Haze vs Raving Raptors - Game 1 - The MCS#3 - KFC LoL Tournament
EvH vs Haze - Game 2 - The MCS#3 - KFC LoL Tournament
EVH vs Haze - Game 1 - The MCS#3 - KFC LoL Tournament
Legacy vs Raving Raptors - Game 2 - The MCS#3 - KFC LoL Tournament
Legacy vs Raving Raptors - Game 1 - The MCS#3 - KFC LoL Tournament
IG vs EVH - Game 2 -The MCS#3 - KFC LoL Tournament
IG vs EVH - Game 1 - The MCS#3 - KFC LoL Tournament
IG vs Raving Raptors -The MCS#3 - KFC LoL Tournament
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Twitch Advertises Porn on Ninja's Old Channel

Tyler "Ninja" Belvins recently announced his transition to streaming full time on Mixer and his departure from Twitch. Ninja is best known for streaming the popular game Fortnite and even hosted the Fortnite World Cup last month. Ninja had amassed over 14 million followers on Twitch and was one of the most-watched streamers on the platform. Gaining a household streaming name like Ninja is huge for the Mixer brand and has already brought in a huge increase in users on the site. Originally known as Beam, the service was created in 2016 and was met with little success which led to the eventual rebranding as Mixer in 2017. Since Ninja has moved to Mixer, the platform has moved up to the 8th most popular app in the entertainment category in the app store, and he has already accumulated over 1 million subscribers on the new platform. The transition to the new platform has not been completely smooth for Ninja, as Twitch has taken controversial steps in response to losing one of their largest streamers. The next chapter, — Ninja (@Ninja) August 1, 2019 A day after stopping all activity on his Twitch channel, Ninja lost the partner checkmark. The page also started to promote other channels and content on the Twitch platform, and visitors were greeted with a message that stated, "the streamer you are looking for is in another castle." This message and the promoting of other content on Twitch is not normally what happens when someone is offline or no longer using the platform, and Ninja had no say or influence on this decision. In a video response to the situation, Ninja stated: "They don't do this for anyone else who is offline by the way, just me... I have no say in any of this stuff." The biggest issue arose when a porn stream was one of the top channels recommended on this page. Ninjas audience largely consists of underage children, and if they were unaware of Ninja making the switch to mixer, they were exposed to this lewd content. In response, Twitch banned the inappropriate channel, changed the page to how it was before, and publicly apologized. Twitch CEO Emmet Shear tweeted that the platform was "experimenting showing recommended content", which essentially backfired and caused this entire situation. Ninja also publicly apologized for the entire situation, even though he had no direct involvement or responsibility in the matter. Ninja's switch to a new platform will continue to impact the Esports community as a whole and might be the turning point in Twitch's long reign as the streaming king. .twitter-tweet{margin:auto;}

Celtic Football Club Sign Call of Duty Esports Team

Celtic Football Club has announced they will be expanding their presence in the Esports world by signing their own professional Call of Duty team. The new team was one of 32 teams competing in the Call of Duty World League Championship which is currently taking place (as at the time of writing) in Los Angles, California. The Call of Duty Championship will host a total prize of 2,000,000 and will be the last championship of the open ecosystem style. Unfortunately. Celtic FC Esports did not make it out of Group A as they finished the group with a 1-2 record having only won one match against Elevate. The Celtic FC Call of Duty team roster is as follows: Sean "Seany" O'Connor Shea "QwiKeR' Sweeny Ben "Bance" Bance Byron "Nastle" Plumridge Sam "Chain" Dineley The team had already qualified by taking first place in the Amateur Finals in July. Bance has competed in the Call of Duty Championship before and finished second in the 2016 tournament with his previous professional team Splyce. Before being officially signed, the team went by the name "The Bhoys", which is also Celtic's nickname. Being able to play under the Celtic banner for both Seany and QwiKeR this is a dream come true, as they both are lifelong Celtic fans. In fact, QwiKeR was recently in attendance for Celtic FC's victory over St Johnstone. The Call of Duty competitive league will be moving to a city-based franchise format which includes locations such as Dallas, New York, Paris, and Toronto. This is the perfect time for the team to gain "worldwide exposure" according to Miguel Pacheco who is the leader of the Esports project for Celtic FC. "This will be a great opportunity for Celtic FC Esports to align with a world-class esports event. It will give the team worldwide exposure, before Activision converts the league into a city-based franchised model with slots going for $25m each." Pacheco also said that Celtic FC Esports is interested in the possibility of expanding into other Esport competitions, which is a trend throughout the world. The Esports industry is starting to gain mainstream attention as a result of huge events, such as the Fortnite World Cup which was heavily covered over the last few weeks. Other football Clubs have already begun expanding into Esports, such as FC Barcelona and its Rocket League team, and Fc Shalke 04's League of Legends team. Several other Premier League Clubs also have professional teams competing in the FIFA. Celtic FC will not be the last Football Club to expand into the Esports environment, and the lines between sports and Esports will continue to blur.

100 Thieves Announces New 35-Million-Dollar Facility

The popular Esports organization 100 Thieves recently announced their 35-million-dollar purchase of a state-of-the-art facility in Los Angeles, California. Through Series B funding they were able to acquire a space big enough to host their various professional teams and staff. 100 Thieves CEO Matthew Nadeshot Haag and COO John Robinson recently released a walk-through video showcasing what the facility will have to offer. After touring over 25 locations, the 100 Thieves team finally found a home that aligned with their vision. From retail to content creation, the facility has it all. Walkthrough Of The Facility The entrance will host a hall of fame showcasing all the organization's achievements and will lead directly to a retail area. This area will be open to the public on occasion when new merch drops. The first floor will also host various board rooms, offices, practice rooms, streaming pods, and an apparel workshop.   The Facility also has a second floor which houses more practice spaces, conference rooms, and edit bays. There will also be a lounge area specifically for watching any of the professional teams during tournaments and matches. Nadeshot also insists on having his own bathroom but needs to find a sponsor first. If you are interested, Nadeshot will do one Instagram post a day in exchange for the support.         View this post on Instagram                   We're excited to announce 100 Thieves has raised a $35M Series B round of funding and are building a new company headquarters with retail space in Los Angeles. Two years, 60 million dollars later... time to put our heads down and get back to work. Thank you everyone for supporting this dream of ours and making the next few years possible. A post shared by Matthew (@nadeshot) on Jul 16, 2019 at 7:02am PDT The apparel workshop will allow 100 Thieves to continue pushing the boundary on what an Esports organization can do by blurring the lines of gaming and fashion. Following in the footsteps of popular streetwear brands such as Bape and Supreme, 100 Thieves has embraced “drop culture”. This means their merch is not constantly stocked and only available in limit quantities that sell out quickly. This creates hype around each release and attracts mainstream consumers who are not traditional members of the gaming world. New Content Creation Possibilities For 100Thieves The facility will also have a high-tech production studio where various content will be produced, which includes the Courage and Nadeshot Show, and the Self-Made podcast. The streaming pods will also provide visiting content creators with the tools needed to maintain their schedule while also being available to collaborate on future content. Both podcasts have been well received by the community and have hosted several big names such as iJustine, Pokimane, and Scooter Braun. The new facility will allow every professional team to have their own practice space and allow every aspect of the organization to create and expand under one roof. .instagram-media{margin-left: auto !important; margin-right: auto !important; margin-bottom: 20px !important;}

Donald Trump links violent video games to mass shootings

Jalen Lopez | @JLwrites On Saturday, August 3rd, a gunman killed 22 people in a Walmart in El Paso, Texas. Hours later another shooter killed nine people in Dayton, Ohio. With no clear evidence that either event was influenced by video games, Donald Trump stated that violent video games and other media are part of the problem that led to these mass shootings: We must stop the glorification of violence in our society. This includes the gruesome and grisly video games that are now commonplace. House Minority Leader Keven McCarthy followed suit and stated that video games "dehumanize individuals". Video games have become a scapegoat for politicians in the aftermath of atrocities such as these two mass shootings. A history of false claims In the 90’s, popular games such as Wolfenstein 3D and Doom were blamed for influencing the shooters involved in the Columbine Highschool massacre. In a similar fashion, after the shooting in Parkland, Florida last year, Trump made similar claims that violent video games were to blame. There is no concrete evidence that connects violent media, let alone video games specifically, to violent real-life events. A review of the evidence In February a study showed that violent video games do not lead to an increase in violent behaviour compared to individuals who do not play such games. A Supreme Court case in 2010 established that any exposure to violent video games is comparable to exposure to similar content in other media types, such as cartoons or movies. Research has shown that there is no correlation between violent media or video games and an increase or likelihood to commit violent actions. We can look at two countries who spend more time and money on video games and still have incredibly low crime rates. The difference in other countries Japan is a video game hotbed that hosts major gaming companies such as Nintendo and Sega and has one of the lowest violent crime rates in the world. South Korea has a booming Esport competitive scene with professional teams in several different video games and has an incredibly low violent crime rate. If violent games had any correlation between violent real-life events, other countries throughout the world would have the same trend of violence. The one difference between these two countries and the United States is the difference in gun control policies. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims and their relatives.

Road To The VulkanBet Invitational Finals - Semis Recap

The $20,000 VulkanBet Invitational tournament has reached its final stages. Last week we witnessed the last two teams qualify for the playoffs – HAVU and Epsilon. It was surprising to see the Finnish team (HAVU) have so much success in the group stage. With ease, they beat the favored team to win the whole thing – Epsilon. In the deciding game against Alternate Attax, HAVU acquired a 16-7 victory and secured a spot in the playoffs. As for Epsilon, because they lost the opening match, they played two more bo1’s for the playoffs. In the deciding match against SJ Gaming, the European mixture pulled off a miraculous comeback to come out on top. The final group stage game of the VulkanBet Invitational was a battle between Epsilon and Alternate Attax. It looked like an interesting game on paper, but it didn’t deliver to its full potential. There were a couple of rounds were the Germans would have a significant numbers advantage (i.e a 5v2) and still lose. Epsilon banked on those mistakes and acquired a win. With the group stages concluded, the next stage started off with the playoffs. Depending on how the teams finished the groups, second or first, determined their seeding. The initials bo3’s were: Nemiga vs HAVU and ex-3DMAX vs Epsilon. Nemiga vs HAVU The first bo3 of the playoffs began with Nemiga vs HAVU. The odds were stacked against Nemiga and for good reason. During their time in the tournament, they were able to beat the lackluster VP roster and the French LDLC. On the other hand, a team like HAVU has had profound success. After all, it is the victories against Epsilon and Alternate Attax which helped them secure a 1st place finish. First Come, First Served The Belarusians decided to pick Inferno as the first map. This is the map in which Nemiga has found success in tier 2 Counter-Strike events., Windigo, Nemiga, etc. are just some of the scalps they’ve proclaimed. And yet, as the match began, Nemiga had a grueling start. On the ct side of Inferno, they managed to scrape 1 round to HAVU’s 6. Nemiga held on to their defensive and began winning consecutive rounds on after the other. It didn’t take them long enough and by the end of it was 7 rounds for them and 8 for HAVU. Things looked good for Nemiga as they also won the pistol round. But disaster struck for the Belarusians as they ran into a stacked B bombsite and couldn’t hold their own against the mere pistols. The momentum shift couldn’t come in a better time for HAVU. Since they played on the ct of Inferno, they didn’t have a difficult time closing out the first map 16-10. Illusions Of An Easy Victory The second map was Dust2, picked by HAVU. Nemiga is no stranger on this map, after all, it is their second most played map. It saw staggering to witness their proficiency on the t side. You could’ve very easily blinked and missed the whole first half. In a very decisive manner, lollipop21k & co. bounced back from Inferno and led the first half by 12-3. With the pistol round victory going in favor of Nemiga, it looked like the end for HAVU. However, the in 18th round the tides changed completely. In a 1v3 hold on the B bombsite, ZOREE secured HAVU’s first round on the t side. What happened next was an impeccable comeback from the Finns. They won 9 rounds in a row and they had the lead by 15-13. Thanks to some solid hold on the bombsites from Nemiga, they acquired the last two rounds in regulation and the game went to overtime. It was a back and forth affair and even led to the second set of OT. But in this second overtime, it was Nemiga who put their foot down and won the map 22-18. Settling The Score The final map wouldn’t be as exciting as Dust2. On Mirage, HAVU had a difficult time on the ct side. They won the second round after the pistol round went to Nemiga. This meant that the ct’s had a short lasting lead of 3-1. After which the Belarusians began playing full force on the terrorist side. They overcame HAVU’s early lead and secured a 9-6 half.  After which, they yet again secured the pistol round and consecutive rounds followed suit. Even though there was another comeback attempt from HAVU, it didn’t pay dividends. The final score favored Nemiga 16-12 and they secured a slot in the grand finals. ex-3DMAX vs Epsilon The most anticipated match of the tournament. If Epsilon would’ve finished first in their respected group, we could’ve seen this match in the final. But still, the stakes were high and the teams couldn’t just breeze through one another. At least, that was supposed to be the case on Inferno. Ex-3DMAX went for this pick, as it is their most played map. Even though Epsilon tends to play this map, they have been battered by a lot of tier 2 and tier 3 opponents. Blazing Start To Inferno Despite their lackluster results, it was very surprising to see the Epsilon roster perform this well on Inferno. It didn’t really matter where Epsilon would hit on their t side, because ex-3DMAX had a difficult time holding any of the sites. It didn’t help the French that Epsilon had 3 of their players k1to, broky and Surreal popping off. Without much of a struggle, it was a 13-2 lead for Epsilon. Even though the match was more or less over, on the second half pistol round we witnessed an impressive ace and a clutch from hAdji, a sign of things to come. But his performance wasn’t enough for the team to still fight for a victory on Inferno. Shortly thereafter, Epsilon secured a 16-11 win on the 1st map. Exhausting Affair This lead to the second map, Mirage. Now that Epsilon arrived on the map they’ve chosen, it looked like this could be the end for the French. However, ex-3DMAX started things well, as they secured a half eco victory on the second round. After which a flurry of consecutive rounds went in favor of ex-3DMAX. At the end of the half, Epsilon began to recuperate and they themselves won a couple more rounds. It wasn’t enough to equalize the score, as it was still favoring the French 9-6.  As far as the second half is concerned, Epsilon tried to pull off a reverse sweep. They began winning consecutive rounds on their t side and were on the brink of victory. But on the 28th round, LOGAN managed to deny a bomb plant on the B bombsite and secured 3 kills in a clutch situation. This play was just what the doctor ordered, as ex-3DMAX won one more round to reach 15. Yet, Epsilon secured the last round of regulation and overtime ensued. There were moments were the European mixture had a difficult time at closing out advantageous situations in overtime. That cost them dearly, as they managed to scrape only 1 more round in overtime. The French showed good ct and t sides of OT and secured a 19-16 win over Epsilon. When On Dust2, Do As The French Do The final battlefield was Dust2. This map wasn’t back-and-forth like the others. Primarily, it was ex-3DMAX with a constant lead in this map. Early in the map, ex-3DMAX had secured a nice 5 round lead. One of the reasons was hAdji. Just in the second round, he won a 1v4 clutch, including a triple man spray-down on short. Epsilon did retaliate with their own string of 5 rounds, but it was still the French who secured a 9-6 lead moving forward. The lead wouldn’t stop there, as a pistol round and four more rounds went in favor of ex-3DMAX making it 14-9. Arguably, the French didn’t have the easiest time closing out the series. It would take 5 more round wins from Epsilon before ex-3DMAX could take matters in their own hands. At the 29th round, a half eco victory on the ct side and a gun round victory led to the eventual bo3 win for ex-3DMAX. VulkanBet invitational Final Overview That concludes the two semi-final games. Both bo3 were very close affairs, which took us on a 3 map journey to decide the eventual victors. And even then, there’s always a probability if a certain round would’ve gone a different direction, we could see different finalists. Even though HAVU and Epsilon have lost the semi’s, their journey doesn’t conclude yet. There is still a 3rd place decider to be played out amongst the two teams. Epsilon was a couple of rounds away from securing a grand final slot, but there were too many rounds they’ve lost due to petty mistakes. On the other hand, HAVU is looking determined and might prove to be a more challenging foe than on first glance.  As far as the grand-final is concerned, which will be held on May 2nd, it should be an intriguing series. Even though ex-3DMAX seems to be the better team, Nemiga has proven to be a worthy opponent. Be sure to tune in on Thursday’s stream and witness the conclusion of the VulkanBet Invitational.

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