MCS #4 - PUBG DUO Tournament

Past Tournament
Tournament Starts: July 27th, 2018 at 7:00pm
Tournament Ends: July 29th, 2018 at 7:00pm
Game: PUBG
Region: EU
Platform: PC



  1. Create a user account.

  2. Create a team.
  3. Give your friends the join team link which can be retreived by clicking on the team from your profile.
  4. Make sure that each player adds their PUBG Username.
  5. Join the tournament.


  • Solo/Duo/Squad

  • Single Elimination Bracket format.

  • Battle Royal - 1 life

  • Best of 3 Matches - Players earn points for their placement and Kills

  • Player number is a maximum of 100 people per tournament.

  • First Person Shooter

Any use of exploits or hacks during the event will result in the immediate disqualification from this and possibly future events, furthermore if a winning player is found to have cheated, they will have forfeit their claim on the prize and as such the next player in line will take his place, further to his disqualification.

Duo / Squad Points

Points will be given per match meaning that in each tournament a player will be given points 3 times since each tournament will be BO3.

10 points will be awared per kill and further points will be given depending on the position as per table below.

Finish Position Position Points
1 400
2 300
3 240
4 200
5 165
6 135
7 110
8 90
9 75
10 65
11 55
12 46
13 38
14 32
15 27

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