Battalion 1944 UK Masters at Insomnia62

Past Tournament
Tournament Starts: March 30th, 2018 at 5:00pm
Tournament Ends: April 1st, 2018 at 8:00pm
Game: Battalion 1944
Region: EU
Platform: PC



We won't be using the UK Masters discord, we'll be using the official ThePlays Discord (

Check in and team briefing is at 11am at the tuck shop in BYOC, and games should be starting at midday.

Please make sure you follow all the rules found here below, specifically the rules about boosting.

Event Rules

Each player must own a valid Bring-Your-Own-Computer or Console (depending on title) Ticket.

Every member of the team must be in attendance at the event, and playing from the venue.

Either of these rules being broken will result in immediate disqualification of the entire team.

Global Tournament Rules, Terms and Conditions

You may only enter one UK Masters BYOC prize tournament at the event. Registering for more than one prize tournament may result in you or your team being disqualified from all tournaments at the event.

Latest Amendment: 22nd February 2018. This date shows when the last changes to this ruleset were made, while we try to keep our rulesets consistent between tournaments and events, the UK Masters staff reserve the right to change the Rules & Conditions at any time in order to maintain an environment of fair competition for all entrants.


All matches must be played on or with the resources supplied by UK Masters - for example all matches must be played on servers provided at the event.

In order to participate in the tournament each team requires a full roster to be signed up; teams without the requisite number of players may not be admitted into the qualifying group stage.

The tournament works on a first-come-first-served basis, when the team limit is reached we will be unable to guarantee admission for any new teams. You may join the waiting list but there is the possibility that the team will not be able to play in the opening qualifier stages of the tournament, in order to ensure you are able to take part please sign up with a full roster well in advance of the event.

Teams have 60 minutes from 12pm-1pm on the Friday of Insomnia to check their team into the event. If you do not check in during this period you will not be granted admission to the tournament, as it is assumed that you are not present at the event and as such are unable to play.

Code of Conduct

Before delving into the depths of the game-specific rules, please familiarise yourself with the Tournament Code of Conduct that has additional rules regarding all tournaments.

General Information

Player – Participant of an event by The Plays.

Team – A group of participants of an event by The Plays.

Cheating – Use of a 3rd party application to obtain a competitive advantage against other human Players.

Bug Abuse – Intentionally using unintended features accidentally built into the game.

Admin – Individual or individuals responsible for running an event by The Plays.

Event – At least one match.

Boosting – When one Player stands on top of another to gain access to an otherwise unreachable area of a map. This is considered Bug Abuse.

1. Player & Team Conduct

1.1 All Players are expected to show the utmost respect to other Players and Teams.

1.2 All Players are expected to show the utmost respect to all tournament Admins.

1.3 Player nicknames which can be construed as being rude, vulgar or offensive are strictly prohibited.

1.4 Team names which can be construed as being rude, vulgar or offensive are strictly prohibited.

1.5 Player in-game avatars which can be construed as being rude, vulgar or offensive are strictly prohibited.

1.6 Team logos which can be construed as being rude, vulgar or offensive are strictly prohibited.

1.7 All Players are prohibited from Cheating or performing any Bug Abuse.

1.8 All Players are expected to be in the server and ready to play by the official start time as outlined by the Event schedule.

2. Communication

2.1 All Teams must have at least one Player available for communication on Discord at all times.

2.2 All Players must use their recognised name (i.e. the name as it appears on the registration form) in-game.

2.3 All Players must use their recognised name (i.e. the name as it appears on the registration form) on Discord.

3. Map & Side Selection

3.1 A knife round will be used to determine

3.1.1 Teams agree in global chat to meet in middle of the map

3.1.2 Teams agree in global chat a time to start knifing at

* This is a temporary solution until map restarts become quicker, or until a knife round is built into competitive mode

3.2. Map Pool

  • Coastal
  • Derailed
  • Invasion
  • Liberation
  • Manorhouse V2

3.3.1 Starting maps pre-determined by the Admin team

3.3.2 For BO3 or higher, the loser of the previous map selects the next map

3.4.1 Coin-toss between Team Captains. Coin-toss winner decides which is Team A and Tea

3.4.2 The veto process has the following steps:

  • Team B removes a map from the pool
  • Team A removes a map from the pool
  • Team A selects the 1st map to be played
  • Team B selects the 2nd map to be played
  • The remaining map is the decider

4. Match Settings

4.1 Game Mode: Competitive Wartide.

4.2 Scoring

4.2.1 First team to 13 rounds in regulation time.

4.2.2 First team to win at least 4 rounds (and 2 rounds ahead) in overtime.

4.3 Weapon Limits: None.

4.4 Cards: Default Competitive Settings (3x Marksman, 3x Pathfinder, all others infinite).

4.5 Grenades: Default Competitive Settings (Class-specific grenades, no grenade pool).

5. Post-match

5.1 The team captain or appointed team representative must report their match scores accompanied by a screenshot in the relevant score report location. The score report must clearly state which team won and the number of rounds each team received.

5.2 Be ready to play your following match within 10 minutes of your previous match ending unless otherwise instructed by an Admin.

6. Broadcasting

6.1 All Events by The Plays are subject to being broadcasted live or recorded.

6.2 Teams will be asked to join an official Event server if their own server is not correctly configured for broadcasting.

6.3 Players are allowed to broadcast their own Point of View providing there is a stream delay of at least 120 seconds.

6.4 3rd party broadcasters are prohibited from broadcasting any Event by The Plays unless given prior permission.

6.4.1 To obtain permission, please contact a Head Admin on Discord at least 72 hours prior to the tournament check-in.

7. Technical Issues & Pauses

7.1 Players must immediately call out any technical issues they or their teammates are experiencing.

7.2 If a non-Player technical issue occurs (e.g. server issue) the round will be replayed. An exception to this is where the outcome of a round is already decided prior to it ended (e.g. there is not enough time to plant or defuse).

7.3 Each team has 2 pauses during regulation time and 1 pause during overtime.

7.4 A pause can only last up to 2 minutes.


The extension as well as the enforcement of these rules and the punishment in case a rule is broken are at the administrators’ discretion.

Captains can report their team's score.

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