MESF 2015 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Tournament

Past Tournament
Tournament Starts: July 24th, 2015 at 6:00pm
Tournament Ends: July 24th, 2015 at 6:00pm
Game: CS:GO
Platform: PC


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's popularity has been on the increase among the Maltese community for quite some time now. After receiving very positive feedback during The KONNEKT Malta eSports Festival 2014, it was clear that we had to focus more on this game and that's why it is included in this event's line-up. Teams will be first drawn into a common group stage. Once the group stage is over, the top two team from each group will proceed to the Golden double elimination bracket. Whilst the rest of the teams will proceed to the Silver double elimination bracket.

Prize Reward
1st Place (Gold Tournament) €500 + x5 X2 Isolatic Cases (Total Worth of €500)
2nd Place (Gold Tournament) €300 + x5 Antec Kuhler Liquid CPU Cooling System (Total worth of €410)
3rd Place (Gold Tournament) €200 + x5 Thermaltake 630W PSU (Total worth of €375)
4th Place (Gold Tournament) x5 Creative HS-450 Gaming Headset (Total worth of €285)
1st Place (Silver Tournament) x5 Creative HS-450 Gaming Headset (Total worth of €285)


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