Overwatch World Cup Details

Excitement builds as days fall like leaves until the Overwatch World Cup commences for 2017. The earliest matches, of Groups A and B, start July 13 and finish two days later. These groups go all the way to letter H, so here’s a concise list of each member in every group accompanied by their dates of action. Group A; Hong Kong, China, Norway and Romania – July 13 to 15 Group B; Denmark, Thailand, Argentina and France – July 13 to 15 Group C; Sweden, Australia, Italy and Portugal – July 20 to 22 Group D; Finland, Japan, Spain and Vietnam – July 20 to 22 Group E; South Korea, Netherlands, Poland and Austria – August 4 to 6 Group F; Canada, Russia, Singapore and Turkey – August 4 to 6 Group G; United States, Taiwan, Brazil and New Zealand – August 11 to 13 Group H; United Kingdom, Germany, Israel and Belgium -  August 11 to 13 Tickets will be available to support one’s country at the multitude of global venues. Line-ups are settled, but wouldn’t fit into a little article as such. For more details on individual rosters visit; Don’t miss the Overwatch World Cup Finals to occur from November 3rd to 4th after groups are settled. Three top countries are South Korea (last year’s champions), United States and France. Yet, France has an advantage no other team has; a deep chemistry due to the fact that every player was taken from the same team, Rogue. Anyhow, it’s absolutely amazing to see a gathering of 32 countries battle it out to resemble well known tournaments such as the World Cup of football. Personally, I commend Blizzard on taking the initiative again to create an intense global event – players will become adjourned to no longer just competing for prize money, but for pride, for their country. Overwatch has brought 32 countries together; hopefully, we could see replicated tournaments for many other titles in the years to come. That would certainly help esports grow in popularity on a global scale just like last year’s event.

Nvidia Graphics Card Prices Increasing

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank; that is the definition offered by Google for those unaware. Cryptocurrency in itself is harmless and doesn’t entail illegality, yet certain actions utilising it may. Mining of such currency is an example, which has led to installing fear in manufacturers who are becoming exploited. The AMD Radeon RX 580 and 570, in result to this cryptocurrency mining, have proven to be quite scarce and disgustingly overpriced. The community is able to pin the blame on this action due to AMD stating it themselves. Somewhat rivals of AMD, Nvidia were initially safe, but recent trends in price increase allows us to question- is it due to the same mining? Nvidia’s Geforce GTX 1060 and 1070 cards are very popular GPUs and pack a lot of power, a price jump was easily noticed. A source on Reddit recognised that a 1060 card was first $210, $246 the next day, and $280 the other. After much research, the user’s claims were proven as fact. Globally, whichever seller you choose, Nivida’s 1060 and 1070 cards have become more expensive, maybe to try countering the mining profits. We can only guess at this point in time, with a statement from Nvidia to truly confirm the thought. What we can be sure of, however, is that newer hashing algorithms have been released and cryptocurrency companies such as Bitcoin are thriving and topping charts. If you’re looking for a powerful GPU for the best price; I wouldn’t hesitate much longer. At this rate, prices may keep building until the 1060 and 1070 cards start to become scarce. Damn cryptocurrency mining and its destroying effect, hopefully Nvidia will put a stop to this for the benefit of everyone.

Luminosity Win CWL : Anaheim

Luminosity Gaming is a major esports organisation which is respected across many titles and platforms. As Call of Duty began to peak in attendance, LG made their way in; hungry for victory. Yet, when entering in November 2015, they didn’t know that a couple years of elusion and disappointments would come their way first. Finally, as of yesterday, LG have won a championship, namely CWL Anaheim last Sunday. Entering Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, a huge roster change happened and left many curious to what this new team could accomplish. Players ‘NAMELESS’, ‘SpaceLy’ and StuDyy’ left and were replaced by ‘Classic, ‘Octane’ and ‘Slacked’. Everyone would admit that LG had some serious potential for the year. After being denied the trophy at the CWL Stage 1 Global Pro League by Splyce, they would return the favour at CWL Anaheim. Last Sunday’s grand final, if you haven’t figured it out, was between Splyce and Luminosity Gaming. Splyce had fought through a tough loser bracket and would need two wins to claim victory. Many doubted this would happen with LG’s recent form, defeating favourites Optic Gaming yet again and simply not losing in brackets. Everyone will agree, however, that it was an insane match- up. The first map, Scorch Hardpoint, witnessed jaw-dropping plays with a final score of 249-250; a hyped victory for Splyce. LG would remain calm and snatch the SND on Crusher in a 6-4 fashion. Going into Uplink, LG were the favourites being one of the best uplink teams in the game and not surprisingly, hammered Splyce with an 11-5 scoreline; all the momentum from the first map was gone. Sealing the deal was the second hardpoint, on Retaliation which saw yet another nail-biter closing at 250 to 245. Thus, $80,000 of prize money went the way of Luminosity Gaming and the MVP was respectably given to Octane. The 19 year old impressed and has shown that this is his game. The squad’s integrity will be tested on June 30 th , at second season of the CWL Global Pro League.

Tencent planning to pump $15 billion into esports

Eastern esports is well-known to be relished by governments due to its popularity and growing market. Many companies understand the potential future of esports in the area. Tencent, a chinese gaming company, however, has revealed a plan to accelerate this expansion drastically. The $14.6 billion scheme consists of creating leagues, tournaments, associations and focusing on local talent. Also , perhaps influenced by the recently shown Bethesdaland, esports-themed parks are also planned to pop up across China. The announcement reached the media last week. Overwhelmed market researchers, who estimated a 1 billion dollar increase up to 2019, have foretold that such a soak up of funds will have uncontrolled prosperity. Yet, Tencent probably know something that other companies don’t. Being probably the most gaming involved organisation, through full property of Riot Games, a piece of Activision Blizzard and 84 percent of Supercell with a couple other super agreements. Gao Li is one of the minds behind the plan, as Tencent’s esports section and confidently remarked that there is expansive space for esports revenue to grow; there better be when you wish to invest $15 billion in it. Everything is pointing towards the actualisation of the intention, with multiple agreements between Tencent and the Chinese government and other massive Chinese companies. China is preparing itself for the rapid bacterial surge to come from heavy investment. On the other hand, others are intercepting this expansion, such as Western esports organisations who wish to join the party. An example is Fnatic, which has carefully chosen a partner to benefit from the Asian gaming industry. Tencent could potentially change the esports scene on a global scale, and who knows, perhaps we will finally witness esports as a medal event at the Olympic Events, not just at the Asian Games.

Virtus.Pro Victorious at Adrenaline Cyber League

This year’s Adrenaline Cyber League, located in Moscow at the VTB Ice Palace, was an event to look out for and didn’t disappoint. 4 teams made up the competition at the major event, all of which were invited;, Natus Vincere, FlipSid3 Tactics and Hell Raisers. With such a small pool of teams, and a total prize money of $100,000, each game was literally a few thousand dollars worth of CS:GO. Without any double-elimination, HellRaisers and FlipSid3 Tactics were quickly beaten and left with a bottom two finish. Thus, Natus Vincere and immediately landed into the final to battle it out for $40,000 dollars. VP got off to a promising start in the best of three, seizing Nuke in style with a 16-2 scoreline. The second map, Train, was incredibly back and forth with no clear winner until the very end resulting in a 20-22 scoreline for Natus Vincere. Game three would decide the winner, and if you’ve read the title, wha comes up next it no surprise. take home the $65,000 prize money after a 16-8 score. Playing just a couple of games has allowed VP to leave that much richer; with a roster consisting of ‘TaZ, ‘NEO’, ‘pasha’, ‘Snax’, ‘byali’ and coach ‘kuben’. Short tournaments with a mere 4 teams are a refreshing experience for many. Although, some may prefer longer events based on longer life-spans and a few more games. Yet, tiny tournaments like this drastically increase pressure, with no space for error since one loss sends you home. It would be preferred if teams can qualify instead of being invited, but it’s nothing we can change. Nonetheless, it was a tight tournament consisting of uncomfortable amounts of tension which was a delight for all viewers, who probably barely had any fingernails left to bite by the end of it all.

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