For Honor Flops Hard!

‘No Man’s Sky’ is a game that everyone remembers from last year, for all the wrong reasons. A title that came crashing down to its knees, disappointing all hyped fans and destroying the publisher’s reputation. Many poorly supported games will carry out the same livelihood; a 2017 sample being ‘For Honor’ which was successfully released in February. This being the only mere success it ever had. Nevertheless, the developers have just released its first piece of DLC, to the 5 % of remaining players. Yes, which means that a staggering 95% of players have given up on Steam, worse than the previous record held by The Division, also published by Ubisoft. I could recall so easily, as if it were yesterday, the immense enthusiasm behind the game, youtubers playing pre-alphas and so much community hype present. Almost parallel to No Man’s Sky. For Honor’s fall is due to many reasons, some of which are common to all failing titles. First of all, being published by Ubisoft, notoriously terrible servers haunted players and practically eliminated online play out of the picture. Then comes the gameplay, it’s safe to say there is originality, but after the 30 th duel it boils down to a very repetitive experience. Not much content was available to play, everything built on the exhausted combat system stitched into the poor campaign and mulitplayer. Also, there have been many complaints regarding dismal optimisation for PC, yet only PC gamers experienced that problem. To summarise, For Honor had a great concept, which everyone was on board with, but was executed imperfectly. Games such as For Honor are useful though, every year these games continuously remind consumers that even though it may sound fantastic; delivery is everything. So in a weird way, let us be grateful for terrible and over-hyped games.

Playstation at E3

This year at E3, the pressure was on Sony to match the hype generated by the Xbox One X. Many are those who believe it did when revealing a mouth-watering list of exclusives which the community has eagerly waited for over the years. These are all the announcements from Sony’s time at E3 2017. Knack 2 was announced – another title from the inventors behind Until Dawn Gran Turismo Sport – the elusive game has finally gotten a form of release date and seems to be a turning point in racing games Hidden Agenda – a dark, crime thriller with many decisions to make for players Playlink – a new concept in which one’s phone plays an essential part of gameplay which will be included in future titles such as Hidden Agenda above. Matterfall – frantic sci-fi shooting in one package coming this August. Superhot – the popular VR game will find its place at PSVR to entice VR enthusiasts. Undertale – ‘the RPG game where you don’t have to destroy anyone’ was announced for PS4 and PSVita. PSX 2017- all details revealed of future event Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – the series moves away from Nathan Drake and into a new partner dynamic which will look to be a fantastic looking game and as puzzling as prior entries. Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds - the first DLC which will continue the much loved story into a cold chapter. Days Gone – the apocalyptic zombie world was revealed in 4K yet with no release date. Monster Hunter World – finally another Monster Hunter after 6 years of wait which is set to release in 2018 Shadow of the Colossus – this game shook the audience, being a huge surprise to everyone. All fingers point towards another remake instead of a remaster. Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite – two distant worlds will be united in an epic fighter to satisfy fans of both sides of the spectrum. Call of Duty: WW2 – a brand new trailer dives into the multiplayer content, expectations keep growing for this shooter. With paratrooping, face-to-face combat, planes, tanks, gore and classic arms ; WW2 in a nutshell. PSVR Games – all after eachother, 5 VR titles were shown to increase support for the recent development. These include; FFXV, Star Child, Bravo Team, Moss and The Inpatient God of War – the hyped exclusive was displayed, a creative imagination of the game with aspects of fatherhood and open-world never seen before. Detroit: Become Human – a new trailer keeps the community guessing with a portrayed decision making aspect expected from David Cage. The title still avoids a release date. Destiny 2 – a bad-ass villain, new futuristic weapons, exclusive content for PS4 and a reduced release date. Destiny 2 is certainly a shooter to look out for. Spiderman – more footage was shown, all in glorious 4K, to fulfil the expectations. Those are all the releases from Sony at E3, with the PS Vita noticeably forgotten compared to last year. All trailers are available for viewing on Youtube and social media. Many of the future titles will be available in 4K, making the PS4 Pro more persuasive than ever.

Ubisoft at E3

Ubisoft needed to impress at E3 with new games and well developed sequels, this was definitely accomplished. Portraying a wide variety of games and genres, Ubisoft showed its plans for the year to come; all we need to do is show our money. Here are all the pieces of news in one little list; Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle’s; this trailer started the event, a pleasant surprise for all Mario fans, looking to be a ball of fun and laughter. Uniting universes is always a beautiful thing to witness. This hints at the partnership between Nintendo and Ubisoft. Assassin’s Creed Origins – a second trailer after Xbox’s show to feed community with more details. This prior reveal did reduce the surprise, obviously, yet nevertheless it should raise the series back to where it once was. The Crew 2 – the inventive racing game is back at it again, but with no limits by conquering the skies and seas. Expect the similar engine-rumbling action to return in all dimensions of racing. A prominent competitor to the upcoming Need For Speed. South Park: The Fractured But Whole – the game was already announced but I don’t think anyone can complain about a new explicit trailer. Along with this, a mobile game was revealed to hit the Mobile Stores this year. Transference – a new VR game, consisting of psychological thrill and Elijah Wood. ‘We want you to take off the gear and still feel unsettled.’ - a concise summary from a developer. Skull and Bones – a unique pirate based multiplayer naval combat game which will hit all platforms, except the Switch, to give the community a different experience with gangs, a giant kraken and eerie waters. Just Dance 2 – the crowd at E3 was hit with a colourful busting of moves on the stage by divas, pandas and ninjas alike. To be released for ‘all consoles’ this October. Starlink: Battle for Atlas – another toy-to-game title from Ubisoft but this time with modular sci-fi ships and rockets. For PS4, Xbox and Switch. Steep: Road to the Olympics – expanding on the base game, this first bit of DLC will be available December. Far Cry 5 – two trailers were shown, with more gameplay and story hints. Producers came on stage to talk about the game and the process of creating it. No release date has been given. Beyond Good & Evil 2 – following multiple years of tantalisation a cinematic trailer appeared at E3, consisting of very strong language and a few characters. There was also a presentation given by directors. Nearly a dozen games were promised by Ubisoft at E3, all of which buzzing with the creativity and diversity that Ubisoft is known for. It’s looking like a promising year for the publisher. Revealed gameplay and trailers are free to watch on Youtube and social media, don’t miss out!

Bethesda at E3 2017

Bethesda’s conference at E3 2017 was bursting with surprises which nobody could predict. Obviously, games were the forefront of the publisher’s conference, but to everyone’s amazement a theme park was revealed based on relevant title. ‘Bethesdaland’ will surely become a popular destination for all gamers alike. Back to the games, many sequels and expansions were shown along with exciting new hardware adaptations. Let’s take a look: Doom VR – if you thought Doom was crazy fast, imagine being completely immersed in all the gore and violence. Sounds pretty epic to me. An ingenious idea to truly capture the essence of Doom. Fallout 4 VR – a full version of the original game, yet glued to your eyes will release. Get ready to storm the post-apocalypse head on. The Elder Scrolls Online: New DLC – impatient fans have finally been given add-ons and DLC packs to quench there ever-growing thirst for more gameplay. All revealed DLC will be released this year. The Elder Scrolls: Legends – the card game adaptation of the above game will also see new added content. One of the only mobile games shown at E3 until now. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim at Nintendo – the Switch will soon support the Bethesda title with some original content created solely for it. It’s great to see publishers taking interest in the Switch and expanding its small library of games. Creation Club – Bethesda feels it just to allow third-party developers and the community itself to have a hand at content creation. Will such an initiative thrive or fail? It’s in the community’s hands. Dishonored: Death of the Outsider – Another sequel with another playable character. Bethesda have described the game as a suitable starting point for newcomers to the series. The Evil Within 2 – an upcoming horror which looks to reduce one’s sleep considerably. When else should such a game be released then Friday 13th of October. After 3 years, Tando Gameworks fancies terrifying the community yet again. Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus – a quirky trailer from a few decades ago revealed the sequel to everyone. Not too many details has successfully created a sense of mystery in the community. What everyone is sure of, however, is the presence of B.J. Blazkowicz. Quake Champions – the mentioned above character from Wolfenstein has been added to the Champion roster with an available beta. Along with this, play through tournaments such as the World Championships coming up will surely propel this title into the competitive scene. All trailers and gameplay may be found on Youtube and social media, be sure to watch them. If one seems truly convinced, many of these titles have become available for pre-order.

Everything Microsoft at E3 2017

Microsoft has certainly used its time at E3 very well, revealing a brand new console, the Xbox One X to the world. This console was previously known to the world as Project Scoprio. The console in question will be released November 7th and appears to be aimed directly at competing with the PS4 Pro. With similar in cost and 4k potential, the Xbox One X has managed to retain a much smaller form, which is quite noticeable when placed next its future rival. Apart from the console, the company showed off its power with many game trailers, more than anyone expected. With such a long roster, below is a list of all the gameplay glimpses. Of course it would be difficult to write about each title; Anthem - an open world shooter Assassin’s Creed: Origins – the series returns after two years of development to surprise all Crackdown 3 – after much wait, the game is back with Terry Crews in the trailer Dragonball Fighter Z – an exhilarating fighter with 3v3 gameplay shown Middle-earth: Shadow of War – more reveals of the exciting open world novel adaptation Playerunknown’s Battleground – this PC title will release on Xbox One this year Sea of Thieves – online exploration game by Rare State of Decay 2 – zombie apocalypse third person shooter, looks to have great story Metro: Exodus – a third Metro to be released after many years due to bankruptcy Forza Motorsport 7 – the iconic racer on Xbox One returns, still exclusive Deep Rock Galactic- dig deep into masses of enemies Tacoma – Xbox One Exclusive Ori and The Will of The Wisps – seems to be a tear-jerker from the trailer Life is Strange: Before the Storm – the story continues with more mysteries than ever Black Desert – trailer consisted of huge beasts which I assume need killing The Last Night – trailer The Artful Escape- trailer Code Vein Heroes & Demons- created by Dark Souls publishers after complete series Super Lucky’s Tale- a happy and joyous platformer aimed at younger audiences Cuphead – trailer and release date Ashen – full of monsters and riveting battles Minecraft in 4K – set to stun and add Xbox to the cross-platform game The Darwin Project- reveal trailer All trailers should be available on youtube to rewatch and rewatch until one stops screaming.

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