Playcon - Malta Royale ft. Fortnite - Grand Final

Past Tournament
Tournament Starts: October 6th, 2019 at 3:00pm
Tournament Ends: October 6th, 2019 at 6:00pm
Game: Fortnite
Region: EU
Platform: PC



This document outlines all the relevant regulations which should be followed when participating in the Malta Royale Event. Failure to do so may result in various penalties outlined below.

One thing to point out is that the administration of the tournament always has the last call, decisions which aren’t specified in this document are left to the administration’s discretion. In some extreme cases decision that outright go against what is specified in this document may be taken.

We at GMR Entertainment hope that you as both a participant, spectator, or media enjoy our event to the fullest.

Yours Sincerely, The Malta Royale @ Playcon 2019 Admin Staff.


Malta Royale is open to any person above the age of 12, and complies with all the regulations listed below, including having no publisher bans from Epic Games specifically. 

However, any player under the age of 18 must bring a signed consent form from a Parent or Legal guardian. Failure to present said form at the event will result in not being allowed to participate in the competition itself.


1.1 Removable Media

It is strictly forbidden to connect any removable media of any kind to a stage pc, this includes USB Drives, External Drives, Mobile Phones, Cameras as well as other devices. In cases where one needs a specific software, an admin must be informed.

1.2 Internet Access

Internet access on all PC’s will be available. However, it should be used only upon necessity. This means that should one need to download a driver, one may do so upon informing an admin. This does in no way mean that one can browse the internet whilst on stage, in this eventuality admin staff may issue warnings and in extreme cases purge participants from the competition if deemed necessary. 

1.3 Re-Hosting

Re-hosting may only be initiated upon a senior admin’s decision. Lag or disconnects will only cause a re-host if they affect over 10% of the lobby.

1.4 Key Bindings

Since players will not be playing on their accounts, we recommend that players save a screenshot of their keybinds and settings, delays due to players setting up will not be allowed. The administration reserves the right to force players to go into a game and resume setting up during the game should a player take too long to set up, or not have his keybinds with him.


2.1 Publisher Bans

The administration staff reserves the right to refuse participants who have active publisher bans.

2.2 Insults & Offensive behaviour

Players are all expected to be respectful to both one another as well as to everyone else at the event, this includes staff, spectators and media. 

Any form of offensive behaviour may be punished, punishments vary depending on the severity of the situation, anything from a warning to a disqualification may be issued.

2.3 Admin Decisions

Admin decisions are final unless it is clearly stated that a chance to appeal is possible.

Interactions between Tournament Staff and players, be it written or verbal are confidential. Publicly sharing said conversations or posting them online is strictly forbidden, unless given permission to do so.

2.4 Sponsor Logos

Participants are allowed to choose what jerseys or clothing to wear on stage. However, at any given time may a player display a sponsor that conflicts with the main event sponsors. Thus, any Snack sponsors, Soft Drink Sponsors, Gaming Chair Sponsors and Monitor Sponsors will be taped over by our administration. Failing to comply with having said sponsors covered may result in the participant being purged from the round.

2.5 Time

Participants must present themselves at the designated waiting area at least 10 minutes prior to their marked setup time. This is important so to not hinder production flow in any way. Arriving late may result in penalties, and in worse cases not being allowed to play the round. 

During the wait time, until the game starts, players are requested to sit in the lobby and wait patiently for the game to start, going into different game modes to practice isn’t allowed and may result in penalties.


3.1 Points Distribution

Points will work as follows. Players will be awarded depending on their position in 2 aspects, Placement, and Kill count. Using the table below, on placement, first place is given 140 points, 2nd is given 125 etc. However, the person with the most kills also gets 140 points, 2nd most kills 125 etc. Should a player have both 1st place and top kills, they will get a total of 280 points in 1 game. With a highest possible score per qualifier of 560 points.

Should two players have the same kills, their placement will be used to decide their kill placement, thus if 2 players have 5 kills, one placed 3rd and the other placed 4th, The player that placed 3rd will get the higher amount of points on kill count.Players will finally be ranked on points earned for the final placement, be it a qualifier or finals.

Position Points
1 140
2 125
3 90
4 80
5 70
6 60
7 50
8 40
9 35
10 33
11 30
12 28
13 25
14 23
15 20
16 18
17 15
18 13
19 10
20 5

3.2 Qualification

Tiebreakers will be determined in the order presented here: Players who place in the top 5 in any qualifier, will qualify directly into the Grand Final, whereas players who place 6th -13th in any Qualifier will qualify into the Semi-Final, for a second chance at making it to the final. The top 19 players in the Semi-Final, will qualify for the Grand Final.

3.3 Tiebreakers

Tiebreakers will be determined in the order presented here:

  1. Total points scored

  2. Average Placement

  3. Average Eliminations

  4. Total eliminations in the round

  5. And finally a Coin Flip.

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