Prizes for the Malta Cyber Series #3

With the Malta Cyber Series #3 taking place in roughly 5 weeks, is ready to reveal the prizes which will find themselves in the hands of the winners. This announcement will focus on those for the LoL and Call of Duty 2 tournaments. Let’s start with League of Legends.  Starting with third place, five bronze medals along with 5 of Ozone’s Rage Z50 headsets translates to €250 worth of hardware prize for the team as a whole.  Second place prize worth jumps by €500 thanks to five Ozone Strike Pro Spectra keyboards which equate to €750! The battle for the silver medals is surely going to be intense. Then, of course, comes first place; the best LoL team on the island. This squad will receive a be quiet! 600 chassis along with a GSkill Ripjaws MX780 RGB Mouse - €185 of prize for each player! Gold medals are also to be awarded together with a trophy to take home. Moving on to the Call of Duty 2 side of things; the prize worth allocation for the three spots are very similar but not exactly the same. The Gold division are rewarded a fair bit more than the Silver division is.  In fact, the sub-division only has prizes for 1st place; consisting of a Speedlink Illuminated Mousepad and a Speedlink DECUS RESPEC Gaming Mouse to make up €65 for each player in the team. There is also no trophy for the Silver Champions. Returning to the Gold division, stakes are higher as well as the prize pools. With €350 for the bronze medal, thanks to a TTeSports Volos Gaming Mouse and a TTeSports White-ra mouse pad; it’s certainly a spot to fight for.  Second place go home with more TTeSports swag- a Shock 7.1 Gaming Headset and a Challenger GO Keyboard worth €700 in total for the silver medal squad.  We leave the best for last- an AOC G2260VWQ6 monitor and a Razer Deathadder mouse which makes up €975 of hardware for the gold team along with another trophy! A total of nearly €4500 worth of hardware are on the line for our 13th consecutive event since 2012 ( excluding giveaways and FIFA tournament prizes ) A purely back to basics event! That’s it for LoL and COD 2; we can’t wait to see you at the Malta Cyber Series #3. Also, we’ll be revealing the prizes for the FIFA tournament soon enough, hang in there.

TteSPORTS MEKA Pro Keyboard Review

Still looking for the perfect budget mechanical keyboard? Scared of making the wrong choice? Well, TteSPORTS seem to think that they’ve got the product for you in the MEKA Pro Keyboard for a mere €90. We’ll have to review it to validate this statement; since something sounding so sweet isn’t always as great as it looks. As usual, we’ll start with the package. Fittingly, red and black dominate the colour scheme on the illustrated box along with. TteSPORTS chose to highlight the three most important features to them, being the type of genuine MX switch, “on the fly macro recording” and the lighting capabilities. Flipping over the box reveals all the specifications and a breakdown of all the features to ensure you know what you’re purchasing; it’s something that we’ve realised on all the company’s products which really shows how honest and informative they are.  Continuing with the unboxing, the lid opens up to reveal the keyboard wrapped in styrofoam with everything else discreetly hidden behind the carboard. Included with the keyboard is the warranty and manual information along with a red keycap set along with a keypuller to switch things up a bit. Now that we could handle the keyboard, the 1200g of weight was duly noted and quickly put onto a desk. It’s no doubt that this peripheral is very well built, having no structural flex at all thanks to a solid plastic matte black material. The mentioned material can be found all over the body, doing a great job at resisting finger oils and prints. Focusing on the layout of the keys, it’s an orthodox look with dual function media keys. Lock functions are noted through red lights at the top right along with other functions. The only thing out of the ordinary is the red “MK” buttons which we’ll deal with later. Also, a small preface, our hardware unit arrived from Asia and thus had an eastern language on the keys which we cannot identify.  There are also a tonne of function keys which will need explanation. One thing which did tear apart our OCD was the fact that the TteSPORTS logo isn’t perfectly centred on the spacebar. Under the black, plastic keys is a red backplate which looks to play a part in the backlighting. At the circumference of the keyboard there is a little border that helps make the product appear more compact than it is. The underside has what you’d expect; five thin rubber feet and two retractable legs. Jutting out from here is the cable, 1.8m of normal plastic with a gold connection.  Honestly, the rubber feet could have had a better grip to stop the keyboard from moving. Mapping an area of 449 by 142 by 37 mm, the hefty product moves a little more than you’d expect. Typing on the MEKA Pro is a reliable experience riddled with a plethora of features. Key switches on the hardware unit were Cherry MX Blues, with Brown and Red switch variants also available. The plastic keys have a solid feel and remain firmly in place. Typing is great; now, those features I mentioned. First of all, the keyboard has full antighosting/ 6 key rollover which ensures that every press is registered.  Partnered with this is the 1000Hz polling rate.  Apart from these and the macros are a whopping amount of quick-function keys as shown in the image below.   They’re functions are self-explanatory. Back to macros; it’s a seamless and quick experience. Without the hassle of software (there isn’t any by the way), one can set 6 macros “on-the-fly” as boasted on the box. Pressing the red MK button will activate the procedure; FN + M1 for example will allow you to give M1 a macro. Very simple and well executed. Your six macros will be saved on the internal storage of 256 bites. Setting a macro on this keyboard is a unique experience, but it will be noted that however slow you set yours, it will automatically speed it up. The final feature, but definitely not the least, is the backlighting. Sticking to red, keycaps show off the colour having vibrancy and brightness. The red backlight does a phenomenal job of engulfing the keyboard in a sea of red; perhaps the blood of your online enemies if that’s not too dark. Thankfully, TteSPORTS don’t just use a boring static; they’ve done everything in their power to use the lighting to its full potential. Using the “light effect” quick function, one can swap between static, breathing, reactive, wave, ripple and random starlight. The speed of the mentioned can be adjusted to your will, potentially making the wave effect nauseating. Usually, most keyboards stop there. Thankfully, the MEKA Pro has one last surprise in pre-configured lighting zones which each favour a different genre. Four modes for FPS, RTS, MOBA and MMORPG – a nice touch from TteSPORTS. Just in case you were wondering, there is an option to deactivate lighting completely, but why would you? To conclude, we’ve got to keep the price in mind. For just €90, the average entry level for mechanical keyboards, you’re getting an incredible amount of lighting, endless features, genuine Cherry MX switches, easy macro settings and a solid build quality. TteSPORTS has done a super job and this is certainly a competitor for other gaming keyboards in the market at this price point. Who it’s for; Budget gamers who need top tier performance and functionality Those looking for great build quality and switches Those who don’t mind the generic red but with super effects Who it’s not for; Gamers with a higher budget Gamers who would rather not choose red Enthusiasts who’d like to sync peripherals’ lighting. Check out other TteSPORTS products at the Gamers Lounge now while stocks last;

BBQ at the Malta Cyber Series #3!

At, we’ve been on both sides of the coin when it comes to events and we are fully aware of how hungry one tends to get after a day of hard competition. Therefore, we are excited to announce that we will be hosting a barbeque, hosted by none other than our incredible sponsor Taxify. Starting at 9pm, at the AX Hotels, Seashells Resort Suncrest, Luzzu Conference Centre of course(same place where the event is being held), it’s exactly an hour after all the competition dies down a bit. To be organised in the middle of the action, on the second day being 2nd September, it’s perfectly timed to let everyone gather and discuss all the epic plays that have happened and those that are yet to come the next day. Trust us when we say you’ll love the food. Below is the lineup awaiting you at each course: Announcing all that food is getting us hungry already. But if you thought the food was great, the price deals will definitely win you over. With a single ticket going for €16 per person, two go for €15 per person and five go for €13 per person-group discounts are insane! You get the message, teams will benefit from the discount; a direct nudge from that this BBQ is specially made for them. Yet, this shouldn’t stop you from gathering 4 of your best mates to profit from the deal. To top everything off, one can make use of the pool ( if you're under 18 years of age, you would need to fill in the parent consent form ) while there will be constant free flow of a range of soft drinks and water. This barbeque is exactly what this event set out to be; a casual meet up for gamers around the island of all ages along with some fierce competition, but now with a tasty meal from the buffet. Again, another big thanks to our sponsor Taxify!

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