Call Of Duty: WWII confirmed by Activision

Activision finally confirms that the new Call of Duty will be called : Call of Duty : WWII. The world wide release will be held on Wednesday 26th of April at 1PM CET.

The official site can be found here :

Posted by Andre Mizzi on 21st April 2017, 17:02


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PUBG Miramar - All the Details

By now most PUBG enthusiasts are aware of the heavily awaited Miramar, perhaps even trying their hands in the test servers. Below we've gathered all the details and new content which players will look forward to enjoying; especially after the map's debut at The Game Awards a few nights ago. Blazing heat, scarce vegetation, sandy planes; Miramar is your typical desert warzone somewhat reminiscent of an atmosphere like Mad Max. The environment does become a little greener as you veer closer to the water, found on one side of the map; two islands are found here. To learn more about how the map looks and potentially plays, fee free to check out the official Interactive Map here : The main focal point appears to be Los Leonas, the largest city having "a skyline filled with new construction, and a glorious, golden-hued City Center." Everything should look simply gorgeous in the two possible weather types of Clear and Sunrise. Let's dive into some other new content. Starting with vehicles; both maps will be graced by the Aquarail, a jet ski-type vehicle for two. Note that occupants have practically no cover at all, so hopefully it's got some serious speed. Moving onto land, Miramar offers a new four seat pickup track as an option to traverse the sandy dunes. This should prove useful for the eight-by-eight kilometer magnitude of the map. If you're a party of six, however, you'll have to use the new van which may be slow, but has the highest HP in the game. Moving on to weaponry, some of the old was in fact edited in the latest patch alongside the map itself. Derived from the patch notes here: , there was a notable change to the sniper rifles. The Kar98k and the M24 have been effectively buffed and the AWM's damage has been toned down - snipers will also enjoy an increased damage mulitplier of 10 percent for torso shots. So, what weapons have been added? First off, the R45 will be spawned in to replace the R185 in Miramar, allegedly having increased accuracy and faster reload speed than its predecessor. The Win94 also makes an appearance; a classic lever action rifle which prioritises damage over reload speed and its age removes the possibility of attachments. The final addition, for all the gangsters in the community, is the Sawed-Off, a 12 gauge shotgun which will surely rip opponents apart in close range, probably tickling them at any longer distance. Other various changes in the UI, movement and all those other details in the notes are what should make Miramar's release even more succesful. wishes a great steaming chicken dinner for all who'll be fighting in the desert heat online, perhaps locally too. 

CWL Dallas 2017 Preview

After watching 3 weeks of streams, highlight reels and videos regarding the online 2Ks, perhaps you’ve been wondering when all the action is going to hit the mainstage. You couldn’t ask at a better time with CWL Dallas round the corner this coming weekend, dominating the weekend with intense Call of Duty between December 8 and 10. All sixteen pool play teams have clambered into this event after racking up propoints, keen to pry the majority of the $200,000 prize pool out of the fingers of their opponents. Everything will go down at the Hutchison Convention Centre, Dallas, and we’re not just referring to the group stage. Regarding groups, they were drawn earlier this week with many eyes set upon Group D as the event’s death group. The European top-dogs of Splyce will be facing off against NA talent of eUnited, Ghost Gaming and Evil Geniuses, extremely well-known names which could show up the continental champions. Evil Geniuses is definitely the point of curiosity for most, as the veterans patched up together have a potentially incredible combination. Of course, it’s not like the other pools are a breeze. Speaking of groups, there is still one spot free in each, these of course reserved for the Open Bracket Teams which will be determined shortly before the whole thing kicks off. A whooping total of 160+ teams will be attempting to crawl their way into the event through the open bracket, after not compiling enough propoints to qualify automatically. Huge names such as Echo Fox, Next Threat, FaZe Clan and SoaR Gaming are heavy favourites; not making it would be absolutely demoralizing with a year of competition ahead. Getting into the event alone means more propoints; but why are these so called propoints so important? They’re practically everything for lesser teams, the ticket to the Global Pro League and allow assured entrance into majors. Other notable rosters in the mix include the curious MoneyMatches, being a team made up solely of Halo professionals. Indeed, the Halo to CoD shift is quite common in the scene, as many top players such as “Formal” from Optic Gaming and “Enable” of EG have their origins in Halo like some casters. Regarding gamemodes, Hardpoint and Snd remain while Capture the Flag pushes Gridiron aside after its month of probation. The modes alongside a healthy mix of maps will help add to the viewership experience. Speaking of which, the legendary caster in “Revan” who abruptly stopped commentating in the middle of Black Ops 3 is returning this year starting with this event. Be sure to view all the content on the streams which will follow the coming schedule this Friday: 3pm ET eUnited vs. Evil Geniuses Luminosity vs. Epsilon Vitality vs. Ground Zero Splyce vs. Ghost Gaming 4:30pm ET OpTic Gaming vs. Enigma6 Red Reserve vs. Team Kaliber UNILAD vs. Team Envy Rise Nation vs. Mindfreak 6pm ET Luminosity vs. Ground Zero Splyce vs. Evil Geniuses Ghost Gaming vs. eUnited Vitality vs. Epsilon 7:30pm ET Team Kaliber vs. Rise Nation Team Envy vs. Enigma6 OpTic Gaming vs. UNILAD Red Reserve vs. Mindfreak 9pm ET Splyce vs. eUnited Ghost Gaming vs. Evil Geniuses Ground Zero vs. Epsilon Vitality vs. Luminosity 10:30pm ET OpTic Gaming vs. Team Envy Red Reserve vs. Rise Nation Mindfreak vs. Team Kaliber Enigma6 vs. UNILAD So, any favourites? Instantly, Optic Gaming rises to the top of the list here as they swing into the event in dominant form following a first place finish at two of the three 2Ks. Players “Karma” and “Crimsix” are staying true to their epic legacy on the ground. However, the Greenwall was upset in the last 2K before the event as eUnited dragged them to a game five and managed to take the win. Doubts have risen, but these will surely be stamped out with the weekend’s gameplay. Though, apart from the weekend event, there is also an invitational arena being held by Northern Arena for $30,000 yet I doubt the top teams will bother for so little. Still, it’s more competitive Call of Duty for you and I to enjoy. Storylines, rivalries, histories and expectations; these are some of the concepts which are set on making COD: WWII the largest competitive title in the franchise ever internationally and also locally. We’ll soon be discussing the local scene and who really stands on top.

CLG Part Ways With CS:GO

Counter Logic Gaming, or CLG, the North American esports organisation made its awaited debut into the CS:GO scene at the very beginning of 2015, 1st January to be exact. Signing the roster of mouseSpaz at the time which had just come off a victory at the MLG X Games of 2014; confidence and hopes for the future were high. Yet, now, after 3 years, the blinds have been reportedly drawn as the organisation leaves the scene overnight.  The source comes from a report from Jarek "DeKay" Lewis, which you may read yourself here: Anyway, the main reason seems to revolve around "financial woes" for the team, but it's not too inconsiderate to assume that their recent performance has been lacking. 2017 has indeed been a tough year for the team, not attending a single Valve Major, the last one being 2016''s ESL One Cologne. This year's most notable performance came from the DreamHack Summer in June, where they blew the doors open with a win over Fnatic and Gambit Esports in the group stage.  So just like that, five talented North American players have been dispersed into free agency. Namely, Pujan "FNS" Mehta, Kenneth "koosta" Suen, Ethan "nahtE" Arnold, Stephen "reltuC" Cutler, Ricky "Rickeh" Mulholland alongside their coach of Steve "Ryu" Rattacasa. However, it seems that everyone except "FNS" and "Rickeh" looks to stick together as they locate a new organisation, according to rumours that is.  Other news on the scene include the upcoming ESL Pro League Season Six Finals, of which the groups have been revealed, revealing an unclear future. It'll be hosted in Odense, Denmark, as 12 of the top teams fight for $750,000 worth of prize pool, being equal proportions from America and Europe. Yes, groups have been selected and you may view them here together with the schedule:

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