The launch invitational

Past Tournament
Tournament Starts: April 18th, 2018 at 7:00pm
Tournament Ends: May 20th, 2018 at 9:00pm
Game: CS:GO
Platform: PC


1. Format of launch invitational

1.1 launch invitational (Further “The Tournament”) - is a full-online complex of

1.2 The Tournament is divided to 2 Stages

A. Main Stage - Group Stage (18/04 - 26/04) – 8 Teams (8 Invited)

  • Round Robin format in each 2 Groups
  • 12 BO1 Matches (3 BO1 for each team)
  • All teams qualify to Final Stage

 B. Final Stage (01/05 - 06/05) – 8 Teams

  • Single Elimination bracket
  • 4 BO1 + 3 BO3 Matches (1 BO1- 1 BO1 + 2 BO3 for each team)

2. Prize pool

2.1 Prizepool of the tournament – $10 000

1st Place - $6 000
2nd Place - $3 000
3rd-4th Place - $500

3. Game Settings

Config - ESL 5vs5 (last update)

Freeze Time - 12 seconds

  1. Round Time - 1 minute and 55 seconds
  2. Regulation Max Rounds - 15

Regulation Start Money - $800

Regulation Side Selection - Knife for sides

Pause between halves - 1 minute Overtime Max Rounds - 3

Overtime Start Money - $16,000

Overtime Side Selection - in overtime, teams firstly play the side they last played in regulation

Teams having the opportunity to take a tactical timeout 3 time during the each map, by writing !pause in the chat and for end it by writing !unpause. Each time out should be no longer 2,5 minutes.

In the case, when one of the players disconnects from the server captain pauses the game in the end of the round and all the players are waiting for him. If the player doesn’t connect to the server in the long time, admin has the opportunity to unpause the game, or allow the team to use the stand-in.

Technical timeout has to be not longer than 10 minutes. Technical timeout take by writting !tech and for end it by writing !unpause

4. Official Map pool and Ban/Pick Rules

4.1 Official Map pool

  • de_inferno
  • de_cache
  • de_cbble
  • de_nuke
  • de_mirage
  • de_overpass
  • de_train

4.2 Best-of-Three:

Team 1 Bans
Team 2 Bans
Team 1 Picks
Team 2 Picks
Team 1 Bans
Team 2 Bans
*Last standing map will be played as 3rd (if necessary)

4.3 Best-of-One

Team 1 Bans
Team 2 Bans
Team 1 Bans
Team 2 Bans
Team 1 Bans
Team 2 Bans

Last standing map will be play

4.4 The player / coach / manager must appear and answer in conference for veto 25 minutes before the start of match in Discord channel.

4.5 The team who guess the side of coin - choose which they will start veto: 1st or 2nd.

5. Scheduling policy & Servers

5.1 The organizer gives the schedule of the games to the teams not later than 2 days before the start of the tournament.

5.2 During the tournament in the case if the team needs to reschedule the match, the captain or the manager should make the agreement with the opponent and with the administrator of the league, but not later than 36 hours before the match.

5.3 Organizer provides the server in Germany, Netherlands locations.

5.4 The Teams, playing the match receive the server info 30 minutes before the match and have 15 minutes to check and confirm the server. In the case when the ping difference between the opponents is more than 40ms the team can refuse to play on the provided server. This team can offer to use its own server with the updated ESL Config and updated eBot CSay plugin on it. Otherwise the team should play on the provided server.

5.5 If the team does not have five players in the server after 10 minutes from the originally scheduled match time, then the opposing team can force them to play with four. If they cannot field four, then the other team will be able to submit a forfeit win. The captain of the team should write to the organizator in the Discord about the forcing the forfeit win.

5.6 Maps in the match start one after another with a break of 10 minutes between each. Reduce the break can not. Match start after another match end with a break of 15 minutes.

6. Restrictions and Ban list

6.1 Betting or gambling

No players, team managers, staff or management of attending organizations may be involved in betting or gambling, associate with betters or gamblers, or provide anyone any information that may assist betting or gambling, either directly or indirectly, for any of The Tournament matches or The Tournament in general. Any betting or gambling against your own organizations matches will lead to an immediate disqualification of The Tournament and a minimal ban of 1 year from all competitions for all persons involved. Any other violation will be penalized at the sole discretion of The Tournament Organization.

6.2 Changes of the roster during the tournament

The team is allowed to use 2 stand-ins during all the tournament, and should notice about using the stand-in not later than 12 hours before the match. Otherwise the stand-in player will not be allowed to play in the match. Also player which play on tournament like stand-in must not play for another team in the tournament before. Players who participate in the final qualifying stage or in the main tournament for another team also must not play in the qualifications.

6.3 Cheating
Any players who has been caught cheating by the game publisher's Anti-cheat system (Valve Anti-Cheat) in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive less than 2 years before date tournament start is not eligible to participate in The Tournament.

Forbidden to use different programs that give advantages during the match. It is also forbidden to use the map bugs, such as: Attachment to invisible pixels, look through textures and others. You can not use scripts during matches.

6.4 No show

If a team is not ready to play:

  • 5 minutes after the official match starting time the opponent receives the right of choosing the first side on the current map.

  • 10 minutes after the official match starting time, the team will be considered as no show and will receive a default loss on 1st map, after 1 hour if team also not join to the server in time she will have def loss in the whole match. Also after it team should say reason why they not played match in  time for referee, and if referee finds the reason is not respectful team can be banned at tournaments for up to 6 months

6.5 Teams’ Responsibility

Teams cannot refuse to have their matches broadcast by official broadcasts, nor can they choose in what manner the match will be broadcast. The broadcast can only be rejected by the league administration. The teams agree to make sufficient accommodation so that broadcasting of matches can take place. The teams cannot stream their own matches by themselves or give the server information to the third persons        

6.6 Penalties

The team or the player can be disqualified from the tournament in the cases:

  • Failure to follow the instructions of the administrator.
  • Players objection to a judge, if they require to manage with the regulations of the Tournament.
  • Insults or any racist remarks to the opponents, teammates and other members of the Tournament e.g. of judges, commentators, e.t.c.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct (e.g. sabotaging the matches).
  • Misleading or deceiving the administrator.

6.7 - Nicknames of the players and Titles of the teams

Nicknames of players and team names must be free of racist remarks and don’t consist the limits of censorship. Otherwise, a team or the player can be disqualified from the league.

The administrator can ask the player to change his nickname during the match so it will match the nickname on

6.8 Rules about slots in the tournament

Slot in tournament have any 3 players from teams, and in case of their withdrawal from team they have primary right to the slot (But any 3 players and team have slot on tournament only after his 1 game in a tournament). In case of their refusal from the slot - judges decide who will get it

Also if team leave from 7 days before  starts tournament:

  1. If reason will be disband - judges will choose penalties for them
  2. If reason will be not disband - team will have 6 months ban in tournaments
  3.  Judges can change penalties from point 2

6.9 Editing the rules

Admins can ignore or overrule the following rules in order to make the competition as fair as possible. In case of contradicting declarations the most recent announcement or admin statement counts, the head admin also reserves the right to overrule any  statement or ruling made by another admin.

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