TteSPORTS CRONOS Riing RGB 7.1 Headset Review

Revealed at CES 2017, the Cronos Riing Headset by Thermaltake for the TteSPORTS brand is an attempt to join the rest of their RGB products with an epic headset. For €90, does it deliver on the recent buzz regarding the new line of products? TteSPORTS seems to think so, let’s see what we think. Jumping straight into it, let’s begin with the look of this product. Rocking a bold and modern look, the headset cherishes the brand colours along with a sleek suspension mechanism and some solid cups decorated in RGB lighting. The illuminated brand dragon really sets this product on fire. Dunked in diamond black, a matte finish tops it all off with a little retractable microphone just in case you missed it. If you can’t tell, we think it’s got a sexy and unique aesthetic. Yet, before you can look at it with your own eyes, some unboxing needs to be done.  Of course, the box is also coloured in red and black and on the front face it proudly shows off the product with a plastic window panel.  Rotating the package gives you full access to an overwhelming amount of specifications along with its key features. Releasing the headset is thankfully very simple,  sliding out the plastic mould is all that needs to be done. Apart from the headset, a quick start manual and some warranty documentation will fall out from the bottom. A quick note on the box itself, it’s somewhat rigid but is weakened a little by the panel; it should do fine in deliveries.  To summarise, unboxing is quick and easy which allows one to replace the headset back in its packaging, for whatever reason, seamlessly. Now that it’s out of the cage, it’s time to toss it on for a feel. If you’re used to full coverage of the ear, this peripheral will certainly seem alien at first. This is due to the suspension’s elasticity. Yes, the mechanism gives way to immediate calibration and a more natural feel. However, the suspension is extremely reluctant here and will not allow one to comfortably engulf the ear, as it stay pushing the ear lobe up. So, it’s best as an on-ear experience. Ignoring this small flaw, it’s a pleasure to wear. The cups have a firm yet soft and breathable experience which prevents discomfort and sweating.  Three smaller pillows, consisting of the same material, line the headband. When you quickly need to hear what’s going on in the real world, the headset will rest happily on the neck thanks to a 90° swivel which keeps the stylish look going. You’ll feel assured and confident in moving the parts, since the build quality is fantastic. The product has a solid construction paired with a satisfactory weight while even sporting some incredible flexibility.  Commendable wearing experience and build from TteSPORTS. The only negative is the fact that the glossy plastic attracts scratches immensely, though they aren't very visible unless you take a close look. Delving into sound, there’s a lot this peripheral has to offer. Specifications list 3D 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound experience and a frequency response rate ranging from 20Hz to 20KHz. Thanks to the “tilting oversized” 50mm drivers, the statistics are satisfied. Listening to audio was enjoyable in the closed cup design, singing clear highs and mids while holstering a slightly above average bass for the price point. Stereo audio may be a little flat at first; which is why software is available online at no extra cost. The software in question is bursting with features and adjustments waiting to be set, including the RGB lighting. All sound is provided by a 2m cable finished by a gold connection which is irremovable from the cup. Before heading into that, the inline controller deserves some attention. Positioned in an ergonomic position, 4 buttons circle an RGB illuminated TteSPORTS dragon. Two are dedicated to volume toggling, one for 3D 7.1 VSS toggle and an EQ button to change between the 4 preset audio profiles. At the side there is a mute option for whenever your mum calls during those intense gaming sessions online. It will be noted that the light from the patch of RGB isn’t enough to see what the buttons’ functions are at night.  Also, the 3D 7.1 VSS toggle may come in handy because although enabling it does grant an immersive and pinpoint experience, it automatically modifies the audio profile to favour bass. With that out of the way, let’s head on back to the software.   Starting with the “Speakers” section, here one can toy with sample rate,  create equalising profiles which cannot be part of the pre-set four accessed from the controller and a few other selections provided by a third-party company Xear. These include, Xear Surround Headphone, Xear Audio Brilliant, Xear Dynamic Bass and three more prefaced by this company’s name. For the review we didn't bother toying with all these settings but they could offer a better experience.  The next section is for the microphone. Offering volume control, sample rate and voice changing, it doesn’t really affect the recordings. Moreover, the microphone is fairly clear having great noise cancellation but a little bit of static. Retractable from its discreet position, the spine is malleable to wherever you wish to put it. It also lights red but stays red to the disappointment of the RGB earcups. Speaking of RGB, TteSPORTS attempt at controlling the colours through software should end this review.  Lighting effects are as follows; static, pulse, spectrum cycling, spectrum running, music rhythm, single blink, double blink, rapid blink and rapid pulse.  The features are orthodox exepct for the rapid blink and pulse which are poor attempts to try adding variety since the original pulse and blink can be made faster with the speed slider.  Then there are the colours; they could be better. It’s extremely obvious that the light source is at the bottom cup, since the lower half of the ring gets much brighter than the rest of it.  Some colours don’t look to vibrant on the cups due to a lack of saturation, for example yellow and purple.  In general, a valiant attempt with effects but the colours could be improved. Who it’s for: Gamers looking for comfort, style and a modern look Gamers who need great immersive audio and a decent microphone Those who are looking for RGB for this price point Serious competitors who need the durability and precision Who it’s not for: Those with a higher budget Enthusiasts who want to sync RGB with other peripherals Gamers who dislike the colour scheme Check out other TteSPORTS products at the Gamers Lounge now while stocks last;

Zeus Returns to Na’Vi along with Kane

After losing “GuardiaN” only a week ago, Natus Vincere has rounded up the team with a familiar face. This roster movement was part of a deal between the Ukrainian team and the PGL Major winners, Gambit Esports. “Zeus”, or Danylo Teslenko, has left Gambit to return to Na’Vi. Following his return, “seized” has found himself back on the active line-up after stepping down late July with “GuardiaN”. Apart from the player, came a coach from Gambit who’ll be replacing the former coach of Andrey “Andi” Prokhorov. The coach in question is Mykhailo “Kane” Blagin. Fortunately for “Andi”, he’s been offered an analyst role for the organisation of Na’Vi. Yet, one would stop to question; why would “Zeus” leave Gambit right after their huge win at the Krakow Major? Apparently, it all started due to internal issues within Gambit’s team structure which point at the coach for the most part. The players were clearly unhappy with their coach and wanted change. However, “Zeus” wouldn’t have any of it. Upon realising what was happening to, probably, a good friend of his, he approached the others with a choice. Either Kane stays or he himself leaves with him. Therefore, he was sent packing to Na’Vi. "At this stage the guys decided to kick our coach, Kane, even with the condition that I will leave with him."He is a man who I've worked and been friends with a long time, a man who taught me and helped me get through last year's kick from Na`Vi, and a man who helped us win the major. But the team thinks otherwise, overlooking my experience in this situation and my attempts at saving the roster." – Zeus on twitter. Losing an in-game leader such as Gambit may hurt them in the future, as they currently hunt for a new one to replace “Zeus” and a new coach. It’s probable that Na’Vi will benefit from this deal far more than Gambit does. If the player saw fit to defend the coach, he’s ought to be talented. The CEO of the organisation couldn’t be more delighted. "Life provides unexpected opportunities, I am proud that the legend is back to the club."

Group Stage Schedule for CoD Champs

As most Call of Duty esports enthusiasts would know, 32 of the best teams in the world will be at Orlando, Florida this week to claim the title of champions for the Infinite Warfare season.  With five teams in each of the eight groups; a total of 48 group stage games need to take place before the playoffs. There being so many games, it’s possible to get lost and miss out your favourite team’s matches; that’s why we’ve assembled the schedule below. Starting tomorrow, the next two days will be dense with fast-paced action.  Wednesday, August 9th 16:00: OpTic Gaming vs. 3sUP              Epsilon Esports vs. Echo Fox              Team EnVyUs vs. Mindfreak Black              Elevate vs. Projekt Evil 17:30: eUnited vs. Mindfreak               Luminosity Gaming vs. Supremacy               Infused vs. Lethal Gaming               Rise Nation vs. Vitality 19:00: Evil Geniuses vs. Str8 Rippin              FaZe Clan vs. Allegiance              Red Reserve vs. eRa Eternity               Fnatic vs. Tainted Minds 20:30: Splyce vs. Team Kaliber              Cloud9 vs. Rogue              Ghost Gaming vs. Millenium              Enigma6 vs. MRN Black 22:00: OpTic Gaming vs. Epsilon Esports              Team EnVyUs vs. Elevate              Echo Fox vs. 3sUP              Projekt Evil vs. Mindfreak Black 23:30: Luminosity Gaming vs. Rise Nation            eUnited vs. Lethal Gaming            Mindfreak vs. Infused            Supremacy vs. Vitality Thursday, Aug. 10 16:00:  FaZe Clan vs. eRa Eternity             Red Reserve vs. Allegiance             Fnatic vs. Evil Geniuses             Str8 Rippin vs. Tainted Minds 17:30:  Splyce vs. Millenium             Ghost Gaming vs. Team Kaliber             Enigma6 vs. Rogue             Cloud9 vs. MRN Black 19:00: OpTic Gaming vs. Echo Fox             Epsilon Esports vs. 3sUP            Team EnVyUs vs. Projekt Evil            Elevate vs. Mindfreak Black 20:30: eUnited vs. Infused             Mindfreak vs. Lethal Gaming            Luminosity Gaming vs. Vitality            Rise Nation vs. Supremacy 22:00: FaZe Clan vs. Red Reserve             Allegiance vs. eRa Eternity             Fnatic vs. Str8 Rippin             Evil Geniuses vs. Tainted Minds 23:30:  Splyce vs. Ghost Gaming              Millenium vs. Team Kaliber              Enigma6 vs. Cloud9              MRN Black vs. Rogue All matches will be broadcasted across all 4 streams. The above times have been converted to the local time from Eastern Time.  

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