South Korean Government Bans Boosting

A government, being that of South Korea, has seen it fit to punish boosting through judiciary procedures. Invern, a Korean news website, has covered all the details and announced the terrifying news to nay boosters in the area. This comes to show how seriously esports is taken in this part of the world.

So much so, that any criminals caught in the act of boosting may be tossed into jail for a couple of years and made to pay $18,000 worth of Korean currency. The law is to be an addition to the Game Industry Promotion Act, protecting esports and making it more sustainable. What does make me curious is, will someone still be prosecuted if he/she bought the boost? There is no mention of punishing this criterion of persons.

Illegal hacks, illegal private servers, and professional boosters are the three main factors that plague games and esports. We will now protect the game industry and the esports system through amendment of the game law.

 Words from a representative of the South Korean National Assembly.

In the past, suing and bringing down organisations that encourage boosting was no easy feat. Yet, now that it is known as illegal by law, everything just got that much easier. The bill, if passed, will certainly pave the way into a modern, cleaner esports industry with authenticity being an essential value.

Although this remains a possibility for now, it could potentially be the beginning of a chain reaction which could change the future of esports for the better.

Posted by Gabriel Sciberras on 15th June 2017, 07:43

Hi I'm Gabriel; 16 year old student. I've always loved gaming and esports while keeping up with the latest tech; has allowed me to talk about this hobby on a daily basis for many of you to read after I applied to be a content writer. I'm excited to be part of the team and to contribute to the future of esports on the island, which is looking to be brighter than ever.


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