Red Bull Strijders // Online Series - Tekken 7 Tournament

Past Tournament
Tournament Starts: July 4th, 2020 at 3:00pm
Tournament Ends: July 4th, 2020 at 9:00pm
Game: Tekken 7
Region: EU-PS4
Platform: PS4


1. Gameplay

 1.1. Game Settings

  • Game Version:PlayStation 4 
  • Rounds: First to Three (Tournament Settings)
  • Timer: 60 seconds
  • Character Customizations: Off
  • DLCs Available: All DLCs subject to any bugs and 2 weeks must have passed after the release of said DLCs

1.2. Tournament Format

The Tournament will be held in a double elimination format. All games will be First to 2 except for the losers, winners and grand final which will be played first to 3

1.3. Match Procedure

The following steps outline the process of playing a Match.

  1. Players select their characters.
  2. The Players play the first Game of the Match.
  3. The losing Player of the preceding Game may choose to change characters OR may choose a stage.
  4. The next Game is played.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all subsequent Games until the Match is complete.

1.4. Stage Selection

For the first match in the game, players will utilize Random Stage Selection. From the 2nd match onwards the loser may decide to choose the Stage if s/he DID NOT change character. If a character change was done the stage must be randomized again.

1.5. Tie Games

In the event of a tie Game, declared by a Double K.O. screen in the final Round of the final Game where a winner cannot be determined, the Game will not be scored and both players will replay the tied Game with the same characters and on the same stage.

2. Match Obligations

2.1. Punctuality

All Players must be physically present by the Match start time. Players that are not ready to play within ten (10) minutes of the Match start time are subject to penalties including a possible Match forfeiture.

2.2. Forfeits

Players may not voluntarily forfeit a Match without prior authorization from Tournament Organizers and, even with authorization, are subject to further penalties for forfeiting.

3. Match Disruptions

3.1. Disconnects

If the game disconnects at any point in time, the match is restarted with the same number of points and rounds as it was at the moment of a disconnect.

3.2. Restarts

Tournament Organizers may order a Game or Match restart due to exceptional circumstances, such as if a bug significantly affects a Player’s ability to play or a Game or Match is unable to finish.

3.3. Stalling

Stalling, or excessively delaying the Game or Match, may result in a Game or Match forfeit at the discretion of Tournament Organizers.

4. Cheating

Any cheating, as determined by the Tournament Organizers in their sole discretion, will result in an immediate forfeiture and additional penalties depending on the severity of the infraction.

5. Penalties

Players who break the rules in this document are subject to penalties including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Match Restart
  • Loss of Game
  • Match Forfeiture
  • Removal from the League
  • Temporary Player Bans
  • Permanent Player Bans

Any penalties imposed on a Player may be made available to the public by the Tournament Organizers in their sole discretion.


These rules are subject to change if necessary, administrators reserve the right to make additional decisions outside the defined ruleset if necessary.

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