PUBG Miramar - All the Details

By now most PUBG enthusiasts are aware of the heavily awaited Miramar, perhaps even trying their hands in the test servers. Below we've gathered all the details and new content which players will look forward to enjoying; especially after the map's debut at The Game Awards a few nights ago. Blazing heat, scarce vegetation, sandy planes; Miramar is your typical desert warzone somewhat reminiscent of an atmosphere like Mad Max. The environment does become a little greener as you veer closer to the water, found on one side of the map; two islands are found here. To learn more about how the map looks and potentially plays, fee free to check out the official Interactive Map here : The main focal point appears to be Los Leonas, the largest city having "a skyline filled with new construction, and a glorious, golden-hued City Center." Everything should look simply gorgeous in the two possible weather types of Clear and Sunrise. Let's dive into some other new content. Starting with vehicles; both maps will be graced by the Aquarail, a jet ski-type vehicle for two. Note that occupants have practically no cover at all, so hopefully it's got some serious speed. Moving onto land, Miramar offers a new four seat pickup track as an option to traverse the sandy dunes. This should prove useful for the eight-by-eight kilometer magnitude of the map. If you're a party of six, however, you'll have to use the new van which may be slow, but has the highest HP in the game. Moving on to weaponry, some of the old was in fact edited in the latest patch alongside the map itself. Derived from the patch notes here: , there was a notable change to the sniper rifles. The Kar98k and the M24 have been effectively buffed and the AWM's damage has been toned down - snipers will also enjoy an increased damage mulitplier of 10 percent for torso shots. So, what weapons have been added? First off, the R45 will be spawned in to replace the R185 in Miramar, allegedly having increased accuracy and faster reload speed than its predecessor. The Win94 also makes an appearance; a classic lever action rifle which prioritises damage over reload speed and its age removes the possibility of attachments. The final addition, for all the gangsters in the community, is the Sawed-Off, a 12 gauge shotgun which will surely rip opponents apart in close range, probably tickling them at any longer distance. Other various changes in the UI, movement and all those other details in the notes are what should make Miramar's release even more succesful. wishes a great steaming chicken dinner for all who'll be fighting in the desert heat online, perhaps locally too. 

CWL Dallas 2017 Preview

After watching 3 weeks of streams, highlight reels and videos regarding the online 2Ks, perhaps you’ve been wondering when all the action is going to hit the mainstage. You couldn’t ask at a better time with CWL Dallas round the corner this coming weekend, dominating the weekend with intense Call of Duty between December 8 and 10. All sixteen pool play teams have clambered into this event after racking up propoints, keen to pry the majority of the $200,000 prize pool out of the fingers of their opponents. Everything will go down at the Hutchison Convention Centre, Dallas, and we’re not just referring to the group stage. Regarding groups, they were drawn earlier this week with many eyes set upon Group D as the event’s death group. The European top-dogs of Splyce will be facing off against NA talent of eUnited, Ghost Gaming and Evil Geniuses, extremely well-known names which could show up the continental champions. Evil Geniuses is definitely the point of curiosity for most, as the veterans patched up together have a potentially incredible combination. Of course, it’s not like the other pools are a breeze. Speaking of groups, there is still one spot free in each, these of course reserved for the Open Bracket Teams which will be determined shortly before the whole thing kicks off. A whooping total of 160+ teams will be attempting to crawl their way into the event through the open bracket, after not compiling enough propoints to qualify automatically. Huge names such as Echo Fox, Next Threat, FaZe Clan and SoaR Gaming are heavy favourites; not making it would be absolutely demoralizing with a year of competition ahead. Getting into the event alone means more propoints; but why are these so called propoints so important? They’re practically everything for lesser teams, the ticket to the Global Pro League and allow assured entrance into majors. Other notable rosters in the mix include the curious MoneyMatches, being a team made up solely of Halo professionals. Indeed, the Halo to CoD shift is quite common in the scene, as many top players such as “Formal” from Optic Gaming and “Enable” of EG have their origins in Halo like some casters. Regarding gamemodes, Hardpoint and Snd remain while Capture the Flag pushes Gridiron aside after its month of probation. The modes alongside a healthy mix of maps will help add to the viewership experience. Speaking of which, the legendary caster in “Revan” who abruptly stopped commentating in the middle of Black Ops 3 is returning this year starting with this event. Be sure to view all the content on the streams which will follow the coming schedule this Friday: 3pm ET eUnited vs. Evil Geniuses Luminosity vs. Epsilon Vitality vs. Ground Zero Splyce vs. Ghost Gaming 4:30pm ET OpTic Gaming vs. Enigma6 Red Reserve vs. Team Kaliber UNILAD vs. Team Envy Rise Nation vs. Mindfreak 6pm ET Luminosity vs. Ground Zero Splyce vs. Evil Geniuses Ghost Gaming vs. eUnited Vitality vs. Epsilon 7:30pm ET Team Kaliber vs. Rise Nation Team Envy vs. Enigma6 OpTic Gaming vs. UNILAD Red Reserve vs. Mindfreak 9pm ET Splyce vs. eUnited Ghost Gaming vs. Evil Geniuses Ground Zero vs. Epsilon Vitality vs. Luminosity 10:30pm ET OpTic Gaming vs. Team Envy Red Reserve vs. Rise Nation Mindfreak vs. Team Kaliber Enigma6 vs. UNILAD So, any favourites? Instantly, Optic Gaming rises to the top of the list here as they swing into the event in dominant form following a first place finish at two of the three 2Ks. Players “Karma” and “Crimsix” are staying true to their epic legacy on the ground. However, the Greenwall was upset in the last 2K before the event as eUnited dragged them to a game five and managed to take the win. Doubts have risen, but these will surely be stamped out with the weekend’s gameplay. Though, apart from the weekend event, there is also an invitational arena being held by Northern Arena for $30,000 yet I doubt the top teams will bother for so little. Still, it’s more competitive Call of Duty for you and I to enjoy. Storylines, rivalries, histories and expectations; these are some of the concepts which are set on making COD: WWII the largest competitive title in the franchise ever internationally and also locally. We’ll soon be discussing the local scene and who really stands on top.

CLG Part Ways With CS:GO

Counter Logic Gaming, or CLG, the North American esports organisation made its awaited debut into the CS:GO scene at the very beginning of 2015, 1st January to be exact. Signing the roster of mouseSpaz at the time which had just come off a victory at the MLG X Games of 2014; confidence and hopes for the future were high. Yet, now, after 3 years, the blinds have been reportedly drawn as the organisation leaves the scene overnight.  The source comes from a report from Jarek "DeKay" Lewis, which you may read yourself here: Anyway, the main reason seems to revolve around "financial woes" for the team, but it's not too inconsiderate to assume that their recent performance has been lacking. 2017 has indeed been a tough year for the team, not attending a single Valve Major, the last one being 2016''s ESL One Cologne. This year's most notable performance came from the DreamHack Summer in June, where they blew the doors open with a win over Fnatic and Gambit Esports in the group stage.  So just like that, five talented North American players have been dispersed into free agency. Namely, Pujan "FNS" Mehta, Kenneth "koosta" Suen, Ethan "nahtE" Arnold, Stephen "reltuC" Cutler, Ricky "Rickeh" Mulholland alongside their coach of Steve "Ryu" Rattacasa. However, it seems that everyone except "FNS" and "Rickeh" looks to stick together as they locate a new organisation, according to rumours that is.  Other news on the scene include the upcoming ESL Pro League Season Six Finals, of which the groups have been revealed, revealing an unclear future. It'll be hosted in Odense, Denmark, as 12 of the top teams fight for $750,000 worth of prize pool, being equal proportions from America and Europe. Yes, groups have been selected and you may view them here together with the schedule:

Pool Play Teams for the CWL Dallas Open 2017 Finalised

After the 3rd week of the Call of Duty World League MLG 2Ks, three sets of tournaments and finishes, the points have been added up and the top 16 teams have been selected for the CWL Dallas Open Pool Play. A few new faces have made it in and storylines continue to intertwine as we prepare for the first major LAN for Call of Duty: World War II.  As usual when it comes to team selection, the three regions are allocated a number of positions corresponding to the activity respectively. Thus, North America has 10 spots, Europe 5 ad APAC 1. We'll start by listing the teams from NA.  1.) Optic Gaming: "Scump", "Formal", "Karma", "Crimisix" 2.) Luminosity: "Slacked", "Octane", "JKap", "John" 3.) Team Kaliber: "Theory", "Accuracy", "Chino", "Kenny" 4.) eUnited: "Clayster", "Arcitys", "Prestinni", "SiLLY" 5.) Engima6: "General", "Dashy", "Decemate", "Bevils" 6.) Ground Zero: "Parasite", "Blazt", "Fero", "StuDyy" 7.) Ghost Gaming: "Spacely", "Lacefield", "Maux", "LlamaGod" 8.) Rise Nation: "Loony", "Aqua", "FeLo", "TJHaLY" 9.)Team Envy: "SlasheR", "Classic", "Temp", "Huke" 10.) Evil Geniuses: "ACHES", "Apathy", "Enable", "NAMELESS" The most interesting development is probably Ground Zero's squad lead by "Parasite" and Team Kaliber who look to be recovering from the poor performance after the past two years with a great performance online. One extremely noticable absence is that of FaZe Clan; one of the largest organisations.  The following are the European and the APAC teams: 1.) Splyce: "Bance", "Jurd", "MadCat", "Tommey" 2.) Red Reserve: "Joee", "Joshh", "Rated", "Zer0" 3.) Team Skrapz: "Skrapz", "Wuskin", "Seany", "Moose" 4.) Team Vitality: "Wailers", "Malls", "RiskiN", "Zayrox" 5.) Epsilon Esports: "Dqvee", "Hawqeh", "Vortex", "Insanatised" 1.) Mindfreak: "BuZZO", "Shockz", "Fighta", "Denz" Skrapz, the young 21 year-old, has indeed created his own organisation together with his twin brother, and they are currently one of the top three in Europe at the moment. Mindfreak remain uncontested in APAC.  For information regarding the grouping system, quite a lengthy procedure which would make this article long indeed, be sure to read through the official 2018 CWL Dallas rule here: The CWL Dallas Open 2017 will be answering many questions: Are OG the undisputed best? Will anybody upset them? Which new teams are truly top-tier and which simply don't look up to the hype? 

Project Eversio Gives CS:GO Another Shot

Remember Project Eversio's CS:GO squad roughly three years ago? Young and enthusiastic Call of Duty 4 professionals who recognised the dying scene and swapped things up by converting to CS:GO as a whole squad. Their success was incredible and they immediately rose to greatness as they maintained a top-tier finish. Sadly, Maltese CS:GO in 2014 had no future, no wind under its wings and the team quit the scene. Yet, here they are once again, determined to reclaim their top-tier position.  Project Eversio look to blow into the embers of the undying franchise that is Counter-Strike. Of course, to do so, they need a squad of five of the best local players available. As the team were keenly taking notes in this year's Nova Series #1, they recognised the certain potential in Global5, the eventual winners of the tournament. After revising their notes, the organisation feels it's time to sign their roster; a roster which has successfully won the Malta Cyber Series #2, AOC Malta Cyber Series: Masters and the Quickfire Nova Series #1 this September. Let's see who's on the roster:  We'll start by mentioning the local youth which have a strong presence on the squad; namely 18 year old "Powess" and his teammate "Kyle". Claude "Powess" Pisani plays the role of the ingame leader, having lead his team to all the victories mentioned earlier. The player has been following his dreams ever since his teen years began and he personifies determination. "Kyle" Gatt, his tag being his first name, is the team's primary AWPer who has stood alongside "Powess" for the longest time, guarding him with a fantastic shot and ingame intelligence.   Continuing with the team, Mathias "raz" Johansen is a veteran Norwegian player who has played at the highest level of competition, readily helping his team with much needed advice and likes a challenge. Out of all his teammates, he seems to be the most involved on social platforms. Speaking of Norway, Semen "Eneko" Ovsyanik originates a little to the east in Russia. I'm sure he's glad he never found himself in a local classroom. For the most part, he's been drifting around the local scene as he struggles to find his place; but Project Eversio are changing that right now.  Rounding off the team is Keith "Alpp" Vanhear who is of Maltese nationality. More importantly, he formed part of PE's original 2014 lineup which we mentioned earlier. Since then, he's been thriving; representing Malta in World Championships twice and enjoying European competition. We're sure he feels right at home.  Before we end the article with wishes for the roster's success, a contradiction needs to be highlight. How exactly do Project Eversio intend to revive the scene by simply purchasing the most dominant team? The more common approach would be to form a new team to spark competition.

100 Thieves LoL Team Shaping Up

The slowly growing esports organisation, owned by none other than Matthew "Nadeshot" Hagg didn't have too much of a hot start with its founding in 2016. Finishing dead last in the Call of Duty World League Season 2, an astonishing disappointment, the Call of Duty side of things was abandoned. Infinite Warfare came along, yet the organisation didn't even bother. However, with WWII winning the community's heart, it's probably 100 Thieves will return, only after they finish creating a League of Legends team.  That's right, "Nadeshot" has boldly decided to storm up another mountain, this time of the popular MOBA of LoL. This week, 100 Thieves revealed the first three members which are officially part of the squad. Kim "Ssumday" Chan-ho, "William "Meteos" Hartman and Yoo "Ryu" Sang-wook, playing as toplaner, jungler and midlaner respectively, will be representing the team at the upcoming NA LCS Spring Split. The announcement was quickly spread across social media.  Regarding the squad, the most notable player would be "Ssumday", probably the most reputable name floating around tAhe free agent pool as of late. A former player for Team Dignitas, he has had a considerable amount of success and will surely be a great asset to this team. Yet, we aren't insulting the other players as unskilled, on the contrary, we could consider the roster world-class. "Ryu" will definitely find himself at home on the team, as we also know that "pr0lly", his former H2K-Gaming coach from a while back will be continuing his duties at 100 Thieves. That H2K roster made it to the semifinals of World's 2016.  Of course, three players aren't enough to compete. The numerical double deficit will soon be filled by a support and ADC to potentially form a dangerous team. "Nadeshot" is definitely taking a gamble here, which could either pay off incredibly or serve him another cold plate of lacklustre performance and poor results. 

SiGMA Sponsoring the GO Malta eSports Festival 2017

Last but not least is our final sponsor in the forms of SiGMA. Yet, before we delve into that, let's remember all the sponsors whom we've dedicated an article to. Sponsors are absolutely fundamental for esports events, heightening prize pools and supporting as co-ordinators, we're grateful for every sponsor that chooses to assist us. With that being said, SiGMA is one company you definitely need to know about.  SiGMA, or the Summit of iGaming Malta, is a central power when it comes to gambling and any online transactions related to gaming. Providing an international platform, reputable for the reliability and ease of use, they are a top brand recognised globally. SiGMA unites sponsors and names from around the world to host some of the largest igaming shows around the world. Last year, they hosted SiGMA 2016 on Maltese soil. Why Malta? Well, since we host 300 gaming companies, 450 licenses and a strong workforce of 10,000, our little island has quite the presence when it comes to igaming. Based on last year's feedback, eight features of SiGMA 17 are being focused upon. Check them out here: This year's event, hosting the likes of digital games representatives, remote gaming land based operators, government entities, industry vendors and all other similar businessmen, SiGMA 2017 is in fact sold out. Filled to the brim with sponsors and ideas, the expo floor plan simply has no more room. The upcoming event is this week, from 22nd to 25th November. Perhaps if you order a late ticket, you may still manage to soak up some conferences. Everything will take place at the Malta Fair and Conventions Centre, MFCC, in Ta' Qali. Apart from the intense expo, there will be a lovely assortment of three restaurants, two lounge areas and six themed bars. All guests may enjoy a lunch, cigar and a drink at no extra charge. When you're satisfied with everything, free shuttle bus service offers a ride home.

Taxify To Sponsor The GO Malta eSports Festival

If you've been following our articles for at least the past two months, you've probably seen the above title earlier, for the Malta Cyber Series #3. As you may rightly assume, Taxify, the smartest way to move around any city, is once again sponsoring one of our events. is more than content to keep this relationship alive, since sponsors like Taxify are what allow us to hold such incredible events.  Tap a Button, Get a Ride; this is the concept around which Taxify revolves. Dedicated to providing quick, easy and functional services, feel the city at your fingertips as no corner is safe from you access. Consisting of a plethera of experienced and professional drivers, you can lay back and relax as the ride goes smoothly. Adding to the convenvience is the option to pay all the necessary costs online; no cash needed. If you fancy checking out their top notch services, their Taxify app is available to download now on app stores such as the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. Trust us when we say that it's as easy as it sounds.  The upcoming Malta Esports Festival will be held right at the Corradino Sports Complex in Paola; traffic is quite likely. That's why we recommend that any potential guests or even competitors themselves should use the admirable services of Taxify. If you're transporting your setup, having plenty of luggage, be sure to add that detail in the booking and they'll ensure that they come prepared with space for you.  Summed up, that is what Taxify stands for. Yet, they make it look quite easy. Apart from their hectic days transporting hundreds of people across the island, they've even got the courage and vision to sponsor our esports events. This is only because they believe, they believe in a future for the gaming industry here in Malta and couldn't be more grateful for that. 

AliQuantum Gaming Sponsoring the GO Malta eSports Festival 2017

“AliQuantum Gaming is more than a platform, it’s your catapult to success!” AliQuantum Gaming is an international esports platform devoted to assisting in platform developing, assisting entrepreneurs with their huge ideas and being a part of the gaming industry in many different countries, including Malta. Above all else, they are sponsors for the upcoming GO Malta Esport Festival 2017, and will certainly be a key ingredient to the event’s success as a whole. Did you know that the term “AliQuantum” means “Good Deal” in Latin? Don’t worry, I didn’t know either, but looking at what the company offers, the definition is easy to descend to. No matter your needs as a business, AQP offers a tremendous selection of plugin modules and pairs them with advanced content and customer management to provide personalized solutions. From humble beginnings all the way back in 2003 as a simple casino platform, it’s now a top-tier company respected globally and operates in roughly 20 countries. Speaking of which, they have a local office in Ghaxaq and if you’d like to know where exactly while learning other facts, check out their website here: Ok, so you’re not really planning to start your own business anytime soon, how is AQP relevant to you? Well, the company also tends to sponsor events and host them on the occasion. One prime example, apart from the GO MESF 2017, is the upcoming AliQuantum CS:GO Tournament at SIGMA17 which we also ae a part of. Entry is FREE of charge for the 40 slots available, as random teammates will be placed together in order to compete for the €5000 total prize pool of cash prizes. To reserve a place, if there are any left, visit our facebook page here: and contact us as soon as possible. We couldn’t be more content to have AliQuantum on board for the GO MESF 2017, since their passion and motivation will surely make the event that much better.

DRAM Prices To Rise By 10 - 20 Percent

Unfortunately for PC gamers, recent statistics have effectively predicted an increase in DRAM price especially as we head into 2018. Through these statistics, a calculated 10 to 20 percent increase is expected in price. All the information comes from DRAMeXchange and their research.  This year, the third quarter itself already say a 5 percent price increase individually, and the price increases are based on this. Again, retail cost will be proportional to capacity specifications, which might even lead beyond 20 percent. Yet, why is this happening? Well, the demand for DRAM is at an all-time high based on an increased need for more devices, especially phones which seem to need more RAM every year. For example, Apple buys around eighteen percent of the world's annual supply of NAND chips, a form of DRAM which they use in their smartphones.  Obviously, the same goes for PC DRAM modules too. Here's what a researcher, Avril Wu, from the source had to comment:  “Contracts with first-tier DRAM suppliers show that the prices of PC DRAM modules have now risen above US$30 and maintained around US$30.5 on average, amounting to a seven per cent hike from the third quarter. This price increase is mainly attributed to the influence of the booming mobile DRAM market, which is in turn fueled by the limited product supply and the releases of flagship smartphones during the traditional busy season of this year’s second half.” The price increase looks to be overcome by new production lines at fresh factories, to be opened by the likes of Samsung and SK Hynix as examples. Hopefully things will return to normal mid-2018, which is when we expect it to flatten out.  Silicon price increase has been reported by a Japanese Silicon wafer manufacturer responsible for a total of 60 percent of the world supply. The company plans to increase prices which will literally make everything to do with computing, more expensive. I don't think there's much we can do, and it isn't good news for consumers. Companies will either find new ways to cut down on price or products are going to be that much more expensive.  Tell us what you think in the comment section below. 

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