The MRO Overwatch: Open - Underdogs vs Euphoria Gaming Match Recap

In another day filled with lopsided victories, the match we look at today is not one that was very entertaining score-wise, but did provide a lot of great moments and provided a  showcase of why Underdogs managed to get a solid 3-1 match score throughout the evening. 

While getting shredded in their first series by Paradigm6 (which you can’t blame them for, as they are as of yet undefeated in the tournament!) they quickly bounced back and proceeded to win their next three series in a very similar way. Underdogs have a fairly solid all around lineup, with Vortex being one of the most consistent DPS players we’ve seen during the night and the deep champion pools of Bullz and Smokeyy. Their, albeit arguably, most prolific player is the Reinhardt player Savagebeast. Known for an incredibly aggressive, hit-or-miss play-style when he plays Reinhardt (or any other champion, for that matter), he counts on the rest of his team to follow through on his head-on charges. Which, generally, they do very well. 

This play-style of Underdogs immediately shows in their first game on King’s Row, where they death-ball up and charge straight into Euphoria Gaming through the hotel, easily capping the first point. In the streets leading up to the second point, Savagebeast pins Necron with a charge and proceeds to Earthshatter the entire team of Euphoria. A short pause due to a disconnect notwithstanding, the rest of the game was fairly straightforward as Underdogs outclassed Euphoria Gaming on all levels, only dropping the first point. 

The second game on Dorado saw the payload getting pushed a bit further with a really nice overtime play by Killylelee and Kalzerk, whose Nano-visor proved to be too hard to deal with. Ending up just past the second point, things were looking up for Euphoria. Unfortunately, in a fairly straightforward second half of the map, Underdogs pushed through and claimed a 2-0 victory.

Posted by Andre Mizzi on 9th March 2017, 13:32


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