PUBG at The GO Malta eSports Festival 2017

PUBG; a game which has managed to dominate viewership and player counts prior to being officially released. A game which we've covered in a few articles due to its bizarre statistics. A game which will be featured in The GO Malta eSports Festival 2017! The team at has, quite obviously, an excellent understanding in trends in the competitive gaming industry. We knew going into this event, that PUBG would be an incredible opportunity which many local players are dying to compete in. After a few sleepless nights, endless planning and a lot of determination we pulled through to have the title's own tournaments. This will be the first ever PUBG tournament on Maltese soil. Without a doubt, many look to participate in the hottest game of the year.  Apart from the individual game itself, it's also the first battle royale game to be involved in Maltese esports. Of course, for the minority who haven't heard of the game or the genre, it revolves around an arena in which players are put in to survive. The arena becomes smaller, player numbers drop and eventually, a steaming chicken dinner is claimed by the final survivor. In the event, much more thn a simple meal will await the champions.The scene is extremely fresh, with no certain front-runners or underdogs.  Regarding participation and formats; the specifics are still falling into place. We look to have tournaments for teams/individuals and casuals. We're doing our best to make sure that everyone will be able to join the party, even those who will be participanting in the competitive tournaments! If you're really interested, it's imperative that you check our news feed daily. You could also follow us on Facebook, where we post all news in the midst of some other great content. With every announcement, The GO Malta eSports Festival 2017 is getting better and better. What better way to kick off the weekend than by announcing the inclusion of PUBG?  As always, tell us what you think in the comment section below and if maybe even share the post with your friends!

Overwatch at The GO Malta eSports Festival 2017

We're keen to announce another first-person shooter for The GO Malta eSports Festival 2017. Released only last year, revolutionising the genre as we know it, Overwatch will be part of the most awaited esports event of the calendar year on the Maltese Islands.  Ever since its recent publish date, the community collaborated to push forward initiatives for competitive tournaments across the world. In absolutely no time at all, the bright colours and wild imagination that is Overwatch, the competitive scene grew exponentially. So much so, that soon enough the whole world will witness the Overwatch World Cup. For now we remain frozen in anticipation. has recognised the title's potential which is why we've included it in prior events. Many will easily recall the MRO Overwatch Open we held a while back; it was a fantastic event.  This year, we're looking to replicate this outcome by including it for the upcoming festival. The local community has patiently waited for another chance to battle it out in Overwatch, and we look forward to finding out who'll take home the victory. With Project Eversio just announcing their departure from the scene, this opens a welcoming space for a new team. Unless we see them playing again after reading this news? Third place is obviously highly contested, but will anybody touch EvH and Paradigm6 if they show up? We doubt EvH will give up their spot willingly.  Having a multi-million dollar league, Overwatch is a heavy-weight in esports. Our mission at is to bring high-quality international competition to our little island; which is exactly what we'll be doing at the GO Malta eSports Festival later on this year.  Tell us what you think about our decision to include Overwatch in the comments section below.  Help us make this the best event possible. 

FIFA 18 at The GO Malta eSports Festival 2017!

Released on September 29th, only a few days ago, the most prolific sport-simulator franchise was greeted with an update in the form of FIFA 18. Including it in the upcoming GO Malta eSports Festival 2017, was an absolute no-brainer.  Being a vital part of our console line-up, the football simulator, with its revamped graphics and performance, will allow for a champion to arise. Teams may have changed along with some minute edits, but we're always glad to see familiar faces with each release of the title. Of course, this goes hand-in-hand with the fact that new faces, whether casually or competitively, always find themselves behind a controller. Due to the fresh release of the game, players will still be hunting for new methods and styles to exercies, which will make for an interesting viewing experience.  This will officially be our first event to include FIFA 18, so whoever wins truly establishes themselves as the best player on the island. We couldn't be more excited to crown the first FIFA 18 champion, as he or she battle through everyone else. In addition, we're also one of the first organisers to include the game in all of Europe. Competition is going to be very tight.  Make sure your passing's true and that you're defence is unbreakable; grab a copy of the game now if you want any chance to go for gold. For those who are less determined, you could give the FIFA 18 demo a try on console playstores.  As always, keep an eye out for other games, perhaps including other modern titles. For now, the rest of the list will remain unknown.

Call of Duty 2 at the GO Malta eSports Festival 2017!

To say that featuring Call of Duty 2 in our Malta Cyber Series #3 event was a succes is a severe understatement. So much so that it was the heart of the action, uniting the Maltese esports community like never before. At, we couldn't resist including the shooter in the largest event of the year. Of course, we're referring to The GO Malta eSports Festival 2017.  What really made the game succesful at the past event was the merging of old and young, seasoned veterans who competed at game's peak and fresh faces making a start in FPS esports. This also makes way for extremely viscious match-ups, as the youth boldly attempt to push aside the old-timers while the professionals tried to maintain their legacy. A healthy mix of both is what we expect for the festival, but this time, newer players will have more experience and time under their belt to win it all.  Obviously, this may not be the most trending game at the moment, far from it. Yet, it will highlight one of the aspects of the festival itself, that of celebration and unity. Anyway, the local scene still remains riddled with questions: are Paradigm6 truly untouchable? Can Ephica relive its famous history? How will dOUBTFUL return after falling at the grand final?  The GO Malta eSports Festival 2017 will prove to be the answer to all of these, being the rematch many teams have been itching for since the previous tournament. We can't wait to find out who will be deemed the best Call of Duty 2 team of the year!

Games Weekend at the Malta International Airport Food Court!

Round 1, Ready, Fight! On the 14th of October, we’ll be turning our food court into a mini gamers’ paradise with a Tekken 7 Tournament. Ten whole hours of jabs, kick combos, flash attacks, and punches, in the hope of pulling the perfect combination of moves that will win you The Tekken Tournament Trophy and airport shopping vouchers worth a whopping €300! Trophies will also be handed to the first and second runner up, who surely would have put up a good fight too! In the evening, you can disco boogie down memory lane, as another part of our food court goes quite retro. As our DJ digs deep for the best hits of the past decades and video game soundtracks, you can play one of our board games; some of which will be bigger than 80s’ hairdos. Guests who spend at least €15 at the food court will be given the chance to try their luck at the Wheel of Fortune, upon presentation of their receipt. On Sunday 15th of October, a second tournament will kick off at 11am. This time it will be football enthusiasts’ turn to show off their moves in the first official FIFA ’18 Tournament in Malta! Once again, the most skilful participant will be awarded a trophy and presented with airport shopping vouchers worth €300. Does this sound very much like your kind of fun? Visit the event page for more info! €10 tickets for the Tekken and Fifa ’18 Tournaments are now available from the MIA Administration Offices on Level 2, which are open between 08.00 and 16.00 on weekdays. Each ticket comes with a €5 food voucher, which can be used at the food court on the day.

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