League of Legends Draft Cup #2

Past Tournament
Tournament Starts: August 27th, 2014 at 6:00pm
Tournament Ends: August 27th, 2014 at 6:00pm
Game: League of Legends
Platform: PC


1. Gamers.com.mt Draft Cup Rules

Last update: 26/07/2014

1.1.1. Tournament Administration

  • Primeee - Kurt Aquilina
  • Kitsune Nine - Samuel Bezzina
  • Terrence2 - Terrence Cassar
  • Nekklo - Kersten James Chircop 

1.1.2. Rule modifications

Gamers.com.mt administration reserves the right to change or modify these rules, and in special cases make decisions not covered by these rules to preserve the spirit of fair competition and sportsmanship.

1.1.3. Code of conduct

All participants are asked to behave in an appropriate manner towards other competitors and to any member of the Gamers.com.mt administration. Exceptional cases of violation of this rule will be punished with all possible severity.

1.1.4. Prize

Prize can take up to 3 months from the point when the tournament has ended, however exceptions can take place.

1.1.5. Additional agreements

The Gamers.com.mt administration is not responsible for additional agreements between players or teams and these agreements are only allowed if they do not violate any of the existing rules. The Gamers.com.mt administration advises against such agreements.

1.1.6. Barrage for dropping out

Any participant who drops out of the current Gamers.com.mt draft cup cannot return later. This applies to any kind of drop out, no matter whether it is by his or her own decision. The Gamers.com.mt aadministration reserves the right to bar a participant for more than tournament in extreme cases.

1.1.7. Spamming

The excessive posting of senseless, harassing or offensive messages is regarded as spamming.

Excessive spamming, in order to distract the opponents or to disrupt the game is not allowed. These functions are solely meant for communication with the opponent and the match admin.

1.1.8. Unsportsmanlike Behaviour

For an orderly and pleasant game it is essential that all players have a sportive and fair attitude.

1.1.9. Deception

The attempt to deceive the administration or other players using false or fictitious information, statements or is not allowed. Entering a fake result, counterfeiting of Match Media such as Demos, screenshots, or logs and use of an ineligible player will be punished.

1.1.10. Cheating

Cheating in a match will result in the participant being kicked. The player(s) will be punished.

1.1.11. Expulsion

The tournament administration can remove any participants that he sees fit, for any reason.

2. Match Rules 

2.1.1. Playoffs

The playoffs will be a 8 contestant single elimination bracket. The contestants will be seeded in an unpredictable way.

2.1.2 Scheduling

Any agreement to reschedule a match must be made only by Gamers.com.mt adminstration.

2.2. Game Setting

2.2.1. Client and Server

All matches have to be played on Europe West.

2.2.2. Game Preparation

Please resolve any problems that might occur before a match starts. Connection or Hardware Problems during a match could lead into a disqualification by Gamers.com.mt adminstration

  • Agreements between the teams/players have to be posted to a match admin
  • Make sure the match is played with the right settings, e.g. Tournament Draft Mode and Summoner’s Rift Map.
  • Make sure all players are eligible to play. In team games, all players must be registered in their corresponding team. The usage of a team foreign player can lead into a  disqualification.

2.2.3. Draft Mode

The Gamers.com.mt Draft Cup uses the Tournament Draft Mode.

  • Playoffs: Best-of-1. The home team in the website has 1st pick and ban.
  • Final: Best-of-3. The home team in the website has 1st ban & pick in the first map, while the away team in the website in the 2nd map. In the case of a 1:1, the team with the faster win time in their map can select if they want 1st ban & pick or not in the third map.

2.2.4. Game Account / Summoner Name

All League of Legends players need to have entered their most recent Summoner Name of the realm the tournament is played on. A wrong, missing or outdated Summoner Name can lead into (a) warning. A simple case of wrong, missing or outdated Summoner Name does not lead into a disqualification, but the player has to tell a tournament admin.

2.2.5. Choosing the game hoster

Both teams of a match are allowed to host. Please send the game name and the password to your opponents, use the match comments or the match chat to get in contact. If a decision is needed, the home team in the website can decide which side they want in a match. Blue side has always 1st ban & pick.

2.2.6. Champion Bans

Some tournaments and leagues have champion bans. For now there are no banned champions in the Gamers.com.mt Draft Cup. It's strictly forbidden to play with a banned champion.

2.2.7. Playing with not picked champion

If a team starts with a not picked champion, the game has to be re hosted. It's not allowed to change any during the two matches for the new match, only the wrong champion has to be changed.

2.2.8. Player Change

To change a player before the start of bans and picks is only allowed if both teams agree to it and the Final descission is still that of the Gamers.com.mt admins.

2.3. Ingame

2.3.1. Number of players

Matches must be played 5on5 with 5 players.

2.3.2. Player drops

If a match is not played with the Tournament Draft Mode, the game will continue if a player disconnects. He has to return as soon as possible back to the game and continue playing.

2.3.3. Pause Rule

In matches played with the Tournament Draft Mode, it is forbidden to use the pause without an obvious reason like a player disconnect.

  • A pause shouldn't longer than 10 minutes. In the case a longer pause being needed, the opponent or a Gamers.com.mt admin has to agree it, otherwise will the match continue.
  • In the case a player disconnects, it is allowed to use the pause.
  • In all other cases, both teams have to agree to a pause of the game in all chat.
  • To unpause a game is only allowed if both teams agree to it in all chat or a pause lasted longer as 10 minutes and no further agreements were made.
  • Abuse of the pause will lead to a disqualification. Screenshots of proof of the abuse have to be taken and uploaded into the match.
2.3.4. Regame

Teams can agree to a regame, if they think it's needed to play a fair and balanced match or to solve technical problems. All regames have to be approved by a Gamers.com.mt admin.

2.3.5. Regame Rules

A regame has to be played with the same picks and bans, it's not allowed to change the used Summoners. In the case it's impossible for a player to join a started match because of a bug which makes it impossible to connect to a match after bans & picks, a regame has to be made if the match is not older then 1 minute. A screenshot as proof of the bug has to be upload to the match.

2.3.6. Abortion of a match

If a team destroyed the nexus of its opponent or they surrendered, the match is over.

2.4. Illegal Actions

Any actions that result in an unfair advantage are illegal. This includes bug abuse of any kind.

2.5. Spectators

Spectators in the Lobby are allowed only if both teams agree. Exception to this rule are the Gamers.com.mt admins and people that are explicitly allowed to spectate by a tournament admin (e.g. shout casters or streamers). It can't be refused to invite an official Gamers.com.mt admin if he asks you for an invite.

Teams should only allow spectators in a Lobby they trust. It is not allowed to protest after a match is played to complain about spectators that were allowed in the game. 

2.6. Personal Streaming

Personal Streaming is always allowed if there are no official broadcasts. If there is an official broadcast, personal streaming is not allowed. Personal Streaming of a match shown by an official broadcaster, without permission from a tournament official admin, can lead into a disqualification of the team or ban of the streaming player in the tournament.

3. Match Media

All match media (screenshots, etc) must be kept for at least 2 days. Faking or manipulating match media is of course forbidden and will result in severe punishments. Match media should be named clearly based on what it is.

3.1. Screenshots

3.1.1. Score screenshot

  • A screenshot of the scoreboard at the end of each match must be taken.

3.2. Missing Screenshots

  • A missing screenshot can lead toa loss if decided so by a Gamers.com.mt admin. 
  • An incomplete screenshot can lead a warning. 

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