RRA vs Plasmons - Game 2 - The AOC Malta Cyber Series: Masters LoL Quarter Finals
RRA vs Plasmons - Game 1 - The AOC Malta Cyber Series: Masters LoL Quarter Finals
Rift Kings vs GWA - Game 2 - The AOC Malta Cyber Series: Masters LoL Quarter Finals
Rift Kings vs GWA - Game 1 - The AOC Malta Cyber Series: Masters LoL Quarter Finals
The Raging Bulls vs Plasmons - The AOC Malta Cyber Series: Masters LoL Groups Day 3
EDGE vs The Giggly Pigglies - The AOC Malta Cyber Series: Masters LoL Groups Day 3
Rift Kings vs The Abusment Park - The AOC Malta Cyber Series: Masters LoL Groups Day 3
Raving Raptors vs One Man Team - The AOC Malta Cyber Series: Masters LoL Groups Day 2
EDGE vs Raging Bulls - The AOC Malta Cyber Series: Masters LoL Groups Day 2
Haze vs GWA - The AOC Malta Cyber Series: Masters LoL Groups Day 2
Washed Up Kids vs Abusment Park - The AOC Malta Cyber Series: Masters LoL Groups Day 2
GWA vs Ascension - The AOC Malta Cyber Series: Masters LoL Groups Day 1
Rift Kings vs Washed Up Kids - The AOC Malta Cyber Series: Master LoL Groups Day 1
Raving Raptors vs Raving Raptors Academy - The AOC Malta Cyber Series: Masters LoL Groups Day 1
NGU vs Turtled - The AOC Malta Cyber Series: Masters CS:GO Quarter Finals

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CWL Las Vegas 2018 Preview - Kicking the Season Off

Competitive Call of Duty returns this weekend with the CWL Las Vegas Open 2018, taking the community to foreign ground with offline Black Ops 4 competition and a new venue. With $250,000 on the line, together with heaps of pride heading into the rest of this exciting year of competition, this weekend of 7-9 December will set the tone for the coming months.  Retaining the classic Open format, a 16 team group stage will be satisfied by 12 automatic qualifications (either through last year's achievements or points from this year) together with 100 open bracket teams scrambling for the remaining 4 spots. To settle the final 4 spots, a play-in tournament will be held on Thursday evening between the potent list of teams; including names such as Mindfreak, Tainted Minds and Str8 Rippin. Note that one of the most prominent changes from last year includes the removal of a continental barrier for players - all professionals are free to represent any team. Of course, there's the remarkably important fact of a new 5-player format, for anyone living under a rock.  Besides the typical open bracket teams, there are the well-known teams aiming at that podium finish. Here, I'll also settle my need to make a list of teams to look out for - I won't dare predict a top 3, knowing that this is the first event of the year and anything could happen.  I'll start off with the elephant in the room; Optic Gaming. They've simply looked incredible, being the most consistent team online in winning every single tournament so far, with very few teams managing to take a series off of them. Although this is reminiscent to last year's performance before LAN, this year's different. These past months have seen Scump returning to his grind and actually enjoying the title once more, which is rather dangerous. Crimsix has stepped up to his destined IGL role, Karma is now free to be as devious as he likes with 5 players on the board and the fresh skills of TJHaly and Dashy are working miracles for them in SnD and respawn gamemodes. As usual, it's their event to lose, and if they do they'll have to deal with the community pressure.  Next, eUnited is definitely a top contender with Optic, also being fun to watch. Last year's Champs, should anyone forget, eUnited was the crowd's favourite following Optic's early departure - the atmosphere was simply electric and the team played out of its mind. Retaining the leadership in Clayster, they've added the heavy experience from the side of JKap, even though many are sceptical of their cooperation with one another. The twins are also still present and as determined as ever - quite content with their curious fifth player in aBezy, a young gun new to the scene. Do note that Felo was indeed dropped from last year.  The remaining are all a mesh of teams sitting at the same level: Red Reserve, Evil Geniuses, Luminosity, FaZe Clan, Splyce, Team Envy and 100Thieves. I could narrate the storyline of each time, but I'll stick to two who deserve the attention and quickly discuss the others.  Red Reserve, in my books, are the best from this bunch. Being a favourite to watch last year, it was agonizing to witness their arrival to almost every grand final, only to be defeated by whoever made it their too - ending the year with a disappointing 7-8th finish. Nonetheless, the team is one of the very few to keep last year's roster, with the inclusion of the lethal skrapz, together with the addition of  Bance from rival European squad Splyce. With this team chemistry and the overall creativity of the team, I've set high expectations for them. Also, they've been keeping their practice and scrims on the down-low; bound to surprise many at the event.  Secondly, I simply must discuss 100Thieves. The so-called 'godsquad' began assembling right out of the gate, with pickups of Kenny and Fero, followed by a standstill. Struggling to seize arguably, the top available players in JKap and Karma, the team then signed Enable, SlasheR and Octane. The names of SlasheR and Kenny on the same roster are rather terrifying following last year, as these two could easy be considered the best AR and SMG respectively from that year. However, they didn't start off the year too well with shaky performances at the 2Ks, but it all doesn't matter in the scope of a $250,000 prize pool. Matt Nadeshot Haag is counting on this new team to reignite his return to Call of Duty.  Something I have to add is the fact that the players of Team Envy will act as the defending champions, even though many are overlooking them heading into this event. We'll have to see if Aches and the squad, including the newly added Huke still have what it takes to prove everyone wrong again.  All of this ambiguity will be settled this weekend, from the 7th to 9th December, where all the action will be streamed on Twitch. The pools have been drawn, the brackets predicted; all that's left to do is play the game - I cannot wait for Black Ops 4 to get started!  Simultaneously, the local GO Malta Esports Festival will also be ongoing this weekend, hosting its own Call of Duty tournament hosted by none other than EEG. International teams will also be flying in to compete for the 5000 euros worth of prize pool. There's plenty of Call of Duty for everyone to enjoy this weekend!

13 reasons you should visit The GO Malta Esports Festival 2018

The GO Malta Esports Festival 2018 between the 7th and 9th of December is set to be the largest Esports Festival of its kind that Malta is yet to see. We’re taking gaming to one of the largest commercial centres on the island, that being the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre in Ta’ Qali, with the central stage being the largest yet. Of course, the spectators’ main objective is to observe high-quality esports; made possible thanks to the top-class tournaments being organized, fuelled by large prize pools, inducing a new dimension of competition within participants. Amongst these competitors, foreign professional players will be present beside the many Maltese getting involved. Below are 13 reasons why it's a must to visit this event: 1. Opening Ceremony Get ready for a complete show during Friday's Opening Ceremony at 7pm with short speeches from Maltese key figures in the esports Industry and also a feature showing's journey throughout the years.   2. Cosplayers Enter for Free!! Yes you heard right! will be providing free spectator entrance to cosplayers for the upcoming event. Feel free to emulate your favourite characters; we know that many of you will show up and demonstrate the strength of the cosplaying community - with that being said, this is something we're bound to continue carrying out.   3. Children under 11 Enter for Free!! All children under the age of 11 accompanied by their parents can enter the festival completely FREE and enjoy the great atmosphere together with all the other gamers coming to the event.   4. Clash Royale On the 9th of December Qlash Malta will be organising a FREE Clash Royale Tournament where all local players are invited to come and battle one another to win an amazing prize, a Clash Royale Bootcamp at the Qlash House in Treviso Italy with all expenses paid for the winner and one guest! Just bring your device and register till noon. Do not forget to bring your chargers!   5. Qlash €2000 Fifa 19 PS4 Tournament We have teamed up with Qlash a foreign Italian esports organization to bring you the Qlash FIFA 19 Tournament. Starting with registration on Saturday 8th December 10.30am with the actual games starting at 12pm participants will compete against players from two skill levels (amateurs and pros) in order to find the title winner of each level. This is your opportunity to show off your talents and skills in gaming more than ever before. We will be splitting the players in two tournaments after the groups stage: Gold and Silver Tournament. Full info can be found on the tournament's website, while the last set of tickets can be purchased online or from the Gamers Lounge in Msida.   6. Watch the Pro Players Live on Stage Come and watch pro CS:GO players battle it out on stage on Saturday and Sunday in order to be crowned champion in our $15,000 tournament, while 16 Call of Duty Black Ops 4 teams from all over Europe will be fighting for a €5,000 prize pot with some of the games being played live on stage on Friday evening and Sunday afternoon.   7. The Gamers Lounge Stand Be sure to visit the Gamers Lounge Stand where 10 PCs will be setup for you to enjoy some gaming time with friends for FREE. In addition you can come try out some cool gaming equipment from the brands you love with special discounted prices throughout the weekend.   8. VR Have you ever experienced the VR world? What it feels like to be under water, on the highest building or out in space - all these while wearing a VR headset? Truth be told, it is one hell of a journey - and we have made this possible for you thanks to Battlemaxx which will be presenting this to the general audience at the festival.   9. Sim Racing One of the recent trends we've acknowledged in the local community is the recent excitement regarding the SIMRacing scene, thanks to the care of companies such as World Pro Racing. Therefore, it only made sense to include the esport in the event, in order to continue kickstarting the scene! All the action will take place from the 7th through to the 9th of December.   10. Meet Malta's Biggest Gaming Collector We've got Robert Borg, probably Malta's best gaming collector.  An avid collector, while being a caring father and a hard-worker, who aims to spread the word of collecting on the island.  Be sure to come and visit a very small part of his exhibition and have a chat with a true gamer and ask him the famous question "How could someone find all the time to play all these games?"   11. Tekken 7 Tournament Iron Visionary Team will be organising n a Tekken Tournament on Sunday 9th starting at 12pm. They will be doing a Sensei and Student Challange were the aim is to be have the best Tekken players teaming up with others in order to work together as a team by putting their partner in the same light as themselves. Come and meet this wonderful community and have a chat with others sharing the same passion as you do.   12. Meet and Greet Saturday is the chance to meet and greet some of the pro CS:GO players who will be flying over to Malta. One will be able to take photos while have some of their merchandise signed. Be sure to there in order not to miss this unique opportunity    13. Free Merchandise It's the event of the year so why not, our sponsors and partners will be giving away free merchandise for the lucky spectators. Be sure to visit the Gamers Lounge Stand, Qlash Stand and Pepsi Stand to get the chance to get some nice merchandise :)   Tickets are on sale from the following website at the below prices:  €5 for 1 day €10 for 3 days (Not Valid to enter BYOC Area, PUBG Area and COD Area) €15 for 3 days (Valid to enter BYOC Area, PUBG Area and COD Area)

Free Entrance for Cosplayers at The GO Malta Esports Festival 2018!

With days left until we host The GO Malta Esports Festival, a handful of announcements remain unspilled. One of which is the fact that for the first time on the island, will be providing free entrance to the event for the dedicated local cosplaying community. Find out why below! Cosplay is a relatively modern term; formed from the term 'costume play'. It's a performance art in which participants, called 'cosplayers' wear self-made costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character from modern culture, often from the videogames we love to play - the general definition runs along those lines. Such an act often generates a community; quite a prominent one which stands alongside the esports industry as a subsection. Internationally, esports events regularly include cosplayers to support their creative venture in balancing art and gaming; often allowing free access.  It's for this reason why we'll be providing free spectator entrance to cosplayers for the upcoming event. Feel free to emulate your favourite characters; we know that many of you will show up and demonstrate the strength of the cosplaying community - with that being said, this is something we're bound to continue carrying out.  Events are opportunities to show off content to viewers, and not just through competition as seen in cosplaying as an example. Another example is present in our dedicated Expo area, where our sponsors will be showing off their products and providing demos.  We strongly recommend that you all check out the exhibits and admire the cosplayers while at The GO Malta Esports Festival!

The Esports Awards 2018 - Recap

The Esports Awards is a celebration of competitive gaming and all aspects of the industry, recognizing those whose efforts are propelling the industry forward in their respective sector. This year's iteration took place last week, 12th November in London, with a broadcasted ceremony on Twitch. In this article, we'll list out the winners of each category, elaborating on the more interesting victors. Let's dive right in.  Esports Breakthrough Game of the Year: Fortnite Out of the nominations, it was almost clear cut that Fortnite would win this one, although we were somewhat hopeful for Battalion 1944 which was also on the list. What I'd like to add is encouragement and hope for the battle royale to keep moving forward and not lose much-needed steam (PUBG!) in this relatively new genre. Now it will no longer be a 'breakthrough' esports title, but considered a familiar one - all the best for the action-packed battle royale - both internationally and locally of course.  Esports Console Rookie of the Year: Kenny "Kenny" Williams Within this category, the shortlisted candidates consisted of 5 players of Call of Duty and two others. What I'd like to point out that returning to boots with WWII, although it could have done better, really has kickstarted the Call of Duty scene back into gear. Also, those who know the backstory of Kenny know full-well that he is extremely deserving of the award.  Esports PC Rookie of the Year: Gabriel 'Bwipo' Rau The 19-year-old Belgian LoL player impressed everybody with his performance as a substitute Top Laner for Fnatic in the EU LCS this year - so much so, that his reputation grew exponentially. Their run at Worlds was exceptional as a team, and the jury applauded the youngster for being such a huge part of it.  Esports Team of the Year: Astralis CS:GO A total of 7 events victories, $1,825,000 worth of prize pool from these victories and other impressive placements are a few statistics which summarize the incredible year which Astralis' CS:GO team have pioneered. The completely Danish active squad, led by Lukas gla1ve Rossander as the captain, are undoubtedly the top team in CS:GO as of right now.  Esports Live Event of the Year: Overwatch League Grand Final 2018  Ever since the beginning, Overwatch has captivated esports with an uncanny ability to grow, franchising into a World League throwing some of the largest esports organizations into a wild fit to create rosters. The event itself was indeed incredible, managing to beat out The International 2018 and its remarkable prize pool. Esports events aren't always about the prize pool! Esports Broadcaster of the Year: Clint "Maven" Evans  This award is probably the one I enjoyed the most. As a Call of Duty enthusiast myself, Maven is definitely my favourite personality and makes watching the esport and absolute pleasure because he's an actual clown! His ability to elevate the tension and hype by screaming and shouting without compromising narration added something magical to each grand final. Especially with his duo in "Courage" stepping down and moving to streaming, he had to step up and he did so in an incredible way.  Esports Game of the Year: Overwatch With the Overwatch League Grand Final 2018 being the most acclaimed event, it's no surprise to see that Overwatch took the cake as this year's best esport. It's rather tough to narrow down a best 'esport'- I believe that Overwatch was chosen due to the immense amount of risks the title took, based on a colossal amount of planning while also prioritizing community integration.  Esports Personality of the Year and Streamer of the Year: Tyler Ninja Blevins Once again, the name of the former Halo player resurfaces due to his unchallenged social presence thanks to Fortnite. Of course, his personality is also complimentary and added to his success. If you're online, he's probably streaming right now - check him out if you haven't.  There are a lot more awards to look at, all of which are deserving; such as best photographer, videographer, journalist, organizations and many others. There were also community awards such as the Play of the Year seen in Faze' "Attach" clutching up a Round 11 for CoD: WWII. If there's one thing that did honestly surprise me, it was the presence of Call of Duty in snatching a few awards - and that was just WWII. Black Ops 4 already looks like a massive contender for next year, but then again, Call of Duty is my personal favourite.  Check out the complete awards here. What did you think of the award ceremony? Do you not agree with some of the winners? Let us know down below!

Injustice 2 Champion Donates $10,000 Prize to Runner-Up's Family - Esportsmanship

Anybody invested or interested in the esports industry has at least dreamt about winning an event, claiming pride, prestige and prize pool at least once on a slower winter day. For some, this is a reality which they regularly encounter, opportunities in grand finals where a 1v1 matchup individually or through a team is the difference between winning and losing the whole thing - not many would trade the feeling of winning and all that it entails. As an esports journalist, it's commonplace for me to recount victories following the conclusion of events, especially in the major scenes as each new victor affects the future of the scene. Recently, an Injustice 2 event really switched things up with an incredible show of sportsmanship, or as I'd like to call it, esportsmanship.  On the 16th November, the incredibly popular fighting title of Injustice 2 celebrated a major event within the yearly calendar in the form of the Injustice 2 Pro Series Grand Finals. The event acts as a conclusion to the many international qualifiers held, in which the best players in the world competed in the DC-themed fighter, with a total of $100,000 prize pool spread heavily at the top of the stacked 16 player list. The double-elimination bracket ensued and within moments, the favourite of 'Tweedy' met his match in the third placed 'Rewind', with placings according to points heading into the event. This was the major upset of the event; with 'Tweedy' out of the way, 'Rewind' would make his way to the finals where the other favourite stood in his path - the one and only 4 time EVO champion in "SonicFox' representing Echo Fox. The blue fox did beat out the youngster in the final, and the two met up once more in the grand finals. Here, using the lineup of Joker, Captain Cold and Mantis, 'SonicFox' showed his dominance and claimed the full $40,000 which were rightfully his while the runner-up enjoyed $20,000. What happened next was incredibly surprising. The young 20-year-old Dominique "SonicFox" McLean immediately announced that he would be donating a total of 1/4 of his prize pool; $10,000 to the family of the runner-up in 'Rewind',  showing a sense of solidarity beyond casual competition. His motives for equalizing the prize pool are open wide - the champion gave away his money in order to support 'Rewind' McCall's father who is currently receiving treatment for a deadly third-stage cancer. In an interview, he had the following to share:  "I don't do this for the money. [McCall] is one of my good friends, one of my training partners, and I'm so very happy to have shared the stage with him." This is a testament to the attitude of sportsmanship, which up to this point has been coined only for reference to physical sports. SonicFox, with all the freedom of his own, donated a portion of his prize pool - an act which if he hadn't committed, nobody would have thought less of him. I've chosen to cover this topic today in order to spread this message of solidarity and care for one another within the esports industry - going where prize pools cannot. That's why I've happily included the term 'esportsmanship' in the title.  Such an act only adds to SonicFox' incredible reputation within the scene.

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