Red Bull Strijders // Online Series - Pro Clubs Qualifier 1

Past Tournament
Tournament Starts: June 9th, 2020 at 8:30pm
Tournament Ends: June 10th, 2020 at 1:00am
Game: FIFA
Platform: PS4


Get ready for the first FIFA20 Pro Clubs tournament in the Red Bull Strijders // Online Series. The tournament will be split into 3 Qualifiers with a number of teams advancing to a League phase.


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Tournament Format



The tournament will be split into 3 Qualifiers of 16 teams each having the first 3 teams from each qualifier advancing to the League phase. The qualifier will be a Best of 1 with a Double Elimination format.


Qualifier 1 - Tuesday 9th June 

Qualifier 2 - Wednesday 10th June

Qualifier 3 - Friday 12th June


Teams can register in other qualifiers in order to try and advance to the league phase.

League Phase


The League phase will consist of the first 3 teams from each of the 3 Qualifiers. 9 teams will all face each other twice (home and away fixture) on 8 match days in order to determine a winner.


League - Tuesday 22nd June till Wednesday 15th July


The teams advancing to the League phase will have the chance to win €300 in cash prizes (1st - €250 and 2nd - €50).


Discord Link


For any queries please join our discord server and post in the related game channel. Updates will be constantly posted on Discord and one must make sure to be present on the channel during the tournament since it will be the main source of communication if you have any problems -

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