MCS #3 - FIFA17 Tournament

Past Tournament
Tournament Starts: September 2nd, 2017 at 10:00am
Tournament Ends: September 2nd, 2017 at 4:00pm
Game: FIFA
Platform: PS4


It’s safe to say that a high percentage of gamers have at least played a game of FIFA, whether of 1995 or 2017; the core mechanics have never really changed. At, we feel that it is definitely a title which is easily considered going ‘back to basics’ and every event we’ve ever organized has involved FIFA anyway. The Malta Cyber Series #3 will be no exception.


So, why should you consider participating in the FIFA tournament? Well, after you’ve triumphed and scored a tremendous amount of goals, a cash prize along with a GT Omega PRO Racing Chair will be yours for the taking. This of course, while enjoying the glory and pride of being number one. Participation in the dedicated console area requires a mere entry fee of €20; a negligible amount compared to the potential winnings. Even if you aren’t aiming too high, we can assure you it’ll be a ball of fun.


   24 - 31 32 - 47 48 - 63 64 +
1st €200 €250 €350 €500
2nd €50 €75 €100 €150
3rd - €25 €50 €75
4th - - - €25
Total €250 €350 €500 €750
In addition, the top 3 will get a trophy 

Entry Fee



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