The MRO Battalion 1944: Open

Past Tournament
Tournament Starts: March 19th, 2018 at 8:00pm
Tournament Ends: April 22nd, 2018 at 6:00pm
Game: Battalion 1944
Platform: PC



Please take your time to read through our rules before you start playing in this tournament. 

The General rules section covers the default punishment for breaking the rules, our right to broadcast matches, the complaints system and what counts as official match rules. 

Match rules

The default team size for clan matches is 5on5. The minimum team size is 4; a team having less then 4 players will result in a forfeit loss

Map list

  • Liberation
  • Costal
  • Derailed
  • Manorhouse v2

Demos and screenshots

It is important to take any screenshots that might help you if a problem arises during a match. Screenshots will be used as evidence when admins need to take a decisions. 

Miscellaneous rules

Once the match starts, neither clan can complain that the other clan is using a player which is not registered in the tournament. That should have been checked before the match started.

If you find out that your opponent has a player which is not registered before match starts, you should ask them to replace that player(s) who are violating the rules. If they refuse or can't replace the player(s), you can claim a noshow win.

Once a match starts on the suggested server, a clan cannot claim the server has serious ping issues unless both teams agree the server is not fit to be used or the game server has major problems. Evidence must be taken of the serious disadvantage (preferably a screenshot with the full line-up with visible pings) caused by the server issues. 

If one member of a team says that his team is ready he is considered to speak for the whole team, regardless of his status in the clan. Once a game has started it may only be restarted if both clans agree and final descesion to be taken by an admin. If a game was started without the agreement of one of the teams, that team can demand that the game is restarted as long as at least one of their members remains in the spawning area.

Substituting a player during the match is only allowed between games (so at team side changes or at the map change, not in overtime), or in case of extreme connection problems during the game. If the new player has not showed up after 5 minutes the opposing team can demand that the match starts without him.

If a player drops because of a technical error, the match must be paused. The maximum time you can pause is 5 minutes - after which the match must auto-resume -, which is enough time to reboot and reconnect. The maximum total pause time is 10 minutes per map per team (5 minutes per side and only one pause per team per side). you do not need a reason to call a time-out. At map or side change clans can take a maximum of 5 minutes for a break, the match is to resume after that time. When the 5 minutes are up spectators can be removed freely. Staying in spectator will lead to the automatic loss of the round. If a clan does not ready up in time after map change, it will lead to a forfeit loss for the violating clan. A clan must clearly state their claim of the forfeit win on the server (while recording a demo) which the opponent is forced to accept, then may leave the server as the match is concluded. But if the clans decide to continue the match (team matches only) after the allowed pause time is up, a forfeit win can't be claimed later on.

If the server crashes during a match, the map will be restarted only if the crash occurred during the 1st round. In all other cases the remaining time (rounded to the closest minute and with a minimum of 2 minutes) or rounds will be played, after which the scores will be added to determine the map win.

Spectating during an official match is not allowed. If a player leaves the server for any kind of reason and joins again he needs to choose sides’ immediately. When spectators that are not allowed to join the server enter the match, it should be paused and they should be made to leave before the match is continued.

The bomb can be planted to any location around the bombsite as long as it stays defusable. You are also allowed to plant on top of the bomb. 

Cheating and abuse

Any cheating or excessive abusive behaviour during a match will result in a forfeit loss. 

It is not allowed to take advantage of or abuse bugs. Any kind of bug abuse is considered cheating and will lead to a forfeit loss, unless otherwise mentioned specifically in the game-related rules.

All programs or files, either changed game files or new files, that change the game or add to its functionality, or which interact with the game in any way, are strictly forbidden unless other rules specify otherwise. Modified versions of the game's resource files are always forbidden, regardless of what they do. The use of any forbidden program or file by any clan member during a match, leads to a forfeit loss.

Programs that do not interact with the game in any way are allowed, even if they can be used and operated simultaneously with the game. Voice communication programs are examples of such programs.

Any types of scripts proven to give a real advantage or are part of not allowed binds/scripts below will not be tolerated and will result in a forfeit loss. Config settings that give a distinct advantage over the opponent may be deemed config abuse and can lead to a forfeit loss depending on severity of claim. 

Players are allowed to jump to special places (including "trickjumping") as long as it doesn't violate the bug abuse rule (example exploiting 2-way mirror walls).

Match Formats

Group Stages

2 groups of 4 teams each where each map will be  played with and MR12 Format having each team playing twice against his opposing team playing 1 match as 'home' and one match as 'away'. The home team chooses the map to play while the away team choose which side to start with. It is the responsibility of the players to keep up with their team’s standings. Three points will be awarded for a win, one point for a tie and zero points for a loss in the group stage. In the event of ties in point standings, the following sequence will be used to determine who advances to the elimination stage, and who wins his group:

  1. Points earned from matches won or tied. 
  2. Result of head to head game. 
  3. Maximum number of rounds taken. 
  4. Round difference: Total net score for tournament games. Net score = rounds won, less rounds lost. 
  5. If two teams are still tied, an MR 12 match will be played where a coin toss will determine the map and side, having the winner of the coin toss to choose either the map being played or the side to start. Should the teams still tie a 10-10 score O/T  with MR 3 will decide the winner having a knife done before the start of the O/T to determine the winner which side to start at.

All 8 teams will proceed to the Double Elimination Sage.

Double Elimination Stage 

The first from each group will be facing someone that placed 4th from the group while the team that placed 2nd will face someone that placed 3rd from the other group.

Matches will be BO3 and MR12. In case of a draw in any map overtime will be played in MR3 having the team playing the opponent's map choosing which side to start with.

A knife is done, winner decides if to start his or opponents map. The first map choosen will be played while the second one will be chosen immediatly and played after. Should a tie occur the third map played will be decided with a knife having the winner decide if to choose a map from the remainig two or else a side. A team chooses which side to start in his opponent’s map (not in overtime).

In the Grand Final the team coming from the Winner Bracket will start with a 1-0 win. The match will be played in a BO5, MR12 format. The team coming from the looser bracket will pick his map which will be the first map played while the winner will choose which side to start at. The looser of the first map will choose the second map while the winner will choose the side and so on until a team reaches 3. In case of a tie in a particular map overtime will be played in MR3 having the team playing the opponent's map choosing which side to start with.

Global rules

Not knowing the rules is never a valid excuse for not following them. reserves the right to broadcast every match. This can be done with online game broadcast tools for spectating purposes. The recording of such broadcasts can't be refused by the clans. In many cases will allow or ask third parties to broadcast the matches. Spectators may never be charged.

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