a PUBG roster, who were invited to the PUBG Invitational at IEM Oakland. However, the team played a rough three games in Round 1 and were eliminated almost immediately. Looks like the organisation is on a streak of bad luck, but that should change soon. 

South Korea Are the Overwatch World Cup Champions

Roughly this time last year, South Korea found themselves matched up against Russia in the grand finals of the 2016 Overwatch World Cup. It was an undeniable slaughter as they cruised to victory following a quick and clean 4-0 sweep. Heading back into the competition for a consecutive year, they were the clear favourites and did not fail to reach the expectations set upon them. Momentarily, the grand final against Canada awaited them; here's how it went down. Right off the bat, Canada lost their footing to the focused South Koreans. Offering a lacklustre bit of resistance, they quickly conceeded the first three maps to put them in a vulnerable position indeed. Maps of Oasis, King's Row and Hanamura had been played; would Canada let South Korea sweep them aside? Fortunately, the Canucks managed to mount a sliver of resilience, enough for them to steal Junkertown off of the South Koreans, staining their otherwise clean plate. The next map, Numbani, was absolutely nail-biting as the Canadian side finally appeared confident and back in the form which they've been celebrating all tournament long. Tight conflicts and exciting strategies pushed the map to a 3-3 tiebreaker. Canada were up first, only to put one minute on the board. Unfortunately for them, that mark was easily passed by South Korea, deeming them the champions of the world after a 4-1 scoreline. Thus, South Korea came first, Canada second and for third place, Sweden kept their seat warm from last year. France, one of the other favourites going into this, managed a fourth place finish. In other Overwatch news, Blizzard has revealed the Overwatch League schedule alongside a new mobile app to keep up with all the action on the go. The league season will commence on January 10th, having each of the 12 teams to play twice per week after that point. Many other announcements were revealed at BlizzCon this year, so if you'd like to knwo what lies ahead for Overwatch, check out this link:

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