CardFight IV - Qualifier #3

Past Tournament
Tournament Starts: June 21st, 2017 at 7:00pm
Tournament Ends: June 21st, 2017 at 10:00pm
Game: Hearthstone



1.1 Tournament

The CardFight series consists of four free online qualifiers and an online monthly final open to all players playing on Europe’s Server. 

1.2 Commitments

1.2.1 When playing in CardFight, participants agree without reservations to comply with the rules and regulations as well as the decisions made by the referees of CardFight. The application of these rules and regulations is at the sole discretion of the referees. Any decisions made may overrule the following rules and regulations to maintain the spirit of competition. Participants have to obey the instructions made by the referees at all times. 

1.2.2 Every participant acknowledges the right of to modify these rules and regulations at any given time and without prior notice. 

1.2.3 Every participant is asked to maintain an adequate level of respect and friendliness with the other participants and the referees. Insults and unfair or disrespectful behaviour towards the referees and the other participants won't be tolerated and will be punished, an immediate disqualification and/or a temporary ban from CardFight. 

1.2.4 Every participant has to stay ready and available for the duration of CardFight or until his/her elimination from the tournament. Longer absence needs to be approved by the referees in order to avoid any sort of punishment. 

1.3 Game Account

1.3.1 Every participant is required to list the Hearthstone EU Battletag in his/her profile when registering (nickname#number e.g. ThePlayer#234) which is used to participate in CardFight. Real-ID emails won't be accepted and may result in an immediate disqualification from the tournament. 

1.3.2 Every participant is responsible for updating his/her game account if he/she decides to use a new game account for participation. It is forbidden to use a game account that is different from the one listed in the profile. Violations may result in an immediate disqualification from CardFight. 

1.3.3 The use of multiple accounts for the same CardFight is prohibited and will result in a disqualification from CardFight. 

1.3.4 By taking part in CardFight all participants agree to their game accounts being visible to third parties. 


2.1.1 CardFight qualifiers are played in a single elimination bracket system with a best-of-five (Bo5) match mode. 

2.1.2 Matches will be played in Standard format in Play mode which allows players to go head-to-head using only the most recently released Hearthstone cards. You’ll play Standard using a deck built solely from a pool of cards that were released in the current and previous calendar year, along with a core foundation of the Basic and Classic card sets. 


3.1 Deck Setup

3.1.1 Each participant can only use four decks, using four unique heroes. If your opponent can prove that you used different decks from the same hero, you will be disqualified immediately. Each participant will have to ban one hero from their opponent’s chosen decks before the start of the game using the registration website of the tournament.

3.1.2 If a participant loses a game within a Bo5 match, the participant has to pick another hero deck (Last Hero Standing) for the next game while the other participant must play with the very same deck again. When you lose with a deck it is unusable for the rest of the match.  

3.1.3 If during a match, both players lose (ex: both heroes have 2 HP each and one player uses Hellfire), the match will be remade using the same decks. 

3.2 Match Results

After finishing a match the winner has to report his win on the battlefy tournament page and attach a screenshot as a proof. 

3.3 Screenshots

Every participant has to take a screenshot after each game as a proof of winning and keep them until the tournament has finished. If participants are unable to provide any screenshots in case a referee needs them for an analysis, they will risk a forfeit loss. 

3.4 Disconnects

3.4.1 If a participant disconnects and he/she is not able to reconnect to the game, the disconnect will be treated as a loss for the one who lost the connection, unless both participants agree to a rematch. The participant that did not disconnect has to wait two (2) minutes in the current game to give his opponent the chance to reconnect to the game. 

3.4.2 In case of a rematch the participants have to choose the same deck again. 

3.5 Communication

In order to get in contact with your opponent, participants must add each other to their friend list in the game. Account details (Battletag: nickname#number) can be found on (ENTER SITE) 

3.6 Default Wins

Under the following circumstances a participant is allowed to claim a default win contacting a referee: 

  • The opponent didn't show up or didn't accept the friend-invite until 5 minutes after the match has been created. Under certain circumstances the referees are allowed to increase/decrease the deadline of 5 minutes. 

  • The opponent has entered an invalid and/or different game account in the profile than the game was played with. Referees are allowed to set a deadline for the participant to change the game account accordingly. 

3.7 Bugs

If a bug occurs in the game, both participants should immediately take screenshots and get in touch with a referee. The referee decides how to proceed. 


4.1 The use of cheats is strictly forbidden and will result in an immediate disqualification from CardFight. 

4.2 It is forbidden to watch video streams and/or to listen to shoutcasts of your own matches while the match is still underway. 

4.3 reserves the right to ban participants from CardFight because they have been banned from other leagues or tournaments for cheating or unfair behaviour. 


The participant finishing first place in CardFight will be contacted by regarding prize distribution.

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