Malta Tekken National Cup

Past Tournament
Tournament Starts: November 17th, 2018 at 10:00am
Tournament Ends: November 17th, 2018 at 10:00pm
Game: Tekken 7
Region: EU-PS4
Platform: PS4


Visionary Iron Team will be organizing the National Tekken Cup. This is the third tournament of its kind, following two previous iterations which have had continuous success yearly. To continue on a yearly basis, the tournament aims at crowning a new Maltese Tekken champion each year - here's everything you need to know. 


Although we've referred to the tournament as Maltese, there are also plenty of foreign participants  - with the total number being 20 out of 72 competitors. With that being said, tickets were sold out within the first month of sales, fueling the fact that this will be the largest Tekken tournament to ever be held in Malta, while also being the first tournament to involve foreigners flying over to compete. 


The number of competitors will be split into 8 groups of 9 competitors each, who will battle it out through a round-robin format within the group in order to move onto the final stages. These will come in the form of the familiar winners-losers bracket format, in order to determine a rightful champion. The winner will be declared the champion of the tournament for the remaining year, engraving his name onto the trophy; keeping the title until next year where he/she may be challenged. 




1st Place

The Malta National Cup to be inherited to the winner of the next Malta National Cup tournament. The name of the winner is then engraved on this cup and if a player wins this cup 3 times, s/he will win it indefinitely (Considering that we will be having foreigners competing for the cup, if the cup is won by a player not residing in Malta, the cup will be kept by the Sponsor of the cup (Marindex) for obvious reasons as it will be needed for the next tournament and there is no guarantee that the winner will return to Malta for the next cup tournament. 

  • Normal Trophy to keep
  • A Jin statue with the height of 60cm 

2nd Place

  • Normal Trophy to keep
  • A Paul/Kazuya figurine with the height of 30cm (2nd place gets 1st choice)

3rd Place

  • Normal Trophy to keep
  • A Paul/Kazuya figurine with the height of 30cm (the remaining one)

4th Place, 5th Place (2 players), 7th Place (2 players)

  • Medals 



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